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Dear all,

Today, I find myself unable to complete my degree due to the corruption at Sefako Magthao University. In 2017, after completing my matric, I enrolled at SMU to study BSC in mathematics, only to discover during my second year that my degree wasn't registered as an actual qualification but as a bridging course. It was a heartbreaking revelation during a meeting.

I want you to know that my first year at SMU was funded by the trust my dad left me, and the second year was covered by Nsfas. Discovering my degree was fake, I applied to other universities and finally got accepted to UJ to study actuarial science. Nsfas supported my first and second years in this new field, but struggles led me to change my degree, adding an extra year to complete. In 2022, I realized I wasn't funded due to the N+1 rule, leading to a gap year for financial planning.

Last year, urged to return and finish my degree, I faced a setback during the second semester— a mental breakdown causing me to fail two modules. Now, to complete my degree, I must pay 50% of my R20,000 debt to register and cover res expenses, stemming from the difficulties with my own mother.

Could you please help me finish my degree? Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

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