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Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am reaching out to share the courageous story of my daughter, Nicole, who was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the tender age of 14. Initially, her spinal curve measured at 48°, and despite our hopes that a brace would help maintain the curve, her condition worsened. Nine months later, her curve has progressed to a daunting 66°, making even the simplest tasks a challenge.

Our journey took a turn for the worse when the rotation of her spine began to affect her breathing, leaving us with no choice but to opt for surgery. Nicole faced this daunting decision with incredible bravery, guided by her unwavering positive spirit. The operation, scheduled for November 14th, 2023, holds the promise of restoring her ability to lead a normal, healthy life.

While our medical aid covers a portion of the expenses, we are required to contribute R120,000 from our own resources. These funds will be utilized to cover the fees of the skilled surgeon who will be performing the operation, as well as a portion of the hospital expenses.

Your support is invaluable in helping Nicole regain her health and vitality. Your contribution, no matter the size, will play a significant role in ensuring her successful surgery and a brighter, pain-free future. We are deeply grateful for any assistance you can provide.

Let us unite as a community to lift Nicole's spirits and help her emerge from this challenging journey stronger than ever before. With your kindness and generosity, we can make a difference in her life.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Warm regards,

Donor Messages

Sterkte julle dink aan julle!!*
Baie sterkte julle is in ons gebede
Corrie Badenhorst
Baie sterkte. God seen jou
Baie sterkte vir julle!!
Minrie Blignaut
Baie sterkte liefste Nicole !! Hou vas aan die Here in hierdie tyd !!
So lief vir jou van kleins af!

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Minrie Blignaut donated R 200 via Nicole Scoliosis operation
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Anonymous donated R 200 via Nicole Scoliosis operation
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