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Project Feral Relocation Campaign

Hi, my name is Zita and I need your help to save the lives of 21 feral cats!

 My friend, Marie-Anne, and I feed 4 feral colonies in Midrand, Gauteng. One of those feral colonies is now sadly under threat as the business owners in this particular office park no longer want the cats there. The cats have been there for 5 years, but now they want them gone and we have been given a month to relocate the cats ourselves or they will make the necessary arrangements to have the cats removed and euthanized.

 Relocating feral cats is not easy, but with the support of kind people out there, we believe we can achieve this. A very kind family in Hoopstad, in the Free State, have offered for us to bring the cats to their farm. We to need to raise funds in order to put up the necessary enclosures for the initial confinement period, trapping & transportation costs, kitty litter and food. The estimated costs are roughly R25 000.

Marie-Anne and I simply don't have the funds to do this ourselves and so we are appealing to our friends, family and the public to please, please, please help us! 

Most of the kitties in this colony are semi-tame. They have names, we know their personalities and characters and we cannot simply stand by and allow them to be sentenced to death through no fault of their own. We have loved and cared for them for nearly 5 years now, we have had them sterilised and provided vet care when needed- please help us save their lives.

The funds raised will be used to buy building materials, cover labor costs to build the enclosures and make them comfortable for the kitties during the initial confinement period, trapping & transportation (hiring a truck, diesel costs), kitty litter and food for the confinement period.

 Any donation big or small would be so greatly appreciated.

 Please be the lifeline these cats need and help us give them their "happily ever after".


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R 25 000.00

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