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Work Equipment 64590 Campaign

Business has and will always be my dream. I lost my mom at 12 and had siblings to raise so furthering my education become hard and my dad's health has never been the best. My family has never had counseling after the passing of my mother in 2004 and I feel most of my ailments are due to my childhood trauma. I haven't had enough time to myself for myself to make sure I am doing fine to not worry about my dad and younger sisters. Recently I've realised my depression and anxiety are my worst enemy in a work place and no matter how much I force myself or ignore my thoughts my anxiety makes an office the most stressful place to be as I'm constantly trying to engage in positive conversations and doing positive deeds not only to keep me busy, but to make me happy in helping others who have it hard in life. So with any fundraising I receive is to help me make my family happy, start a business and  creat as many jobs as possible in order to not just help individuals but families. Giving and kindness is my language and all I need to achieve that is little help. I would like to do freelance work at home, this is the reason for my fundraising. I want to buy a Laptop, desk and chair to help me achieve my goal. I have asked around and I am still accepting any unused laptop I can use in order to make a physical moves for capital for my dream to own a business and be able to bless as many people as I can. I am accepting any type of donations.

Thank you for taking time to read my story, it means the world to me.

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