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Children and formative years up to the age of 25 years account for about 50 percentage of South Africa’s population which makes them a key component for shaping the future of the country. Without the positive engagement of youth, socio-economic improvement will be hampered and it is not going that South Africa will fulfill its potential. Many of the young human beings throughout the communities of Eastern Cape in South Africa live in marginalized areas with little or no hope for a significant and productive future. Due to these damaging lifestyles instances many young humans show “negative” as a substitute than “productive” behavior, and engage in volatile behavior such as violence and crime. At the identical time, adolescence by way of their very nature are driven, eager and committed. They have the workable to effect high-quality change not only in their own lives, however in the lives of others. It is consequently vital to engage with early life to assist unencumber their workable and grant an environment that allows them to emerge as leaders of these days and tomorrow. 

Our program focuses on the development of a holistic youth leadership development model called YES that includes training sessions on team building, youth activation and project management. We are to teach important life lessons about respect, leadership, and co-operation, and promoting equality for all and bridging divides between people. The YES seeks to increase the school graduation rate within our communities. We pledge maintenance in our core value in uplifting the youth and serving the community.  The main objective of our youth development program is to create new positive community leaders through Churchianity, Soccer, Netball, Performing Art, Drama & Poetry, Art, School motivation seminars, Music and Dance (Both traditional and modern). In extent to Academic empowerment, i.e. Helping young growing leaders with their school work by visiting their school for some extra classes whereby, for instance Grade 12 class, we will tackle different previous Question papers for exam preparation to critical subjects such as Mathematics, Physical Science and Accounting. By providing opportunities to engage in productive activities, developing leadership, life & work skills and strengthening young people’s resilience, the YES program contributes towards youth becoming less prone to be involved in negative activities, which leads to safer and more cohesive communities. That is why we offer a lot of after school activities such as dance, drama, sport, outings and events, which can give an attractive alternative to the criminal activities.

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