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  Niesas Campaign Thumb Image

Niesas Campaign

My cousin, Bironesa Smith is a vibrant 53 year old with kidney failure.  There is still hope for her though if we can raise the funds for dialysis treatment until the medical aid kick in after 12 months waiting period.

 #BlackGirlMagic Thumb Image


"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself" - John Dewey

 A Home for Theodora and her Grandkids Thumb Image

A Home for Theodora and her Grandkids

Theodora has put her blood, sweat and tears into a shack she calls home. Let’s help her keep it and allow her grandchildren stay with the only family they have left.

 Adriaans Medical Campaign Thumb Image

Adriaans Medical Campaign

My friend Amanda’s oldest son Adriaan suffered a traumatic brain injury at the age of 4. Unfortunately at the time, the injury was not treated appropriately.  Amanda would like to get Adriaan to a neurologist.  Unfortunately Amanda does not have the money for the consultation fee or any additional tests that would be required.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

 Adriana's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Adriana's Medical Cause

My name is Adriana Maltez and I am 3 years old, earlier this year I visited Dr Duane Mol and numerous audiologists and was diagnosed with Bilateral Sensor Neural Hearing Loss. Please assist me in  granting me the gift of hearing through Cochlear Implants and intensive speech therapy lessons. 

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 Aimee's Hip Hop tour Thumb Image

Aimee's Hip Hop tour

Aimee is a 13 year old girl with an amazing spirit, drive and ambition. After winning numerous medals in various dance competitions she has now been selected along with her crew, to represent South Africa at the World Champs in Amsterdam in October this year

 Andiswas Studies Thumb Image

Andiswas Studies

Hi, my name is Andiswa Thusi. I'm 14 years from Umlazi Township.  I am a straight A student at Inanda Seminary and need help with covering my school fees.  Any contribution would be most welcome.

 Aubrey Blaauw Study Cause Thumb Image

Aubrey Blaauw Study Cause

My name is Aubrey Blaauw, an unemployed struck off the roll and criminally convicted attorney from Ravensmead. I really want to get back on my feet by applying for readmission as an attorney and Presidential Pardon but due to financial constraints am not able to do so.

 Aunt Ems's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Aunt Ems's Medical Cause

We have been supporting my Aunt Ems and her husband Anton - who suffers from skin cancer, financially but need assistance.   The funds will be used to cover expenses settled, outstanding and for future treatment care at Brits Rest Home and equipment/ medicine needed.



 Byron Axsel -WP Colours Thumb Image

Byron Axsel -WP Colours

I am a big brother of Byron Axsel. He has qualified for the first time for WP colours for his rugby career. We have to help him strive to the top and reach his dream to be a professional rugby player. 

 Children of Deccan Thumb Image

Children of Deccan

Children of Deccan is a orphanage in Hyderabad, India which my good friend Michael Hubbard has been involved for 7 years.

 Clareces Medical Campaign Thumb Image

Clareces Medical Campaign

I’m starting this campaign as a way to help raise funds for medical expenses for my girlfriend Clarece who has acute  leukemia. The doctors will not assist in any way until the funds for the operation has been paid. She and her family has no form of medical aid, the operation alone costs R200 000.  Please can you help cover these costs.

 Feral Cat Assist Heidelberg Thumb Image

Feral Cat Assist Heidelberg

Feral Cat Assist Heidelberg is a feral cat spay/neuter and return project managed by myself and my feral cat colleague, Jennifer since 2015.  Please help us raise funds to build a kitten enclosure.

 Helping THEM to take over the lease Thumb Image

Helping THEM to take over the lease

Message was given that the landlord had decided on short notice to close down the premises by TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 and end his lease agreement with the premise’s owner, from whom he rented to sub-rent to these women. To secure that lease for their continued stay-on and livelihood, R38 000 (USD 2900) is needed.

 Home for Melissa Thumb Image

Home for Melissa

I would like to have a Nutec or Wendy house built for this wonderfull lady - Melissa.  She has been with me for nearly 2 years and takes care of my father.

 Hunter August van Dijk's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Hunter August van Dijk's Medical Cause

Reaching out for funding for this little Braveheart's surgery and therapy costs.   Hunter, aged 5, was born with a bleed on the brain due to a stroke in utero, in turn brought about by a random gene mutation called COLAA1 that causes the blood vessels and other vessels in the body to become fragile and at risk.   

 In memory of Marthinus Cause Thumb Image

In memory of Marthinus Cause

10 minutes before his 64th birthday, Marthinus sadly passed away after being hit by a drunk driver.  His wife and daughters were in ICU for over 2 weeks with severe injuries.  

 Isaacs Car Thumb Image

Isaacs Car

Isaac is producing 400 chickens per month and selling it to the local township. We would like to raise R20,000 to buy him a secondhand bakkie to deliver his Smilin Chickens!

 Ishrfat's new wheelchair Cause Thumb Image

Ishrfat's new wheelchair Cause

My daughter Ishrat requires a motorised wheelchair costing R52000. 

 Islamic studies cause Thumb Image

Islamic studies cause

To support this campaign please click on the project below

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 Kiara, Shaylin & Zayda's Dancing Cause Thumb Image

Kiara, Shaylin & Zayda's Dancing Cause

We are two single mommies whose three talented daughters have qualified for the South Africa Championship of Performing Arts early in 2019. Our girls have worked so hard and put in so many hours for this amazing honour, unfortunately with such amazing prestige comes some high fees, hotels bills etc.

 Kirsty Nolan Medical Cause Thumb Image

Kirsty Nolan Medical Cause

My daughter, Kirsty, is currently unable to walk and uses a walker to get around.  She has an 11 year old son and is a single parent who would love to do more with him than her current status allows.  Our only hope now is Stem Cell Therapy.

 Laerskool Oosterkruin Thumb Image

Laerskool Oosterkruin

Laerskool Oosterkruin originated in 1993. Mr A.J. du Plessis was appointed as principal. Oosterkuin serves the communities of Elandsfontein, Marlands, Woodmere, Homestead, Primrose East, Gerdview, Sunnyridge and Edenvale. The colours of the school uniform are red, yellow and blue and are made up from the three schools Johan Greybe, A.J. Koen and Maria van Riebeeck which amalgamated. Mr C.J. Kruger is currently the principal.

 Layve for Hatzolah Medical Rescue Thumb Image

Layve for Hatzolah Medical Rescue

Hatzolah Medical Rescue is a medical first responder, nonprofit organization that relies solely on the donations of the community.

 Leo Vet Bill Cause Thumb Image

Leo Vet Bill Cause

Our beautiful fur-baby Leo had a bad fall out of a window and sadly we've been told he has a fractured spine. He needs to have an MRI as well as an operation and the vet bills are mounting.

 Lerato Hoveka Study Cause Thumb Image

Lerato Hoveka Study Cause

I am Lerato Hoveka, a PhD student at the University of Johannesburg. I am unemployed and a single mother to a 5 year old. I would like to be assisted with my tuition and university residence fess that amount to R64000.

 Les-Anne Pillay cornea Cause Thumb Image

Les-Anne Pillay cornea Cause

Les-Anne Pillay has a very advanced case of keratoconus in both eyes, so much so that she can only see Counting Fingers vision.  The only course of action to get Les-Anne to see better is to have a corneal transplant in both eyes. 

 Linda's New Hip Cause Thumb Image

Linda's New Hip Cause

My dear Mother, Linda, is in dire need of a hip-operation. She is in excruciating pain and has been for a long time now.
As she is a pensioner has no medical aid, she was entered on a Government hospital waiting-list in April 2017... After 16 months of waiting, the scheduled operation was cancelled 24 hours before the date.

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 Local Dancer, International Debut Thumb Image

Local Dancer, International Debut

This year Lisa has two international dance opportunities, which will place a heavy financial strain for her parents. Both trips costs combined come to a rough estimate of R160 000. Any donations toward helping our local dancer persue her dreams shall truly be appreciated.

 Logan Marshall Medical Cause Thumb Image

Logan Marshall Medical Cause

My name is Logan Marshall, I was born on 12 November 2018, I was diagnosed with a very rare condition called Absent/Persistent Ductus Venousus (ADV)/(PDV) which caused unexpected complications.  All the unexpected complications is the cause for very high medical bills which the hospital plan only paid some of. 

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 Mark Pringle's Travel Cause Thumb Image

Mark Pringle's Travel Cause

I am trying toraise funds for my son, who is so inspirational, kind and the big brother that brings tears to my eyes. He has had such a tough life but yet he inspires and is always willing to help with his kind heart.   His dream is to go to Year of your life at Hatfield Church in Pretoria.

 Melissa's pets relocation fund Thumb Image

Melissa's pets relocation fund

Our chapter in SA is coming to an end, and our new chapter will be starting in New Zealand soon. Unfortunately, the new chapter presents some financial obstacles as far as our beloved dogs are concerned. As many know and have experienced, it is unreasonably expensive, bordering on unaffordable, to bring beloved family pets along when moving abroad.

 Mike's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Mike's Medical Cause

Michael Alvarez needs a life saving operation which will cost in the region of R400000. Without it, he has months to live. He has been diagnosed with a malignant pancreatic tumour. Mike doesn't have medical aid.

 Monkey Matters Thumb Image

Monkey Matters

Monkey Matters...
-Educators regarding conflict between human and non-human primates.
-Halfway house for primates needing rehabilitation.

 Morgen Haynes Dancing Cause Thumb Image

Morgen Haynes Dancing Cause

My daughter Morgen has qualified to join the South African dance team to dance in Croatia next year may. Unfortunately we are unable to come up with all the money by ourselves so we are asking for some assistance please.

 One Shoe SA  Thumb Image

One Shoe SA

One Shoe SA is a small charity driven group who try to distribute single shoes to amputees in need.  We receive sample/seasonal single shoes from Nike, Adidas, The Scottish Group and DC Shoes.

 Pi Day Thumb Image

Pi Day

We want to host Pi Day!(math) for kids . The Fun day will be held on Sunday, 22 July 2018 at the WitsTshimologong Precinct, Juta Street Braamfontein.  We need your help in realising this dream for the learners and make Pi Day an annual event, we requesting a sponsorship to cover event costs and host the learners. 

 Ryan's Family Store Cause Thumb Image

Ryan's Family Store Cause

Help us to help a well known member of the Tarka community who lost everything in a fire today. 

 South African Protea WuShu Team Thumb Image

South African Protea WuShu Team

The South African Protea WuShu Team has been invited to the 7th World Traditional Kungfu Championship in China, and they need your help to get there!

 Sya's Dental Cause Thumb Image

Sya's Dental Cause

Let's get together and help Sya smile and bring back his confidence.  A talented young man who excelled at sports in high school has become withdrawn and has lost all confidence because of an unfortunate accident that led to him losing his two front teeth.  I would like to plead with you to please help me raise funds for Sya so he can smile and talk with confidence again.  

 Transport for Anthony Thumb Image

Transport for Anthony

I have lost everything I have here in SA. Now I work quite far from where I live and I have no vehicle. 

 Triathlon bicycle for Gregory Cause Thumb Image

Triathlon bicycle for Gregory Cause

I'm raising funds to purchase a triathlon bicycle so that I may train and compete in my first Ironman event in 2019 and beyond.  

#BabyAJ Operation Thumb Image

#BabyAJ Operation

Little AJ was born on the 15th of August 2017. On 16 September he was admitted to hospital with neonatal jaundice, kidney problems, renal failure, severe sepsis and infection. 

#ConquerCancer Thumb Image


Donovan wants to tackle his cancer head on, is choosing to be positive and determined. More than anything, Don wants to be strong and healthy in order to continue raising his two young children, who he adores. Help us give Don the means and financial support so he can Conquer his Cancer!

#Cure4Keanu Thumb Image


We are raising funds on behalf of the #Cure4Keanu campaign. The #Cure4Keanu campaign is aimed at raising funds to allow Keanu to travel overseas to have Immunotherapy and give him a fighting chance.

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#eyeBritney Thumb Image


Please support Britney Brown, a 27 year old law student who has been diagnosed with Eales disease, a rare idiopathic (arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown) eye disease.

#FindTheFees - CUT Thumb Image

#FindTheFees - CUT

"Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) is the foremost higher education institution in the heartland of South Africa, dedicated to quality education and training in science, engineering and technology. CUT has developed into a leading institution able to take its place on the national, as well as international, higher education landscape" - CUT

In light of the recent #FeesMustFall national protest, we would like to collaborate with the University's financial aid office to raise funds for students who desire education but cannot afford it.

Become a champion and join the movement!

#FindTheFees - WSU Thumb Image

#FindTheFees - WSU

"WSU is a new university that was named in honour of an icon of the South African liberation struggle, the late Walter Max Ulyate Sisulu who was a close comrade of Nelson Mandela. Our visionis to become a leading African comprehensive university focusing on innovative educational, research and community partnership programmes that are responsive to local, regional, national development priorities, and cognisant of continental and international imperatives" - WSU

In light of the recent #FeesMustFall national protest, we would like to collaborate with the University's financial aid office to raise funds for students who desire education but cannot afford it.

Become a champion and join the movement!

#FundaFutureDoctor Campaign Thumb Image

#FundaFutureDoctor Campaign

This young man is an excellent student with clinical skills that you just know will make him an awesome doctor when he's qualified. Let's help get him there! SA needs competent doctors, I can't save someone's life but maybe one day he could.

#FundAStudent 2017-2018 Thumb Image

#FundAStudent 2017-2018

I am hoping to raise funds for my tuition fee. I am a second year student at Richfield Graduate Institute in Kempton Park, in pursuit of my degree in "Human Resource Management."

#Funds4Lu Thumb Image


The mission of "Funds4Lu" is to raise money for my daughter to attend an educational tour of a lifetime.

#ISupportEducation Elim Primary School Thumb Image

#ISupportEducation Elim Primary School

We received 25 tablets from a corporate sponsor, and would like programmes that go with the tablets to improve our children’s maths and language skills.

#ISupportEducation Thokozile Zwane Thumb Image

#ISupportEducation Thokozile Zwane

I am Thokozile Margareth Zwane. I am a qualified permanent educator in Mpumalanga Province at Sohlazane Primary School. I am also a teacher librarian and am interested in computer literacy.

#JusticeforJunaid Thumb Image


We as a family are struggling to accept the murder of our cousin/son/friend, Junaid Phillips. Junaid was the bread winner in his home so funds are extremely low. we hope and pray that your heart will open and help us by donating something towards getting justice for his death!

#khangetsome Thumb Image


Joshua Khan was a family orientated young man. He worked hard and supported and cared for his mom and baby sister. His death was sudden and tragic and it shook the hearts of many as he was well known and loved.

#KilionPurpose Thumb Image


Never in my wildest dreams did I think, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was a possibility. I need to do this, we must raise awareness on Mental Health Illnesses! The funds will be used for my flight, hotel stay, trek , food and appropriate gear and shoes for mountain, means to write a book and bring awareness.

#LesterandKyle Honeymoon Thumb Image

#LesterandKyle Honeymoon

Now that you enjoyed seeing us tie the knot, please help us get to Thailand for honey moon!

#MzansiForDavid Thumb Image


David McKlopper is a 16 year old motivational speaker and swimmer who has been selected to join the 2017 South African Paralympic swimming team that will be competing in Mexico on the 30th of September.

#RazeABar Cause Thumb Image

#RazeABar Cause

I will be attempting my 2nd 100 mile run, and my first in the bush of Africa, at the Addo Elephant Park's Addo 100 miler... affectionately known as Africa's Wildest Ultra. 


The charities are I am running for are:
1 The Herald Christmas Cheer Fund 
2 SA Veterinary Association Community Veterinary Clinic. 
3 Rainbows and Smiles
4 One Land Love It




I am collecting as many of your old running/training shoes as possible. These shoes will be distributed amoungst the local communities and their sports/running teams.

#SaveMegs  Thumb Image


Megan was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis at 15 years old, and has been battling this disease with a smile. 

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#sayIT Thumb Image


We decided to establish a campaign called South African Youth for Inclusivity and Transformation (#sayIT).

#SendFowToDC Thumb Image


I was selected to be a part of the 2017 South African International Washington Programme.

#ShareYourSpare Thumb Image


I want to raise funds for hospital and doctors bills that have been short paid by the medical aid after my son had his kidney transplant in February 2017.

#SouthAfricansForPeace Thumb Image


The hash tag says it all.. ?????????





We stand for peace between all South Africans, irrespective of race, culture, religion, orientation or any other so-called "differences" we might have. We need to stand together and say NO to the destruction of our beautiful country. This is not for us.. But for our future generations.. Lets breed a good, kind nation, that will prosper!

Its up to us!!!

Time to unite is NOW!

#TeachHerSheMatters Cause Thumb Image

#TeachHerSheMatters Cause

Nokubonga Mbanga, a coach and co-author of Meeting Your Power is traveling to her home town (Tsolo) in the Eastern Cape to share knowledge with a group of over 200 girls. This will be the first stop to kick-start the #TeachHerSheMatters campaign.

#ThamsaDiLegend Thumb Image


My name is Thamsa Ngwaxaxa. I am an aspiring Hollywood actor. I've had this DREAM since I was 4 years old. Now I intend on making it a REALITY.

#WarmSA Thumb Image


It’s winter time in SA, we have all felt the temperature drop and felt the icy chill in the air.   We know we cannot change the weather, but we can try warm up those who are most vulnerable to the cold, the people of the street. We want to do something, but we need your help.   We will be collecting funds that are going to help warm up “people of the street.”

1 Year Bursary Thumb Image

1 Year Bursary

With these funds I am hoping to further my education - I already have a 2 year diploma in Information Technology.

100 Miles for Daniël the Lion Heart Thumb Image

100 Miles for Daniël the Lion Heart

A 100 Mile race is by no means easy, but it cannot compare to the struggle that young Daniël Otto will have to face his entire life. Daniël was born with CMD in 2013 but was only diagnosed in early 2016. I will be running the Karkloof 100 in Sept 2018, a 100-mile (161 km) trail run in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa to raise funds for Daniël.

1965Ride Cause Thumb Image

1965Ride Cause

The riders on this tour aim to raise funds in order to give back to people in the Queenstown area. In order for me to complete this ride, I need to raise R40 000. 

2017 DSIL Designing for Social Innovation & Leadership Course in Thailand Thumb Image

2017 DSIL Designing for Social Innovation & Leadership Course in Thailand

I am hoping to raise funds for attending the 2017 DSIL Designing for Social Innovation & Leadership Course in Thailand!



The 2018 Federation of International Touch (FIT) Youth World Cup will be taking place in Malaysia from 8-11 August 2018. All members of the squad are endorsed by the South African Touch Association (SATA) to seek sponsorship to assist covering their costs of participation at the World Cup Tournament.

2018 Tag Rugby World Cup in Australia Thumb Image

2018 Tag Rugby World Cup in Australia

I have recently been selected to represent South Africa at the 2018 Tag Rugby World Cup in Australia. This will be my first time representing my country.

2018 Winelands Goalball Challenge Thumb Image

2018 Winelands Goalball Challenge

2018 Winelands Goalball Challenge will take place 7 - 9 September where athletes from clubs around the country will loin in this event.  Participants from  Limpopo, Free State, North West and Western Cape will compete for the trophy.
Goalball is a Paralympic sport designed for athletes with a visual impairment.

2018 Youth Touch Rugby World Cup Thumb Image

2018 Youth Touch Rugby World Cup

I am hoping to participate in the 2018 Youth Touch Rugby World Cup in Malaysia.

25 Years to Life: Robyn's Journey to Gender Re-assignment Surgery Thumb Image

25 Years to Life: Robyn's Journey to Gender Re-assignment Surgery

I invite you join me in making history, in being a part of the first crowdfunded gender reassignment surgery in South Africa!

250 (4) 250 for Beneè Thumb Image

250 (4) 250 for Beneè

R250 can change someones life...

Beneè is a third year student in her final year studying BSportScience at Pretoria University. We're aiming to get 250 people to donate R250 each to help her complete her studies and continue the great work she's doing. As the course will be discontinued post 2016, this is the only year she can complete her degree which she has worked incredibly hard for, including doing 2 part-time jobs. We only have a couple of weeks to raise full amount! 

2540 Clothing Ltd Thumb Image

2540 Clothing Ltd

We want to raise capital to begin a philanthropic clothing brand the invests its profits into feeding and educating orphans.

2Feet4TB  Thumb Image


Inspire TB sufferers in order for them to help themselves to get healthy. Educating them that proper nutrition together with the correct medication is the key towards a full recovery.

2nd Harvest Foodbank SA Thumb Image

2nd Harvest Foodbank SA

Two individuals in the hospitality industry decided to address the issue of hunger. They have started an NPO, 2nd Harvest Foodbank, to support soup kitchens in and around the Paarl Valley.

3D - Outreach / Vertical Life Thumb Image

3D - Outreach / Vertical Life

Vertical Life provides humanitarian aid in the area of water and sanitation to people throughout the African continent who are suffering from water - related illness as a result of the water crisis experienced on the African continent.

46664 Mandela Day - The Bangle School Library in support of ... Thumb Image

46664 Mandela Day - The Bangle School Library in support of ...

The 46664 Bangle Campaign of the Nelson Mandela foundation generating funds for the School Library project under the 46664 Mandela Day initiative.

7 Pounds Student Uplifting Program Thumb Image

7 Pounds Student Uplifting Program

Our objective is to raise funds to assist children from children's homes to afford a tertiary education.

790 Youth Rec Club Thumb Image

790 Youth Rec Club

790 Youth Rec Club is a recreation centred program for youth in Hout Bay. It is based at the Hout Bay Sport and Rec Centre.

7point2degrees Thumb Image


Climbing any one of the 7 Summits is a bucket list adventure for many people. As iswalking to either the North or South Pole. But now two South African adventurers will endeavour to reach all 9 of these destinations. In under 138 days!



In 2012 I, Heindrich Kotze, was involved in a serious car accident which left me wheelchair bound. In 2016, I completed the 947 cycle challenge in a chariot.

A better life for Jarred Campaign Thumb Image

A better life for Jarred Campaign

Jade needs to have a working environment where Jarred is near her but when he is asleep in the evening she can teach to be able to cover their living costs each month. Jarred is blind and quite severely autistic, he is also non-verbal most of the time.

A Brighter Future Thumb Image

A Brighter Future

We plan to start a local nursery in the village area of Coffee Bay Eastern Cape and hope to make a positive change in children's lives!

A Carer for Adriaan Thumb Image

A Carer for Adriaan

Mr Botes was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease and needs a carer to look after him on his farm in Laingsburg.

A Chance to Play Southern Africa Thumb Image

A Chance to Play Southern Africa

The A Chance to Play Southern African (ACTPSA) is a coalition of Child Rights organisations which promotes and realises the Child’s Right to Play as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACRWC), Article 31 and 12 respectively. It was born out of a network of South African organisations created during the run up to the Soccer World Cup in 2010, wanting to protect children from trafficking and other social ills that were envisaged to take place during that time.



A child in need is a child indeed Thumb Image

A child in need is a child indeed

My name is Evelyn Duckett a single mom of Rivaldo Duckett who is diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy and wheelchair bound. On 16 October 2016 Rivaldo will undergoing a pelvis and spine surgery. He is going to need a lot of things when he is discharged from hospital. Rivaldo will be +-2-3 weeks in ICU and when discharged +-2-3 months at home.

A cure for JC Thumb Image

A cure for JC

My name is JC. I am a youth workshop facilitator, performer and film maker. Unfortunately one of my stage performances led to a nasty injury. I'd like to have an Ayurvedic medicine procedure that can be a done at a Private hospital in India.

A Friend in Need Thumb Image

A Friend in Need

I have a friend that's in deep trouble. He got retrenched & lost his job. He has now been evicted & must vacate his current residence by end of December.

A grieving family - Knysna Thumb Image

A grieving family - Knysna

Timothy's family are now suffering the trauma of losing family, home & possessions and need help to rebuild their lives.

A Hand Up Campaign Thumb Image

A Hand Up Campaign

As the sole surviving family member I devoted my everything- emotionally, spiritually and financially to provide for my Gran's needs. Gran (97) sadly passed away on 7 October 2017, but I am at peace knowing she is with my Mom now. I would like to clear the enormous debts, which had to be incurred, in order to start 2018 with peace of mind and peace of heart.

A Helping Hand - Camp Allen Thumb Image

A Helping Hand - Camp Allen

Last year U found myself working at a disability camp in the USA and, honestly, I didn't know what to expect as it was my first time. I soon found myself loving this place and I loved every minute working with these kids. This year, luck wasn't on my side to raise funds. I would really love a helping hand to carry on pursuing this passion I found.

A helping hand for Anne Thumb Image

A helping hand for Anne

My beautiful mom was sadly diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease 5 years ago, which most people know is fatal. The medical bills keep on coming in and the cost to care for a disabled person is truly overwhelming. Please help to take a little stress off our dad, Philip (aka Wonderphil).

A home for Aisha Cause Thumb Image

A home for Aisha Cause

The time has come for Aisha to get a little place of her own. Aisha is now 33 years old and clean from drugs for over 3 years and solid working at minimum wage( R20 per hour in 2019) in a printing press for 2 years.

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A Home for Fortunate Thumb Image

A Home for Fortunate

Fortunate witnessed a serious crime - she fled for her life, loosing her job in the process. She lives with 4 other family members in a mud hut, and now one of the walls has crumbled down. We are going to build a new home for her family.

A Home for Jaden (Autistic) Thumb Image

A Home for Jaden (Autistic)

Jaden is a little boy who is non-verbal autistic. His family moved from Congo to South Africa in the hopes of accessing services for him. The family desperately need to find a safe home to move to, where Jaden can be free. The aim of this campaign is to raise enough funds for them to find a small home in a safer area.

A home for Likhu Thumb Image

A home for Likhu

Dearest Friends and family. We need your help please! Lindy and I are raising funds to help a lovely lady called Albertina buy a Wendy house that she and her grandson Likhu can live in.

A Home for my Kids Thumb Image

A Home for my Kids

I am a mother of 3 who is trying to raise funds to build a house for my kids.

A Home for Vivian & her Twins Thumb Image

A Home for Vivian & her Twins

Vuyelwa, better known as Vivian has worked for us for 16 years, today she lost her home and all of her belongings to a fire in Capricorn Park, Cape Town.

A House for Cindy Thumb Image

A House for Cindy

Please help me to finish building Cindy and her daughter their home! They can't spend another winter wet, cold and dark in the shack they are living in. It is not safe - they are a women and a young bright girl alone.

A House for Nozies Mom Thumb Image

A House for Nozies Mom

I would like to finish my mother's house as I ran out of funds before I could do the plastering, ceiling and flooring.  Please help me help my Mom.

A Junior Baseball Players World Cup Thumb Image

A Junior Baseball Players World Cup

Our fundraising goal is to raise enough money to pay for the boys to have the great privilege and honour to represent their country in an international event that is the most elite of its kind in each age group.

A Kidney for Relton Thumb Image

A Kidney for Relton

Relton Hermanus has kidney disease. It is at a stage now that he requires dialysis 3 times a week to keep him alive.   He has found a possible donor, but this in itself is a lengthy process. He and the donor has to go to Cape Town for a week in early August to see specialists for further tests.  Please help us cover the costs.

a loan cause Thumb Image

a loan cause

I need assistance with reducing the loan amount for my new home.

To support this campaign please click on the project below and the yellow donate button.

A luminous life Thumb Image

A luminous life

This campaign was created due to the multitude of friends and family members who have reached out in asking: "HOW do we support this beloved family as they grieve the loss of their son, and brother?!"

A Miracle for Miane Thumb Image

A Miracle for Miane

This fund raiser is to help Miane Ainslie, a 3 year old near drowning survivor, to get the rehabilitation she needs to lead a quality life.

A new bed for Mom Thumb Image

A new bed for Mom

My mom was diagnosed with MS and has been on medical pension (state pension) since 2005.  We would like to buy her a new single bed so that she can sleep well at night.

A New Beginning Thumb Image

A New Beginning

I'm going through a bad divorce, been in an abusive marriage and want to start over with my life for the sake of myself and my boy.

A new home for Gogo Thumb Image

A new home for Gogo

Our wonderful domestic worker, Gerti (Gogo) suffered on Monday the 2nd of July one of all of our worst nightmares, her home in Diepsloot burnt down. We managed to raise funds to have all the rubble from the fire removed and the house to be cleaned but we are currently left with a shell of bricks and without further funding we are not able to move forward.

A New Hope Dog Rescue Thumb Image

A New Hope Dog Rescue

A New Hope Dog Rescue

A New Hope Dog Rescue is a small family run dog shelter located in Kliprivier, Midvaal, Gauteng, South Africa. It is headed up by mom, dog lover and passionate rescuer Liv Stirling.

“Where we believe that every little soul deserves a bit of HOPE”


A New Roof for Susan Thumb Image

A New Roof for Susan

Our beloved nanny, Susan, who has looked after our 2yr old boy every day since he was 6 months old, was affected very badly by the storm on Monday night. Her roof was damaged and her whole house was flooded.  Any bit of assistance would be hugely appreciated!

A New Roof Mama Ntombokqala Thumb Image

A New Roof Mama Ntombokqala

Mama Ntombokqala Bambiso (63) living with children and grand children, lives in burnt down house with no proper roofing since December 2017. They lost everything to the fire. She lives on her pension grant supporting everyone in the household. We request any assistance to rebuild and improve the conditions they are living in.

A Passion for Dance Thumb Image

A Passion for Dance

My 11 year old daughter Tatum has a passion for dancing. Tatum is part of a dance group called Breaking Rulz. Their 1st competition for 2018 is here in Cape Town. Our next one is in Johannesburg, and the 3rd is in October in Germany. Please help Tatum get to Germany to be able to compete!

A Play-park for Thabantsho Primary Thumb Image

A Play-park for Thabantsho Primary

Our company is taking care of the learning intervention at Thabantsho Primary, but as colleagues we have noted a lack of recreational facilities for learners. We will assist the school with fundraising to cover the costs of materials and installation of the play-park.

A Positive Change Thumb Image

A Positive Change

With this campaign, I hope to clear up debt in order to better the quality of life for my family.
And ontop of which I am hoping to setup my own business from home, one my heart has been set on for many many years, A little business selling sweets and baked goods.

A Prosthetic Eye for Shafiq Thumb Image

A Prosthetic Eye for Shafiq

Please help my son Shafiq a 4 year old cancer survivor who lost his right eye in the battle against this disease. We need to raise about ZAR 90000 to enable him to have a prosthethic eye made and fitted.

A Reaching Hand Thumb Image

A Reaching Hand

A REACHING HAND is a charitable organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa. A REACHING HAND is reliant on the support and donations made by individuals and companies. By donating to A Reaching Hand you directly support the upliftment of children, youth, single mothers and families that are struggling for day to day survival in some of South Africa's most impoverished areas.

