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Dear All, 
My name is Zandile Khulu. I am an author. I have published about 11 books on the amazon kdp platform. The reason for this is because it is free of charge. But my books are not reaching anyone there. I have tried and would like to publish traditionally here is South Africa, and have my books read by the people who can relate to my stories. My first two books that I would really like to start with talk about grief, the loss of loved ones, how to grieve and still find hope at the same time. This is a personal story as I am an orphan. My father passed away when I was 3 years, the older sister in 2005, my mother in 2010. So I am left alone at home. So I take a reader through the journey, how it felt, how I grieved, and how I held on to hope that this is not the end, and there is somebody who feels the same pain as me, and is whispering hope in my ears. How to be still and hear the voice of hope etc. I feel this book can help a lot of people who have lost loved ones, especially through the covid season. Its a book of hope.
The second book I would like assistance to publish is about fathers, their importance in a childs life, how the child feels and turns out when they are raised by their fathers vs not. It is also my personal journey that I'm still going through, as a girl that was never raised by her father, who doesnt know what a fathers love is, how it feels, how it helps a child maneuver life, and helps her make informed decisions later in life. How it also help with relating to the opposite sex, through to marriage etc. It has stories from different children about their experience with/out their fathers. This book has a clear message, to educate both parents as well as kids, about some societal issues and their rootcauses.
I have 11 books on amazon, but I would love assistance to raise funds to publish these ones. Thankyou so much for your help


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