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On Tuesday  the 31st of January 2023 at about 07:30am my self my husband and my parents in-law went to do some shopping at a butchery in Luipardsvlei Krugersdorp. After we were done with our shopping we left the butchery driving our old 1996 Opel Astra 1.4. We were driving home along Albertina Sisulu road in Luiperdsvlei My husband was driving. I was on the back seat behind my husband with my mother in-law. My father in-law was on the front passenger seat. Then we saw a white Hyundai Tucson driving at a high speed on the oncoming traffic lane been chased by SAPS and Traffic vehicles.


Seeing this my husband reduced the speed we were driving to allow these vehicles to pass safely. At the intersection of Albertina Sisulu road and Krone street the Hyundai change direction and attempted to turn down Krone street possibly to attempt to get our vehicle between it and the law enforcement vehicles chasing it. Unfortunately the driver of the Hyundai under estimated his speed and the sharpness of the turn and collided with our vehicle head on. Our vehicle came to a dead stop in the middle of the road. The Hyundai came to a stop against a wall on the side of the corner of Albertina Sisulu road and Krone street.


My Father in-law and I lost consciousness. My Mother in-law my father in-law and I all sustained serious injuries. My husband only sustained minor cuts and bruises. My Husband saw three males jumped out of the Hyundai and ran away. A fourth male got out slowly and came to our vehicle. He then asked my husband if every one was okay. He then continued to tell my husband he was a victims of a Hi-jacking and that the males who ran away were the men who hi-jacked him.


EMS services the arrived on scene. All four of us had to be removed from the vehicle using the jaws of life.

Both my parents in were taken to Leratong hospital as they do not have a medical aid. I was taken to Pine Haven Private hospital as my husband provides a Medical aid for us. While in Hospital I had to under go a complete Left shoulder replacement. Both my parents in-law crushed their right hips and both are still awaiting hip replacements dew to the accident. My mother in-law spend 8 weeks in hospital and my father in-law spend about 8 months in hospital. He has under gone 2 surgeries so far in which the attempted to temporarily reconstruct his hip. He also has to under go a right knee replacement as his knee was also crushed in the motor vehicle accident. Both my Mother and Father in-law are currently on a national waiting list to await their turn to undergo the hip replacement operations. The last we heard is that there is about a 5 year waiting period.


With both of them currently not being mobile, one bed ridden and the other confined to move in a wheelchair neither is able to work and they still have a home bond that needs to be paid off and they also need to be able to pay for electricity water rates and taxes as well as food and other necessities. My husband and I are trying our best to help them financially but as I my self is still unable to work we are all struggling. My husband and I are surviving by keeping head above water but the same cannot be said for my In-laws. They are know running the risk of loosing their home as the bank wants to foreclose on their mortgage, food is a scares commodity in their home. We all have been negotiating with the bank to give grace on the monthly payments to the bond but with little to no success.


In saying all of this we request any and all kinds of assistance that could possibly be provided as we really don’t want my in-laws to loose their home which they have been staying in for close to 35 years.


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