A Screenwriter's Opportunity Thumb Image

A Screenwriter's Opportunity

I am a Screenwriter film-maker & honored to be selected as the first SA Screenwriter to get into the exclusive Rocaberti Mentoring Programme for Screenwriters in France.

A Small Can of Peas Thumb Image

A Small Can of Peas


A Small Can of Peas is a platform that aims to inspire small acts of kindness in memory of a loved one they've lost or as a tribute to someone in their life. It is also a place where people can share their stories of remarkable people who exercise 'a small can of peas' ethic in their daily lives.
We invite you to share your story of your ‘A Small Can of Peas’ person and feel free to use this space as a tribute to them whether its simply a photo and story or an act of kindness. Whether its arranging to make sarmies for needy people in your neighbourhood, fundraising for a charity, or motivating your friends on a specific day across the world to do something for someone else, whatever that may be, we hope you will be inspired to share your own small can of peas.

A voice for Liam Thumb Image

A voice for Liam

This campaign has been closed, as our target has been reached. Thank you SO much for your generous support for Liam to obtain a communication device and voice!

A Warrior Named Suzie Thumb Image

A Warrior Named Suzie

Cancer has returned and I am undergoing chemo. My medical costs are mounting daily & with no medical aid, I need the funds to assist with these costs.

A Wheelchair for Shannon Thumb Image

A Wheelchair for Shannon

My name is Shannon Dunn, my biggest dream will be realized when I am able to purchase a brand new wheelchair of my own, which I can cherish and look after. For someone who isn’t able to walk, I value my independence above all else.

Aaqilahs Global Teens Campaign Thumb Image

Aaqilahs Global Teens Campaign

My daughter, Aaqilah, has been selected to attend the Global Teens programme in June 2018 school holidays.  Please kindly help support her in covering the cost associated with the trip.

Aaron Frans Study Cause Thumb Image

Aaron Frans Study Cause

I am recently widowed. My son, Aaron, completed grade 12 and has been accepted to study at Boston college. He is going to study towards a degree in Project management. I am the sole provider for my three children at present.

ABA Therapy for Evan Thumb Image

ABA Therapy for Evan

My son was diagnosed with autism at 2y3m. He just turned 4. We started with ABA Therapy in October last year and just yesterday, I took a video of him saying "mommy, come." This is after 4 months of 10 hours of therapy a week. The more therapy he gets the faster he recovers, but we cannot give him more therapy because we have no financial support.

Abahlobo Football Club Thumb Image

Abahlobo Football Club

Abahlobo Football Club is an amateur team which is based in Strand, Nomzamo Township. The team is a member of Helderberg Local Football Association, Safa Cape Town affiliates. We teach soccer and life skills to school people ages 15 to 26.

Abahlobo Reunion 2018 Thumb Image

Abahlobo Reunion 2018

This project all started in 2003 when I connected with Joachim Franz and Michael Strohmann from Germany. They participated in a 6000km mountain bike event from Paris to Dakar...

Abakrestu Foundation Thumb Image

Abakrestu Foundation

Our mission is to provide support for holistic residential care for orphaned and abandoned children in a parental/adult guided environment where they’re nurtured into adulthood. To achieve this we will create self sustainable fundraising mechanisms and programs which will have a positive impact on the enviroment, at the same time creating employment and revenue to support social economic organisations, projects and programs of the Foundation. Humanitarian Projects : The Cato Crest Project | The Sherwood Project Programs still in Development : UHA | Jam4Africa | Limbs4Life Environmental Projects : Trees4Africa Programs still in Development : Bees4Africa | Raptors4Africa

AbbAsorg Thumb Image


ATKV-AbbAsorg is an inisiative that doesn't only change the lives of kids and their families, but also improves the stability of communities. 

Abbeyfield Society of South Africa Thumb Image

Abbeyfield Society of South Africa

Our mission is to develop, support, and pioneer affordable housing and care for senior citizens regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation. Please partner with us to build more homes and support more vulnerable seniors.

Abdool Fighting Cancer Thumb Image

Abdool Fighting Cancer

Baby Abdool is a 2.5 year old baby boy with very aggressive cancer. I am hoping to raise funds for his parents traveling costs up and down to the hospital everyday. (Pmb-DBN) and any other goodies they may need.

Abdul's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Abdul's Medical Cause

Abdul Muhaymien (7) has started losing his hearing. He has been back and forth to the public clinic and hospitals with ear infections that ultimately lead to his loss of hearing in both ears.  His mother is unemployed and has no medical aid to afford the second hearing aid. 

Abi - One in a Million Thumb Image

Abi - One in a Million

Abi is a beautiful, loving 15 year old girl who has been bravely fighting her illness for several years. She has been receiving infusions and chemotherapy which has assisted in keeping the damage under control, however her medical aid is refusing to pay for the treatment!!

Abigail Barnes Medical Cause Thumb Image

Abigail Barnes Medical Cause

Abigail Barnes was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in October 2018.  Although it was devastating at first, we have accepted the diagnosis and are now fighting with everything we have to ensure that Abigail receives all the help and support she deserves to enable her to live a fully functional life.  

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Abigail Gouws - Hockey Tournament Thumb Image

Abigail Gouws - Hockey Tournament

Abigail Gouws has been selected for the Boland U13 Barlinka Regional Hockey Team. The team will be participating in the Regional Tournament in George during June/July 2018.

Abigail Swales Medical Cause Thumb Image

Abigail Swales Medical Cause

My daughter Abigail has Rett Syndrome and I am hoping to raise funds to buy her a new wheelchair.

She outgrew her current chair a year ago and needs one with more support, especially for her back as  she had spinal fusion last year. 

Abongas Campaign for Fire Victims Thumb Image

Abongas Campaign for Fire Victims

Hi all, I live in the rural area of Mpindweni, Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. I need assistance in helping two families whose houses were burnt down by a mob accusing them of witchcraft. They are now destitute with nothing, absolutely nothing.  Any donation will be most welcome as it will go towards buying blankets, clothes and food.

Abraham Kriel Bambanani Thumb Image

Abraham Kriel Bambanani

Abraham Kriel Bambanani is a registered NPO providing care and skills development for traumatised children and youth in need, in the greater Johannesburg area. We provide shelter, physical care, rehabilitation and skills development for beneficiaries that had been subjected to trauma, abuse, molestation, poverty, neglect and unemployment. This is done via residential care, community services and educational programmes.

Abused and Abandoned Kids Educational Excursions NPC Thumb Image

Abused and Abandoned Kids Educational Excursions NPC

Founded over ten years ago, Abused and Abandoned Kids Educational Excursions (AAAKEE) is a South African not-for-profit humanitarian organisation that caters for children who occupy various orphanage homes, having been abandoned, abused, or neglected in the past.

Academic Achievers Tour Thumb Image

Academic Achievers Tour

My daughter is a grade 10 pupil and was selected to go on this educational tour to America. Unfortunately we don't have the money to send her on this academic tour. She really would like to go as they would be visiting MIT/Harvard/Yale and Columbia Universities.

Academic Top Achievers Euro Tour 2017 Thumb Image

Academic Top Achievers Euro Tour 2017

As a top 10 academic student of BHS, Kayleigh (one of 40 students) has been invited to go and live in Paris and Berlin for 16 days in the July 2017 school holidays. You are invited to help get her there!



The ACCESS Habitable Planet Workshop (HPW) programme uses an innovative curriculum centering around the uniqueness of South Africa, to inspire more young black/ female South Africans to take up careers in Science research. 

Access to Justice Thumb Image

Access to Justice

We assist protesters by providing resources to enable their voices to be heard in a peaceful, meaningful, and engaging fashion.

ACS Youth Building Thumb Image

ACS Youth Building





The story behind the name ACS (Youth Building).


A – Stands for AMBITION

C – Stands for COURAGE

S – Stands for SELF-RESPECT


ACS also stands for:  Adam Christian Stander – my late father’s name.

He was my hero and my inspiration. Unfortunately he took a few wrong turns and ended up in the horrific world of drug abuse. After years of struggling, he was able to escape the addiction by the Grace of God. Unfortunately he passed away in a car accident in 2005.


I do not have any formal qualifications, or degrees but I do have substantial experience in motivating kids as well as adults. I WANT TO HELP.

My mission is to become a beacon of hope to our youth.


Our Youth Building Workshops aim to build up our youth and not break them down. Workshops are hosted to build confidence through ambition, courage and self-respect, which are the 3 fundamentals of ACS Youth Building.  Interactive workshops are held in age- and gender-specific groups, incorporating testimonies, video clips, offering advice and reading material to take home.


We rely heavily on sponsors to cover the minimal costs involved in hosting these workshops.  In return we enjoy spreading the word of our sponsors and their businesses and believe that this a win-win situation where exposure is enjoyed while doing good for our community.


In the past we’ve received excellent feed-back from parents and youth delegates, which encourages us to keep doing what we love and believe it necessary especially under today’s youth, where they must cope with a lot of pressure received on various platforms in their lives.


Please note that ACS Youth Building is being operated as a non-profit organisation, but not registered as one yet. Books are transparent and available to view on request.

Acting Angels Thumb Image

Acting Angels

Our primary aim is to make a difference in thousands of South African lives and also establish a culture of caring and giving. We raise funds for local welfare needs and community upliftment. We concentrate on the very young, the elderly and animals - the most vulnerable in our society.

Action Aid Teksa Thumb Image

Action Aid Teksa

There are so many families that struggle on a daily basis with no food or clothing for them and their children, a lot of these families live in horrific conditions. We at Action Aid Teksa are trying to change the fortune of these individuals and their run of bad circumstances.

Action Volunteers Africa Thumb Image

Action Volunteers Africa

Action Volunteers Africa is a non-profit initiative placing youth volunteers into organisations' to gain skills and strengthen society.

Actionaid South Africa Thumb Image

Actionaid South Africa

Action Aid is an international non-governmental organisation working in 45 countries, for a world free from poverty and injustice. Action Aid in South Africa (AASA) has worked in collaboration with local organisations in five provinces since 2006.

ACVV Bright Lights Thumb Image

ACVV Bright Lights

What we are:

  • Child and Youth Care Centre for 20 boys 8 - 18 years found in need of care and protection
  • Drop In Centre for 30 Children (boys and girls 8 - 18 years) in Helderberg Basin

Adaliah House Thumb Image

Adaliah House

Adaliah is a 24-hour place of safety for babies waiting for adoption or orphaned. Adaliah houses six babies at a time between the ages of 0 and 24 months. A rotating staff of six bathes, feeds, loves and even exercises the babies until they find their forever families.

Adam and Ali's Family Thumb Image

Adam and Ali's Family

Adam and Ali are a family of 4 through adoption. Their heart and faith touched me so deeply, that I just knew this is what I HAD to do for this insanely amazing family!

Adams Family Relief Fund Thumb Image

Adams Family Relief Fund

We learnt that a very close friend that travels with me day to Cape Town CBD house was burnt to the ground on Sunday(last night) evening. People we urge you to please donate, think about the family in need.

Addi's Bucket List Thumb Image

Addi's Bucket List

Addi, like millions of others was diagnosed with late stage cancer. She is currently putting together her bucket list, and only has one wish. To go to Israel with her life partner David, to celebrate her 53rd birthday in March 2018.

Addo Bees Cause Thumb Image

Addo Bees Cause

 As you most probably know, bees are seriously threatened here and internationally. The recent fires in the Southern Cape haven’t helped matters. Millions of bees died in the fires. I am launching a project in the Addo Elephant National Park to conserve bees in the area.

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Adel Manqina Study Cause Thumb Image

Adel Manqina Study Cause

I have been accepted to further my studies at the University of the Western Cape and I cannot afford to fund myself. As a part-time stuent, due to having to keep working as the sole provider, I am ineligible for NSFAS funding.

Adel's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Adel's Medical Cause

Adel Cato was in the prime of her life as a 2nd year varsity student when,on the 16th of July 2018, all of that changed in an instant. Adel was hit by a car which left her in a coma with brain damage. We are now desperate to raise funds firstly, to meet the escalating,ongoing hospital cost as well as making provision for her rehabilitation and treatment 

Adele Blank Free Flight Dance Trust  Thumb Image

Adele Blank Free Flight Dance Trust

The Adele Blank Free Flight Trust's Vision is to assist talented dancers from disadvantaged circumstances to reach their dreams and full potential and be an inspiration globally. Our Mission is to provide talented dancers from disadvantaged circumstances with the opportunity to attend tertiary education programmes in dance and become professional dancers.

Aden Pires Baseball Cause Thumb Image

Aden Pires Baseball Cause

Aden Pires 13 years old has been selected to play for Gauteng Province 15U at the National Baseball Championships to be held in Mandela Bay South Africa from the 26th – 30th March 2019.  

Adiel Dorfman Medical Cause Thumb Image

Adiel Dorfman Medical Cause

Adiel is a non-verbal little boy on the Autistic Spectrum. He was about six months old when he stopped communicating and started to retreat into his own lonely world. He was assessed by a pediatrician and therapist and it was confirmed that he was on the Spectrum.

Adjustable Wheelchair Thumb Image

Adjustable Wheelchair

I am currently participating in a research study to determine which would give individuals with a spinal chord injury the best possible recovery after an accident. The project compares the effect of normal physio exercises to walking excercises in a robotic suit.

Adonai Music Academy Thumb Image

Adonai Music Academy

We teach at Primary and Junior School in Dundee, KZN where we find a lot of children want to learn music but don't have the funds to learn music.  As the music school we can only donate 4 students per year but there are more than 50 students in Dundee that can't afford to attend.  Please help us reach these children.

Adopt A School Thumb Image

Adopt A School

Adopt-a-School Foundation was born from a passion and a desire to be a positive force in changing the future of education in South Africa. From humble beginnings, the Foundation has grown exponentially. With hundreds of schools spanning the entire country, we are able to make a sustainable difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of learners, their families and their communities.

Through a holistic, inclusive model called Whole School Development, we aim to address the academic, infrastructural, social and security environments in our adopted schools, to ensure that they are conducive to teaching and learning. Through this holistic approach, we are able to address most obstacles that stand in the way of providing quality education. Our schools are some of the least resourced and marginalised schools in the country, but as long as there is a passion and a commitment to education, together with our partners, we are able to bridge many of these gaps. 


The Foundation currently works in 448 schools in all nine provinces in South Africa, as well as in Lesotho and Mozambique.

Adorabull Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation Thumb Image

Adorabull Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation

Adora-Bull Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation is a non-profit organization facilitating the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of bull terrier dogs countrywide, and is based in Vereeniging, Gauteng.

To set up your own fundraising page for Adorabull Terrior Rescue click here

Adri Pebbles Home Thumb Image

Adri Pebbles Home

Adri needs to buy more materials and get some labourers to help her build a stronger, better home after it collapsed in strong winds during the Knysna fires.

Adrian Kilowan Study Cause Thumb Image

Adrian Kilowan Study Cause

Having a university qualification, and specifically from CPUT (Cape Peninsular University of Technology) is of utmost significance to me and will show elements of maturity, resilience and drive. To me, studying, furthering my career, or even dreaming about a life beyond grade 12 was once not even an option. 

Adrian Miller's Archery Goal Thumb Image

Adrian Miller's Archery Goal

I am a disabled archer looking to qualify for and compete at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Adrians Football Tour Thumb Image

Adrians Football Tour

Tour Portugal for football with Pepe Dos Santos.  I would need to raise funds to join my soccer coach and his team tour Portugal this year in September specifically the 27th. 

Advertising Benevolent Fund Thumb Image

Advertising Benevolent Fund

The ABF is a non-profit charitable organisation, that has been around for almost 42 years and is run by a dynamic group of volunteers. We raise funds through sponsorships and events to assist people who have worked in the media, advertising or marketing space, that have fallen on hard times. Since its inception in 1969 and up to end 2010, the ABF has paid out R 6 895 911 in assistance to 419 families and continues to do so on a daily basis.

AfrA Foundation NPC Thumb Image

AfrA Foundation NPC

AfrA's vision is to engage, develop and educate young people for a better future. To develop a practical, collaborative and supportive skills development approach that targets youth, young adults and women, enabling them to become contributors to a developing society.

Afraz Badat's Studies Cause Thumb Image

Afraz Badat's Studies Cause

My son started school this year and absolutely loves it.  We are extremely behind on his school fees. I am pleading to anyone to please assist so that he can stay at this school that he loves so so much and continue with his progress.

Afribiz Foundation Thumb Image

Afribiz Foundation

Afribiz Foundation Specilizes in manufacturing Reusable sanitary products that provide sustainability for disadvantaged girls in no fee paying schools. 

 The social stigma of poverty in menstrual health and hygiene has been on an increase, where over 3,4 million girls in South Africa are faced with no support and sustainability in hygiene. 

We raise funds in aid to educate and provide products to girls in schools, to help maintain their attendance in school. 

The products are 100% safe and sustainable,not only for Girls but the environment too, all products are reusable and bio degradable into the earth, unlike Sanitary Pads that are disposable but have a life span of 100 years on our land.

Africa Arab Jiu-jitsu Championship Thumb Image

Africa Arab Jiu-jitsu Championship

Bunmi "The Bone Bender" Ojewole is Nigerian born mixed martial artist who has been selected to represent the South African team at the Africa Arab National Jiu-Jitsu Championships.

Africa Believe Foundation Thumb Image

Africa Believe Foundation

Africa Believe Foundation is an initiative to keep youth off the street away from dangers and drugs and give them the opportunity to participate in sport, as well as the endless opportunities that come along with sport.

Africa Food for Thought Thumb Image

Africa Food for Thought

A NPO that provides nutrition to school children in order to promote concentration and learning

Africa Hoofprint Foundation NPC Thumb Image

Africa Hoofprint Foundation NPC

Following our Garden Route Fire Crises exaclty one year ago, a couple of Volunteers helped evacuate the horses of Kranshoek Community, a local township. We met with the 10 evacuated horse's Owners, and established that they are in great need of education and resources to care for their horses.

Africa Jam Youth Outreach Thumb Image

Africa Jam Youth Outreach

Africa Jam provides hope, unity and a sense of community in the lives of disadvantaged yoth regardless of race, culture or socio-economic background by empowering them with values, good attitudes, knowledge, life skills and providing opportunities for them to explore their God given talents thus enhancing the well-being of their families, community and nation.

Africa Solidarity Network (ASN) Thumb Image

Africa Solidarity Network (ASN)

We are a non profit organisation assisting the asylum seekers and Refugees in Western Cape. We have the project on advocacy lobbying, HIV/ AIDS and Education. The refugees in South Africa it is something new because before they use talk the immigrants which were the people who use to work with mines. now there is a need to explain to the people the difference of the Refugees and normal immigrants. The refugees are the people who left their countries due to natural probles such as wars, conflicts, political instabilities etc.

So we neeed to have advocacy and Lobbying for Asylum seekers and Refugees in South Africa, to advocate their rights and to be a part of other community activities.

Africa Spinal Cord Injury Network Cause Thumb Image

Africa Spinal Cord Injury Network Cause

Get two therapists and a peer supporter to the Africa Spinal Cord Injury Network conference in Lusaka! The AFSCIN conference is held every two years and focuses on the current status and management of spinal cord injuries in Africa, practical ideas on application of best practice in low resource settings, and the building of a network of health care workers and consumers all over Africa. 

African Angels Trust Thumb Image

African Angels Trust

An educational sponsorship programme with a difference! Committed parents, teachers and sponsors. Good quality, continuous education from pre-primary to matric. Fighting poverty through education!

African Bush Camps Foundation Thumb Image

African Bush Camps Foundation

The African Bush Camps Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization that began operating in 2006 with the vision of creating opportunities that empower rural communities located in vulnerable wildlife areas.

African Carbon Trust Thumb Image

African Carbon Trust

ACT empowers all South Africans to take action against climate change and unsustainable resource use. Through energy technology innovation and community development, we'll ensure that the poor receive the benefits of our projects.

African Coalition for Refugees Thumb Image

African Coalition for Refugees

We aim to empower refugee women through projects and the welbeing/access to education for refugee children.

African Democratic Change Thumb Image

African Democratic Change

The African Democratic Change (ADeC) was launched on 1 December 2017. This is a political party that was founded by Dr Makhosi Khoza along with civil movements that exist and local government level.  

African Diaspora Hope Thumb Image

African Diaspora Hope

We provide food security programs to the poor, less priviledged, sick and disadvantaged citizens in the south of Johannesburg. We run a creche and pre school, to accommodate the needs of every parent regardless of status, background and class. We run skills development and training projects to the hopeless. We do counselling sessions to those that need it the most. We run a soup kitchen 3 times a week.

African Solutions to African Problems (ASAP) Thumb Image

African Solutions to African Problems (ASAP)

African Solutions to African Problems (ASAP) identifies emerging groups of women caring for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in rural communities in the Eastern Cape (EC), South Africa. ASAP has a decade of experience working in the EC and developed a 6–year Model with the objective of scaling-up broad based care to OVC. The Model guides, supports and builds the women’s capacity to establish a professional organisational hub in drop-in centres and creates sustainable organisations, able to scale-up care to OVC. The drop-in centres provide OVC with nutrition, school uniforms and shoes, psychosocial support, access to education, health services and social welfare grants and youth development. ASAP provides capacity building training in Organisational Development, Child Care; First Aid and Healthcare for the women; Permaculture and organic gardens with fruit trees and chickens for food security, community outreach activities and grandmother programmes to strengthen families. In this manner ASAP ensures holistic development of OVC to enable them to grow up as valuable members of society.

African Tails Thumb Image

African Tails

African Tails' main focus is to curb the cycle of over-population of street dogs through regular Mass Sterilisation Campaigns in Townships and informal settlements in the Western Cape.   Since 2006, we Sterilized 11,415 animals, Re-homed 1,898 cats and dogs and subsidised 3,034 Medical Treatments

One female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in 7 years. 

One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years.


African Tales  Thumb Image

African Tales

African Tales is a forum and network platform of dedicated, energetic, progressive and active groups and dignified individuals, who shares the same vision and goal.

African Youth Leadership Summit 2017 Thumb Image

African Youth Leadership Summit 2017

I am hoping to raise funds to pay for my trip to Morocco to attend the 2017 African Youth Leadership Summit as a delegate.

Afrika AWAKE  Thumb Image

Afrika AWAKE

Afrika Awake is a registered NPO. Our core focus is assisting refugees and asylum seekers living in South Africa as well as implementing social cohesion initiatives. You can read more here: 

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Afrika Tikkun Thumb Image

Afrika Tikkun

Afrika Tikkun (AT) was founded in 1994 with the goal of developing and uplifting young people in disadvantaged communities resident in the Republic of South Africa. With like-minded partners, Afrika Tikkun aims to end child poverty and youth unemployment through a holistic approach that begins in early childhood and ends with productive adults accessing the economy. Our approach provides all-inclusive care (nutrition, health and social) services and helps SA’s youth achieve success with a model called Cradle-to-Career 360°, which has earned Afrika Tikkun recognition for being one of the most impactful organisations in South Africa. We operate from four centres in Gauteng and one in Cape Town.

To set up your own fundraising page for Afrika Tikkun click here

Afrinzygen Thumb Image


The aspiring entrepreneurs behind Afrinzygen  won the campus stage of the Hult Prize challenge ? setting them a step closer to win a $1 million award in seed capital as they will be attending the regional stage of the competition in Nairobi, Kenya, on the 9th of March 2018.

Agape - Fees for Special Needs Centre Thumb Image

Agape - Fees for Special Needs Centre

Agape is a 6 year old autistic boy who needs R47000 to pay for his fees at a special Needs School (Whizz Kidz) for next year. His parents could use the help. He has done so well in school, and will be in Grade 1 next year.

Agent of Hope Thumb Image

Agent of Hope

Hope was born on the 31st of August 2014 at full term and at a healthy birth weight of 3.4kg. Early into her 26th month, she was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I resolved to do whatever it takes to make sure her chance at life is not limited due to this diagnosis.

AGG Gymnastics Development Thumb Image

AGG Gymnastics Development

We are raising funds for the research and development of gymnastics facilities in North West with the aim of improving and growing the sport of gymnastics. we are also hoping to raise funds in order to become self sustainable and send gymnasts overseas without placing too much financial strain on them.

Aggregate Paint Plus Thumb Image

Aggregate Paint Plus

I would like to start my own SMME business. I work in construction and have outstanding subjects to complete my course in civil engineering. I wish to go back and study the remainder of my course and in the process get a business on the go.

Agile youth development centre Thumb Image

Agile youth development centre

Agile youth development centre is formed by youth of mokopane in the Limpopo province. After getting experience of volunteering at the vodacom foundation (change the world programme) we saw the need of having an NPO which the main focus will be youth development and education using technology. Our youth are still left behind in the world of technology and internet. Our vision is to have an e-learning centre, e-library or information centre in general. Training of soft computer skills. Moses Masemene ( project manager) has established an information centre at aletuke community care centre and has extensive experience and skills. 

We currently run our NOP at home, we only have a stand with no building .we would like build a smaller building so we could have a proper place to run day to day operations. We would also wish to get donations of anything of some sort that could help us in achieving our goals. 

We want to bring information closer to our community.

Aging and less-abled support ladder Thumb Image

Aging and less-abled support ladder

After a hip joint replacement operation I realised how many pensioners (like myself), pregnant Moms, small children, and people with disabilities, need a safer and more supportive household ladder to manage even the simplest tasks.

Aid 4 Animals in Distress Thumb Image

Aid 4 Animals in Distress

An exceptional group of people helping animals in distress, any animal. Aid 4 Animals is always available to help animals in distress, reuniting lost pets with their owners, rescuing and finding foster homes for until forever homes are found.

Aid for Vianne Thumb Image

Aid for Vianne

My son Vianne, age 22, was involved in a sporting accident on 12 November 2017. Dr Greeff confirmed on 17 November 2017 that Vianne has a fracture on his forehead as well as the sinus/brow bone has been shattered and needs to be reconstructed.

AID My Journey-Support Thumb Image

AID My Journey-Support

Mission Statement:

To mobilise and empower the South African business sector as well as the population at large to take effective action on HIV & AIDS.


Aidan Maddocks Transplant Fund Thumb Image

Aidan Maddocks Transplant Fund

My son Aidan is 14 years old. He was diagnosed with a childhood liver disease called Biliary Atresia. He has done exceptionally well and surpassed all expectations, going all these years without a liver transplant. He is now going into liver failure.

Aidans Party Fairies  Thumb Image

Aidans Party Fairies

We are a charity that assists struggling families still spoil their children on their birthdays as we believe that No matter where you come from every child deserved to feel special on their birthday. 

We have also adopted a group of seniors who struggle on a daily basis and who only have their pensions to survive on. We assist them with weekly cooked meals, food hampers, electricity vouchers, bedding, toiletries, household items, clothing. 

We also have a Christmas Party every year to celebrate. 

This year we are having 2. One for the children and their families who we help throughout the year and then one for our very special Golden Oldies. 

Everything we do is done through donations. 

We are also currently making up Christmas hampers for our seniors and any support would be appreciated. 

Any donation big or small will help us in our goal to make sure that the children we help get to celebrate their birthdays and that the seniors we help will not go without food etc. 

Kind Regards


Aiden Karate World Champs Thumb Image

Aiden Karate World Champs

Help get my coach and me to Spain for the world champs by selecting my campaign below, then the donate button next to the barometer...

Aiden Rheeders Medical Cause Thumb Image

Aiden Rheeders Medical Cause

We are crowd funding for Aiden Rheeders, a 7 year old boy's medical expenses.  Aiden suddenly got sick and was diagnosed with a virus called Meningococcal septicamia. He is currently in a critical state in hospital and him and his mom can use all the help they can get.

Aiden Roux Study Cause Thumb Image

Aiden Roux Study Cause

Aiden has a cognitive disability and speaking to him you would think he is a normal boy but he has learning disabilities. Chantal cannot afford the special school near her and therefore Aiden is again repeating grade R. 

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Aiden's Angels SA Thumb Image

Aiden's Angels SA

Aiden went on a school trip on Thursday 6th August 2015 to a Captive Cheetah Breeding Centre in Ladysmith. Whilst on the trip, a cheetah managed to grab hold of Aiden, rip chunks of flesh and skin off of him and puncture him with bites. All this whilst the poor child tried to punch the cheetah to free himself from its grip. We are here to help Aiden regain what he lost on that unfateful day.

Aimee Alias Cancer Cause Thumb Image

Aimee Alias Cancer Cause

Aimee is a beautiful young lady who has been diagnosed with ewing sarcoma cancer. She has a very loving father Angelo who is a single dad that is doing everything in his power to help his little girl.

Aimee's cochlear implant Cause Thumb Image

Aimee's cochlear implant Cause

Help our Aimee to hear through the miracle of a cochlear implant!

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Aimee's Travel Cause Thumb Image

Aimee's Travel Cause

Aimee 17 years old(Gr 11) is the only SA scholar that was chosen to take part in an international collaboration in New York.  The Junior Academy is part of The New York Academy of Science.

Aishas IARU Global Summer Program Thumb Image

Aishas IARU Global Summer Program

I have been accepted to a prestigious summer academic exchange program called the IARU Global Summer Program, with top research universities from all around the world, including Harvard, Cambridge, UCLA Berkeley and Oxford, among others. I require funds to make this possible before June 14th, 2018.

Akeso Crescent Clinic Randburg Cause Thumb Image

Akeso Crescent Clinic Randburg Cause

Situated in Randburg, in Gauteng, Akeso Randburg – Crescent Clinic offers specialist inpatient and outpatient treatment for a range of psychiatric illnesses including anxiety and depression, substance abuse and addiction, eating disorders, ageing disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Akhanani Home Community Based Care Thumb Image

Akhanani Home Community Based Care

This project is a Home Community Based Care, which was initiated in 13th of October 2006 in a rural area called Lesseyton Village.

Akhona Notoko Study Cause Thumb Image

Akhona Notoko Study Cause

I'm a struggling student who has not received any funding for my studies and its stressing because, now I have a debt from a previous year. I will not be able to register Feb 2019 until I finish paying attention to the debt of R12 439. 

Akhona's House Thumb Image

Akhona's House

The shack fire in Imizama Yethu in Hout Bay Cape Town was well documented in the media. I went up this morning and saw with my own eyes the devastation and saw that Akhona's house was just a pile of black ash.

Akker - born to rugby Thumb Image

Akker - born to rugby

Akker was selected to be part of the Glenwood Invitational-Team for the chance to tour to Ireland Nov/Dec 2017.  A golden opportunity for a young man who was born to rugby!

