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Xolani - The man behind the smile in Century City - Cape Town Logo

Xolani - The man behind the smile in Century City - Cape Town

Xolani's biggest dream is to build his own house for his family. I, therefore, ask everyone to open their hearts and wallets to help Xolani with his dream.

Read more and contribute by selecting the campaign below, then the 'donate' button next to the barometer...

Donor Messages

Sarah Desmarais
We need more people in this world like Xolani. Every interaction I have had with him over the years has brought a smile to my face, he is such a kind soul I hope his dream comes true!
Lyn Allen
Best Wishes
There is a sense of deep appreciation in his interaction. We are like magnets, If we have gratitude we receive in abundance and this is why Xolani will always be blessed.
Good Luck!!
Keep being strong
Jeanne Whittal
I am from Durban and travel to Cape Town often for work and always stay around Century City and pop into the Woolies and have always thought Xolani was such a positive and friendly guy.
This is a very worthy course to donate to . Only happy to help where i can
Thanks for always being so cheerful Xolani!
Paul Playdon
I live in Century City and get assisted by Xolani almost everyday, he is always so friendly and helpful... We need more people like him servicing this city! He takes so much pride in his job...