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I am classified as disabled as I was diagnosed with severe PTSD, MDD and Agoraphobia. I was not always like this, I lived a normal live until two years ago. I am a Professional Consultant.

I worked remotely for a human rights organisation for 6 years. One day they asked me whether I thinnk being trans is a sin, I said yes, the Bible says so. I was then declared a transphobe after 6 years of treating them as equals. They insisted that I work from the office after my psychiatrist notified them that this will not be possible with my condition and that I am receiving treatment for it. They negotiated my exit to which I had to sign an NDA in order to not disclose the contents of the case. The did pay me a substantial amount of money.

I invested the money with a trading company. I did very well as it enabled me to work from home and not stress about finding new clients that might have a problem with me working remotely. However, I now need to withdraw all of my funds for my accommodation, medical aid, medication and living expenses, The trading company told me that I have one more trade to close before I would be able to withdraw all my funds. And this trade comes at a cost of R20,000.00. Never was this declared to me.

Being an agoraphobe is not a way to live and many days, ending it all seems like a peaceful solution. Should I not be able to pay this R20,000.00, I will loose my accommodation, medical aid and medication. My biggest fear is attending a public hospital or as I live alone, they find me passed on in my home, months later.

I just want to pay this R20,000.00 so that I can get my funds released and try to live a normal life again.

This is an urgent plea.


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