Al & Mel Serve The Liberty Project Thumb Image

Al & Mel Serve The Liberty Project

The Liberty Project is a small start up ministry based in Pemba Mozambique with a heart to serve young girls and women here and see them Liberated!

Alaina Kamille Govender Foundation Thumb Image

Alaina Kamille Govender Foundation

A group of people coming together in loss to create a Foundation in our dear Alaina’s name. We are an organisation involved in transforming lives. This past year, we have focussed on global blood drives, as well as projects involving the support and care of children.

Alains Hospital Thumb Image

Alains Hospital

I first met Dr Alain Mwasini Mumpalwa in Cape Town in 2012. He is a medically qualified and registered doctor from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has been working in government hospitals there but has a dream to start his own private hospital with other young doctors

Albert Falanga Study Cause Thumb Image

Albert Falanga Study Cause

I have been accepted into the Ambulance Emergency Assistant programme, a course that will upgrade my qualification to an intermediate life support level and something that I’ve been working towards for quite some time now.

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Aldine: Spokesperson for Breast Health Awareness Thumb Image

Aldine: Spokesperson for Breast Health Awareness

Aldine has had multiple debilitating symptoms from Breast Implant Illness. She now wants to raise funds for life-changing surgery and create Breast Health Awareness in the process.

Alec - Switzerland Choir Inter-Tour Thumb Image

Alec - Switzerland Choir Inter-Tour

We are trying to raise funds to afford to send our son, Alec Gibson (age 14, grade 9), on inter-tour with the Drakensberg Boys Choir School ( to Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Alejandra's Sports Cause Thumb Image

Alejandra's Sports Cause

Alejandra is a 9 year-old South African gymnast that has been invited to compete in a international gymnastics competition in Malta from the 13th to the 23 of November 2018. 

Alex Levkov Baseball Cause Thumb Image

Alex Levkov Baseball Cause

Alex Levkov has been invited by Caliendo Sports International to attend their International Baseball / Cultural Trip to Dominican Republic in Dec 2018 and form part of Team America.
Support this young man whose dream it is to play baseball professionally one day! 

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Alex's Dental Surgery Cause Thumb Image

Alex's Dental Surgery Cause

My name is Rebecca Nicholson and I am looking to raise money for my boyfriend, Alex, who is in desperate need for Dental Surgery. He has had a problem with his teeth for years now, he struggles to eat anything and has terrible pain on a daily basis, and cannot go on like this any longer. 

Alex's Eyes Thumb Image

Alex's Eyes

Alex is a 5 year old boy who loves to play with his friends. He got diagnosed with Amblyopia (Lazy eye) when he was 2 and a half years old. He now needs an operation to fix his amblyopia and continue being the playfull child that he is and to see the world through his own eyes again.

Alexander Smith Touch Rugby Cause Thumb Image

Alexander Smith Touch Rugby Cause

I have been fortunate enough to be selected into the South African over 30's Mixed Touch rugby team that will represent South Africa at the next International Touch rugby world cup in Malaysia 2019.

Alexander's Rugby Cause Thumb Image

Alexander's Rugby Cause

My brother Alexander van Rensburg is selected for an Ireland Rugby tour in October 2018. He has made SA Platteland. Unfortunately my parents are divorced and my father is unemployed. I really want to give him the opportunity to further his goal in rugby. Funding will be appreciated!!

Alexandra Education Committee Thumb Image

Alexandra Education Committee

AEC is a bursary scheme designed to place promising Grade 7 pupils in Alexandra in better more stable high schools. Not only do children receive 5 years of secondary education, but also pastoral care from in-house staff, counselling services, extra maths and English lessons, Saturday School and Holiday School. In addition, the AEC holds monthly maths and English development workshops for Alexandra primary school teachers from 19 schools. 

Alexandra Equine-Assisted Psychotherapist Cause Thumb Image

Alexandra Equine-Assisted Psychotherapist Cause

A hopeful plea for assistance from a mom, who simply wants to make the world a better place, by affording her daughter every possible opportunity to succeed in her training and studies.

Alfred the Aspiring Author Thumb Image

Alfred the Aspiring Author

I'm an aspiring fiction writer and songwriter who's about to start my writing career. 

Alfreds Shoes Thumb Image

Alfreds Shoes

I am looking to raise funds for a new pair of running shoes for Alfred who is aiming to do the 2018 Comrades marathon in around 8 hrs.

Algoa Bay Council for the Aged Thumb Image

Algoa Bay Council for the Aged

to render those services that enable the primarily sub-economic aged to remain active and independent in the community for as long as possible. To take a leadership role in promoting the concept of community care for older persons.

Alherm Science International NPC Thumb Image

Alherm Science International NPC

Alherm Science International is a non-governmental organisation in South Africa whose main objective is to improve the performance of matric learners from disadvantaged backgrounds in Mathematics, Sciences, Technical Subjects and Accounting.

Alicia's Volunteer Trip Thumb Image

Alicia's Volunteer Trip

I applied to volunteer at a orphanage in Kenya and would like to raise funds to enable me to go.

Alida-First Home Thumb Image

Alida-First Home

I came a long way of growing up and sorting out the mess I got myself financially in years ago.  I eventually applied for MY FIRST HOME LOAN and it was approved, however I have to Pay a Deposit of R330,000.00 and the Transfer Fees of +-R97,000.00. 

Alive - N1 Crash fund Thumb Image

Alive - N1 Crash fund

On Sunday 25 June 2017 a group of 13 friends (aged 18-20)  endured a traumatic car accident caused by a driver on the wrong side of the highway. We are raising funds to assist with medical expenses (Trauma ICU and physiotherapy afterwards), trauma counselling as well as the excess on the destroyed vehicle.

Alizwa School Trip Cause Thumb Image

Alizwa School Trip Cause

Our nanny Vuyo looks after our daughter so wonderfully we would like to help her daughter go on a once in a lifetime trip up the garden route with her school Surrey Primary. 

All AT Once Rental Cause Thumb Image

All AT Once Rental Cause

Please assist us in renting the office. We are 5 employees that are staying at home due to unpaid office rent.  

All Hands On Dec Friends Thumb Image

All Hands On Dec Friends

All Hands On Dec Friends strives to raise funds to pay for the medical procedures of children struck down by cancer

All Hearts Foundation  Thumb Image

All Hearts Foundation

All Hearts Foundation is a South African non-profit organisation on a mission to help those who cannot help themselves. Whether it be animals or people, we rescue and provide support to give all a chance at life. Donate now! PLEASE NOTE: 18 A - ORG. DONAT

Allegra Prohl Dancing Cause Thumb Image

Allegra Prohl Dancing Cause

Allegra is a talented 6 year old dancer who started dancing at the age of 4 with Yolande Mostert at Yolande Mostert Danzwrx Dance Studio. Allegra has recently qualified to represent South Africa at not only 1 but 2 World Championships.

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Allen Family Cause Thumb Image

Allen Family Cause

Please help our family cover our rising bills.

Ally Beneke Study Cause Thumb Image

Ally Beneke Study Cause

Alse'q (ALLY) Beneke is passionate about photography, film and production. She started her studies at YWAM MEDIA VILLAGE in Muizenberg but is short of funds.

Alma - Body Builder Thumb Image

Alma - Body Builder

My goals for the 2018 season include the achievement of PRO Status in the INBA/PNBA Global Association. My season kicks off in April 2018 with the INBA South Africa Championship in Durban. I will set aside R10 per R100 collected, to cover expenses of junior athletes who compete at the SANBA or INBA Development and National Competitions.



The Almal Foundation is a youth development organization that seeks to provide support to young people across South Africa through our programmes. The foundation is youth managed and a level one B-BBEE contributor. Learn more about our programmes on our website and social pages.

Alpha Course Thumb Image

Alpha Course

At some point in their life, everyone wrestles with life's big questions. Alpha creates a space for authentic conversations about life and faith in an open, relaxed environment.

AlphaOmega Consultancy Cause Thumb Image

AlphaOmega Consultancy Cause

My dream is to assist NGO's with fundraising, awareness campaigns and income generating projects. With 8 years experience with Individual Donors and megabits full of creativity I know I can make a difference.

ALPS Thumb Image


ALPS aims to uplift the life of animals in impoverished communities, by providing the community with basic education on animal welfare, holding sterilization campaigns, and giving the community access to veterinary services and food for their pets.

Alta du Toit Aftercare Centre Thumb Image

Alta du Toit Aftercare Centre

Alta du Toit After Care Centre makes provision for 268 adults between the ages of 18 and 72 who are intellectually disabled.

Alta's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Alta's Medical Cause

I am a 33 year old woman. I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I had to stop working to undergo treatment. I am strong and I know that I can beat this, but I need help getting the funds to cover my medical expenses and the nutritional supplements. Please if you could help, any donations will be greatly appreciated.

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Altus Sport Thumb Image

Altus Sport

In response to these issues Altus Sport implements a sustainable sport educational programme which aims to assist kids and coaches in these developing communities to expand their sporting environment and equip them in making positive choices in life.

Alunamda foundation NPC Thumb Image

Alunamda foundation NPC

Buy a shoe, build a school project proposal is a project in association with Lingelihle Junior Secondary School and Alunamda Foundation (AF). Alunamda meaning God’s love has no boundaries, is a Non-Profit Organization founded in 2018 to initiate community initiatives that promote education, social development and entrepreneurship especially among young people. The main concern is the realization of sustainable development in which the children, teachers and the community are involved in positive activities that will ensure socio-economic welfare in the entire locality and ensure proper learning environment by providing habitable accommodation. The vision of Alunamda Foundation is peaceful co-existence and development in which everyone participate equally and effectively in problem and solution identification and where local communities, governments and other developmental bodies facilitate and carry out skills transfer to the younger generation who are not fortunate enough to be afforded or even to go to school.

Alvada Creations Thumb Image

Alvada Creations

Please help me raise funds to take my small business for showcasing at International trade fair in Brazil.

Alwyn's Sports Cause Thumb Image

Alwyn's Sports Cause

I am a 62 year old disabled darts player and a member of the Western Peninsula Darts Association. I am now the South African Disabled Champion for 2018. I have been invited to enter the World Championship in Belguim in February 2019.

Alyn Hospital Thumb Image

Alyn Hospital

The Alyn Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Center provides a wide variety of medical and paramedical services. Departments include: In Patients Rehabilitation Intensive Care Respiratory Rehabilitation Shachar Rehabilitation Educational medical Day Centre Legacy Heritage Fund Independent Living Neighbourhood Outpatients Clinic Multidisciplinary therapies.

Alyssa-Lee - Young Dancer Campaign Thumb Image

Alyssa-Lee - Young Dancer Campaign

Alyssa-Lee has recently qualified to compete in Croatia in 2018. There are 28 nations with over 50 000 dancers in this competition. She has said that she will do whatever it takes to get her dad there to watch her dance for South Africa.

Alzheimer's South Africa (KZN) Thumb Image

Alzheimer's South Africa (KZN)

Alzheimer’s South Africa is a non profit company rendering support and services to people living with dementia, their families and communities as well as organisations working in the field of the aged. The KZN region was established in 1992.

Ama-Zebra Youth Organisation Thumb Image

Ama-Zebra Youth Organisation

This campaign is an urgent intervention to assist the SAs GOT TALENT 2017 FINALISTS Youth group from Ntuzuma Township Durban who have qualified to participate at the 2018 Folkloriada World Olympiad event, which is UNESCO supported and promotes the Culture of Peace to the children and future leaders of the world.

The World Body of FIDAF: Federation of International Dance Festivals & CIOFF: International Council of Organization for Folklore Festivals and Folk Art has invited 30 Artist to participate in the World Dance Folklore Festival which will take place from 29th July to 08 October 2018 Leg1:  Portugal, Leg2: Spain, Leg3: Poland and leg 4: Finals at South Korea – SEOUL. Only 30 Artists & Managements Staff will participate. /

Amadea Place of Safety Thumb Image

Amadea Place of Safety Rina Malan was running her own creche and did place of safety on a part time for many years when she realized that in order to make a significant difference she had to do this full time. She then started AMADEA SAFE HOUSE

Amahlathi SPCA Thumb Image

Amahlathi SPCA

Amahlathi SPCA foremost commitment is to the prevention of cruelty to animals in all its forms (any animal be it domestic / commercial farm / wildlife). Prevention takes the form of education, pro-active work, dipping clinics, treatments, Motor Vehicle accidents involving animals, outreach programs or reactive work, sterilizations and vaccination.

We currently cover a geographical area of approximately 4820 km.  The area we serve is very poor rural community. We receive zero funding from the government or local municipality.

The SPCA is a A-Political, nonprofit organization and concentrates solely on animal welfare and education.

Amahle's Wales Tour Thumb Image

Amahle's Wales Tour

Amahle Ntuli is part of the Kwa-Zulu-Natal Midlands Youth Choir, and will be touring to Wales on the 26th of March 2018 He is looking for funding since his parents can not afford the tour, he is very desperate especially since he will be leading 6 songs as he has been given solos.

Amanda Povall's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Amanda Povall's Medical Cause

Amanda, who is 39 years old, with 3 children aged 11 (daughter), 13 (son) & 15 (daughter) was tested for Hypothyroidism and Lupus and the tests were inconclusive. The reason for the campaign is because we can't afford a medical aid and have to pay for all medical costs ourselves.

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Amantle Matlotlo Services and Management Thumb Image

Amantle Matlotlo Services and Management

Amantle Matlotlto is a Services and Managment Company that owns a group of publications under the trademark, Times the Pulse of the Community.

The need to establish this media group was necesitated by the lack of media platforms in formerly disadvantaged townships and rural areas in South Africa. 

The south African media is established along the previously advantaged communities with the townships and rural areas receiving no coverage from the main stream media. The community media is also established in surburbs that are well equiped and have less problems than the townships.

It is the objective of the Times the Pusle of the Community media group to be the voice of the voiceless and to contribute to the growth of a transparrent democratic society in South Africa.

The townships communities that are currentlly targeted  are in South Africa, Tshwane/Pretoria area in Gauteng Province which are, Temba in Hammanskraal, Mabopane, Garankuwa, Sooshanguve, Atteridgeville and Mamelodi.

The media group intends to franchise the concept in the future to other townships in the country to provide the same service to give access to information to the less fortunate communties.

Currently the publication is operating with journalism students from Tshwane University of Technology for the production of news. We are not able to insentifice this studennts which result in lack of motivation for the students to give their best. It is envisaged that with proper support, these publicfations can create job opportunites while at the same time creating media communiteis.

As it stands currently, the students do not have anywhere to undergo their experiantial training, and that is why they are willing to volunteer to do intenship without pay in  order aquire thier practical training which is required to complete thier studies.

The inputs for the business of producing news can be high and we are currently unable to cover the costs as the group is run by voolunteering proffesionals who only offer their  proffesional skills and contributions from their pockets to keep the projecct running. We are looking for a sustainable way to fund the project such as moving the project into print through sourcing advertising. We however need assistance in moving into this stage and to sustain the prject during this phase.

It is in this regard tha we reqeust your contributoiojn to grow this concept and to make it a  reality, particularlty for the students who do not know what is their future aftr graduating, and for the voiceless communiteis.

AMASA Accounting Maths And Science Academy Thumb Image

AMASA Accounting Maths And Science Academy

Amasa Academy is a non profit organisatiob established with the aim of improving the learners grade results and performance in accounting,mathematics,science and other subjects in and around Northern Cape by providing extra classes for Grade 08 to 12 free of cjarge. We facilitate teaching support using highly skilled volunteers. We offer career exhibitions yearly, motivational speaking quarterley and outreach projects monthly offering sanitary pads,school unoforms and School Stationery.

Amathole Football Academy Thumb Image

Amathole Football Academy

Amathole is committed to playing an important role in the socio-economic development of people from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is achieved by bringing together people, individuals and communities around sport and the development of their youth.

Amazing Grace Children's Home Thumb Image

Amazing Grace Children's Home

The home cares for 120 aids orphans, HIV positive, human child trafficking and abandoned children who have been brought to the home by the police, the courts or social workers. All are desperately in need of support and your assistance will be deeply appreciated.



Amazing Grace Upliftment Centre is an NPO working in the Community of Westlake.

Our main objective is to empower and uplift the children in Westlake and

Secondly to work together with other organisations in the area to 

make a difference in the lives of the Westlake Community.

Amber Jane Eyesight Cause Thumb Image

Amber Jane Eyesight Cause

Amber Jane is 16 years old and has Stargardt Disease, there is no cure for this and she has only 15% vision currently. Thanks to artificial intelligence there is something that can assist Amber Jane. They are called E-Sight glasses.

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Amber's Education Fund Thumb Image

Amber's Education Fund

I am hoping to raise funds  to be able to afford to further my studies in Health & Safety and pay for my diploma examinations which I am currently already studying for.

Amber's Operation Thumb Image

Amber's Operation

My daughter, Amber, has a misaligned jaw which causes her great pain. She requires an operation to correct the alignment.

Ambrosia Hip Hop Tour Thumb Image

Ambrosia Hip Hop Tour

My daughter Ambrosia (12), along with her 8 team members,hip hop dance group called "Mischef" came 2nd place in the South African National Fitness & Hip Hop Championships held in June 2018. She and her team mates will be representing South Africa at the 2018 World Championships in Leiden, The Netherlands from 18-20 October 2018.

Amcare Thumb Image


AMCARE was established in 2001 by the Alberton Methodist Church as a community outreach programme.
It was decided to provide a Victim Empowerment Programme, comprehensive HIV and Aids services and Skills Development Services. 

Amiici Care (NPC) Thumb Image

Amiici Care (NPC)

Amiici Care, a division of Amiici Global, is a Non Profit Company driven by enthusiastic women with a
passion to help those in need and to provide opportunities for growth and empowerment.

Amile's Liver Transplant Thumb Image

Amile's Liver Transplant

Amile is my 7 year old daughter who has been suffering with Liver Cirrohosis which was picked up when she was only 3 years old. We've been told that if we can get the money together we can make an application to the hospital in Johannesburg where she would undergo surgery. 



To make farms and farm lands safer for farmers and families who have lost family in farm murders and to help pay for school fees and food in houses that got attacked and have lost parents.

Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation Thumb Image

Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation

Amoyo aim's to keep school going children safe and engaged and away from the negative influences of gangs, drugs, alcohol and sexual promiscuity by offering a caring, stimulating, nurturing, opportunity rich performing arts and life skills programme every afternoon after school together with weekend and holiday workshops.

Amukelani Mthabini Study Cause Thumb Image

Amukelani Mthabini Study Cause

 I have outstanding balance on my fees which are blocking me from graduating. May I please be assisted in reaching my goal and graduate this April.

Amy's Grade 5 Tour Thumb Image

Amy's Grade 5 Tour

I fear I will not have the funds to send my Daughter on her well-deserved school tour.

Amy's Teaching Degree Thumb Image

Amy's Teaching Degree

I've decided to humbly reach out to my friends to see if by any chance a few may be able to make a small contribution towards sponsoring my tuition for the next two years. Any amount that I might be able to raise would help tremendously, and lots of little contributions really do add up.

Amy's Vision Thumb Image

Amy's Vision

The only way to improve Amy's vision and stop an eye condition is for her to undergo a corneal transplant surgery. Amy desperately needs this surgery in both eyes but as in standard medical practice, these surgeries will be performed a year apart to allow proper healing on the first operated eye. 

An Opportunity for Akeem Thumb Image

An Opportunity for Akeem

Akeem Poggenpoel was placed in care in 2014 and has faced many challenges in his life. Through all the struggles he managed to complete his matric in 2017 and got accepted at CPUT and registered for the Architectural Technology course (with a bursary). Akeem needs to a laptop and cellphone to make a success of his studies.

Anabel for Sandton SPCA Thumb Image

Anabel for Sandton SPCA

I'm taking part in the Kilimanjaro Challenge for the Sandton SPCA! 

Anche's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Anche's Medical Cause

Ons het hulp nodig vir Elize en Anche in n baie moeilike tyd, waar daar geen inkomste is nie maar baie uitgawes as gevolg van Anche se kanker.

Ancient Arachnids Campaign Thumb Image

Ancient Arachnids Campaign

Ancient Arachnids was conceived with the initial plan to raise awareness and educate people across South Africa about spiders, scorpions and all other arachnids from around the world.

Ancke's Athletics Opportunity Thumb Image

Ancke's Athletics Opportunity

Ancke Botha (18yrs) was identify as a Top Athlete (From Vision Sports) to compete at International level in Athletics meetings in Europe from the 28th of June - 8 Of July 2018.

Andile Malunga Study Cause Thumb Image

Andile Malunga Study Cause

I need funding to pay for my tuition fees which keeps increasing because I do not have money to pay.

Andile's Championship Thumb Image

Andile's Championship

I am Andile Skeyi and hail from the small town of Elliot in the Eastern Cape. I currently live in a shack in Tembisa. I am passionate about body building and am so privileged to have the support, encouragement and mentorship of the coaches at Alleysway Fitness Centre. It's now time for me to take my bodybuilding career to the next level, so that other struggling athletes can be inspired.

Andre Hulme's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Andre Hulme's Medical Cause

After a medical consult  the doctor informed us that we are going to have a rocky road ahead, as I have been diagnosed with throat cancer that is affecting my voice box. The process has started this week,  I will have to go through the full Radiation and Chemo Therapy. 

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Andre' Badenhorst Business Cause Thumb Image

Andre' Badenhorst Business Cause

I am trying to start my own business from home.   I have a manufacturer of handmade furniture that would like his items sold internationally and I agreed to help him and get my commission from that 

Andre's Medical Campaign Thumb Image

Andre's Medical Campaign

Andre Geldenhuys a single dad and father of a beautiful daughter is facing a rough cancer situation and is currently going through life altering stuff fighting for his life.

Andre's Senegal Adventure Cause Thumb Image

Andre's Senegal Adventure Cause

Our wonderful friend Andre is relocating to Senegal in January.  We are excited about the new adventure God is taking him on and as a community we want to support him financially in his move. 

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Andrea's Lupus Cause Thumb Image

Andrea's Lupus Cause

To emotionally support individuals struggling with Lupus and to spread awareness. This includes termly support groups, hospital visits and gift bags with necessities to encourage patients on their journey as many patients can no longer work. To date there is no cure for Lupus.

Andrea's Rent Thumb Image

Andrea's Rent

I am looking for assistance with paying my rent.

Andrea's Travel Cause Thumb Image

Andrea's Travel Cause

Andrea Rogers is a teacher colleague of ours at Curro Century City.  Andrea has recently been diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer. This has had a tremendous effect on the children in her class, her past pupils, her colleagues and the school as a whole. Her family have been hardest hit. 

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andreas campaign Thumb Image

andreas campaign

Please help me with my Mandela day campaign

Andreas Studies Thumb Image

Andreas Studies

I am hoping to raise funds for my tuition fees. I am a 1st year B ED student at Varsity College in Rondebosch, Cape Town in pursuit of my degree in Foundation Phase teaching.

Andreia Muhitu's Supranational Cause Thumb Image

Andreia Muhitu's Supranational Cause

Andreia is a very talented model and performer who has been crowned Miss Supranational Angola after years of tireless work. She would like to represent her country and redefine the notion of beauty in the next stage of her journey, Miss Supranational World.

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Andrew Claassens Hip Operation Cause Thumb Image

Andrew Claassens Hip Operation Cause

Andrew Claassens (29) was involved in an accident on his first Fathers Day, 19th of June 2016. A driver under the influence drove straight into him from behind on his quad bike. He was left with multiple serious injuries and has been bedridden ever since. 

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Andrew Goodwin's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Andrew Goodwin's Medical Cause

Andrew Goodwin lost his beloved wife in 2010, where he was left to look after his two beautiful children, Tyla and Jarred Goodwin. Andrew had a heart attack on 13/10/2018 where he was rushed to hospital for an emergency operation. It is a miracle that he is alive, and now we need help from our angels to keep him alive.

Andrew's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Andrew's Medical Cause

For anyone that cycles, has picnics, swims, trail runs or hikes up in Silvermine 1, the one face you probably remember is the smiling face of Andrew, one of the gate keepers who checks your activity card or takes the payment.  Unfortunately, he recently got bitten by a very poisonous spider and has been seriously ill, and cannot work.

Andrews private hospital campaign Thumb Image

Andrews private hospital campaign

Andrew has been moved from a government hospital to Busamed in Modderfontein.  Andrew does not have medical aid so please help cover these costs.

Andries Monare Cause Thumb Image

Andries Monare Cause

A security guard by the name of Andries Monare put his own life at risk and saved a 5-year old’s life when a perpetrator allegedly tried to stab the child in the chest with a knife. 

Andries Van Pletzen Medical Cause Thumb Image

Andries Van Pletzen Medical Cause

In 2017 my husband and daughter were in a terrible motor vehicle accident. Both survived, however my husband who worked with his hands for more than 24 years, lost his right arm.  After a 10 hour surgery they managed to save the arm but he has no function of it as yet.

Andys Organic Farm Co-op Thumb Image

Andys Organic Farm Co-op

 The campaign is to raise funds for expanded farm land and a facility for administrative and training purposes.

Ane Fouche Study Cause Thumb Image

Ane Fouche Study Cause

Ané is entering her first year of school. It should be a big milestone in her life.  Her parents are going through a hard time and it is only temporary but they can't affort her school fees or her transport to school at the moment.

Anele Amanda Motaung Study Cause Thumb Image

Anele Amanda Motaung Study Cause

My name is Anele Motaung, I am 23 years of age and I'm a law student at the University of the Free State (UFS). I have been a student at UFS since 2014 and I used eduloan to pay my fees.Due to unforseen circumstances, eduloan stopped paying my fees. 

Ané Hearing Aids Cause Thumb Image

Ané Hearing Aids Cause

My daughter is 4 years old and diagnosed with bilateral mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss. I'm a single mom and need funding for hearing aids for her, to improve her lifestyle, speaking and hearing abilities.

Angel Eyes Cause Thumb Image

Angel Eyes Cause

Help us to give deserving dogs the gift of regained sight,  and improve the quality of their lives. 

Angel Projects Teambuilding (Pty) Ltd Thumb Image

Angel Projects Teambuilding (Pty) Ltd

Angel Projects is an established, dynamic company which aims to be known for our agility due to a wider range of expertise in both strategic and operational capacity. We are committed to serve both the communities, as well as our clients through high value projects, focused on staff morale, maximum benefit against the B-BBEE Scorecard and significant community engagement and contribution

Angel Whispers  Thumb Image

Angel Whispers

Angel Whispers has secured vacant land in the village of Kalbaskraal from an heir to the site who is willing to lease the land to us to build a much needed ECDC and after care facility. The infrastructure will be a multipurpose environment as there are no places where the community can learn, share, socialise.  We also offer a feeding project once a week. It sometimes is the only meal that is available. We prioritise children and senior citizens. Our aim is to partner with the satellite clinic to offer a snack to chronic patients once per week.  

We have obtained quotations for the buildings as we remain optimistic that we will make a massive positive impact in Kalbaskraal. There is so much we have already started.  However, this is our first ask for MONEY. We need to raise R2 million to make this dream a reality for these deserving children firstly, and then to the broader community.

There is another major shift for the Kalbaskraal citizenry. We have access to the retired Metro Police horses of Cape Town.  They are retired at the The Calabash House on a small holding close to the erf where we envisage to build the ECDC and multipurpose environment.

The ethos of Angel Whispers is that of the holistic approach to each person. In this way we wish to allow the child to teach us by showing their uniqueness and unfurling their own sails. For the youth, we are doing vision board workshops, leadership programmes. Most importantly we encourage fitness with ball skills training and group walking and running.  We will work towards a fitness environment.  This is the story of our equestrian friends who are on standby to support our clients in the Kalbaskraal community and surrounds.

Angela's Studies Cause Thumb Image

Angela's Studies Cause

A young school girl is removed from her mother's care due to financial constraints, I want to reunite the family by helping the young girl to go to school for the next three years, where she can be close to her mother.

Angelic Louw's Dancing Cause Thumb Image

Angelic Louw's Dancing Cause

My name is Angelic Louw, I started dancing in April 2016 and ever since, I could not stop dancing. Every day of the week I go to our studio , Wandi’s Dance Studio, and just dance.  I have been offered a scholarship to dance in LA but need funds to be able to attend.

Angelica Poole's Soccer Cause Thumb Image

Angelica Poole's Soccer Cause

Angelica (16 years old and hailing from Stellenbosch, South Africa) and a few other girls from her area, has been selected by Ikapa United to participate in the Dallas International Girls Cup in the Dallas, Tx, USA in April 2019. 

Angels Hands Non Profit Charity SA Thumb Image

Angels Hands Non Profit Charity SA

We are a local non profit, non-government assisted, charity which raises almost anything from clothing to food, furniture and funds to help the destitute.

Angels of Hope Thumb Image

Angels of Hope

Angels of Hope was a host organisation, WESSA as implementer, Department of Environmental Affairs funded (YES) Programme Youth Environmental Services in 2015.

Angels Without Wings Thumb Image

Angels Without Wings

We are a registered NPO (NPO number - 84749). We offer support to families who have children with terminal illnesses or life -altering conditions. Our aim is to ensure that the children receive the best medical care, regardless of their financial situation.

Angi Wienekus Wheelchair Cause Thumb Image

Angi Wienekus Wheelchair Cause

 I have done some research & I have managed to find the most awesome wheelchair, one that'll allow me to stand up in it and in this way, I can still be a mom to my kids,who are 9 & 5 years old. This wheelchair will help me be able to cook, bake, bath my children and much more:)

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Angie Cancer Cause Thumb Image

Angie Cancer Cause

Our young friend Angie is just 31 years old. She should have a long, happy life ahead of her, but she has just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She has no medical aid, very little family support and is desperately in need of urgent medical care. 

Angie Mbinga Study Cause Thumb Image

Angie Mbinga Study Cause

Angie Mbinga Matriculated in 2017 with a Bachelor Pass and passed all her subjects in her first year of University at Regent Business School. She has showed dedication and hard work in her studies and is looking for any help in paying her fees so that she can attain her Degree. 

Angie Petratos Travel Cause Thumb Image

Angie Petratos Travel Cause

My daughter, Anthea, was offered a place in  Canada’s National Ballet School.  We are a closely knit family and Anthea was nervous to leave and travel so far away on her own. I reassured her that I would find a way to travel to Canada to visit her and support her. I am unable to fulfill my promise to visit, as I do not have the funds to cover the cost of flights and accommodation.

Angie's Cause Thumb Image

Angie's Cause

Angie works and lives for her daughter Memory which she hasn’t seen in over 5 years! With just a small donation you can help make a big difference in their lives!

