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Ziane Art and Rugby Dream Campaign

Hii I am Z. As a self-taught artist, I found a way to combine two passions of mine, which is rugby and art. I am at the doorstep of my dreams - to become a Maties art student and playing rugby. I face a challenge that unfortunately is a reality. I have torn my ACL and that whould mean the end of my rugby career. I do not have any financial support for surgery, seeing as I am already funding my own studies through selling my art work.
 As a passion driven individual, who aims to become a Springbok athlete and first ever Springbok Artist, it really tores my heart to realize that it could mean the end of my dreams. Passion, discipline and Grit is what drives me. Any amount of donation can add up and save someone's dreams and future. Reaching this amount of funds whould firstly, help alot with taking some stress off on my academics. And secondly, I can go for surgery and get back on the road to become a Springbok Women's Rugby player (you will sure to see on TV one day). Thanks for taking the time to hear me out.


Fundraising target

R 25 000.00

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