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3rd Year University Fees Campaign

Hello! My name is Yuri Chetty, and I am currently pursuing an LLB Law degree at Stellenbosch University. I am reaching out to the community for support to continue my education journey.

I am passionate about law and justice, and have always dreamt of becoming a lawyer. My journey has been filled with challenges, but my determination has kept me moving forward.

Why Law?
Law fascinates me because it's the cornerstone of society. I believe in advocating for justice and want to contribute to creating a fair and just society. This degree is not just for me; it's a step towards helping others.

However, I'm currently facing a significant hurdle. I have outstanding university fees amounting to ZAR 128,000, which I need to settle to continue my studies this year. Without clearing these fees, my academic journey comes to a halt.

How Will the Funds be Used:
Every cent raised will go directly towards paying my outstanding fees at Stellenbosch University. This support will enable me to register for this year and continue pursuing my degree in law.

I am committed to working hard and making the most of this opportunity. Your support is not just a financial contribution; it's an investment in my future and the future of those I aspire to help through my legal career.


Fundraising target

R 128 000.00

Donations to date

R 0.00

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