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Busisiwe Peace Centre Campaign

My name is Zodumo Sishi, a while back i acquired a piece of land in the area called Mandeni, in the Northern part of KwaZulu-Natal. 

A few years back I took out my savings to buy a piece of land, to develop it into a Peace Centre, Busisiwe Peace Centre. A model which aims to see Medicine people showcasing different and various forms of healing. 
I have seen this model working in other countries where I have traveled to, around the world, where people converge in prayer, to heal.
The vision of the Centre is to enable people to become aware of the reach and authentic healing methodologies, brought about by the Indigenous herbal medicines of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa,  
in particular, the healing medicines shown to me in dreams and visions by the Ancestors. 
To also introduce people of the world to indigenous foods of KwaZulu-Natal, which are the foods that brought healing and prolonged health to our ancestors and to those who still use it to date.  This centre will ensure preservation of the indigenous medicinal plants of KwaZulu-Natal, its benefits and knowledge to the world.  
The Centre will provide teachings of these Indigenous medicines to healers of other countries and non healers, to make these medicines known worldwide, as alternative healing medicines . 
By virtue of it's setting, the Centre will automatically expose people of the world to the rural part of KwaZulu-Natal, a home for most sacred places (the waterfalls, big rivers, the blue flag seas etc.) , nature reserves and animal reserves. 
Since I started working at this land in 2018, i have so far managed (through contributions received for my healing work)  to have it fenced and gated. I have built a peace chamber, I have erected a borehole which supplies running water to the existing showers and toilets for those who will visit the land, I have built a kitchen and a meeting/eating room. 
What remains to be built are the 3 rondavels to sleep those who will be traveling from far to access the indigenous medicine knowledge. 
What I am appealing for are donations to help support  the roofing of the kitchen and the meeting room to bring this part to its completion, and so that the land can fully respond to a requests for it to host  ceremonial activities, similar to one that it will be hosting at the beginning of 2024, the Firedance South Africa. This is an International Prayer and Healing dance, which takes place during fasting over three days. It is usually attended by just over 50 people from different parts of the world. 
Any form of donation is welcome. 
Could be in a form of doors, windows, paint, thatch grass, roofing poles etc.

Please see attached, a picture of the building which requires roofing:, as well as a picture of the finished building.:


Fundraising target

R 60 000.00

Donations to date

R 0.00

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