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Zaks Hawkers Licence Cause

My name is Niki Neave, I'm 43 and live in Johannesburg. The beneficiary is Zak. He is a craftsman who hails from Ladysmith - he sells his handmade work (wooden crafts and metal aeroplanes) in the Morningside area.

On the 9th of June, a large number of policemen stopped on the Outspan road, where he and another craftsperson sold their wares, and confiscated all their goods. This was reported by a local community member.  He has been issued with a fine totalling R3,000 - an amount which he said he would need to pay within 3 months in order to get his goods back.

Donor Messages

After 5 hours & R6000 we finally have Zak's angels, Innocent's aeroplanes & Timkat's wire beasts back. Thankyou so much for setting this up. They will be getting their trading licences this week.
Simone Erasmus
May you be blessed with more kindness than not. There is more good than wrong in the world.
All the best keep going Zak, you are so talented!
Good luck Zak!