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Help Zayaan walk, run, play


Zayaan Oostendorp was born with Langer’s Mesomalic Dysplasia with her legs specifically diagnosed with Bilateral Fibular Hemimelia . Her team of doctors in SA recommended amputation and prosthesis.


Dr Paley who runs The Paley institute is the only hospital who is able to help her walk again. Unfortunately the operations can only be performed in Florida USA and will  cost +- $200 000 (+- R3 million) for the 1st round of surgeries to rectify her ankle to the correct angle, lengthen her shortened limbs and physiotherapy thereafter.

 For her full story and details please follow us on Facebook or instagram or simply visit her website on

We humbly request your assistance with raising the funds to make this a reality for her.


Donations to date

R 4 249.95

Fundraising target

R 15 000.00

Donor Messages

May Allah Grant her complete Shifaa In Sha Allah
May Allah help you to attain your goals. Ameen
Zulpha & Zarah
May Allah SWT make this journey easy for you! And we make dua that you will undergo the necessary surgery to help you walk Inshallah Ameen.
May Allah swt Make it easy on you and your family. Ameen
Allah knows best
Keep fighting little one????
She has the heart and spirit of a Valkyrie.
Liam Allen
All the best!