Angie's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Angie's Medical Cause

I want to start this fundraising cause for Angie van Greuning, so that she can get the necessary funds to pay off her expenses, live day-to-day while out of action after her operation, and pay for the medicine and co-payments to the operation she is having on the 5th of September 2018.

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Anika's Archery Thumb Image

Anika's Archery

Since a serious accident in 2003, Anika can only use her left arm. Anika has struggled to find a sport or activity that gives her a chance to "belong" and be part of something that makes her feel worthy - until she met the wonderful people at Bowtime...

Anika's Medical Campaign Thumb Image

Anika's Medical Campaign

Anika (16 and in grade 11) has been diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor (Choroid Plexus Carcinoma).  The tumor has been removed and she now has to have radiation therapy and possibly chemo therapy after that. Please help us raise funds for all the medical costs not covered by medical aid as well as additional costs.

Animal Allies Thumb Image

Animal Allies

Animal Allies is a Non-Profit Organisation. We Trap-Neuter-Return feral cats. We also sterilise and treat animals in underprivileged communities.

Animal Ambulance Thumb Image

Animal Ambulance

The Animal Ambulance is a 24hr emergency shelter for sick and abused animals.

The Animal Ambulance was established in 2002. We are a registered non profit organisation and exist entirely on donations from individuals and fundraising events. We receive no funding from the government.

The purpose of The Animal Ambulance is to aid abused, neglected, unwanted and sick animals who without our help would die an often painful death. We believe in giving all animals a second chance as we are a pro life shelter.

After the animal is rehabilitated we offer them up for adoption in exchange for a fee. All our dogs are sterilized except the puppies.

At the shelter, the animals are treated as family and are not kept outdoors, in a cage or a kennel. They are not watchdogs - they are pets.


Animal Anti-Cruelty League Port Elizabeth Thumb Image

Animal Anti-Cruelty League Port Elizabeth

The AACL is a non-profit organisation, working to Prevent and eliminate all cruelty to all animals, whether arising from ignorance, neglect or deliberate cruelty, and to alleviate the resulting suffering.

Animal Instincts NPO Thumb Image

Animal Instincts NPO

Animal Instincts love each little four legged child which crosses our path. While they are with us, unlike a kennel facility, there are no cages, only open spaces where they can learn to be dogs again - they sleep inside and have the run of the home. 

Animal Lighthouse Thumb Image

Animal Lighthouse

Animal Lighthouse Shelter gives sanctuary to abused and mistreated township animals and is the only shelter in Vredenburg.

Animal palace Cause Thumb Image

Animal palace Cause

Ek neem hawelose diere in soos honde, katte, voels, perde, poonies, skilpaaie, dassies en hasies.  Ek het hulp nodig om al die uitgawes te kan bekostig.

Animal Protection Network Thumb Image

Animal Protection Network

Our organisation, Animal Protection Network (APN) - Alberton, is registered as a non-profit company (NPC No.: 2017/126811/08. APN assists with the care, rescue, sterilization, vaccination, and re-homing of neglected, abandoned, and stray dogs, cats in Alberton. We cater to over 200 000 people in an area of 80 km2.

Animal Rebel Thumb Image

Animal Rebel

Animal Rebels with a cause is a mission driven entrepreneurial adventure, which provides products and services for the animal world, leading a community of animal lovers who inspire change.

Animal Rescue Organisation Thumb Image

Animal Rescue Organisation

ARO serves thousands of sick and suffering animals annually in the greater Cape Town area.

Animal Welfare Society Helderberg Thumb Image

Animal Welfare Society Helderberg

The Animal Welfare Society Helderberg caters for a wide area of communities - Somerset West, Strand, Gordon's Bay, Sir Lowry's Pass, Macassar and Grabouw. The AWS Helderberg receives no monetary help from the government so must raise all its own funds for the upkeep of the kennels, feed and care for stray and unwanted animals as well as paying veterinary costs for the animals in their care. The kennel facility in Gordon's Bay operates at a maximum capacity of 160 dogs and 60 cats.

Animal Welfare Society of South Africa Thumb Image

Animal Welfare Society of South Africa

The Animal Welfare Society of South Africa was established 89 years ago and offers a full range of veterinary services to the underprivileged communities of Cape Town. From our base in Philippi, we handle about 4000 animals a month. 

Animal Welfare Society of South Africa, Stellenbosch Thumb Image

Animal Welfare Society of South Africa, Stellenbosch

We recognize animals as living beings with the right to a good quality life. We therefore dedicate ourselves: To serve our community and their pets To prevent cruelty and the ill treatment of animals To encourage kindness and consideration towards animals To teach the entire community with regard to the humane treatment of animals and compassion for them To improve the health of animals and in turn their respective communities We endeavour to achieve this by means of education, awareness programs and sterilisation

Animally Haven  Thumb Image

Animally Haven

Animally Haven is a no kill shelter in KZN. Gianna has many animals that would otherwise have no where to go. We are trying to raise money to help with her vet bill as well as food/flea supplies for the upcoming summer. Any amount is greatly appreciated. 

She currently shelters approximately:

-120 dogs -100 cats -19 pigs -3 bunnies 

"In a world full of people who couldn't care less, be someone who couldn't care more" 

To set up your own fundraising page and raise funds for Animally Haven click here

Anine's ITU World Triathlon Championships Thumb Image

Anine's ITU World Triathlon Championships

I have been selected to represent SA at the ITU World Triathlon Championships, in September 2017. To perform at my best, takes time and dedication, but unfortunately also requires some financial input for equipment, nutrition, kit and traveling. I’m turning to my family, friends, clients or anyone willing to help with any donation/sponsorship, big or small.

Anisha's Road to Recovery Thumb Image

Anisha's Road to Recovery

Anisha Singh is a 15 year old girl who, four years ago, was struck down with the auto-immune disease called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. I am a close friend of the family and I am hoping to raise funds for Anisha to have private physiotherapy in order to be able to walk again.

Anita's Hope Thumb Image

Anita's Hope

I am 56 sickly lady with no income and no pension  coming in.  I need to support my children.  I am hoping to start a small business to generate a daily income in the farming sector.  Please I am desperate in need of help and it is my plea for someone to give me a chance in life.

Anitas Western show Thumb Image

Anitas Western show

would really like to take part in the last 2 western shows of the season taking place on 14 and 15 July 2018, but we need help to do this. It will cost R1400 for all 3 of us to enter including paddocks for the 2 days for our horses.

Aniwell South Africa Thumb Image

Aniwell South Africa

ANIWELL is a registered NPO (082-561) working primarily in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town with a special focus on feline sterilisation and healthcare.

Anja Cancer Fighting Fund Thumb Image

Anja Cancer Fighting Fund

Anja and her family are in need of support while she fights her cancer diagnosis

Anna Foundation Thumb Image

Anna Foundation

The Anna Foundation is all about inspiring young people and providing them with opportunities.  The organisation implements afterschool programmes on farms or rural low income schools in the Western Cape, currently in the municipal districts of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, Langeberg and the Overberg.  The Anna Foundation aims to empower disadvantaged rural children with life skills and core values, building self-worth and self-responsibility. The organisation’s “3Rs programme: Reading, Running, Right-ing” is implemented during after school hours and incorporates education (literacy), sports (running, riding and sports development) and life skills programmes (presented through drama).  Women and men from farming communities are trained by the Anna Foundation to run their 3R’s programme, and teenager and parent workshops are also provided.  

Annah Sithole Dental Cause Thumb Image

Annah Sithole Dental Cause

Annah told me that she would love it if she no longer had to hide her smile and if she could enjoy happy moments with her family without any discomfort.  To have her teeth removed and to have quality dentures made will cost R17 000.

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Anneke Rossow's Cancer Cause Thumb Image

Anneke Rossow's Cancer Cause

The doctors in Kimberley can't help Anneke with treatment so she was referred to Dr Chan in Pretoria but Anneke needs R96000 every 3 weeks for this alternative treatment. She is diagnosed with stage 4 agressive Malignant Melanoma which has spread to her Thyroid, lungs and kidneys.

Annelien's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Annelien's Medical Cause

My mom and beloved grandmother Annelien, requires an urgent heart procedure. A R70 000.00 deposit is needed for them to admit her for the angiogram. A further R130 000.00 is recommended to be available depending on the amount of stents required. 

Annelize Coetzee's Travel Cause Thumb Image

Annelize Coetzee's Travel Cause

I have this wonderful opportunity to contribute and show my support for Israel by working and living as a volunteer on an army base.

Annemie's cancer treatment campaign Thumb Image

Annemie's cancer treatment campaign

My brother-in-law was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal brain cancer at the end of 2017. I would like to raise funds for his medical expenses. He was such an energetic and enthusiastic person.  Loved to be outdoors.  Still fighting everyday! Please help us to lighten this dark cloud!

Annika's Equestrian Championships Thumb Image

Annika's Equestrian Championships

Annika Behrens is an avid horse rider. She needs to travel from Worcester to Johannesburg with two horses to be able to compete in the National Championships.

Anointed Edu Care Centre Thumb Image

Anointed Edu Care Centre

Anointed Edu-Care Centre was established and registered on 2008 NpO 123-619 by Lizo Makasi. Lizo Makasi is a pastor and Community Developer. The Centre has more than 75 kids daily from birth to 6 years of age. Aim is to provide a Safe place, Caring Environment, Feeding the Children and Educating them. Because this community: is exposed to a High rate of Unemployment, Poverty which is ripe and HIV&AIDS that is excallating; makes it difficult for the Centre to fulfil our TASK.

Anthea YWAM Thumb Image

Anthea YWAM

About a month ago I have made the decision to join Youth With A Mission (YWAM), which is a Christian organization bringing people from all over the world together to proclaim to the world that there is hope. I am currently in need of about R50000 to make my 6 months at YWAM a reality.

Anthea's Next Step Thumb Image

Anthea's Next Step

I had an accident on the 7 Feb 2015 and had a broken back and surgery. I have worked hard over the last 3 years, there has been improvement.  Then I found “Walking with Brandon Foundation”.  I would love to have therapy there, and hopefully I will take my next step...

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Anthony's Studies Thumb Image

Anthony's Studies

Digital literacy has become a necessity in today’s job market. South Africa is hindered by a great lack of skills development and unemployment. Often qualified candidates like me find themselves unemployed due to a lack of work experience, opportunities and other disadvantages. This is a career I would like to pursue but lacks funding for further training and development is a major obstacle.

Anton Jnr - Gift of Speech Thumb Image

Anton Jnr - Gift of Speech

Anton was diagnosed with Congenital Aphasia Apraxia. We wish to give Anton jnr the gift of communication and hopefully the gift of speech.

Anton Thierzen - Archery Rustenburg Nationals Thumb Image

Anton Thierzen - Archery Rustenburg Nationals

For the past two years Anton took part in Archery under National Archery Schools Program or NASP.  This year he will represent Bastion Primary School and the Western Cape in a competition in Rustenburg, North West Province, in October 2018.

Anton's Medical Campaign Thumb Image

Anton's Medical Campaign

My younger brother of 19 has been diagnosed with Spindle cell Sarcoma Cancer. Due to the aggression of his cancer, we need to act as quickly as possible to save his life...and we need help, by any means necessary.  We would like to get him to private care as quickly as possible.   He has his life ahead of him...Please help us help him.

Antonette Bisset Car Cause Thumb Image

Antonette Bisset Car Cause

We need some help in raising money to pay for vehicle repairs. Our vehicle broke and is in for repairs at FS Workshop in De Aar. We are in full-time ministry and we cannot do our work without having our vehicle in a good working condition.

Antonia Mtambo's New House Cause Thumb Image

Antonia Mtambo's New House Cause

Antonia Mtambo is this amazing lady in her 60s, whose house is collapsing around her ;-(  My mom and I want to try and help her build a new house, where she'll be safe and protected from the elements... But we can't afford it alone, and Antonia is barely surviving off of her SASSA pension.

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Antonie Competition Fundraiser Thumb Image

Antonie Competition Fundraiser

I have qualified to go represent SA in the Fitness America weekend in November 2017 - I need some financial support to make this possible.

Aphelele Makongwana Study Cause Thumb Image

Aphelele Makongwana Study Cause

My name is Aphelele from the Eastern Cape I am a 28 year old unemployed individual who is registered at the University of South Africa to persue studies in Communication Sciences.  I am in need of a laptop because all of my assignments are online and all of my study material is accessed online therefore having access to a laptop will help me in my studies like other students. 

Apple Tree Learning Centre Thumb Image

Apple Tree Learning Centre

We’re a small remedial school in Somerset West catering for the “inbetweener” child who can’t cope in main stream schools.

AppWeb Digital Cause Thumb Image

AppWeb Digital Cause

AppWeb Digital is a technology innovation company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone.AppWeb Digital provides quality mobile applications and websites at a very reasonable and competitive price to clients and the community.

Aquaponics Cause Thumb Image

Aquaponics Cause

Aquaponics - setting up Aquaponics systems in kit form for the Villagers and surrounding towns. It is a closed system which consists of grow beds and fish. The fish mess in the water, that in turn feeds the plants. The plants remove the mess from the water, and in turn provides the fish with clean water. The yield for fish and vegetables is roughly four times that of a normal harvest, which means feeding families and providing them with their own income. 

Archways Care Centre Cause Thumb Image

Archways Care Centre Cause

Archways Care Centre children are typically wheelchair bound, Non-verbal, Cerebral Palsied, Autistic, Down Syndrome etc.We provide a homely, safe place for daily stimulation.The aim is to equip the children with social and life skills to attain their best potential and we celebrate every small achievement.Our nurturing and caring spirit is the soul of our Centre.

Arebaokeng Hospice Thumb Image

Arebaokeng Hospice

Arebaokeng Hospice is a registered Non-Profit Organisation which provides palliative care for the terminally ill community of Tembisa. Our Hospice provides a holistic range of services to those who face conditions that cannot be cured including HIV/AIDS and Cancer.



Areka Old Age Home Thumb Image

Areka Old Age Home

 We would like to raise funds in order to help Areka Old Age Home, it is located in Motswedi, Zeerust. The home is run by Mr. Mazulu Motona, a local business man who realized that there was a need of an old age home in our area but he needs our help in order to make the lives of our elders a little more comfortable, as it is their home away from homes. 

Ariana's Stem Cell Treatment Thumb Image

Ariana's Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Treatment is a way for Ariana to lead a better quality life. Stem cells assist in generating new and healthy cells replace damaged and diseased cells in one's brain. We are appealing to anyone who can contribute towards assisting us financially in any way so that our little miracle can lead a better life.

Arise and Shine Organisation Thumb Image

Arise and Shine Organisation

Our main objectives is to assist the HIV/AIDS infected and affected community to provide the physical and spiritual needs. Orphans and vulnerable infected with HIV/AIDS; uplifting their standard of living thus preventing diseases; develop poor and disadvantaged people to become self-reliant. This project is committed in providing food for the needy people by preparing cooked and nutritious  meals to the communities at large; Arise and Shine makes sure that there is no child who goes to school with an empty stomach by providing breakfast before going to school and lunchboxes helping the child to concerntrate as well as getting good results at the of the year; we also assist the children with homework and community literacy.

Ariya - Little Warrior Thumb Image

Ariya - Little Warrior

Ariya is diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, which is driven by the EBV Virus and has a underlying Auto immune deficiency. Ariya will do bloods on for HLA testing and bloods for the immunologist, thereafter the immunologist will take more bloods to send overseas to get a definitive diagnosis on her immune deficiency.

Ark Animal Centre Thumb Image

Ark Animal Centre

Fourways based PUPPY SHELTER specialising in the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of puppies, pregnant moms and small breed dogs. ♥

SMS 'Donate FOOD' to 48748. R10/sms. Help feed our pups!

Arke Legal Advisors (Pty) Ltd  Thumb Image

Arke Legal Advisors (Pty) Ltd

Arke Legal has been an experienced consulting facility since 2012, specializing in value-added training courses and legal assistance.

Armand's Dream Thumb Image

Armand's Dream

I am hoping to raise funds so that my son can make his dream to play rugby a reality.

Armand's Sports Cause Thumb Image

Armand's Sports Cause

My name is Armand Nel and I do competitive bodybuilding - Mens Physique Division. I was sellected to represent South Africa at the PCA World Championship in Birmingham England and need your help to get the funding to help me achive a life long dream of mine to step on an Internation Stage.

Armandt's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Armandt's Medical Cause

The medical expenses the Venter family currently have yo deal with to give Armandt the future any parents would give to their child.

Arno Breedt Medical Cause Thumb Image

Arno Breedt Medical Cause

This campaign is to raise funds for my post-operative care, medical expenses, and travel costs to see various doctors. I have had several operations with complications, and though I have been discharged, I will be required to see several doctors and attend clinics for my convalescent care.

Arno's Youtube Cause Thumb Image

Arno's Youtube Cause

I run a Youtube channel in a side-line way, currently I shoot the videos on my Note 5. I go to eateries in Worcester and order from the menu then show the viewer what the eatery has to offer.   When I start in the other towns I want to shoot it with the correct camera so I need a new camera or a second hand one, memory card, I want to use better editing software as I am currently using Windows movie maker and I need fuel and money for the food.

Art Tom Football Cause Thumb Image

Art Tom Football Cause

My son, Art Tom is 13 years old from Khayelitsha, a township in Cape Town, South Africa. He is part of of group of boys who were selected to represent in London. His hardwork and commitment to the sport has taken him this far but due to financial constraints, I am unable to pay for the trip.

Arthritis Kids South Africa Thumb Image

Arthritis Kids South Africa

Arthritis Kids SA supports children in both rural and urban areas and strives to increase awareness of this debilitating condition.

Artscapital Thumb Image


Supporting artists who are the lifeblood of innovation in our society, Arts Capital aims to address the systemic challenges faced by artists within the regulatory environment, and also provide opportunities for artists to achieve sustainable economic and social wellness.  

Asanda  Msimang Study Cause Thumb Image

Asanda Msimang Study Cause

I need this crowdfunding campaign so that I can start a short course at NOSA which is a school aimed at health and safety. I am currently working in retail. This will help me become independent as well as help my family.

Asanda's World Champs Journey Thumb Image

Asanda's World Champs Journey

Asanda (15) was selected as part of team South Africa to represent SA at the world Championships of the performing arts June- July.

Help him get there by selecting his project below, then the 'donate' button next to the barometer...

Asandas World Scholar Cup Thumb Image

Asandas World Scholar Cup

 As a little girl I had, actually still have two dreams: to travel overseas and to make my mother proud and this seems like an opportunity to make those dreams both come true.  My team has qualified for the GLOBAL ROUND IN MELBOURNE but it is a self funded trip.  I am appealing to all those who can to donate as much as they can.

ASHA Trust Thumb Image

ASHA Trust

ASHA Trust establishes and supports formal and home-based early childhood centres in economically challenged communities. All donations receive an 18a receipt for tax rebate purposes.

Approximately 4,5 million South African children between the ages of 0 – 4 years have no access to effective early childhood care and education facilities. Most of these children are exposed to the risk factors associated with poverty. Research proves that quality day-care improves the physical and intellectual development of poor children. ASHA works in poorer areas to provide training support programmes for carers of pre-school children.

Ashaan Europe Athletics Tour Thumb Image

Ashaan Europe Athletics Tour

We are excited, proud and humbled to announce that he has been selected to represent out province and has made the Mpumalanga athletics-secondary schools team. They will be going on the Europe Athletics Tour. Whilst this is a real honor, we are afraid that without your further support he might have to forfeit the opportunity.

Ashihara Karate South Africa Thumb Image

Ashihara Karate South Africa

Development in Karate - Development in Self-Discipline - Fitness - Health - Developing the Mind - Improved Education through Karate - Youth Empowerment - Decreased Substance Abuse

Ashlee Linnlee Koopman's Studies Cause Thumb Image

Ashlee Linnlee Koopman's Studies Cause

I am only asking for assistance with my application. This includes R2500, which is the balance of my current course that I need to pay before month-end.

Ashleigh - Shukokai Karate World Championships Thumb Image

Ashleigh - Shukokai Karate World Championships

Ashleigh Smith, the current national champion, has been selected to represent the SAS (South Africa South) team at the Kimura Shukokai World Championships in Sweden. In order for Ashleigh to attend this prestigious event she needs any financial assistance that you would be able to offer.

Ashleigh Cramb - International AIDS Conference 2018 Thumb Image

Ashleigh Cramb - International AIDS Conference 2018

The International AIDS Conference is an annual symposium that sees the faces of delegates from across the globe coming together. This year, the AIDS 2018 is being in Amsterdam and I need help to make sure my face is amongst the delegates and I get my chance to represent South Africa, and UnitedOne as a budding influencer amongst others.

Ashleigh's Vietnam Challenge Thumb Image

Ashleigh's Vietnam Challenge

Ashleigh needs to raise R23 000 before the first of August in order to pay her share of the Vietnam travel expenses to help with a community project as part of the world challenge program.

Ashley's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Ashley's Medical Cause

I am hoping to raise funds for my transition operation at Steve Biko Hospital Pta. I am a trangender woman on hormones for a year now.

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Ashley's WAKO World Kickboxing Champs Thumb Image

Ashley's WAKO World Kickboxing Champs

I'm raising funds to compete at WAKO WORLD KICKBOXING CHAMPIONSHIP in Hungary Budapest!

Ashraans Medical Campaign Thumb Image

Ashraans Medical Campaign

We trying to raise funds to get my son's head operation (HYDROCEPHALUS) done privately as we can’t wait for the state hospital to arrange a bed. We would also get him walking aid to assist him to walk as well as therapy equipment.

Ashraf's Neurological Examination Cause Thumb Image

Ashraf's Neurological Examination Cause

My son, Ashraf's is 6 years old. When he was 9 months old he got very sick and the doctors discovered that he had Hydrocephalus(fluid in the brain) which he was successfully treated for but then caused a permanent damage to a part of the brain which left him unable to mentally develop according to his age.

Asia Youth International Model United Nations 2018 Cause Thumb Image

Asia Youth International Model United Nations 2018 Cause

I have been invited to participate in the Asia Youth International Model United Nations 2018 event that will take place in Thailand, I know that this will be a highly beneficial programme for me to attend not only for me but for the change that it will help me bring to different communities. It is self-funded and the first payment needs to be made by the 15th of September 2018.

ASSARO NPC Thumb Image



ASSARO is a pro quality life Australian Shepherd Dog Rescue Organisation whose home base is in Gauteng but works across South Africa.

When Ingrid Liberte fostered a deaf Australian Shepherd called Josh, she had a feeling that as time went on more Aussies were going to need new homes.  That is when, in January 2012, Australian Shepherd SA Rescue Organisation NPC (ASSARO NPC) was started for these rescues, which was subsequently registered in May 2012.

ASSARO NPC is a section 21 Non Profit Company that rescues and rehabilitates the Australian Shepherd Dog.


Assistance for Andre (Motor Neuron Disease) Thumb Image

Assistance for Andre (Motor Neuron Disease)

Andre Wicomb (now age 50), a husband and a father to two boys under 21, was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (MND). Andre has always been the person who would lend a helping hand to those who needed it and stood at our side during challenging moments. As a family, we are now doing the same for him and have decided to support Andre and his family through this difficult time. 

Assistance for Trevor Thumb Image

Assistance for Trevor

This fundraiser has been created to help Trevor Ras. He was in a horrible car accident on 2 June 2018 and has been in a coma since.

Assisted Dying - DignitySA Thumb Image

Assisted Dying - DignitySA

DignitySA is committed to legalising Assisted Dying for terminally ill, mentally competent adults in South Africa.  Professor Sean Davison is our Founder and our Exco comprises: Helena Dolny, Prof Willem Landman, Nomboniso Gasa. Our Patrons include Sir Terence English, Lord Joel Joffe, and Professor Brian O'Connell.  For more go to

Assisting Cheryl Thumb Image

Assisting Cheryl

Please consider helping Cheryl see her grandchildren in the UK. Any amount donated would be so appreciated and accepted with gratitude.

Assisting Gail & André Thumb Image

Assisting Gail & André

André was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease just 6 months after he married Gail in 2014. There is a MND clinic they have every month at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital in JHB & Gail would love to be able to take André, this clinic provides assistance, information and a support group for the sufferer & their family.

Assisting My Brother Thumb Image

Assisting My Brother

My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. We as a family are hoping to raise funds to help improve the quality of life for him, his comfort, treatments and ongoing ketonic diet.

Association for the Physically Disabled - Greater Johannesburg Thumb Image

Association for the Physically Disabled - Greater Johannesburg

We are the Association for the Physically Disabled: Greater Johannesburg. We are a voluntary association registered in terms of the Non-profit Organisations Act, 1997, and a Public Benefit Organisation. We have existed since 1934 to provide developmental and support services for the empowerment, rehabilitation, education, training, employment and care of physically disabled children, youths, adults and their families. The Association also campaigns to educate the community about the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities, and their achievements and skills. We provide a range of services to more than 3, 500 persons with disabilities each year. A further 30, 000 persons with disabilities are indirect beneficiaries of our education and awareness programmes which are designed to create a favourable environment for the integration of persons with disabilities into the community. Further information can be obtained on our website at

Association for Water and Rural Development Thumb Image

Association for Water and Rural Development

AWARD's™smission is to develop and test new and appropriate ways of managing water to address water security in the catchment through wise resource management and equitable allocation, through:The Sand River Catchment, the area we focus, and learn in.

Association Francois Xavier Bagnoud Thumb Image

Association Francois Xavier Bagnoud

FXB’s mission is to fight poverty and AIDS and support vulnerable children and orphans left in the wake of the pandemic at the global level. FXB works to make their needs heard and builds the capacities of communities that help them.

Assumption Rowing Club Cause Thumb Image

Assumption Rowing Club Cause

ACS Rowing Club would like to take their senior rowers to 2018 Boat race. We have a crew of 5 girls and 2 reserves. 

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Asthi - SA Gymnast to World Championships Thumb Image

Asthi - SA Gymnast to World Championships

Asithandile "Asthi" Nama is a 15 year old South African tumbling and trampolining gymnast, and has been participating in this sport for nine years. She has recently qualified for the SA team touring to Sofia, Bulgaria, for the World Age Groups Competition in November 2017.

Athenkosi Zenani Bail Cause Thumb Image

Athenkosi Zenani Bail Cause

This is an attempt to get Athenkosi his R500 bail money back, anything recieved over and above will go straight to him as well.

Atkins Saniro Memorial Fund Thumb Image

Atkins Saniro Memorial Fund

Atkins was an exceptional man that was taken from this world way too soon. He lost his life in a tragic car accident in November, 2016. Please help us reach our goal to ease the burden on this most deserving family during this most difficult time.

Atlantic Hope Thumb Image

Atlantic Hope

Established in 2010, Atlantic Hope is a safety house for vulnerable babies, providing temporary and immediate placement within a safe and loving environment.

We provide basic developmental, physical and mental care. Medical needs are prioritised, and babies are fed, kept warm, and given affection in a stable environment.

We are legally approved to house up to five babies at one time, for short stays. We look to accommodate more babies for longer stays, providing care whilst legal decisions and proceedings determining the child’s future are conducted.

Atlete vir Christus Project Thumb Image

Atlete vir Christus Project

“Atlete vir Christus” (Athletes for Christ) is a group of 22 students from the Stellenbosch Dutch Reformed Student Church who are touring each year through South Africa during the June/July holidays since 1975 to reach a dual goal.

Atteridgeville/Saulsville Association for People with Disabilities ( A.S.A.P.D) Thumb Image

Atteridgeville/Saulsville Association for People with Disabilities ( A.S.A.P.D)

Who we are...

Lebuwe startedd as a reult of the passion thate Mrs Lebuwe Emily Molefe had for caring for the members of her community who are living with disabilities.

From a mere wooden structure to a brick and mortar multi faceted ecosystem for its's inhabitats, Lebuwe centre has grown to become a beautiful sanctuary to help empower those living with disabilities in the Atteridgeville and Saulsville township.

Our mission is to empower people living with disabilities by creating opportunities that will assistthem to develop to thier full potential.

We Are Commited!

Established in 1978, Lebuwe centre has served the disabled community for 40 years with compassion, trust and dedication. 

Aulko's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Aulko's Medical Cause

Aulko is 8 years old and diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (under developed small brain).  The small brain is responsible for balance, co-ordination of movement and has also a lot to do with speech delays.  
With new medical advances we can give Aulko a better life, and with the financial aid we can go for a stem cell transplant and also HBOT therapy.

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Aura Property Community Projects Thumb Image

Aura Property Community Projects

Aura Property Group is a specialised property partner whose focus is excellent and personalised client service. We pride ourselves on offering quality screened listings and always ensure that our high level of service is practiced by all of our representatives and partners.

Aurora Special Care Centre Thumb Image

Aurora Special Care Centre

Aurora is a special care centre for profoundly mentally and physically handicapped children and adults

Ausome Coffee Co. Thumb Image

Ausome Coffee Co.

In Light of Autism Awareness Month, we would like to raise funds to open a non profit organisation called Ausome Coffee Co.

Austin Tshikosi Dance Cause Thumb Image

Austin Tshikosi Dance Cause

Austin Tshikosi (17) is accepted for the American Academy of Ballet Summer School of Excellence, New York 2019, with a 30% bursary, but needs funds for the balance.

Author Needing Assistance Thumb Image

Author Needing Assistance

Jonathan Basden (author of My Crack Addiction Broken) is a pensioner who has a skin condition for the last 2 years and has to regularly have growths cut out of his arms or legs. He also had a stroke in November 2017 and needs assistance to get a car and basic living expenses.

Autism Connect Learning Centre Thumb Image

Autism Connect Learning Centre

We are a Non Profit organisation in Mitchell's Plain serving the Mitchell's Plain community and the surrounding areas, providing specialised educational care for children with mild to severe diagnoses with an Autism Spectrum Condition. 



Autism Western Cape is the only Autism Organisation in the Western Cape that provides services to children and adults with Autism through schools, assisted living facilities, residential care homes, support and counseling.

Auto Rehab Thumb Image

Auto Rehab

My name is Monica La Foy. My uncle, Ashley Jacobs, is the owner of a small motor mechanic business called Auto Rehab.
We are hoping to raise funds to pay off a massive debt that has accumulated due to a spate of break-ins.

Ava Degenaar Medical Cause Thumb Image

Ava Degenaar Medical Cause

Ava is our little princess who was diagnosed with a brain tumor (Pilocytic Astrocytoma). It has been removed twice in 6 months time.They started chemo to try and reduce the tumor. We need money for medical expenses and travel because we stay far from where she receives chemo.

Ava Gunter Medical Cause Thumb Image

Ava Gunter Medical Cause

Ava Gunter our little princess was born at 34 weeks and showed a lot of fight.  We need funds to settle existing bills and to proceed with the much needed physio and regular MRI scans and EEGs.

