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Young Women of Magnitude

We are a non-profit organisation that guides, counsels, encourages, educates and helps young people who are in high school to stop using substances and to remain drug free.

Often these adolescents use substances to escape their difficult home lives and they dont realize how risky their behaviour is. This organisation has been running since Jan 2017 at a school for underpriveliged youngsters with no outside funding. So much more could be done to improve our programme if we had funding.

Once we have our programme fully funcional we will be able to approach larger companies for funding, but the programme first has to prove itself. Our counsellors have many years of experience in this field, and although it is often a very challenging task, we pride ourselves in the care, empathy and encouragement that we provide. Simply telling youngsters to stop using, has been proved to be unsuccessful. Our wonderful, tried and tested programme has begun to change lives.

Our young people are our future. We need to make sure they reach their full potential.

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