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Airport Guardian Angel Jerhome Campaign

This is Jerhome from Bishop Lavis. Storytime : It was 1 February 2024 at 6h00am. A loved one had just departed on a flight out of South Africa. I was sitting in the Viewing Area alone with my emotions and thoughts. All of a sudden I hear this person singing ,it was like a Praise to the above for strength and joy. The plane just lifted off and i had broken down. As I wiped my tears, this voice that had been singing in the airport, came to sit beside me and started speaking words of encouragement. Take into account that i do not know this person at all. He doesn’t work there, he doesn’t live close by. 

I don’t know him. He doesn’t know me. But everything he said, was like it was directed towards me. As he spoke, the sun started rising on this beautiful day. I felt a sense of calm. A sense of peace and the heavy feeling on my heart had gone away. 

Then he began talking about his life. He was saying that he usually sleeps outside his mom’s house and buys R2 polony,R1 sugar and so forth so he can feed his loved ones. And his friends on the street as well. And thats what brings him happiness,because the Lord will always provide. 

He says he’s always at the airport because he gives himself motivation that one day he will get on a plane,because he has never been. I sat and listened for over an hour. I swear, it felt like My Guardian Angel was sent my way at a moment of weakness. Everything he spoke about was Real Life. I took every piece of advice he gave ,and left the airport with a light in my heart. I am so grateful for everything i have been blessed with. And Mr Jerhome, the Lord will bless you and bring you  successes that you dream of. We are in contact and I have all his personal details as well as the address of his Mother and Grandmother,where he resides most of the time when he is not on the street. Tiktok, do your thing and lets help Mr Jerhome reach his goals. Ill be raising funds and starting a food drive for Jerhome and his family. Any Donations will be highly appreciated. His dream is to go to Johannesburg. Lets help him achieve that dream. And anyone that has a job for him, contact me as well. 


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R 15 000.00

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