Avela Foundation Thumb Image

Avela Foundation

The Avela Foundation is dedicated to providing healthcare and emotional healing to South African children that have survive burn injuries. Some of these children have disfiguring scars and we know that with the right support they will be able to achieve the impossible. 

To set up your own fundraising page for Avela Foundation click here

Avela's Studies Cause Thumb Image

Avela's Studies Cause

I wish to study Social Auxiliary Work to help stop young women going through what I went through. I have been accepted into the course but do not have the funds to pay for it.

Aviwe's Learning Thumb Image

Aviwe's Learning

I recently was nominated by to attend a leadership week in Split, Croatia at the Preparing Global Leaders Forum and I need your help to get there!

Avril Dube Medical Costs Thumb Image

Avril Dube Medical Costs

We are hoping to raise funds for our baby girl born weighing 540 grams at 25 weeks, 3 days. We have medical insurance, however, they can only assist with some of the costs.

Awakening Humanity Cause Thumb Image

Awakening Humanity Cause

Support us to develop and roll out our program of Ancient African Mysteries and Indigenous Knowledge Systems - in a format that can create indigenous employment and further studies into the origins of humanity.

Awana Kid's Ministry Thumb Image

Awana Kid's Ministry

Awana is a kids ministry located in the heart of Ottery at the Bruce road civic center. My goal is to assist them in raising R350 per child as well as donate toiletries and essentials to each child. There are over 80 kids who attend each week and I would need the help of each and every one in order to achieve this goal by 18th July 2018 (Madiba Day).

Awande's Hockey Tour Thumb Image

Awande's Hockey Tour

This is a request to raise funds for my daughter Awande to participate to the hockey tour to Netherlands.

Awehness Foundation Trust Thumb Image

Awehness Foundation Trust

We offer reading classes to children in Bonteheuwel and in between reading classes we have begun taking the kids out on "awareness" outings to educational locations. We currently have 18 kids who attend reading classes.

Awesome SA Thumb Image

Awesome SA

Awesome SA is a registered NPO whose aim to to inspire South Africans to positively influence our future. We do this through our Good News stories as well as our support and assistance given to organisations which are making a difference to South Africa.

Ayabulela Mahleza's Travel Cause Thumb Image

Ayabulela Mahleza's Travel Cause

My name is Ayabulela Mahleza, I am a 20 year old student at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been granted the opportunity to go to the Global Goals Model United Nations conference in January 2019 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ayakha Ngqokomashe Cricket Cause Thumb Image

Ayakha Ngqokomashe Cricket Cause

In 2018, Ayakha, received a scholarship to attend the Newlands Cricket School ( for his Grade 8 year in 2019. Sadly, the scholarship has only covered his school fees. We are appealing to anyone who can assist Ayakha to help fund his travelling expenses and his own cricket gear.

Ayanda  Mdokwana Study Cause Thumb Image

Ayanda Mdokwana Study Cause

Help an aspiring African Theologian Ayanda get a step closer to his dream by helping him pay of his historic debt.

Ayanda Matomela Campaign Thumb Image

Ayanda Matomela Campaign

Last year I applied for and won the Taste/Eat Out bursary. In this moment, my entire life changed. This is a once in a life time opportunity that Taste Magazine/Eat Out/Woolworths have given me.

Ayandas musical dream Thumb Image

Ayandas musical dream

This is to help raise money for me to get my musical dream started. The money would go a long way in helping get quality equipment to get started. Please help me achieve my dream.

Ayomide's Studies Cause Thumb Image

Ayomide's Studies Cause

I am hoping to raise funds to pay tuition and accomodation fees for my 2nd year of undergraduate studies (2019). I am studying dentistry at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.

Baby Boucher Cause Thumb Image

Baby Boucher Cause

In October this I felt some funny movement one evening, we were surprised to find out that I was 6 months pregnant. 

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Baby Ezra Thumb Image

Baby Ezra

Baby Ezra was born 25 June 2017 weighing 2.3kg with a cleft palate otherwise a healthy baby. His parents are struggling financially and have no medical aid. His parents need help to improve his weight before he can get an operation to fix his palate.

Baby Godswill Family Support Thumb Image

Baby Godswill Family Support

I previously embarked on a Social Media Campaign that ended up saving #BabyGodswill's life. He has had the critically needed surgeries, and is receiving ongoing medical care. However, the family has fallen behind on their rent, and are struggling to afford food and basic items, like nappies for Godswill.

Baby Hope Medical Cause Thumb Image

Baby Hope Medical Cause

Hope was born on 19/03/18 at 24 weeks and weighed only 300g. She is one of the smallest micro-premature babies to have survived in South Africa. Hope will still require special care and feeding at home, and we will have to keep a close eye on her development and health as she grows.

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Baby Jackson Thumb Image

Baby Jackson

Fertility specialists have advised my wife and I that the only option we have to start a family is via in vitro fertilisation with intracytoplasmic sperm injection, which unfortunately is something we can never afford on our own.

Baby Levine Medical Cause Thumb Image

Baby Levine Medical Cause

 We would like to get baby Levine some private help so that he can get the care and help that he deserves. So far the service and care has been appalling. We fear for his life without the right care.

Baby Luke Fund Thumb Image

Baby Luke Fund

Baby Luke arrived 10 weeks early via an emergency c-section and spent 12 weeks in NICU on a ventilator. An MRI scan discovered that Luke had a lesion on the right-hand side of his brain and was then diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He is now at home, but experiencing a lot of challenges due to the premature birth.

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I am Lwanele's mom, a very special boy who was born with multiple birth defects and is now 17 months old, turning 18 months in 2 days :-)

Baby Martin Neonatal Care Thumb Image

Baby Martin Neonatal Care

Baby Martin was born by emergency c-section on 13 December 2017, and it was discovered that he had a serious condition. He underwent surgery at 4 days old. We are not coping with the costs and need help.

Baby Mikhayla Campaign Thumb Image

Baby Mikhayla Campaign

I was not on a medical aid when I fell pregnant, and unfortunately I need to have a C-section done to reduce complications with the birth. I am looking to raise R30000 for the medical procedure.

Baby Motswedi Cause Thumb Image

Baby Motswedi Cause

Baby Motswedi will be entering the world and we would like to help mom and dad welcome him into the world with all the bits and pieces that babies need to be happy and healthy.  If you would like to contribute to the fund for Baby Motswedi I know that his parents will be deeply touched by your love and kindness.

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Back Bronwen - Apprentesses Finalist Thumb Image

Back Bronwen - Apprentesses Finalist

I am a 2018 Apprentesses SA Finalist and Fashion Media student and I am very passionate about creating a platform for uplifting girls. I am raising funds for overall expenses for the competition I'm taking part in and the funds will cover overall living expenses for the gala week.

BackaBuddy Environmental and Conservation Causes Thumb Image

BackaBuddy Environmental and Conservation Causes

Individual campaigns for environmental and conservation causes.

BackaBuddy Sports Thumb Image

BackaBuddy Sports

A space for individuals, sports teams, and groups to crowdfund for sporting activites or attendence of events.

BackADream Thumb Image


I have been given a life altering opportunity to go and be an English teacher in Vietnam with Apax English, starting in September.



At a very young age I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos) and stage 4 Endometriosis, falling pregnant was seen as impossible by so many Doctors. Today, being 37, married to the man of my dreams for a number of years, we would give the world to have a little healthy baby of our own. 

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Badirammogo Old Age Foundation  Thumb Image

Badirammogo Old Age Foundation

Badirammogo Old Age Home provides shelter, care & medical assistance for the aged, disabled persons in Centurion.

Badisa Wynberg Thumb Image

Badisa Wynberg

We are a State-appointed Child Protection organisation, whose aim is to protect children who are abused, neglected and/or abandoned.

Bakkie for Business Thumb Image

Bakkie for Business

We had a crash with our very old car. We are both over the working age but do work from home to generate an income. As I deliver meals, it is an every day battle to get out in time as I wait for hubby to get back from a job. We're raising funds for a bakkie to support and sustain our business. 

Balance Holistic Therapies Thumb Image

Balance Holistic Therapies

Balance Holistic Therapies hosts a charity event in the form of a massage-a-thon. Any money raised will go towards the event to purchase more items to donate to the 10 beneficiaries.

Baldwin Mahole Study Cause  Thumb Image

Baldwin Mahole Study Cause

My name is Baldwin Mahole and I am an undergraduate at the Tshwane University of Technology. I was meant to graduate last year but I couldn't due to the fact that I have outstanding fees. The University has now taken me to Debt Collectors to force me to pay my fees but I am unable to do so. This is affecting my future because I cannot get my certificate in order to apply for jobs and to further my studies.

Balls an' All Community Pet Sterilization Services Thumb Image

Balls an' All Community Pet Sterilization Services

Balls an' All is Community Pet Sterilization Service where people will be charged no more than what they can reasonably afford and the balance is subsidised.

Bambelela Wildlife Care NPC Thumb Image

Bambelela Wildlife Care NPC

Silke von Eynern, the founder and major benefactor of the facility, originally immigrated to South Africa from Germany in 1990, with her late husband. After his death in 1997 she decided to dedicate her life and savings towards the care and conservation of South African Wildlife and so Bambelela (which means “to hold on” in Zulu) came into being in December 2003.

To set up your own fundraising page for Bambelela Wildlife Care click here

Bana Le Ntsako Sports Organization Thumb Image

Bana Le Ntsako Sports Organization

Our Vision

To transform born-talent and enriching full potential of children in disadvantaged communities through Sports, Health and Education.

Our Mission

Our organization exist solely to promote and re-educate talent to children mentor and support them in establishing uniqueness and full potential that lies within them.

Our Objectives

  • Promotion of leadership and social engagement in the community
  • Encouraging gender diversity at a leadership level in the community; and
  • The general enhancement of the community spirit and cohesion in disadvantaged communities;
  • To identify talent within the communities;
  • To provide an outlet for advanced participation and competition in a sport.
  • To encourage sports among all age groups as a means of promoting healthy living and  economic empowerment.

Banoyolo Sicwebu's Travel Cause Thumb Image

Banoyolo Sicwebu's Travel Cause

My name is Banoyolo Sicwebu, I'm 16 years old. I am a Grade 10 scholar at Brettonwood High in Durban, South Africa. In November 2018, I hope to travel from Durban to attend the World Scholar's Cup Global Round in Yale University, New York. This will be my first international trip and I need your help to get there! 

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Bantu Bonke Educare Thumb Image

Bantu Bonke Educare

I run an Educare based in a rural community that is often overlooked. We provide a home away from home for children from 6months upto 6years. We also do Grade R prep, but do not have enough books,toys and equipment to fulfill this area.We are looking for a Jungle gym or any outdoor equipment so that the little kids can play and benifit from it. If there are any kind sponsors we would appreciate it. Thank you kindly

Barbra Gurupira Relocation Cause Thumb Image

Barbra Gurupira Relocation Cause

How wonderful! Barbra has been offered a position to do her articles at a firm in Vredendal - we are so excited about her future.  In the next month she will have to arrange her move and prepare her living arrangements, but there aren't many options for shortterm work available for her to generate the income she needs. 

Barcelona Dance World Cup Thumb Image

Barcelona Dance World Cup

Five talented and passionate young ballet dancers from the Sandra Gibson Ballet Academy in Springs have won/earned  the honour of representing South Africa at the Dance World Cup in Barcelona, Spain, in June.  We are calling on the kind-heartedness of friends, family and earth-angels to help make the Barcelona dream come true for these youngsters.

Bark Angel Thumb Image

Bark Angel

We rescue, house, feed, clean, and medicate stray, abandoned, injured, neglected and abused dogs, cats, puppies and kittens; spay and neuter when possible.

Barnswallows Home for Abandoned Children Thumb Image

Barnswallows Home for Abandoned Children

Barnswallows has provided an emotionally & interlectually enriching environment for abandoned, neglected, abused and special needs children since 2009. 

We have had the privilege of providing a place of safety for more than 40 babies and were actively involved in their adoption into forever families.

In 2014 we opened a satellite home based on the same green living principles and continuing on the foundation laid by Barnswallows.

Our Dream is to have a bigger piece of land with the following facilities:

  • Educational facility for children with special needs
  • Respite centre
  • Health training facility to train the public in healthy eating habits & sustainable living
  • Medical & alternative care facility for experts to provide therapeutic interventions on site

Barry Fights Cancer Thumb Image

Barry Fights Cancer

Barry is very strong and says this cancer will not get the best of him, he will beat it! You are invited to contribute towards Barry's fight against Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer. 

Barry Janse van Rensburg Rugby Cause Thumb Image

Barry Janse van Rensburg Rugby Cause

I have been fortunate enough to make the Men’s Master 30’s Springbok Touch Rugby Squad. We will be heading to Malaysia on the 25th April 2019 to go play in the World Cup Tournament. 

Barry Phillips - Tour de France Thumb Image

Barry Phillips - Tour de France

Barry Phillips cycling journey of 1000 miles (1600 km) starts with a single push of a pedal in St Malo a chilly Channel port in the north of France on 30th May. Although it may be a bucket list ride for Barry, he would like it to be a fundraiser for four Franschhoek NGOs – Kusasa, FRANCO, Franschhoek Hospice and Franschhoek SPCA.

Barry Shaw Medical Cause Thumb Image

Barry Shaw Medical Cause

Barry is going through a tough time owing to health issues causing him to be hospitalized. The good news is that he is on the road to recovery. However, has been left with substantial medical bills, which he is struggling to pay.

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Bashadi Ramuthivheli Pilot License Cause Thumb Image

Bashadi Ramuthivheli Pilot License Cause

My name is Bashadi Ramuthivheli, I am a hardworking and enthusiastic young female who has always dreamt of being a pilot .  I do not have enough funds to complete the course and also do not qualify for any student loans and need your help.

BATHUSE Thumb Image


Bathuse - South Africa is to empower the less fourtune and disadvantanged like the women, disabled ,orphans,refugees, prisoners, the poor and the needy through skills acquistion.

our aim is to help through empowerment and social development among youth,women and the less fortune mostly in the less fortune or disadvantaged societies in southern Africa.

we promote and encourage the attitude of self-reliance in whatever project we tackle and discourage dependance sydrome among our beneficiaries through skills development and training 

we are also involved in the day to day feeding, bursary sourcing and clothing scheme to the very fortune in the community

Our main objective is to setup a center which will act as a skills training and development hub as well a shelter for homeless who will be part of our training programme.

Battle Heritage South Africa Thumb Image

Battle Heritage South Africa

BHSA is involved in the sport of full contact medieval fighting. This is a form of full contact fighting, which is rooted in period accuracy of the period 1200 to 1400 medieval Europe.

Batty Tour Campaign Thumb Image

Batty Tour Campaign

I am 17 years old and in grade 10 at The Glen High School, Pretoria. I am one of 20 learners from my school who has been selected through my academic and sports performances to take part in the Batty tour to Scotland in May 2018.



Conduct public benefit and huminatarian activities in a non-profit manner by providing the poor, needy and destitute irrespective of their race, colour, gender, place of origin, citizenship,creed marital or family status or religion, with the basic need for food, clothes, shoes, blankets, hygiene packs and basic toiletries 

Be More - Girls Development Project Thumb Image

Be More - Girls Development Project

Be More is a project that will enable young girls from previously disadvantaged groups with leadership and social skills, through a series of workshops in a structured year-long programme presented with a mentoring and focused coaching approach. 

We need to provide young girls with tools that can equip them to break through social barriers and institutions that limit their potential. The aims of the Be More Project is:

  • Develop self-esteem: to teach girls how to be responsible for their own self-worth, their own financial freedom and climb their own success ladders.
  • To unchain girls from the burden of intergenerational poverty, limited career options and the belief that they are destined to a life of having and being less.
  • Teach girls to effectively and safely use social media and to enhance the effectiveness of other developmental, social improvement – and community upliftment projects by providing developmental workshops for young girls in these projects who are already committed to change.
  • To ultimately provide a catalyst for change and positively influence the wider society.

Be part of Lucas' journey Thumb Image

Be part of Lucas' journey

I am hoping to raise funds to be able to play the two prestigious tournaments, the Korea Open and Japan Open to improve my ranking and get closer to my dream of being world number 1.

Beachbums Campaign Thumb Image

Beachbums Campaign

As many of you know, Jerome had 2 beach volleyball nets stolen from his backyard. Let's stand together to replace the nets quick quick so the beach fun can continue!

Beagle in Mind Thumb Image

Beagle in Mind

We are an educational trust in aid of Beagles. However, what we offer will influence the owners of other breeds as well. 

Beagle Rescue And Support Thumb Image

Beagle Rescue And Support

Beagle Rescue and support takes in unwanted beagles and tries to rehabilitate and rehome these animals.

A large majority of the unwanted are from puppy mills, so we get them in the worst state, which means they need to be spayed / neutered before we can start assessing and attempting to get them socialised and used to human interaction.

Beagles are renowned for their forgiving nature and it is due to this that we have a large success rate in getting them to a state where they learn to trust again.

To set up your own fundraising page for Beagle Support And Rescue click here

Beandrie Schrenk Study Cause Thumb Image

Beandrie Schrenk Study Cause

Beandrie is a 9 year old girl born with stars in her eyes and big dreams. Due to a wonderful opportunity she is able to go to a very good school next year but she needs a laptop or tablet for grade 4.

Beards, Bourbon and Bands Thumb Image

Beards, Bourbon and Bands

Beards, Bourbon and Bands is more than just another music festival. It’s a celebration of man and everything that makes him manly. Bringing people together from all walks of life, to enjoy the power of music as well as create awareness and raise funds for a very worthy cause.

beat DIPG cause Thumb Image

beat DIPG cause

Ariella is a spunky and vivacious 5year old who loves singing, dancing and Havaianas.  A day after Ariella's 5th birthday she was admitted into hospital and our worst nightmare came true when our angel was diagnosed with DIPG. 

To contribute to this cause please click on the project and the yellow donate button

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Beata's heartbeat needs surgery Thumb Image

Beata's heartbeat needs surgery

My 14 year old daughter, Beata, has been diagnosed with arterial tachycardia, and at this stage, her quality of life is being severely affected by this condition. She needs surgery to rectify it, but unfortunately, this needs to be paid me, the out of pocket mom.

Beautiful Gate Int. Thumb Image

Beautiful Gate Int.

The Dignity Campaign creates awareness around issues girls and women are facing in todays world.

beCAUSEweTRI Thumb Image


A bunch of ordinary people with full time jobs and families, set off to SWIM for a CAUSE | BIKE for a CAUSE | RUN for a CAUSE | Why? beCAUSEweTRI. All funds raised will be distributed evenly between these 3 charities that are close to our heart.

Becoming A Nurse... Saving Lives Thumb Image

Becoming A Nurse... Saving Lives

My name is Wendy Waqu, I am a young 2- year-old who has finally decided to take the plunge and follow my dreams. I want to become a nurse.

Bedazzled - Afrikaburn Thumb Image

Bedazzled - Afrikaburn

Bedazzled needs your help to keep making fancy dress magic at Afrikaburn 2018. We've been transforming regular people into walking works of art for 8 years now with our outfits, hats, wigs, sunglasses, make up and more. For the first time ever, we need your help.

Behind the Mask  Thumb Image

Behind the Mask

Launched in May 2000, Behind the Mask (BTM) is a communication initiative around LGBTI i.e. lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex rights and affairs in Africa. The organization considers information and communication technology (ICT) and independent journalistic activism as its main tools. By way of publishing a website magazine, the organization gives voice to African LGBTI communities and provides a platform for exchange and debate for LGBTI groups, activists, individuals and allies.

Beit Protea Thumb Image

Beit Protea

Beit Protea provides superior care and treatment for the aged


Beth Protea is Israel’s award winning retirement facility
where residents enjoy a unique ambiance of dignity,
goodwill, love and care.

Beth Protea is an exemplary senior citizen facility
founded by the Southern African community
in Israel.


Belfast Rusoord Thumb Image

Belfast Rusoord

Belfast Rusoord (registration number NPO 001-918) is a registered Old Age Home in Belfast Mpumalanga, providing safety and care for aged people including some whose families are unable or unwilling to contribute for their care.

Bella's Guardian Angels Animal Rescue Thumb Image

Bella's Guardian Angels Animal Rescue

We’re About Giving Animals a Second Chance at a ‘Happily-Ever-After’ in Cape Town Surrounds, South Africa!

Bellarmine University Dream for Aaron Thumb Image

Bellarmine University Dream for Aaron

In July 2017, I was scouted and recruited to the Bellarmine University Men’s Soccer Team, based in Louisville, Kentucky. My strong academic performance as a commerce student at Cape Peninsula University of Technology helped me win a Bellarmine scholarship, covering half the total tuition cost for the two-years.

I need to complete my business management degree at the University. I still have a significant financial shortfall, though. 

By donating to this campaign, you can help me get to Bellarmine for the start of the academic calendar and the soccer season on 1 September 2018. 

Ben and Kai Mostert Cause Thumb Image

Ben and Kai Mostert Cause

My two boys, Ben and Kai, have been selected to represent South Africa at World Championships in USA.  Please help us cover the funds required to send them.

Ben Fighting Cancer Thumb Image

Ben Fighting Cancer

We have created this page to make people aware of bone cancer in children and to help Ben on his journey, fighting it.

Benjamin Osmers Foundation Thumb Image

Benjamin Osmers Foundation

All funds raised in this swim will go to Daniel Otto. Daniel Otto is a courageous five year old boy with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (CMD). Through the Benjamin Osmers foundation and in memory of Benjamin Osmers, we hope to raise enough funds to get him a much needed walking frame and make his life a little bit easier.

Benjamin Wright Medical Cause Thumb Image

Benjamin Wright Medical Cause

Benjamin was born at 34 weeks weighing 1.6kg.  We are trying to raise funds to do more tests in the USA to find out what is wrong with our sweet boy and secondly to create a treatment plan.

Bennie Gibbons Campaign Thumb Image

Bennie Gibbons Campaign

Bennie Gibbons is a Gr11 learner at Bellville High School. He's a bright learner with a lot of opportunity to achieve greatness. He's been selected to undertake an educational trip to the Netherlands but cannot afford this on his own.

Bennie Willemse Global Challenge Cause Thumb Image

Bennie Willemse Global Challenge Cause

My name is Bennie Willemse, I am currently a teacher at a school in Potchefstroom, North West in South Africa. The reason I am looking to raise funds is because I believe that God is calling me to go on a year long outreach.

Benny's Travel Experience Cause Thumb Image

Benny's Travel Experience Cause

I wish to assist my daugher's educational travel tour experience which is part of her study course, funds are required to purchase a travel luggage set, thermal wear a warm jacket and some spending money.

Berea-Hillbrow Home of Hope Thumb Image

Berea-Hillbrow Home of Hope

Berea-Hillbrow Home of Hope is an NPO and Shelter for commercially and sexually exploited children and much more. We holistically counsel, educate, nurture and integrate.

Berman Brothers for The Haven Night Shelter Thumb Image

Berman Brothers for The Haven Night Shelter

The Haven Night Shelter Welfare Organisation provides temporary shelter, physical care, social welfare and family reunification services to adult homeless people in the Western Cape.


To donate please click on the project below.

Bernards Campaign Thumb Image

Bernards Campaign

My name is Bernard Ashley Terblanche , I am a 57 year old physically disabled person. I am in desperate need of some financial help in order to pay my electricity bill, otherwise my electricity will be switched off.

Bernice's Studies Cause Thumb Image

Bernice's Studies Cause

It has been my dream to one day travel overseas and study at the Famous Cambridge University. 
After I survived meningitis in 2017 my parents allowed me to be home schooled on the Cambridge System via Distance Learning Academy, for which I will be forever grateful. I am currently in the final phase of completing my IGCSE (Grade 10 & 11).

Bertie - Running for Causes Thumb Image

Bertie - Running for Causes

I want to raise funds for the 2018 Mighty Men Conference at Moreson Farm Malmesbury on 5 - 7 October 2018.

Bertram's Inner City Farm Cooperative Cause Thumb Image

Bertram's Inner City Farm Cooperative Cause

Help get a Commercial Juicer for Bertram's Inner City Farm Cooperative

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Bertu Burger Rugby Club Cause Thumb Image

Bertu Burger Rugby Club Cause

Bertu has been invited by the Harlequins Rugby Club (Pretoria) to join them to participate at the 2019 World Youth Rugby Festival Sevens Tournament in Los Angeles, America.

Beshara's Music Equipment Thumb Image

Beshara's Music Equipment

Beshara is one of those incredibly talented dynamic people that  just naturally commands attention whether she steps onto a big stage in front of a crowd full of people or into a small room with only a few.  Unfortunately, she woke up on her birthday to being burgled and not only had very sentimental irreplaceable items stolen but her music equipment which allows her to earn her living!!  It would be amazing if we could all help even in the smallest way to bless this special human the way she has blessed so many of us.

BEST Centre School  Thumb Image

BEST Centre School

B.E.S.T. Centre School was established in 1999 and focuses on age inappropriate learners between the ages of 14-19. Our Vision at B.E.S.T. Centre is to offer education to young people who have fallen behind in their education or who battle to cope in the mainstream education system.

Beth Rapha Rehabilitation Centre For Men Addicted to Substances  Thumb Image

Beth Rapha Rehabilitation Centre For Men Addicted to Substances

Beth Rapha, a ministry of Jubilee Community Church, is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation halfway house for men founded in March 2000 with the support of St James Church, Kenilworth. To date over 200 men have completed the program of whom 94 are still in recovery and are now able to lead meaningful and constructive lives. We operate from a rented house in Observatory, Cape Town where individuals are treated as in patients over a period of time as determined by their individual needs

Beth Uriel Boys Home Thumb Image

Beth Uriel Boys Home

Beth Uriel has been running more than 30 years to give boys another chance in life. Our aim is to help these young men to achieve independence through four key areas:

A safe Home and we support them by providing everything they need from food, toiletries and a warm bed.

Education, all the guys are in an educational program be it high school, or at tertiary level and for those who are not academically strong their skills development projects like the barista training at our coffee shop or other skills like painting and carpentry.

Life skills and job readiness, through cv writing, identification, learners and drivers license. 

Family reunification, especially because family is important and it help to break the cycle of fatherlessness which is the reason why they find themselves in this unfortunate position in the first place.

Betty's Caretaker Cause Thumb Image

Betty's Caretaker Cause

Betty, as everyone knows her, was diagnosed with advanced  Motor Neuron disease and is currently confined to a wheelchair, unable to move and barely speak – a heartbreaking sight not only because she was such a lively woman her entire life, but because seated next to her, holding her hand, is her faithful husband who has promised to give her everything she ever needed, it is for the first time that he is unable to do exactly that

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Bexy Mbalelwa Thantsha - Hope for girls Thumb Image

Bexy Mbalelwa Thantsha - Hope for girls

I am going to climb Kilimanjaro in support for sanitary towels campaign for girls. Money raised will strictly be used to buy the sanitary towels for the girls and distributed to them on a monthly basis to ensure they can freely enjoy their womanhood with dignity.

Beyond Vitiligo Thumb Image

Beyond Vitiligo

Beyond Vitiligo was founded on 25 June 2011, it’s an idea that has been gathering motion throughout the years. The organisation was named Beyond Vitiligo because of the notion that vitiligo has no cure and the only way to beat vitiligo is by accepting the skin condition and be able to see beyond the patches.

BHCC - Hospital and Clinic Outreach Thumb Image

BHCC - Hospital and Clinic Outreach

BHCC - Hospital and Clinic Outreach has set up 14 soup kitchens directly within State clinics (mainly HIV and TB clinics) to help provide malnourished and severely underprivileged patients with a full stomach on which to take their medication, and to promote adherence to long-term chronic treatments. BHCC was established in 1954. We are all volunteers, and no donor funds go to administration/salary charges at all. We work with social workers and nurses at State Hospitals and clinics to preserve the dignity and wellbeing of patients in the Greater Johannesburg area.

Bheki's Sister's School Fees Thumb Image

Bheki's Sister's School Fees

I am hoping to raise funds for my sisters high school fees. She was at a government school and she was not coping. My parents took her to a private home school and here she is doing well - that is why the fees are so expensive.

Bhongo and Ricardo PS4 Cause Thumb Image

Bhongo and Ricardo PS4 Cause

Start 2019 the right way, it's not too late to put a smile on someone's face. Give Bhongo And Ricardo the chance to be able live in the world of their dreams. Any donation is welcomed and every pledge counts. This year give happiness a name, call it Playstation.

Bianca America Mission Cause Thumb Image

Bianca America Mission Cause

My name is Bianca and I love to go on Mission trips with my church.  My church is taking a group of people in June 2019 to Texas in the USA to go and help a church there with a summer program for the children.

Biancas Education fund Thumb Image

Biancas Education fund

I am hoping to raise funds to complete my studies for National Diploma in Nature conservation after having dreamed of doing it since I was 5 years old. I studied for two years but after tragedy in my family I opted to give up my studies and start working to alleviate the financial pressure on my family.

Biance Muller: Gift of Sight Thumb Image

Biance Muller: Gift of Sight

I need a new lens and iris to be able to see. I was badly injured during a paintball game where i was accidentally shot in the eye. The operation requires a special lens and iris from Germany, but the medical aid considers this cosmetic surgery and will not pay for the operation.

Bicycling Empowerment Network  Thumb Image

Bicycling Empowerment Network

BEN’s overall objective is to promote sustainable social and economic empowerment through the use of bicycles. We do this by ensuring a reliable supply of donated and affordable bicycles to disadvantaged communities and institutions.

Bierfest Nov 6 #SUNDAYFUNDAY Thumb Image

Bierfest Nov 6 #SUNDAYFUNDAY

Event: Ze #SUNDAYFUNDAY is being launched at the Cape Town event on 6 November at Newlands Brewery. 

Big Tree Foundation Thumb Image

Big Tree Foundation

How would you manage if you had to walk for more than 3 kilometers to school with shoes that are too small and no socks, or no shoes at all? Would you attend school without underwear? 
We believe education is the key to changing the future of our country and the world. We see education as the central trunk of the Big Tree, which is why our project is focused on rural children and their needs for school clothing.

“The fate of empires depends on the education of youth.” - Aristotle

Big5Hike for Royal Drakensberg Primary School Thumb Image

Big5Hike for Royal Drakensberg Primary School

Simon, Tracy, Peter, Andrew and Victoria are tackling the Big5Hike in the KZN Drakensberg, to raise funds for the Royal Drakensberg Primary school - an independent, rural school that provides a properly staffed and managed primary education to the children of the surrounding area, especially the under privileged kids of the Amazizi community.



BIGSHOES' VISION is to reduce the suffering of vulnerable children, ensure their health and empower their caregivers.

