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Dear prospective Donor:

My name is Xongi Masiya. I am a female South African student who is currently enrolled in the University of Pretoria as a BAHons student in Practical Theology with the student number u18172301 under the faculty of Theology. I write this letter in request to be assisted in paying for my tuition fees for my current completed BAHons. The reason why I have decided to prepare myself to embark on this journey of furthering my studies through to Masters in Religion Studies, is because I believe that nothing is more important that the desire to keep learning to also increase my chances of employment and my life goals. I chose the faculty of theology during my first year of study hoping that it will lead me along the path of becoming the best version of myself as well as empower others and give back to the community.
I am a willing, self-motivated, intelligent, determined, elegant, and focused student who comes from a family that offers moral support in the best way that assists me to critically think and prepare for a pathway for my desired future. I am dedicated and this is evident in my current results as I aim to a level of greatness according to my ability and understanding. With the current request to be assisted with an opportunity of donations will be yet another life-changing endeavour for me to make myself proud within the upcoming academic year of my Masters in Religion studies. The best reason to describe why I chose to make this decision of requesting this opportunity is mostly inspired by the understanding that time wasted over fear to step forward can never be regained. I classify myself as a self-driven leader, who aims for excellence. I do things accordingly which is evident in my completion of my BAHons  in Practical studies in due course. The future is not really promised hence an opportunity like me be assisted financially, comes as a future endeavour already. I am a critical thinker as well and I am very ethical in time management as well as self-discipline. Assisting a hard worker like myself this opportunity comes at no sudden regret. I understand and acknowledge that there may be many requests received by you concerning similar matters/requests such like the one I have presented to you as mentioned above. And with due respect and humbleness, I would highly appreciate if you would consider my request as it serves as an urgent priority for me, please. 
Xongi Masiya (Her/She)
Term 2023/24
House Theology and Religion

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