Bigshoes achieves this through the provision of four programmes: Adoption and Outreach Medical Clinic; Training on Basic Child Health; Abandoned Baby Project and the Paediatric Palliative Care Programme. Bigshoes has branched in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape and offers services to over 3500 children and training to over 620 medical professionals annually.

Bikana Junior Secondary School, Willowvale Thumb Image

Bikana Junior Secondary School, Willowvale

BIKANA JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL & COMMUNITY: Child-headed households, no proper road infrastructure, school with muddy floors are some of the things that characterise the Endeleni Village in Willowvale, Eastern Cape. This prompted us to take action…

Biketec Solutions Thumb Image

Biketec Solutions

We have a small motorcycle/motor mechanic business that we started in 2014. We are currently struggling to get by with the massive dept our previous manager left us with and have 3 families to care for.

Billiard and the Naledi Football Club Story Thumb Image

Billiard and the Naledi Football Club Story

Let’s show Billiard, and the young boys and girls who will be playing at Lingelethu this weekend without gear, that evil cannot prevail when good women and men do something.



Bio Moss Conservation is a non-profit orgation, which is focused on the preservation and restoration os the earths biosphere and its inhabitants. The organization stands as a model to raise the standard and awareness of eco-friendliness in rural and urban settlements of South Africa.

Birdy Cancer Fund Thumb Image

Birdy Cancer Fund

Our beautiful horse Sunbird (AKA Birdy) has been diagnosed with Thyroid Carcinoma. Due to her age (18 years) and the fact that she already had the tumor when she was rescued she could not be insured against medical bills relating to the cancer.

Bjatladi Youth Development Thumb Image

Bjatladi Youth Development

Our passion is the personal transformation and creative awakening of rural-based youth in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. We strive to see young people actively exploring their intellectual and artistic potential, and we believe this is the birthright of all children, not just those few who are born into the privilege of having access to many resources.

Blaauwpoort Venue & Lodge Cause Thumb Image

Blaauwpoort Venue & Lodge Cause

The beautiful Blaauwpoort Venue and Lodge was tragically completely destroyed in a recent veld fire. The family who operates the lodge and farm lost all buildings and contents of these buildings including venue equipment, farming equipment and vehicles.

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Black First Land First (BLF)  Thumb Image

Black First Land First (BLF)

Black First Land First (BLF) is a grassroots movement which is guided by the philosophy of Steve Biko which is Black Consciousness.  BLF is the only political party that is committed to defending the landless and renewing the dignity of our people through a radical economic transformation program.

black sisterhood Thumb Image

black sisterhood

The orginisations aim is to give back to the community in a form of empowering girl children in various programmes ,such as career coaching,mentorship,human rights lessons,education access and conduct workshops to increase awareness and also help with donations where possible.


Encourage positivity,greatness and empowerment in young girls.

Educate girls in order to reduce child maternal mortality.

Take girls away from streets and place them in better understanding of a wellbeing to motivate one another to set goals with no ceiling and set a example to other young girls to do th same.

Blaine & Rogaja Dance Camp 2018 Thumb Image

Blaine & Rogaja Dance Camp 2018

Blaine Borez and Rogaja Saaiman need funding to partake in Dancecamp in Denmark in July. We need to raise R70000 collectively for them to be able to attend.

Blake Bolton Rugby Cause Thumb Image

Blake Bolton Rugby Cause

Our son Blake has been chosen represent the u/10 Van Riebeeck Park Primary School rugby team on tour from 15 – 17 March 2019 at Jubaweni.

Blake Squires Cancer Fund Thumb Image

Blake Squires Cancer Fund

The Blake Squires Cancer Fund - a crowdfunding crusade to help 23-year-old Blake to continue to fight his illness.

Blandinah  Sibusiso Moyo Study Cause Thumb Image

Blandinah Sibusiso Moyo Study Cause

I am kindly requesting donations towards paying for my young sister’s fees for her the LLB DEGREE course with UNISA.  She is doing her second year and has to complete 4 years.  This will be a total amount of R52 000.  I am required to pay for all the semesters in order for her to complete.

Blanket Drive for the Elderly Thumb Image

Blanket Drive for the Elderly

We aim to help those in need by collecting blankets and distributing them to elderly people across South Africa particularly in rural areas and townships.

Blankets for Baby Rhinos Thumb Image

Blankets for Baby Rhinos

We call ourselves a wildlife conservation craft group. We make crochet and knitted blankets for a variety of orphaned wildlife including rhinos, elephants, orangutans, chimpanzees, baboons, vervet monkeys and meerkats.

To set up your own fundraising page for Blankets for Baby Rhinos click here

Bless Kutumela Study Cause Thumb Image

Bless Kutumela Study Cause

I would to thank you in advance.I have a old year son who is struggling in mainstream academic and not coping.He was refferd to see Education Therapy and Occupational thereapy and attend several session with them and their finding was the child need to be in class where kids are small in number or he must go to remedial school.

Blessing in a Bag  Thumb Image

Blessing in a Bag

In 2017 we started a project Blessing in a bag in aid to raise "daily needs" for kids.

Blind SA Thumb Image

Blind SA

Providing braille in all eleven official languages at a subsidized price.

Blink Dance Studios Thumb Image

Blink Dance Studios

Blink Jnr have qualified to compete in the Hip Hop International world championships in August 2017. 

Bloom Centre  Thumb Image

Bloom Centre

Our class caters for children who have a wide range of special needs. They are mostly functioning on a basic developmental level, thus the learning activities consist of core concepts and pre-requisite skills, as well as basic activities for daily living.

Blouberg Development Foundation NPC Thumb Image

Blouberg Development Foundation NPC

The Blouberg Development Foundation NPC is the non profit company which is the license holder for a Community Broadcast License: One FM 94.0. One FM 94.0 was established in Table View as a geographically founded station, meaning it broadcasts to a certain predefined area, with programming based on the community it services. 

Blouberg Snake Rescue Thumb Image

Blouberg Snake Rescue

I capture & relocate snakes from people's homes and educate both the local community and my online viewers about these ecologically important (but often misunderstood) animals. By contributing you can help me save these beautiful animals!

Blouvlei Resource Centre Thumb Image

Blouvlei Resource Centre

Blouvlei Resource Centre has been providing education and training to special needs learners since 1986.

Blue Green South Africa Thumb Image

Blue Green South Africa

Community development organization, registered with the Department of Social Development as an NPO. Established in 2016.

Since its inception, Blue Green South Africa has helped many households in Extension 11 and sorrounding areas (Ikageng, Potcheftroom, NW) start their own family food gardens, conserve water and care for the environment at large through recycling and other methods.

Blue Green South Africa aims to do the following:

*Grow self-sustainable families.

*Reduce crime by involving young unemployment individuals in programs.

*Create employment and Food security through gardening.

*Educate and capacitate the community around issues of nature conservation.

*Eradicate hunger

*Eliminate illegal dumping sites.

We at Blue Green South Africa say: GROW VEGGIES, SAVE WATER, NO DUMPING

Blue Sky Mobile Laundry Service Cause Thumb Image

Blue Sky Mobile Laundry Service Cause

Mobile laundry service to help the  homeless in South Africa.

Blueprint Community Projects Thumb Image

Blueprint Community Projects

Blueprint Community Projects was started to assist rural development though fundraising programs and established partnerships, in order to attain sustainable business that are located directly inside rural community structures. By assisting with development we can help these companies to achieve self driven sustainable incomes that will filter directly through the immidiate locations.

Body of Christ Thumb Image

Body of Christ

We care for the dying, sick and elderly - the poorest of the poor who cannot afford to go to hospital and who are neglected by society..

BodyPower Support Fund Thumb Image

BodyPower Support Fund

I was also the only South African athlete selected to represent PCA South Africa at the PCA BodyPower Superseries, the UK’s largest bodybuilding event, on the 12th-14th May 2017 in Birmingham. I've been invited to to participate in the novice event and the PRO/AM event held on Sunday the 14th which is only possible by invitation.

Boikanyo Early Learning Centre Thumb Image

Boikanyo Early Learning Centre

Boikanyo Early Learning Centre is a non profit organisation catering for children from three months to 6years.We currently have 20 kids of which quarter of them are considered orphans, vulnerable and come from broken home. W e provide breakfast and lunch, loving care and early years education

Boitumelo Moiloa Study Cause Thumb Image

Boitumelo Moiloa Study Cause

I am raising funds for education fees, as I am unable to register for my final year (2019), I have only 5 modules left this year. It is my dream to graduate as I have been struggling to progress with my studies due to financial stress.

Boitumelo Phohlela Football Cause Thumb Image

Boitumelo Phohlela Football Cause

Boitumelo Phohlela is a young man with a dream to play in the Manchester Easter Cup in April of this year and together, I know that we can make his dreams come true, sooner rather than later.  A young man with phenomenal football talent, asking for an opportunity to showcase his skill on an international platform.

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Boitumelo Tseleng Study Cause Thumb Image

Boitumelo Tseleng Study Cause

This is to raise funds towards my studies for 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. I would  like to introduce and teach yoga in the townships parks (Mabopane and Soshanguve) especially kids.

Boitumelo's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Boitumelo's Medical Cause

We are hoping to raise funds to cover the expenses of the Ngidi family as they move on after Boitumelo's terrible accident and the difficulties the family has faced as a result of this accident.

Bokamoso Children's Home Thumb Image

Bokamoso Children's Home

Bokamoso Children's Home is a facility established in 2009 housing about 19 children age from 1 year to 17 year. We are taking care of abonded children, children with adolescent and children in need of a home - basically in any condition.

Bokamoso Education Trust Thumb Image

Bokamoso Education Trust

The Bokamoso Education Trust’s vision is to provide the necessary financial support to put as many previously disadvantaged children as possible through their schooling (Grade 000 to 12).

Boksburg Brood Blik Thumb Image

Boksburg Brood Blik

Here at Boksburg Brood Blik/Bread Bin Feeding Project we help our needy people in our community of Boksburg with food parcels. An application to Public Works Johannesburg was made to obtain empty houses in Boksburg North to open a shelter for our people.

Boland Amateur Shukokai Karate Association  Thumb Image

Boland Amateur Shukokai Karate Association

BASKA first sent a team to the karate world championships in the 1990’s. Since then we have competed in many world championships, have produced dozens of world champions and brought home hundreds of medals. And it’s not just the medals, we are changing lives.

Boland Men's IPT Thumb Image

Boland Men's IPT

The Boland Men’s Action Netball team will compete in the Inter-Provincial Action Netball Tournament in Bloemfontein early next year. The team requires funds to participate in this event, as all expenses need to be covered by the players themselves.

Boland School for Autism Thumb Image

Boland School for Autism

A Special needs school for children on the Autism Spectrum. Providing psycho-educational support to these children and their families.



Bona Lesedi Disability Centre is a 16 year old Non-Profit Organisation (NPO Number 008-641), based in Extension 2 of Diepsloot. It offers community based services aimed at rehabilitating people with disabilities in order to facilitate their social inclusion and community integration. Bona Lesedi works towards increasing recognition for people with disabilities value in society and the fulfilment of their basic human rights in terms of access to health care, education and social support. Due to limited resources there are some people with disabilities living in Diepsloot who do not receive the services needed to enable them to overcome their limitations. This bridge can be gapped by giving Bona Lesedi resources to achieve more home visits.

Bond Against Drunk Drivers Thumb Image

Bond Against Drunk Drivers

We established BADD after our own daughter, Nadia Stephanie Bond was Brutally Killed on the 18th of September 2015. The horrific ordeal has far reaching implications on any families life, we want answers, we want justice for her beautiful life, and more than anything we want the truth so that we can start the healing process... We are not alone, I have been contacted by many families facing a simular ordeal where victims have been left without any Justice. IT MUST CHANGE! Every South African is a potential victim. Together change can be forced.


Bone Marrow Charity Fund Thumb Image

Bone Marrow Charity Fund

This fund was established by Gerhard Schröder and Kirsty Mackenzie in October 2009 for the purpose of covering the costs involved registering Standard Bank employees who want to register as Bone Marrow Donors. We work with the Sunflower Fund and by doing this we are trying to take some financial burdens off them and try to register as many people as possible. Please be aware that this is not a Standard Bank fund or initiative, but purely an employee initiative as Standard Bank will not be connected to the fund.

Bongeka - Multilingualism for Nation Building Thumb Image

Bongeka - Multilingualism for Nation Building

I am raising funds for the creation of a live interactive app (for AppStore, iStore, PlayStore, Windows, etc.) for real time translation of words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and pages.

Bongi Ngema-Zuma Foundation Thumb Image

Bongi Ngema-Zuma Foundation


Welcome to the Bongi Ngema-Zuma Foundation

The Bongi Ngema-Zuma Foundation was established in August 2010 with far reaching ambitions. The foundation is the living embodiment of First Lady of the Republic of South Africa… “Diabetes is one of those diseases continuing to place a huge burden on our healthcare systems, not only in South Africa but on the continent as a whole. My department has taken a conscious decision to place this disease high on its agenda, and I commit myself and my department to do everything in our power to minimise its impact in our society.” Minister of Health Dr. Aaron Motsoale..

Bonginkosi Orphanage Thumb Image

Bonginkosi Orphanage

Orphans, vulnerable children - the needy and poorest helped with hiv and aids awareness education. Food parcels sent to infected,  campaigns and research in rural areas. with children home for hiv orphans.

Bongumusa's Studies Thumb Image

Bongumusa's Studies

Distance learning fees, been running through setbacks and have been unable to pay installments. Institution is threatening legal action. And continuously I'd love to see my studies till the end.

Bonteheuwel Community News Thumb Image

Bonteheuwel Community News

The Cape Flats News tabliod newspaper distributed free monthly to residents living on Cape Flats. Writes positive stories + relevant news which impacts on these communities. Objectives - to engender reading, human rights, participative culture

Bonteheuwel Environment Forum Thumb Image

Bonteheuwel Environment Forum

The Bonteheuwel Environment Forum focus on a cleaner, greener and more environmental friendlier Bonteheuwel. The promotion of environmental citizenship in the Western Cape ,South Africa and Africa.Thirdly to promote general awareness about global warming amongst disadvantaged communities.

Bonzai Photography Thumb Image

Bonzai Photography

Martin decided to pursue his dream by founding Bonzai Photography in 2007. Since then, he has become the preferred photographer of many note-worthy businesses, sports and entertainment personalities, government agencies, and non-profit organisations.

Books for Bullets Campaign Thumb Image

Books for Bullets Campaign

I am setting up an online book club for South Sudanese. Through this project, I look to develop a web portal and mobile application that will deliver books to young South Sudanese.

Boost Africa Foundation Thumb Image

Boost Africa Foundation

We come alongside the individual and family in order to raise up leaders and world changers through education. Education is the key to effective and long term societal development.

Boost Stap to BJJ African Champs Thumb Image

Boost Stap to BJJ African Champs

I have been given the opportunity on short notice to represent South Africa & compete in the Jiu Jitsu African Championship in Feb 2018 in Morocco.

Bopa Monyetla Thumb Image

Bopa Monyetla

Bopa Monyetla means creating opportunities in Tswana, and that is exactly what we aim to do. We focus all our efforts and dedication to helping the comunities arround the Madikwe Game Reserve who has limmited acsess to any form of education. we hope to change that as we are a dedicated team working with the people 

Born to be a Dancer Thumb Image

Born to be a Dancer

This is a 14 year old dancer who has achieved Federation colors in HipHop dance, and has the opportunity to compete in the World HipHop championships in Netherlands, October 2017.



Born To Prosper Community aims to create vibrant and self-reliant communities with special bias to women, youth, girls, boys and people with disability. 

Partnerships with local schools provide platforms for influencing and shaping children's tought processs  towards understanding gender stereotyping.

Projects start with building capacity among voluneeers who are responsible for taking the programme to schools. Gender equalifty efforts are on-going and cannot be limited to educations activities. That is why volunteers have a unique role in the projects.

Both Worlds Help Johnny Campaign Thumb Image

Both Worlds Help Johnny Campaign

Johnny's family suffered a tragedy recently, with his brother, and his brother's wife and child being tragically killed. Johnny needs to raise the money to fund their funeral costs.

Botshabelo Thumb Image


We are passionate about transforming children's lives through excellent education and residential care.

Bottelary Primary School Cause Thumb Image

Bottelary Primary School Cause

The Bottelary Primary School is a small community school situated on the Bottelary road.  It serves the Kraaifontein and farming communities around the school.  Most of the children comes from homes where basics like food are not readily available and the school runs a feeding scheme to make sure that the learners at least do not go hungry.  

Bottomup Social Development Thumb Image

Bottomup Social Development

Bottomup believes that every child deserves the best education possible; one that nurtures their sense of pride, belonging and identity and offers them the skills to create a better future.

Bouvier des Flandres Rescue South Africa Thumb Image

Bouvier des Flandres Rescue South Africa

Our mission is to protect and server the Bouvier des Flandres breed throughout South Africa, by the responsible and effective rescue of Bouviers in need.

Boyes Helping Hands Thumb Image

Boyes Helping Hands

A community based Organization assisting people who have been disadvantaged by life's circumstances. Standing up against domestic violence and abuse.

Brad Purchase Medical Cause Thumb Image

Brad Purchase Medical Cause

Brad was in a very serious accident in Vietnam and was in a coma this morning. At this stage, he is still non-responsive but can respond by squeezing someone's hand when spoken to. His jaw is badly broken and needing surgery ASAP. He also has some broken ribs; one of them is broken in three places and has caused a lesion on his lung.

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Bradley Beets Rugby Cause Thumb Image

Bradley Beets Rugby Cause

Bradley is gekies om vir die Baanbreker O/11 rugby span te speel, hy moët geld insmel vir sy toer, klere en sakgeld, as enige iemand n donasie wil/kan maak sal ons dit opreg waardeer.

Bradley Grant-smith Karate Cause Thumb Image

Bradley Grant-smith Karate Cause

The European Open will be held in Portugal from the 9th-13th of October 2019.  As I build to retaining my World kumite title, I will be competing in many regional, national and all africa championships, and would love to add the European Open as a catapult towards success. 

Brain Injured Mechanic Needs Help Thumb Image

Brain Injured Mechanic Needs Help

JJ sustained multiple brain injuries in multiple motor vehicle accidents and has been trying over the last seventeen years to return to work. Please help JJ to pay his bond and other debt to keep him from losing his family home.

Brakpan SPCA Thumb Image

Brakpan SPCA

At the Brakpan SPCA we believe that animals, as living creatures, have a value beyond economic measurement and are entitled to legal, moral and ethical consideration and protection.

Our aim is the prevention of cruelty to animals and to provide a place of safety and care for all animals in distress. SPCA work encompasses all animals, including wildlife, equine and farm animals, marine life and animals used for experimentation.

We are a non-profit organization not funded by government, and rely on the general public for financial support.

Brandon Hockey Tour Thumb Image

Brandon Hockey Tour

Brandon has been selected for the Westville & TEAM Sports travel u/14 International team 2018. Brandon is thus part of a distinguished group of players that will be travelling to Holland and Belgium in the October 2018 school holidays.

Brandon's Rugby Cause Thumb Image

Brandon's Rugby Cause

Brandon Roberts is a extremely talented young rugby player who has been selected to represent South Africa in the APCAN Invitational u/18 Rugby Team, who will tour to Ireland from 7 - 16 December 2018. 

Brandons Photography Dream Thumb Image

Brandons Photography Dream

I love art, photography and filmmaking,  I capture art through a camera.  I have also dreamed of having my own photography studio one day.

Brave Fighter Peet Pretorius Thumb Image

Brave Fighter Peet Pretorius

Peet is die 6de April 2017 gediagnoseer met ALL, akute limfositiese lukeumie. Hy het dadelik met sy 3 jaar chemo behandeling in Universitas Bloemfontein begin.

Bravo Training Cause Thumb Image

Bravo Training Cause

I would like to help get Bravo to K9 Academy in Nottingham Road, KZN where Bravo will get a makeover of a lifetime, one that will get his confidence in himself and humans back and help find his perfect home. 

Bread for Bridget Thumb Image

Bread for Bridget

For every house destroyed in #KnysnaFires one or more Domestic Helper or Gardener lost a job. In the case of Bridget, all her savings were locked in a safe destroyed with the house of her employers (pictured above).

Bread Milk & Honey for Yamkela Thumb Image

Bread Milk & Honey for Yamkela

We have set up this fund to reach out to the Bread Milk & Honey family. We are hoping to raise some funds to assist with Yamkela's day to day expenses as well as to provide private physio and trauma counselling that will aide her and her remaining children to deal with a devastating chain of events.



History: In 2002 Bread of Life was founded as key response to the dire situation South African youth are facing. Langa was chosen as the area for a skills training programme known as Peer Education to be tested. Peer Education is all about young people influencing their peers in a positive way.

Breadline Africa RSA Thumb Image

Breadline Africa RSA

Breadline Africa is a Southern African based charity organisation that seeks to put a lasting end to poverty in Africa. Our purpose is aided by a strong history and an enthusiastic team, geared towards sustainable poverty alleviation in Africa. An African Charity Organisation Dedicated To Poverty Alleviation

Breakfast for a Buddy Thumb Image

Breakfast for a Buddy

My goal is to raise funds to provide at least 150 people with a Breakfast Pack every day for 6 months OR MORE.  

Breaking Bread Community Development Thumb Image

Breaking Bread Community Development

Breaking Bread Community Development is an Organisation that aims to help the Homeless and destitute. We currently run Soup Sessions, where we feed the Homeless in Observatory – we don’t just serve food, we have conversations, we sing, we dance and we get to know one another.

Breast Health Foundation Thumb Image

Breast Health Foundation

The Breast Health Foundation, a Not for Profit Company, was established in April 2002 in conjunction with several companies and organisations to educate the public on breast cancer and breast health, increase awareness and empower women.

Bredasdorp High School Thumb Image

Bredasdorp High School


Our Children, Our Community, Our Future.  At Bredasdorp High School each learner’s potential is developed to enable him/her to be successful and happy and to become proud citizens.

Breede River Hospice Thumb Image

Breede River Hospice

We provide palliative care and support to patients and families in Robertson, McGregor, Ashton, Montagu and Bonnievale. Persons with a life threatening or terminal illness are encouraged to contact us immediately when they have been diagnosed.

Brenda Govender Travel Cause Thumb Image

Brenda Govender Travel Cause

I am a qualified teacher and I have been offered a job to teach in Shajar, UAE. I would be so thankful and really appreciate financial assistance. 

Brendan Coughlan's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Brendan Coughlan's Medical Cause

Brendan a young, extremely talented musician and Luthier has been in a terrible car accident.  Moving him to a private care facility for pro-active care, having the required operations done, recovery and getting him back on his feet, is the aim of this campaign.  

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Brendan Mulholland - Archery Campaign Thumb Image

Brendan Mulholland - Archery Campaign

Having reached the absolute bare minimum requirements to qualify, I've managed to secure a spot on the South African Invitational Team to compete at the International Bowhunting Organisation's 2018 Championship.

Brendon's Dream Thumb Image

Brendon's Dream

Recently a door opened for me to become a Real Estate Intern with Harcourts Dunn. The training and education they offer are for free. I am so excited about this opportunity, but the one thing that stands in my way of entering the Indsutry is me not having a car.

Breytons High Jump Campaign Thumb Image

Breytons High Jump Campaign

Breyton Poole is the World u/18 high jump champion who won gold at the 2017 IAAF World Youth Championships in Kenya with a jump of 2,24m. He is planning to win another medal at the IAAF World u/20 Championships that will take place in Tampere, Finland during July this year. He is in need of R50 000 to cover his travelling and accommodation. Your support would be appreciated.

Brians Comrades Campaign Thumb Image

Brians Comrades Campaign

I am running the 2018 Comrades Marathon down run for a cause to raise R100 000 (One hundred thousand rands) for Bechet High School located in Sydenham (A suburb within the greater Durban area).  Any financial contribution will be much appreciated.



Bridges For Music  Thumb Image

Bridges For Music

Bridges for Music is a creative and socially conscious community that harnesses the power of music and art to influence positive change in the world.

Bridges of Hope Thumb Image

Bridges of Hope

Working with our communities to build a better life for all Our mission is to provide crisis care, training in health, craft skills, home self-sufficiency, parenting and foster parenting skills, home-based care and protection for vulnerable children

Bridget-Leigh Netball Cause Thumb Image

Bridget-Leigh Netball Cause

Bridget-Leigh has been selected to participate in the 2019 Inbound Netball Experience in the UK. She is a super talented young lady on and off the Netball field. Her attendance at this tour will add to her skills and allow her to grow and develop and return a well-polished Netball player. 

Please help Bridget achieve her dream!

Bright Future Resources Thumb Image

Bright Future Resources

Bright Future Resources" is a organisational agency that raises funds, to build communities, ensuring a bright future for families and children in poverty.

Bright Hope Ministries  Thumb Image

Bright Hope Ministries

Bright Hope Pakistan's vision is to reach communities transformed them and to equip them. The organization was set-up to address the acute need of the oppressed, neglected and marginalized section of the society.

Bright Start Education and Mentorship Support Programme Thumb Image

Bright Start Education and Mentorship Support Programme

Bright Start was founded in 2008 as a non-profit Organisation to address the continuous forms of inequality, injustices and widespread forms of poverty in Cape Town post 1994. Bright Start understands Education to be a fundamental tool to bridge this ever growing gap between the rich and the poor of Hout Bay by giving previously disadvantaged children the opportunity to access  schools that provides quality education.

Bright Starts Child Care  Thumb Image

Bright Starts Child Care

Bright Starts Child Care is a Non-profit organization established by Pamela van der Merwe, aimed at giving children lost in the system a chance at life.

Bright Student Learning Centre  Thumb Image

Bright Student Learning Centre

Bright Student Learning Centre is an organisation that provides educational services to both Primary and Secondary levels. Our Learning Centre was established in January 2015 with its first branch situated in Fishhoek and followed by the second one in Wynberg which was hatched in January 2016.

Brighter Future Thumb Image

Brighter Future

Our Dream:  To Create Brighter Futures in Africa

Our Mission: To create a sustainable NPO Network that actively shares learning, deas and experiences in order to build a Brighter Future for all South Africans.

Brighton Manaba Study Cause Thumb Image

Brighton Manaba Study Cause

My father was  forced to resign mid last year due to old age, with him unemployed I cannot manage to raise my tuition to continue with my studies and pursue my goals. I am going to my final year doing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Johannesburg.

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Bring Chris Home Cause Thumb Image

Bring Chris Home Cause

Our friend Chris Brand was injured in an accident in Namibia on Sunday 9 September 2018. He was taken to a private hospital in Walvisbay, from where he has been airlifted to Windhoek for treatment untill he is stable enough to be moved back to SA. Chris unfortunately does not have a medical aid!

Bring Ezzie and Caleb Home Cause Thumb Image

Bring Ezzie and Caleb Home Cause

My daughter Ezzie and her 2 year old son were detained in China on the 1st of August 2018 and was told it would be 4-6 months.  It is now almost 6 months.  I want my daughter home and need your help to do this as I have run out of financial resources.

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Bring Hanna Home Thumb Image

Bring Hanna Home

A group of us recently traveled to Mauritius and crossed paths with the most beautiful angel… but with a lonely heart. A stray that wonders along the beach around Tropical Attitude resort on the East Coast. We opted to use this donation platform to assist as we unable raise funds quick enough in our own capacity.

Bring Tristan Lee home Cause Thumb Image

Bring Tristan Lee home Cause

Our darling child Tristan Lee was detained in China on the 16 of November. There has been a number of cases like this but Tristan's case has a terrible twist as the agency had a high ranking Chinese government official involved with the agency defrauding the government and because of this it is a case of national security.

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Bringing Lyle Back Cause Thumb Image

Bringing Lyle Back Cause

 On the 23rd November, an armed gang opened fire on a Lyle while he was paying employees on the side of the road.  

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Bringing Our Kitties Home Thumb Image

Bringing Our Kitties Home

I need help bringing 2 cats down to Cape Town. They were being fostered until I could afford to fly them down myself but now their foster mom has to move and she is not allowed to keep pets there.

Briony's Masters Campaign Thumb Image

Briony's Masters Campaign

In the interests of capable, striving and participatory underprivileged young people I have developed a Talent Incubation Model that will provide a mechanism for organizations to support underprivileged children who have the talent and ability to educate themselves and escape a life of perpetual poverty. I seek your support to continue my research and complete the model for implementation.

Britstown Recycling and Upliftment Thumb Image

Britstown Recycling and Upliftment

We urgently need to replace a recycling press. If not, 100 otherwise unemployed people will lose their only means of survival!

Brittle Bones SA Thumb Image

Brittle Bones SA

I am the founder of BBSA currently the only registered NPO for OI in South Africa. The organisation aims to raise awareness for this rare disease as well as to improve quality of life for people  and families living with this rare disease.

Broaden Out Their Horizons Thumb Image

Broaden Out Their Horizons

Broaden Out Their Horizons is an educational charity, established by two London teachers. The charity aims to organise and fund reciprocal exchange visits between schools in the UK and South Africa. The charity’s name encapsulates its core aims – to provide life-changing experiences for young people in both countries who would not otherwise have that opportunity. 

Brock van der Westhuizen - IMSO Adventure Thumb Image

Brock van der Westhuizen - IMSO Adventure

I qualified for IMSO 2018 (International Mathematics and Science Olympiad) which takes place in China this year and we are having issues with funding.

Brodie Snyman Treatment Thumb Image

Brodie Snyman Treatment

We would also like to raise enough money for our brave little fighter who has battled with so much pain and illness to get the best stemcell therapy in india, which is approximatly R500000 per session per year.

Broken Wings Association for Adults with  Disabilities Thumb Image

Broken Wings Association for Adults with Disabilities

Broken Wings is the only day-care of its kind,in Alberton catering for up to 35 adults with disabiities who will never be in the job market. We have one bus travel all over Alberton and the surrounding townships to serve the community. We raise all our own funds to support the centre.

The bus had a major brakedown that will cost +- R50000-00 to repair. We took the liberty to ask you if you can  assist us with a donation towards to repair of it. Urgent attention towards this matter will be appreciated.

Brooke - Hockey Tour to the Netherlands Thumb Image

Brooke - Hockey Tour to the Netherlands

Brooke has been selected to go on tour with Vision Sport's Elite Hockey Team to the Netherlands.

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Brownies and Downies Thumb Image

Brownies and Downies

Brownies & Downies in Cape Town is a training centre for people with intellectual disabilities and a vessel to create change and acceptance in South African cultures. Special needs adults are trained to be employable in the hospitality, service and retail sectors. This is achieved in a coffee shop / restaurant that is open to the general public.

Bruce's Birthday Cause Thumb Image

Bruce's Birthday Cause

I am turning 50 and I would like to make this birthday count.  Not a day goes by without multiple dogs and puppies needing to be rescued from terrible conditions or desperately looking for homes.  In an attempt to tackle the problem at the source, this 50/50 campaign aims to sterilize at least 50 dogs.  One dog for each year of my life. 

Bryan Ndlovu Medical Cause Thumb Image

Bryan Ndlovu Medical Cause

Bryan Ndlovu has been battling health issues for most of his life.  He is in need of a Portable Oxygen Concentrator so that he cancontinue to bring all his energies to the work he does with JYB.We are looking for donations to fund the R36,000 cost of this lifechanging machine.

Bryanston Methodist Church TUG Thumb Image

Bryanston Methodist Church TUG

TUG is a national programme to unite all Christians to show the love of Jesus to South Africa, our visitors and the world during the FIFA World Cup™. At Bryanston Methodist Church, in partnership with Life World Outreach, Diepsloot Methodist Church, Bophelong Place of Life, and many Pastors and Churches within Diepsloot, we are organising a 30 Day TUG Soccer Festival in Diepsloot. This is a community based programme to provide safe, Christian based care and entertainment for the children and families of Diepsloot

Bryce's Surfing Cause Thumb Image

Bryce's Surfing Cause


Buckley's Surgery and Rehab Thumb Image

Buckley's Surgery and Rehab

Buckley, our Cocker Spaniel, suffered a vertebral disc prolapse which can only be corrected by surgery.

Budden Family Fire Relief Thumb Image

Budden Family Fire Relief

The Budden family have lost everything in their home and needs to purchase everything from furniture to kitchen wear, linen, curtains etc.

Build a Future Thumb Image

Build a Future

I've always had a passion for helping the sick, this dream became my set aspiration when I lost my mother to cancer in my first year. My mother's wish upon her death bed was to see me accepted to study medicine, now my wish is to fulfill this dream so i may be able to give back to the community.

Build Her a House Thumb Image

Build Her a House

Olivia Mokete was beaten in the street by a very large man during protests in Johannesburg, despite having nothing to do with the protests. Her home is a tin shack. I believe South Africans are better than this, and would be willing to help buy her a wooden Wendyhouse-type home in time for winter.

Build-a-Bike SA Thumb Image

Build-a-Bike SA

We supply underpriviledged members of the community with free bicycles in order to relieve the financial burden of expensive public transportation. We receive bikes and parts from members of the cycling public and donate reliable bikes on a per-nomination basis.

We're raising funds in order to set up a workshop at the Bryanston Cycle Park from where we can run our initiative and store donations, tools and bikes before they are donated.

Building a Future Thumb Image

Building a Future

I am trying all over to build our business and a future for my family, but how does one go about doing business without transport?

Bulelwa's 2nd Year Thumb Image

Bulelwa's 2nd Year

Bulelwa has already received great results in her first year of studies and is hoping for the opportunity to do the same in the years to come...

Bunmi Ojewole Jiu Jitsu Cause Thumb Image

Bunmi Ojewole Jiu Jitsu Cause

The Bone Bender would like your help in raising funds towards this year's international Jiu Jitsu competitions. 

Business Start Up Assistance Thumb Image

Business Start Up Assistance

My plea here is to collect enough money without being too much of a burden on any one person, to enable me to invest in stock of a brilliant product. I have an opportunity to become a stockist and distributor of a High Quality Menstrual Cup. This is an absolutely wonderful product that every woman needs.

Busisiwe Seabe Study Cause Thumb Image

Busisiwe Seabe Study Cause

Busisiwe Seabe is a hard working student who has successfully completed her BA and BA Hons degree's at Wits and is awaiting funding to clear her debt so that she can graduate. Busisiwe will be the first graduate in her family and believes this will encourage others to strive for excellence through education.

Busiswa's Miss Teen Tourism International Cause Thumb Image

Busiswa's Miss Teen Tourism International Cause

Busiswa is a 16 year old girl from a small town in KZN. She entered Miss Teen Globe/Tourism SA earlier this year and walked away with the title of Miss Teen Tourism SA Ambassador. She has been invited to represent SA on the International stage in December.

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Butler Youth Development  Thumb Image

Butler Youth Development

We are a Non Profit Musical Development Program that wants to empower the youth. In order to do this we are gonna need some some help. We are focussing more on teaching the youth how to play instruments.

Butterfly Art Project Thumb Image

Butterfly Art Project

BAP encourages creativity and healing through art to build strong communities of active, artistic and stable citizens that are able to recognise and utilise opportunities. By partnering with diverse educational institutions, offering mentorships, training for educators and art practitioners to run healing art classes in vulnerable communities, we build resources for a creative network for a greater South Africa and beyond.

Butterfly Foundation NPC Thumb Image

Butterfly Foundation NPC

Home for the Holidays is like Tinder for people with nowhere to go for the holidays, and we're raising money to build it.

Byron Gindra's Opportunity Thumb Image

Byron Gindra's Opportunity

Byron has been offered music and modelling contracts and has to start getting visas, flights and accommodation for November and then again in January which would be a three month stretch!

C-RE-AID Home Thumb Image


Anna faces difficulties beyond her 27 years. Her husband left to search of ‘a better life’. He abandoned his family, leaving Anna to care for their four children and her mother-in-law. C-re-aid, in collaboration with our partner NGOs and the village leaders, have decided to provide this struggling and deserving family with an ecological and affordable house.

C.H.A.N.C.E Children's Home and Nurturing Centre  Thumb Image

C.H.A.N.C.E Children's Home and Nurturing Centre

To provide shelter, food and protection for 90 children. Improving the life of those who have been sexually abused and battered as well as abandoned and HIV/AIDS positive children in their terminally ill stage. To council and give support to families infected and affected by the HIV virus. Giving workshops to the community regarding the HIV virus as well as counselling for people with the HIV/AIDS virus

Cade World Dance Masters 2018 in Croatia Thumb Image

Cade World Dance Masters 2018 in Croatia

I recently competed in Dance Star South Africa in the Hip Hop solo dance category and qualified to join the South African team to compete in Croatia in May 2018 in the World Dance Masters.

Caelum Stroberg Baseball Cause Thumb Image

Caelum Stroberg Baseball Cause

Caelum has been selected to represent Gauteng at the Under 12 inter provincial baseball tournament, that is being held in Port Elizabeth in March this year.  As the tour is self funded, we are in need of assistance in the following areas to get Caelum there. 

Caitlynn Frey Travel Cause Thumb Image

Caitlynn Frey Travel Cause

I am currently saving money in order to travel abroad to Vietnam, whereby I will be teaching underprivileged Vietnamese children English in order to make a change in their young lives. 

Caity Watt Netball Cause Thumb Image

Caity Watt Netball Cause

Our not-so-baby girl, Caitlyn (14) has a Dream to go to Italy for netball. This Dream is a little out of reach for us, as her parents, but we know that we serve a God who is the God of the impossible and so we are trusting him to provide the funds to make our Caity’s Dream a reality

Caleb - Learning & Educational Assessment Thumb Image

Caleb - Learning & Educational Assessment

Caleb (5) needs to undergo an educational assessment to allow a psychologist to create a development map and to focus assistance, intervention and growth. Please help Caleb to reach his full potential!

Caleb Study Cause Thumb Image

Caleb Study Cause

Caleb is incredibly bright and intelligent and we want to afford him the opportunity to go to Grade R next year at a good school so that he can attend Grade 1 and not be behind. 

Caleb Support Fund Thumb Image

Caleb Support Fund

Caleb's Story

Caleb is a 20 year old first year drama student at the University of Cape Town (UCT).  During June 2015, Caleb was on holiday with his family where he was attacked by a Shark. To read more about Caleb's story and to donate please click on the Project link below.

Caledonian Roses RFC Thumb Image

Caledonian Roses RFC

Callies RFC is a rugby club situated on the Cape Flats and have Mini Rugby for players from the ages of 7 - 19yrs old. Many of our players are from Hanover Park and Mitchell's Plain and have to walk from these gang infested areas risking their lives on a daily basis to attend practices and rugby games over weeke ends.  

Calim's Rugby Cause Thumb Image

Calim's Rugby Cause

My son has been chosen to attend a rugby tour to Holland to represent his school Milnerton High. This would be such an awesome experience for him seeing that his only started rugby this year.However financial it put strain on us as parents as we have other commitments as well but would love to make dreams happen for our child.

Callen's Photography Gear Fund Thumb Image

Callen's Photography Gear Fund

Recently my apartment was broken into and all my photographic equipment, camera, lenses, laptop and computer was stolen, among other things :/  Unfortunately my equipment wasn't insured with an insurance company which has left me without a camera and computer to carry on working and earning an income.

Calling Academy Learner Cause Thumb Image

Calling Academy Learner Cause

Myself, along with a stunning group of friends, have taken on the responsibility of funding the studies of a grade 8 learner at Calling Academy (Calling Academy is a phenomenal new private school, geared towards providing high quality education at a low cost. Give it a google). 

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Calpernia's Franchise Cause Thumb Image

Calpernia's Franchise Cause

I am hoping to raise funds for a fragrance franchise called Novus Fragrances.

Calvin's Journey Thumb Image

Calvin's Journey

On the 5 July 2017, doctors discovered that Calvin has Grade 3 Microtia and Atresia: Calvin is not only deaf in his right ear, but has no inner ear canal at all. We are raising funds for an hearing piece, as well as the Bone and Sound Bridge implant - all of which will span 4 to 5 surgeries over a 3 - 6 year period.

Cameron Kimura Shukokai Karate World Championships Thumb Image

Cameron Kimura Shukokai Karate World Championships

Cameron has been chosen to represent South Africa at the Kimura Shukokai International Karate World Championships to be held in Stockholm, Sweden during July 2018.

Cameron van Wyk Dance Cause Thumb Image

Cameron van Wyk Dance Cause

My son Cameron van Wyk age 16 has been selected to attend the World dance Championships in England in August to represent South Africa along with 10 other students.

Cameron's Sports Cause Thumb Image

Cameron's Sports Cause

I am hoping to raise enough funds to help me to travel to Columbia to take part in the under 23 Baseball Word Cup. As you may or may not know in South Africa most things baseball related end in self funding in order to attend, and this is one of those instances.

Camerons Rugby Fund Thumb Image

Camerons Rugby Fund

I have recently decided that I want to try and pursue a career in rugby. In order to do this I am trying to obtain a scholarship to play rugby at a college or university in America.  However the agency requires a fee of R3000 before they are able to start marketing me to colleges and universities around America.

Camilla Ndhlovu's Studies Cause Thumb Image

Camilla Ndhlovu's Studies Cause

I want to study Psychology in 2019, but unfortunately I don’t have the financial means to achieve my goal. I need help to raise money for my fees and accommodation.

Camp Sonshine Africa Thumb Image

Camp Sonshine Africa

We work with children and families from disadvantaged communities around Cape Town.

CAMP YOGO  Thumb Image


CAMP YOGO is a youth adventure summer camp run in the December school holidays. It is a camp unlike any other camp in South Africa. The aims at camp are to help the children develop and grow by challenging them physically, mentally and spiritually while also providing them the opportunity to experience and learn new things. 

Campaign for Ana & Gareth Thumb Image

Campaign for Ana & Gareth

You can help this well loved family to rise from the ashes and start anew by contributing whatever you can to this crowdfunding campaign and sharing it with all who care.

Campaign for Charlie Thumb Image

Campaign for Charlie

I’m raising funds to help Charlie get back onto his feet. The money would go towards accommodation at a shelter, food, clothing and hopefully a study course. Please help me rehabilitate Charlie and give him a chance to live a worthy life.

Campaign for Kenzie May Thumb Image

Campaign for Kenzie May

Seven Month old Kenzie May Armstrong was born with a cleft Uvula. Please open your hearts and help us to help this family, in raising the money that is so badly needed for this little girls surgery.

Campaign for Morris & Jane Thumb Image

Campaign for Morris & Jane

I met two very bright and dedicated fellow students, Morris (LLB Degree) and Jane (Creative Writing) via my studies, who are in desperate need of financial assistance. If they receive any financial assistance, I will be handling the financial affairs.

Campaign for Wendie Thumb Image

Campaign for Wendie

My very good friend Wendie White has been diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic malignant melanoma cancer. There is a very newly registered drug that can save her life, which she has been prescribed. It is a cancer blocker and so she will have to be on this drug indefinitely.

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Campaigning For Cancer Thumb Image

Campaigning For Cancer

Campaigning for Cancer is an advocacy organisation formed in 2008 to give South African cancer patients and those affected by cancer a voice. As a fully-fledged NGO, Campaigning for Cancer lobbies for the promotion and protection of the rights of cancer patients and those affected by cancer regarding healthcare policy, healthcare costs and access to healthcare. Campaigning for Cancer collaborates with the law firm Werksmans in a “walk together” approach to actively engage issues on cancer patients’ healthcare rights and healthcare law in general.

Campfire Academy Thumb Image

Campfire Academy

Campfire Academy is a unique, non-profit organisation, with inspirational courses and programs for people of all walks of life. Founded in 1999, Campfire Academy has evolved into an accredited training and research facility for everyone with a passion for nature.

Campground Guy Thumb Image

Campground Guy

We'd like to help a homeless man look after his family, after he experienced a traumatic event.

Camphill School Thumb Image

Camphill School

Camphill School is a rural residential and day school for children and young adults with special needs.

Camphill Village Thumb Image

Camphill Village

Camphill Village is a multi-racial residential facility for adults with intellectual and or physical disabilities.We strive to meet individual needs & aim towards providing a good quality of life for people living with intellectual disabilities.



An association for ratepayers and residents of Camps Bay & Clifton

Cancer association of South Africa Thumb Image

Cancer association of South Africa

CANSA’s purpose is to lead the fight against cancer in South Africa. Its mission is to be the preferred non-profit organisation that enables research, educates the public and provides support to all people affected by cancer.

Cancer Buddies Thumb Image

Cancer Buddies

Cancer Buddies is an organisation which offers support, information and guidance to those affected by cancer. It matches those newly diagnosed with cancer, to survivors who are trained to assist patients and their carers to deal with and heal through their cancer journey.     

It offers this free peer to peer buddy support network where cancer patients can interact with, receive practical advice, information, guidance and support from cancer survivors who have walked a path through their own cancer journey.

We are looking for Cancer Buddy Champions who have been touched by cancer in some way to raise funds for their favorite Cancer Buddies Projects or to enable the Cancer Buddies team to deliver more support for South Africans affected and suffering from the raw reality of a cancer diagnosis.

To set up your own fundraising page for Cancer Buddies click here

Cancer Care Namibia Fund Thumb Image

Cancer Care Namibia Fund

Bruce Salt will be embarking on a fund raising project by swimming the English Channel on 27 - 28 September 2016. If successful, he will be the first Namibian Male to complete the swim, the First Tabler from the Association of Round Tables of Southern Africa and  he will be the first Tabler in Round Table International (RTI).

Funds raised will go towards the Cancer Care Namibia Fund, started in honour of his late brother, Neil Salt who succumbed to cancer in 2011 and was also a member of Hochland 154.

The CCNF was created to assist families to support cancer sufferers during their treatment.

Cancer Fund for Salomie Thumb Image

Cancer Fund for Salomie

We are hoping to raise funds for medical expenses and to afford a neurosurgeon to help her find out what exactly is wrong with her. We also hope to raise funds for day to day expenses to get to the hospital etc.

Cancer Hope Thumb Image

Cancer Hope

Walter has a choice - to try to contain the spread of his inoperable cancer (median life expectancy 3 years), or use a treatment that is likely to put him into remission and potentially give him another 30 years of life...

Cancer Treatment Aziza Thumb Image

Cancer Treatment Aziza

Aziza is only 34 years old and has two babies, one of 2 years and the other is 6 months old. She deserves to have optimal treatment to control the cancer as long as possible and increase overall survival.

Cancer Treatment for Jordan Thumb Image

Cancer Treatment for Jordan

Jordan is currently registered on a trial and undergoing treatment at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Washington. He is responding very well on treatment.  This however means that we have to travel to the USA twice yearly which comes at a huge cost.



Madie, wife and brave mother of twins Skye and Kyron, is fighting cancer for the third year now. She has decided to make a drastic change and opt for alternative cancer therapies and cancer fighting medication. As her medical aid does not cover this, she is in desperate need of funds...

Cancer treatment for my Mother Thumb Image

Cancer treatment for my Mother

Karen had a very sudden diagnosis which means she does not have the means to pay for all of the treatments & surgeries. Help me give Karen the means and financial support so she can beat her Cancer and continue living and loving her life.

Cancervive Thumb Image


We are a special cancer awareness & education project of the People Living with Cancer organisation. This survivor-driven and very colourful project utilises  performing arts, music, poetry, dance and storytelling to celebrate victory over the disease, creating awareness and educating communities throughout South Africa.

Candice Hatting Travel Cause Thumb Image

Candice Hatting Travel Cause

We got chosen to represent South Africa in the Inflatable World Championships in Frejus France, which we won. I am needing to go to Monaco on the 23rd March 2019 for the main prize giving to receive our title as World Champs. 

Candice Roux Dance Cause Thumb Image

Candice Roux Dance Cause

My daugher, Candice, has been chosen to attend Croatia - DanceStar World Finals next year 8 to 27 May 2019.

Candice-Lee Treatment Thumb Image

Candice-Lee Treatment

My sister, Candice-lee has been struggling with an eating disorder for over 18 years. On 30 May 2018, Candice-lee booked herself into a very specialized eating disorder clinic to get the help that she needs and we are so very proud of her for taking this step.

Candy Running for OUTA Thumb Image

Candy Running for OUTA

OUTA - Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse, is an organisation which seeks to challenge the abuse of authority in South Africa.

Canine Edu-Centre Thumb Image

Canine Edu-Centre

Canine Edu-Centre is a dog training and rehabilitation facility situated on the East Rand in Gauteng, South Africa.

The Centre provides services to owners of large and giant breeds, including German Shepherds, Great Danes, Boerboels and many others.

Cape Coast Youth Thumb Image

Cape Coast Youth

Cape Coast Youth aims to improve the lives and character of young people living on the Cape West Coast of South Africa.

Cape Cystic Fibrosis Assoc Thumb Image

Cape Cystic Fibrosis Assoc

Financial and therapeutic support of patients suffering from the genetic condition, Cystic Fibrosis, which is life-threatening and affects the lungs and digestive system.

Cape Flats Tourism and Development Association Thumb Image

Cape Flats Tourism and Development Association

We aim to protect and conserve our local natural heritage through education and to empower our local community through capacity building and skills development.

Cape Kidney Association Thumb Image

Cape Kidney Association

The Cape Kidney Association was founded in 1978 by a group of Nephrology Doctors and Nurses who saw the need to assist the Indigent kidney patients. Patients travel from afar as there are no dialysis units close by. We serve majority patients in the Renal Unit at Groote Schuur and Tygerberg Hospitals. Most of the patients are unemployed and some of them receive disability grants.

Cape Kidney Association Thumb Image

Cape Kidney Association

The Cape Kidney Association is a Grassroots Non-Profit Organisation founded in 1978.

Cape Mental Health Society Thumb Image

Cape Mental Health Society

Cape Mental Health works in poor communities in the Western Cape, providing various services to people with mental health needs and mental disabilities (intellectual and psychiatric), so that they can develop skills and be as independent as possible.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA Thumb Image

Cape of Good Hope SPCA

We are mandated to protect all animals from cruelty, neglect and ill treatment that often results from ignorance of animals and their needs.  Situated in Grassy Park, Cape Town and servicing the greater Cape Town Metropolitan area we welcome visitors at our premises.

Cape Tidal Pool Marine Protection Thumb Image

Cape Tidal Pool Marine Protection

We're fundraising for an evironmentally friendlier cleaning solution that can maintain the Cape Tidal Pools for all.

Cape Town Burns Supper Club Thumb Image

Cape Town Burns Supper Club

This non-profit, culture specific collective of like-minded people, hosts an annual, high profile dinner to celebrate the life and works of one of Scotland’s favourite sons, the 18th century poet and humanitarian, Robert Burns. 

Cape Town Child Welfare Thumb Image

Cape Town Child Welfare

We promote the well-being of children in predominantly poor socio-economic communities by: Protecting, Enhancing, Empowering, and Networking with other service providers for the benefit of the children.

Cape Town Diabetes Initiative Thumb Image

Cape Town Diabetes Initiative

We want to run a student headed community outreach and research project, being run with the UCT Department of Public Health and Health Promotion. In order to perform the study we require funding.

Cape Town Marathon for TBI Research Thumb Image

Cape Town Marathon for TBI Research

We plan on running the Cape town marathon on Sep 17. My father-in-law had a motorbike accident on New Year’s Eve and ended up with some serious brain injuries. He is making a slow recovery but that inspired us to raise some money for research into brain injuries.

Cape Town Metropolitan Futsal League Thumb Image

Cape Town Metropolitan Futsal League

CTMFL in accordance with the South African Futsal Federation (SAFF), the governing body of futsal in South Africa, is committed to promoting and facilitating the development and growth of Futsal through sustainable infrastructural and skills development initiatives.

Cape Town Society for the Blind Thumb Image

Cape Town Society for the Blind

By providing an entry/exit strategy, the Society creates an environment for people who are blind or visually impaired, to gain their independence through sustainable employment.

Cape Town to Cranfield Campaign Thumb Image

Cape Town to Cranfield Campaign

My name is Ross Segers and I have been accepted to pursue my Master of Science in Aerospace Vehicle Design at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom.

Capernaum Trust International Thumb Image

Capernaum Trust International

The Trust transforms previously orphaned children and turns them into History Makers through education, training and the realization of their God-given purpose. They therefore cease to be orphans as they come into relationship with God the Father, and find their true, God-given identity and dignity. With the Trust's help, the children begin to discover their purpose in life and to dare to dream, and indeed to dream big. They start to "live" their potential and, in essence, become champions and History Makers!

Capetonians Against Animal Abuse Thumb Image

Capetonians Against Animal Abuse

Capetonians Against Animal Abuse (CAAA) is a volunteer based, non-profit rescue group with a mission of helping animals discarded by society. Our main focus is cat and kitten rescue but we do also assist dogs from time to time.

Capoeira Educational Youth Association Thumb Image

Capoeira Educational Youth Association

CEYA uses the Brazilian dance-martial art of capoeira for youth development and social integration in disadvantaged communities. CEYA brings children of differenct communities together to play capoeira - thereby fostering positive community relations

Capricorn Recycling Project Cause Thumb Image

Capricorn Recycling Project Cause

We are trying to raise funds to purchase a vehicle for Basil Ferdinand, a Cape Flats native working as a car guard, who wants to collaborate with a community-based recycling business.

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Captain K Medical Costs Thumb Image

Captain K Medical Costs

Keith was admitted in a state hospital on Tuesday 22 August 2017 and on Wednesday 23 August, 2017; He had his leg amputated.

Captain Xolisa Thumb Image

Captain Xolisa

Xolisa Shenxani wants to become a pilot. His plan is to train via the South African Air Force’s pilot training program as this is free. For this, Xolisa must reach certain minimum academic requirements. For Xolisa’s last two years of school, he requires financial assistance.

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Cara & Emily - Junior World Rowing Championships Thumb Image

Cara & Emily - Junior World Rowing Championships

We would like to raise funds to help sponsor our tour to the Junior World Rowing Championships taking place in the Czech Republic in August 2018.

Cara Hurter China Cause Thumb Image

Cara Hurter China Cause

I spent a year in China to be detained and sent to a detention centre for one month after being told I would only be there for 10 days, all because my agency was a fraud and were making fake documents. 

Care 2b Kind  Thumb Image

Care 2b Kind

Care 2b Kind is a Registered Non Profit Organisation that reaches out to families that have fallen on hard times, in and around Rustenburg.  We provide food and other living essentials such as clothing, toiletries, baby food, nappies, formula milk, school stationary, etc. to try and alleviate the struggle, thus giving these families an opportunity to get back on their feet. 

We do all of this without any Government funding, and we are solely reliant on the generosity of the public. 

Please see our website for more information




CARE Africa Thumb Image

CARE Africa

CARE AFRICA is a welfare organisation to care especially for abandoned, abused, neglected, orphaned or homeless children.

We have 4 houses that can house 8 children per house. We are in the process of registering a baby house and a todler house with the Department od Social Serices.

Care Bear Gauteng NPC Thumb Image

Care Bear Gauteng NPC

Care Bear Gauteng is a place of safety in Elsburg for abandoned, neglected & abused children age 0 to 5 years. We give love hope safety & sense of belonging while they are with us. We want to help more children but we need to get a new home to do so. 

Care for Maria's Mother Thumb Image

Care for Maria's Mother

Being a 24 hour carer plus trying to make sure Mom has what she needs is, is starting to take it's toll on me emotionally. My heart breaks a million times a day for letting Mom down during this last stretch of her life.

Care4U2 Thumb Image


Care4U2 is an organisationconsisting of a multidisciplinary team of dedicated women, who want to empower and uplift the lives of cognitively and physically challenged individuals, specifically children.

Carel du Toit Trust /Centre - Pretoria  Thumb Image

Carel du Toit Trust /Centre - Pretoria

The Carel du Toit Trust/Centre is situated in Glenwood Road, Lynnwood Glen Pretoria . We provide a service that makes it possible for deaf children to acquire normal language and speech. Also for children with various speech problems, to receive the necessary therapy to get them on ther road to full speech, and language. 

 After completing the program the children can go on to mainstream education in ordinary schools and integrate into our hearing society where they can eventually follow their dreams. 
For more information:    -   visit our website

Project 2013

SUPPORT A CHILD: Subsidize school fees that the parents are unable to pay!

(We never turn away a child away from the program no matter if the parents are unable to pay fees.)

5 children presently will benefit fromo donations!    Any donation received through this website will go towards the children's subsidies.

Thank you for considering to support the children. 

For further information please contact Thelma - Trust Office : 012 361 4710


A special thank you to Hentie and his team for raising the amount of R4 640.00 for the Centre. To all the Donors, you have made a difference in a deaf child's life as they travel the road to learning to speak like you and I.  Dankie!!!!


Donations Received 2012:

February  R1000.00  

Projects 2010- 2011:


CJ and Sumaya would also like to say a special thank you to the organisers of all the fundraising through the Pretoria Rekord Foundation who have raised enough funding to go towards the whole year's fees costs for both children.  - The Wiehaan Foundation for funding to cover all related costs for the Implant over an above what the medical aid contributed as well as further costs for the extramural activities the children have at the centre (Musical appreciation and ball skills).

Carina Willemse's Medical Bill Cause Thumb Image

Carina Willemse's Medical Bill Cause

My husband tried to commit suicide on 1 March 2013.  As a result he obtained a brain injury which left him not being able to work for the rest of his life. His life expectancy is 6 years. With him not working I became the sole breadwinner.  With medical bills sky high, I dread every phone call that I receive. 

Caring for Alexandrei Thumb Image

Caring for Alexandrei

We are looking to raise funds to employ an Au pair for one year for Alexandrei, our 5-year old.

Caring for Caden Thumb Image

Caring for Caden

Caden Benjamin (10) from Standerton, Mpumalanga is suffering a rare, fatal and incurable genetic disorder known has Pader Will Syndrome.  His condition has taken centre stage in his short life – making it difficult for him to make friends and live a healthy, active life.

In Caden's Loving Memory

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Caring for Carl Thumb Image

Caring for Carl

Carl, age 14, has been diagnosed with a degenerative condition called CMT. Please read his description of day-to-day life with this condition and for how you can help!

Caring For Girls Thumb Image

Caring For Girls

Caring For Girls is a non profit organization that was formed to develop, encourage and mentor a girl child. Our programs include sanitary towels and toiletries distribution, life skills workshops, leadership development, entrepreneurship seminars and workshops, maths and science tutorials.

Caring Friends Therapy Animals Thumb Image

Caring Friends Therapy Animals

Therapy dog refers to a dog trained to provide affection and comfort to people is hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, mental institutions, schools, and stressful situations, such as disaster areas. Studies have shown that interacting with an animal can reduce stress, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and reduce the risk of asthma. The presence of a dog can ease the effects of Alzheimers, and children with physical and/or mental disabilities were found to improve their impairment during focused Animal Assisted Therapy.

Caring Women's Forum Thumb Image

Caring Women's Forum

The Caring Women's Forum is a South African organisation of females working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy.

Caring4Girls Thumb Image


In addition to distributing sanitary towels, Caring4Girls provides health education on puberty and adolescence to demystify menstrual related myths and break down societal taboos.

Carissa - Applause Rising Talent Showcase Thumb Image

Carissa - Applause Rising Talent Showcase

I am an aspiring fashion and commercial model and have been invited to join the South African team for the ARTS (Applause Rising Talent Showcase) 2018 in Florida, USA.

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Carissa le Roux's Dancing Cause Thumb Image

Carissa le Roux's Dancing Cause

Carissa le Roux qualified to compete at the 2019 DanceStar World Finals in Croatia. We are so proud of her! She will participate in the Contemporary/Modern Junior solo division as well as the  Contemporary/Modern Senior Duo/trio/quartet section.

Carl's Pilot license Cause Thumb Image

Carl's Pilot license Cause

I’m 36 years of age and for 5 years I have tried to make my dream a reality.  This year (2018) I started with my PPL to make a difference in my life and of that of my younger family generation.

Carla's Medical Campaign Thumb Image

Carla's Medical Campaign

I am a 33 year old female that has been diagnosed with hypotyroidism and endometrosis. I am hoping to raise funds for doctors appointments, medicine and a hospital stay.

Carly Thorndike - Third Year Internship Opportunity in Japan Thumb Image

Carly Thorndike - Third Year Internship Opportunity in Japan

As a Third Year Surface Design student currently at CPUT, I have seized the opportunity to undergo my third year internship in Japan. 

Carly Wessels - SA Ladies Water Polo EU Tour Thumb Image

Carly Wessels - SA Ladies Water Polo EU Tour

I have been selected to represent the South African Ladies team at the EU Nations Tournament in Czech Republic from 25-27 May.

Carme Nandh Study Cause Thumb Image

Carme Nandh Study Cause

I have completed studying my first year towards a chemical engineering degree but due to financial circumstances I was unable to continue. I need help paying off my outstanding university fees in order to register and continue with my studies.

Carmelita International Study Programme Thumb Image

Carmelita International Study Programme

I would like your assistance in enrolling for an international study programme which has the potential to advance my career in public transport regulation & to give me the competitive edge that I need to bring about effective change.

Carmen's Warrior Journey Cause Thumb Image

Carmen's Warrior Journey Cause

Carmen was officially diagnosed on the 13th March 2018 with a ductal carcinoma while 11 weeks pregnant. Please help raise funds for the mounting medical costs not covered by medical aid as well as all the additional costs that come with treatment and motherhood.

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Carol Eslin Medical Cause Thumb Image

Carol Eslin Medical Cause

Carol was involved in a car accident and had to have her leg amputated.  She needs in excess of R108 000 for a properly fitted prosthetic leg. 

Carol Kicks Cancer Thumb Image

Carol Kicks Cancer

Carol has been battling stage 4 cervical cancer which spread to the lymph and lungs since 2016. She has been through radiation treatments, as well as more than one course of chemotherapy and specialised drugs.   There are certain natural products which can help her body to recover and heal more quickly from the chemo and the cancer.

Carol's Cause Thumb Image

Carol's Cause

My friend Angelina Sheoraj and myself Samantha Rabie are raising funds for a friend. Carol Swanepoel is currently facing some hard times. She is 66 Years old and a SASSA pensioner.

Caroline Running for MPower Thumb Image

Caroline Running for MPower

I will be running the FNB One Run to raise funds for the outreach sector of Mpower, who make menstrual cups for women.

Carolle Watson's Cancer Cause Thumb Image

Carolle Watson's Cancer Cause

Last year December Carolle was diagnosed with cancer. After a challenging few months of chemo therapy she had a successful recovery and was back on her feet.  However, this month the cancer returned stronger than before.

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Carolyn's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Carolyn's Medical Cause

As some of you may have heard, our brave and beautiful little friend Carolyn Gad was diagnosed late July 2018 with an extremely rare PEComa cancer, that is in its advanced stage. She is the 7th person in the world to be diagnosed and there is currently no standard treatment or cure.

Carpe Diem Life Skills Thumb Image

Carpe Diem Life Skills

Carpe Diem Life Skills is a non-profit organization that is passionate about youth. Through free sport development, personal motivation and youth development, we want to change the mind and lives of our young people.

Carrie-Ann Kili Climb Thumb Image

Carrie-Ann Kili Climb

Creating awareness for Children In The Wilderness and the Wilderness Wildlife Trust

Carrington Family Support Thumb Image

Carrington Family Support

I am hoping to assist the Carrington family who have found themselves in financial difficulties after years of supporting their daughters children.

Casa Caritas Home for the Disabled Thumb Image

Casa Caritas Home for the Disabled

Casa Caritas Home of Compassion, provide care to severely mentally and physically handicapped people of all races and creeds.

Casa do Sol Association Thumb Image

Casa do Sol Association

Casa do Sol is a government school that provides education and support to learners between the ages of 7 and 21 who are severely intellectually disabled.

Cascais Water Polo campaign Thumb Image

Cascais Water Polo campaign

My friend, Miguel and I are in the process of planning a 2 month trip to Portugal where we will be playing in a premier league water polo side to become better at the game so that we can come back to South-Africa and help the sport improve here. Please help us raise the funds to cover the costs involved.

CASE Thumb Image


The mission of CASE is to seek to break the cycle of crime and violence in which young people live by equipping community members to recognise and respond appropriately to both the causes and effects of crime and violence in their communities. CASE works with children and youth directly, their parents and families, schools, the police and supports other community workers. CASE aims to equip the youth to make better choices for their lives through empowering the whole community and addressing the at-risk factors which affect deviant behaviour in youth.

Cassandra's Internship Campaign Thumb Image

Cassandra's Internship Campaign

The story of Israel and the Jewish people is compelling and can provide hope to many other nations across the globe but it is often not told, overlooked or viewed with suspicion when narrated by a Jewish person. This is exactly where I have found my niche in being able to shape the views of both young and old about the truth and possibilities if a closer relationship with Israel.

Cassidee's Chance Thumb Image

Cassidee's Chance

Cassidee is a 21-year-old girl suffering from a jaw deformity called Resorption of the Jaw, otherwise known as TMJ. She requires an operation that is expensive to alleviate the stress her jaw is putting her body through.

Cassidy's Sports Cause Thumb Image

Cassidy's Sports Cause

Support Cassidy! A Grade 7 student, who is a multi-talented sports star & is slowly picking up the nickname "Super-Girl" for her astonishing feats. 

Cat Angel Refuge Thumb Image

Cat Angel Refuge

We have taken over the reigns from Angels Refuge. Our core focus is Feral Cat trapping, sterilising, and releasing and if needed sanctuary, as well as special needs cat.

Cat Samaritan Cause Thumb Image

Cat Samaritan Cause

The Cat Samaritan is a private individual caring and rehabilitating plus minus 70 kitties. DO NOT BREED OR BUY. ADOPT! 



Cat Village is a secure home for abandoned and abused cats. Here they live out their natural lives on a secure 5 acre property. They have warm wendy houses as shelter and during the day they have the freedom to roam amongst trees and shrubs. It truly is their 9th life.

Catalunya Futsal Cause Thumb Image

Catalunya Futsal Cause

The money we would like to raise is towards a trip to Cape Town to enter a 5 a side soccer tournament of which proceeds will go towards a charitable organisation. As we are based in Port Elizabeth , we'd like to travel to the mother city to help this cause and better ourselves in the process as a team.

CATCH Projects Thumb Image

CATCH Projects

CATCH Projects is enthusiastic and committed in serving the community of Mzamomhle Location in Gonubie East London.

Catharina Potgieter Travel Cause Thumb Image

Catharina Potgieter Travel Cause

I have recently come across an unpaid internship opportunity in Brooklyn, New York and would really love to be able to go. The internship is at a prestigious story writing and production company and could open many doors for me in the future.

Catholic AIDS Action Thumb Image

Catholic AIDS Action

Catholic Aids Action has grown to be the largest NGO responding to AIDS in Namibia, currently operating 14 offices in 9 of the 13 regions.

Catholic Health Care Association of Southern Africa. Thumb Image

Catholic Health Care Association of Southern Africa.

CATHCA's vision is to provide an affordable high quality health care to all, especailly the poorest and most marginalised in the land, in the spirit of the humble service of Christ and in co-operation with all other role-players



The Catholic Institute of Education actively promotes and supports quality education for the common good.

Cathrine's Studies Cause Thumb Image

Cathrine's Studies Cause

As a vocal coach my entire agenda for the past 8 years has been and continues to be raising the standard of musical theatre vocals and performance in South Africa; striving to do this through innovation and education.  There is a phenomenal course that I want to take to further my teaching and it's through New York Vocal Coaching Academy in New York. 

CatsBell Campaign Thumb Image

CatsBell Campaign

At a time when state captors call the tune in SA, democrats need to find a way to get our democracy back.  We need a plan. That's what I propose on my blog.

Cause Marketing Fundraisers Thumb Image

Cause Marketing Fundraisers

On the 9th August the Womens' Day Campaign 'Show your Hands, Show your Heart' is about giving back to the abused and abandoned women and children of South Africa. Please go to to find out how you can help or for more info!

CAVI Cares Thumb Image

CAVI Cares

The greatest thing about CAVI Cares is that there are various ways of getting involved, you can make a donation or simply give your time. We encourage you to be apart of the CAVI culture of giving!

Cay-Low  Mbedzi Travel Cause Thumb Image

Cay-Low Mbedzi Travel Cause

I have been selected among 18.471 applicants as one of Global Goals Model United Nations' delegates.

Caydin's Special Needs Studies Cause Thumb Image

Caydin's Special Needs Studies Cause

Caydin was 1 year and 6 months when I noticed some delays in his milestones. After Caydin was seen by 3 paediatric doctors, he was then diagnosed with Autism/Global Developmental Delay and was put on the list to receive his therapy appointments. 

CCF Cheetah Outreach Trust Thumb Image

CCF Cheetah Outreach Trust

Cheetah Outreach Trust is a non-for-profit conservation organisation dedicated to the protection of the free-ranging cheetah and the stability of cheetahs held in captivity as an assurance population.  The work of the Cheetah Outreach Trust is focused in four key areas: environmental education, reduction of wildlife-human conflict through applied and effective in situ (field-based) strategies, advocacy for the elimination of illegal trade using the South African DNA studbook (hosted by Cheetah Outreach) as a monitoring tool for legitimacy of animals traded and research.  Our organization embodies this holistic approach to the conservation of this endangered, flagship African predator.

Cheetah Outreach operates from its home in the Western Cape of South Africa, where we provide a tourism, visitor based opportunity as well as hosting on-site curriculum linked educational activities for learners and teachers.

Ceara's Surfing Cause Thumb Image

Ceara's Surfing Cause

Ceara has been chosen to represent South Africa at the ISA Junior World Surfing Championships in California in late October 2018. This is the world’s biggest junior surfing event held at arguably the centre of world surfing - Huntington Beach, California. However South African Surfing does not have the funds to pay for the surfers to go. She is one of only three girl surfers in South Africa in the under 16 age division chosen for the junior Springbok side to go.

Cebih & Fortune's Travel Cause Thumb Image

Cebih & Fortune's Travel Cause

Conservationist, Friend & Father "Tom Mahamba" of Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa, co-narrated the award winning conservation documentary "Last of the Big Tuskers". This film premieres in New York on 23rd October 2018.
Sadly Tom passed away in November last year before editing was completed.  This campaign is to take Cebih & Fortune Mahamba, Tom's 2 eldest children, to New York to attend the world premier of the documentary

Cebo Nsinadne Study Cause Thumb Image

Cebo Nsinadne Study Cause

My name is Cebolenkosi Nsindane, a 22 year old ex UKZN student. I graduated from the University of KwaZulu Natal in the year 2017 with a bachelor of Medical sciences. I then took a gap year in the year 2018 with hopes that I’d find a job that would help me settle my outstanding fees and  fund my honors program in for year 2019. 

Cecelia Chung Cancer Cause Thumb Image

Cecelia Chung Cancer Cause

As you are all aware, our much beloved friend Cecelia Chung was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas in May of this year.  Since then her amazing family have gathered together to help but they cannot do it alone and are now overwhelmed financially and emotionally.

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Cecile Groeihormoon Thumb Image

Cecile Groeihormoon

Cecile is ?n dogtertjie met Turnersindroom. Tussen die ouderdom van 7-15 jaar moet sy die groeihormoon ontvang. 

Celebrate Life SA Thumb Image

Celebrate Life SA

The non-profit organisation is called Teach 1 to Lead 1. We have been working in gang-ridden areas for the last 11 years in Primary and High Schools teaching Universal principles e.g. teamwork, integrity, honour, excellence, respect etc. to learners who come from a dysfunctional home.  

Over the years we have seen how some of the learners have chosen not to join gangs and dedicate themselves to their studies and have made a success of their lives.   

To date, we have reached approximately 7000 at-risk youth on the Cape Flats. While we have the mentors who volunteer of their time we do not have the finance to keep the program going. 

Celebration & in Loving Memory of Thomas Lakey Thumb Image

Celebration & in Loving Memory of Thomas Lakey

My father lost his battle to cancer in 2008 but his dream to contribute towards the development of Ashton is still alive. To preserve my father’s legacy, we have decided to raise funds in his honour to donate to several causes including educational and Christian-based institutions in Ashton.

Cell C Girl Child Bursary Fund Thumb Image

Cell C Girl Child Bursary Fund

About the Cell C & Tomorrow Trust partnership

Education remains one of the most important means of achieving gender equity as it empowers women with knowledge, skills, self-confidence and social and economic status.  These qualities enable women to participate meaningfully in our economy. Given the number of young women who are unemployed and therefore vulnerable in every possible way, education is critical. Offering bursaries to girls, provides a long term investment in achieving Cell C’s goal of empowering women in South Africa.

Since 2012, the Cell C Girl Child Bursary Fund - in partnership with The Tomorrow Trust - has supported 30 beneficiaries from disadvantaged backgrounds to obtain formal qualifications. The Tomorrow Trust was founded in 2005 and works exclusively with orphans and vulnerable youth. Their aim is to release the cycle of poverty and charity, and deliver self-sustainable, self-reliant individuals who will become pro-active contributors to our society and economy.



Cell C Managing Executive in the Western Cape, Nezaam Harris, has informed us that two of our staff members in Knysna have lost their homes and personal belongings in the devastating fire that swept through the Eden Region.  The two employees affected are Sheldon Malan and Celeste du Toit, both Sales Consultants in the Knysna Cell C Store since 1st April 2017. 

We have created a crowdfunding campaign to support these two employees, please select the project below and make a contributions.

Centre for Charity and Development Foundation Thumb Image

Centre for Charity and Development Foundation

The Centre for Charity and Development Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Parow CapeTown, striving to improve the lives of the vulnerable and the underprivileged in and around the townships of Cape Town.

Centurion Hospice Association Thumb Image

Centurion Hospice Association

We care when a family is affected by a life-limiting illness. Through a team of professional nurses and social workers we provide physical, psychological and spiritual care to ensure quality of life, dignity in death and bereavement support. 

Cenzas Crochet Campaign Thumb Image

Cenzas Crochet Campaign

I am a full time student and have been raising funds for my own studies by designing and crocheting my own clothing and selling it online.  My dream is to create workshops for unemployed women of all ages in the local community to learn the art of crocheting garments and sell their work internationally. I will be providing them with a platform to market and sell their clothing online.

Chad - Rising Star Thumb Image

Chad - Rising Star

Board members of the Masque and the Waterfront Theatre School saw Chad's extraordinary natural talent, and he has been granted a four year scholarship. Chad will need specialised performance shoes and clothes, food, transport and admin fees - let's help him thrive!

Chalton PGA Student Thumb Image

Chalton PGA Student

Chalton was written off by his mother in the beginning of the year. He is in his final year of his PGA diploma. He needs to pay 66000 before the end of the year to ensure he graduates and gets his qualification. He leads the academics and needs to graduate.



We are a registered NPO which provides accommodation to 90 children that have been identified by the Children’s court of South Africa as in need of care and protection through providing food, shelter, education, therapy, health care, skills and developmental programs that will enable them to reach their highest potentials and goals.

Chandre Williams Medical Cause Thumb Image

Chandre Williams Medical Cause

Chandre Williams was in the prime of her life, she complete grade 12 at Oos-Moot High School in 2017. On the 22 December 2018 Chandre’s hopes, dreams and life changed in an instant when she was involved in a very serious motor vehicle accident, which resulted in serve brain injury and left her in a coma. 

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Change a Life Thumb Image

Change a Life

Brad Webster and Roberto Ferreira, on behalf of Phoenix House, is looking to raise R10 000 to assist a 22 year old woman that has managed to escape a human trafficking ring and put her in for a 21 day rehab program. 

Change a Nation Sport Development Thumb Image

Change a Nation Sport Development

Change a Nation is a registered NPO and Section 21 Company involved with sports developement and lifeskills projects for young people. We also do leadership training all across Africa.

Change for the Better Foundation Thumb Image

Change for the Better Foundation

Change for the Better Foundation ultimately strives to improve the overall health, living conditions and better treatment of animals in townships and less fortunate households.

Change for the Better Foundation Thumb Image

Change for the Better Foundation

We are a pro-life rescue organisation & our primary aim is to establish a culture of caring, giving, education & sterilization.

Change the World Trust Thumb Image

Change the World Trust

Change the World Trust creates revolutionary coding communities and clubs in Secondary Schools. Its aim is to reach 500 schools and 300,000 learners by 2020.

This is done through intensive, 3-week coding courses and a fun projects and competitions. 

We are raising 100,000 Rand to bring coding to 3 schools in Gauteng and impact 350 learners with a fun, basic coding course, while encouraging the start of new coding clubs in these schools.

Donate 300 Rand to give a weeklong coding course to eager and excited youth in Tembisa’s schools.

You can find more information here: 

Chanika-Leigh's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Chanika-Leigh's Medical Cause

My daughter, Chanika-Lee is a vibrant, beautiful young girl who is 10 years old. She has been referred to neonatologist who will run a serious of tests to help us better understand what the underlying cause of her behavior is and how it can be best addressed. The recommended tests will cost in the region of R5000, which I am unable to afford on my own.

Chantal's Medical Fund Thumb Image

Chantal's Medical Fund

Spinal Fusion surgery needed to cervical and lumbar spine, following a motor vehicle accident. This is urgent. Please, I really need your help.

Chante Mostert Softball Cause Thumb Image

Chante Mostert Softball Cause

My name is Chanté Mostert. I’m a 15-year-old from Hartbeespoort. In December 2018 I played for our regional team at the Dixon Wessels Inter Regional Softball Tournament.  I have also been selected for the All Stars Team, that will be touring to Netherlands in September this year.  

Chante's Chef Dream Campaign Thumb Image

Chante's Chef Dream Campaign

We are raising funds for a bright girl who has a dream of not only becoming a chef one day, but being the best the world has seen.

Chante's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Chante's Medical Cause

Due to my pre-existing Syrinx condition I have a 12 month waiting period on my medical aid. The operation has to happen ASAP as it could be triggered at any point. My current cover won't cover my procedure even if my life is threatened. The result of the Syrinx being triggered:  1) quadriplegia 2) death.

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Chantel's BSSM 2nd year Thumb Image

Chantel's BSSM 2nd year

I would like to further my vocational ministry studies attending a 2nd year at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministires.

Chantelles Song Thumb Image

Chantelles Song

My wife recently wrote a song, that I believe should be shared with the world :) In order to do that we need an estimate of R8000 - R10000 in order for her to professionally record this song and have it released. Please consider, in not only giving money, but investing in something great. 

Chantells Campaign Thumb Image

Chantells Campaign

We are aiming to raise funds in order to help with the financial impact of the fire.To get them back on their feet and make life a little easier

Chanté and Natasha Cornelius campaign Thumb Image

Chanté and Natasha Cornelius campaign

The Treviso Gala attracts more than 1000 swimmers including swimmers from Italian, Austrian and French National teams
The trip is fully self-funded; therefore, this campaign has been set up for Chanté and Natasha Cornelius from PAC swimming club. We would appreciate any involvement and contribution towards these swimmers.

Charity of Choice Thumb Image

Charity of Choice

Charity of Choice seeks to contribute to the overall wellbeing of disabled youth and young mothers by promoting employment and reducing poverty and thus contributing to the national target of just 2% of the employed workforce being people with disabilities.  The project contributes to skills development of people with disabilities and the sustainability of disabled people's organisations.

Charlene du Plooy's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Charlene du Plooy's Medical Cause

Charlene always puts others before herself, constantly helping others by means of food, money or personal possessions. 
Sadly she is epileptic, her condition has been diagnosed as Grand mal A+.  This stage of epilepsy is considered the most severe and devastating. As a result of this Charlene cannot work, drive a car, work or do many of the simple things we take for granted in life.

Charlene's Journey to Tokyo 2020 Olympics Thumb Image

Charlene's Journey to Tokyo 2020 Olympics

My ultimate goal for now for my Track Cycling is to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.  The fundraising will be to cover 2018 and that will enable me to pursuit this goal full time.

Charlies Kulcha Kollektive campaign Thumb Image

Charlies Kulcha Kollektive campaign

Please help this small business replace its stolen vehicle.   I am self-employed and will struggle to get normal financing through the banks. It's a matter of some urgency as all my events are already booked and my ability to sustain my income is crippled without a vehicle - also to get to suppliers and make deliveries to customers through the week.

Charlize Medical Fund Thumb Image

Charlize Medical Fund

In July this year, I was diagnosed with Primary Hyperthyroidism. My thyroid has enlarged so much that I am struggling to breathe and choking on everything I eat or drink. I need to have surgery urgently and have turned to crowdfunding as a last resort.

Charmaine's Wings to Fly Thumb Image

Charmaine's Wings to Fly

My life size dream of becoming a Pilot is already becoming a reality. I work full time and attend CFA, which is based at Rand Airport, 120km from Secunda. Thus, I only have weekends to fly and train. With the enormous cost on flight training, I do not always have the funds to attend flying lessons. This is hampering my progress due to not flying enough.

Charne to SA International Washington Programme Thumb Image

Charne to SA International Washington Programme

Please send me to D.C., every donation you give means I'm one step closer to making this goal a reality.

Charne Van Heerden - SA Kickboxing Champs Thumb Image

Charne Van Heerden - SA Kickboxing Champs

I'll be competing at the South African Kickboxing Championships with the hopes of earning my title as Champion back. I need to purchase a new fight kit, headgaurd and gloves (they've served me well for 5 years). I'm raising funds for travel expenses to SA's and all the practice tournaments.

Chase to International Engineering Expo Thumb Image

Chase to International Engineering Expo

Our dear friend Chase Newel has been invited as a finalist to present his science project as part of a Delegation from South Africa organized by Expo for Young Scientists, to attend the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) during May 13-18, 2018, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania State of the United States.

Chase's vet bill Thumb Image

Chase's vet bill

Chase was a abused and neglected dog that was rescued by a animal rescue org. His current vet bill is standing at just over R11000 and we estimate will end up around R15 000. Ee did not plan for this and we only want Chase to be healthy, especially after what he has been through.

Chavan Martin's Travel Cause Thumb Image

Chavan Martin's Travel Cause

 I am looking to raise funds for my 14-year-old daughter’s educational tour to USA in 2019. 

Cheerleading in the World Champs 2017 Thumb Image

Cheerleading in the World Champs 2017

Darryn is crowdfunding to participate in the Cheerleading World Championships 2017 (Orlando, Florida). Let's help him get there!

Cheesekids for Humanity Thumb Image

Cheesekids for Humanity

Making volunteerism cool, effortless, accessible & fun! Est. 2007

Cheetah Preservation Foundation Thumb Image

Cheetah Preservation Foundation

The Cheetah Preservation Foundation was founded in 1988, with the principal aim of ensuring the survival of the cheetah and other endangered species, as well as educating our visitors about the plight of the these animals.

Chef in the Hood Cause Thumb Image

Chef in the Hood Cause

Chef in the Hood is a campaign to celebrate woman in my neighbourhood by entering a competition and the runner up gets an exciting prizes, winner will be decided by celebrity chefs as judges from South Africa. This is an initiative to promote local and traditional food and showcasing it to the world at large by doing so we are preserving our culture.

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Chellseas travel costs Thumb Image

Chellseas travel costs

A 22 year old third year LLB student registered with University of Western Cape is stranded in Kenya, her hometown. She returned to Nairobi to visit with her family. Unfortunately she had a one way ticket. Our student is in need of airfare to return to her studies, and possibly assistance with paying for accommodation.

Cher Petersen's Studies Cause Thumb Image

Cher Petersen's Studies Cause

I am a future Journalism Honours Student at the University of Stellenbosch and require aid with my Student Debt account which currently stands at over R20 000.

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Chere's Support Cause Thumb Image

Chere's Support Cause

As most of you know, 2 weeks ago Chere Gray was rescued from the clutches of a terrible abuser. She has literally been left with absolutely nothing to her name, not to mention the emotional trauma she is experiencing. A long term treatment plan is being looked into, but in the interim we really need help raising funds for her basic needs.

Cheree McEwen Immunotherapy Cause Thumb Image

Cheree McEwen Immunotherapy Cause

Cheree hasStage 4 Metastatic Melanoma that has spread from her skin to her organs. This type of cancer is unresponsive to chemotherapy and radiation. Surgery may extend her life by a couple of months but immunotherapy offers the best hope to give Cheree a more robust hope.

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Cheresse Gerber Cancer Cause Thumb Image

Cheresse Gerber Cancer Cause

Cheresse has been diagnosed with Stage 2b Cervical Cancer. Due to not having a medical aid and financial strain, we need to raise money for her medical bills for her to get treatment a.s.a.p.

Cherry Caring for Animals Thumb Image

Cherry Caring for Animals

I have never been able to Walk away from any animal in need. Recently I went through a very difficult time personally and financially, during which the cats got sick- which resulted in high vet bills. I have three bills to pay now which I am really battling to do and I need a little help.

Cheryl Zondi Cause Thumb Image

Cheryl Zondi Cause

I am starting this campaign to raise funds for Cheryl Zondi and the other witnesses still to take the stand in the highly publicised Pastor Timothy Omotoso trial. Cheryl was allegedly molested, groomed, and raped by Omotoso when she was 14 years old.

Cheryl's Campaign for Gymnasts Thumb Image

Cheryl's Campaign for Gymnasts

We are hoping to raise funds for three of our gymnasts to participate in trampoline at the African Championships in April 2018. With 250 people donating just R200.00 each, we can easily reach our goal. 

Cheryls Campaign  Thumb Image

Cheryls Campaign

My partner and I are both retired and run a small gift and clothing printing business from home. Last year our vehicle was stolen and suddenly the business came to a grinding halt as we could not call on customers or deliver to them. A vehicle will solve all our problems. Please help us get back on our feet again.

Cheshire Home Eastern Province Branch Thumb Image

Cheshire Home Eastern Province Branch

Summerstrand Cheshire Home realised the need to look beyond its existing services to explore new boundaries to reach out to disabled children in the Walmer Township. We run a fully operational daycare centre for some 20 children from the township. We employ four staff members and have a well run project that receives no Government funding whatsoever. Our children come from very poor homes and we endeavor to do as much as we can to assist their families. In so doing, we strive to impact positively on the extended family.

Cheshire Home Summerstrand Thumb Image

Cheshire Home Summerstrand

We accommodate and care for 54 physically disabled adults, in a homely environment. We offer transport, medical care, full accommodation including meals and laundry.



Cheshire Homes for the Disabled in Gauteng has three Homes where they care for and offer the best services for the Disabled. Workshops are vital to empower the Disabled and we are working towards this goal to improve the lives of the Disabled.

Cheshire Homes of Swaziland Thumb Image

Cheshire Homes of Swaziland

Cheshire Homes Swaziland, established in 1986, is the only rehabilitative centre for adults and children in the country. It is a registered non-governmental and non profit making organization. Relying solely on donations and fundraising efforts, Cheshire Homes of Swaziland provides vital rehabilitative services to hundreds of people. Our work is encapsulated in our mission of providing comprehensive rehabilitative services which are accessible, appropriate and affordable to all people with a disability.

Cheslin Marsh's Hearing Aid Cause Thumb Image

Cheslin Marsh's Hearing Aid Cause

We are raising money to assist Cheslin Marsh of Wellington in the Western Cape to buy a hearing aid. Cheslin and his friend Hannah Cornelius were hijacked and kidnapped in the early hours of 27 May 2017.  Cheslin was left deaf in one ear following the brutal kidnapping and assault.

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Chevrah Kadisha Thumb Image

Chevrah Kadisha

All money donated to the Chevrah Kadisha goes towards welfare,financial assistance,aged care,caring for orphans,sheltered employment,all types of counselling,outreach,caring for the intellectually disabled,Jewish burial,educational subsidies,brides in need - the list is endless!

Cheyennes Hiphop Campaign Thumb Image

Cheyennes Hiphop Campaign

Cheyenne and her dance crew called B2DOMINATE dancing out of B2DStudio, have just recently qualified to represent South Africa, in one of the biggest Hip-Hop dance competitions in the world. Please help make this opportunity a reality and contribute to the cause to get her there.

Cheyna Appollis Travel Cause Thumb Image

Cheyna Appollis Travel Cause

My daughter desperately wants to accompany her school on an overseas tour in the June 2019 school holidays.  

CHHED Thumb Image


Development for community children, youth and young intelligentsia, through hard skills!!

Chigoziem Ohaegbulam Study Cause Thumb Image

Chigoziem Ohaegbulam Study Cause

I am pleading for assistance for the remaining outstanding fees and money for my 2019 registration fees to the amount of R 28914 for the year 2018 in order to continue with the honours programme in the year 2019.

Chihuahua Adoptions SA Thumb Image

Chihuahua Adoptions SA

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned, orphaned, unwanted and homeless Chihuahuas. We provide medical treatment, integrate them into a home environment by providing foster homes until we can provide them with a second chance of calling a home their own.

Child Care South Africa Thumb Image

Child Care South Africa

Child Care South Africa, is a registered organisation that provides quality and comprehensive services to children living in Poverty. It was established in 1995 and for the past 15 years has grown from strength to strength working in rural areas of the north of KwaZulu Natal [Eshowe]. The organisation is governed by an active BOARD of Directors, it also has a Director that manages operations of the organisation on daily basis and is supported by project and administrative staff.


Our Vision

We strive to create a society where children have the opportunities and encouragement to develop into responsible, self-sufficient adults who are able to contribute positively to society and break the cycle of poverty  

Child Medi Organization Thumb Image

Child Medi Organization

As NPO organization we are helping children in need of urgent medical attention.

Our goal is to improve children's lives and life expectancy. We help saving lives and concentrate on those who can't afford private hospitals or whose Medical Funds are insufficient. We deal directly with Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics, and Chemists. No monies are being paid to individuals.

Child Welfare Kokstad Thumb Image

Child Welfare Kokstad

Our mission is to promote, protect and enhance the safety, well-being and healthy development of children.

Child Welfare SA Kempton Park Thumb Image

Child Welfare SA Kempton Park

Child Welfare Kempton Park is a Non-Governmental Organisation established in 1966 and located in Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni Metropolis. The core mandate of the organisation is child protection; mainly serving children (0 - 12 years old), who are abused, abandoned, neglected and exposed to various forms of exploitation.

Child Welfare South Africa Thumb Image

Child Welfare South Africa

Child Welfare South Africa (CWSA) is the largest Child Protection, Non-Profit Organisation in South Africa. Established in 1924, CWSA leads in the achievement of a safe and caring environment for all children in South Africa.

Child Welfare Tshwane Thumb Image

Child Welfare Tshwane

We provide care and support for orphans and vulnerable children in Tshwane

Childhood Roads Institute Thumb Image

Childhood Roads Institute

Constituted in 2009, it was registered in 2010, to empower and protect vulnerable women and children.

Childline Gauteng Thumb Image

Childline Gauteng

Childline Gauteng is an npo promoting a culture of child rights. Childline has a 24h toll free helpline, offers face to face counselling, life skills education, training and supports the Sunlight Safe House for abused and abandoned children.

Childline KZN Thumb Image

Childline KZN

To provide an accessible 24 hours 7 days a week crisis counseling service provincially by using a toll free number 0800055555 and offer counselling and supportive services to children, families, and communities.

Children in Distress Thumb Image

Children in Distress

WE SEEK TO ALLEVIATE POVERTY AND PROVIDE SHELTER FOR CHILDREN IN NEED We have been looking after elderly people and children in the greater White River area since 1989. We are currently looking after +-600 orphaned and vulnerable children and their 295 Care Givers who are in distress due to poverty. These children are being cared for by relatives and distant relatives or elderly people with little means of support who live in the Mganduzweni, Jerusalem, Cho cho cho, Chweni and Phelandaba areas in Mpumalanga. We are currently feeding these families with cooked meals on a daily basis, Monday to Friday. We supply mealie meal, beans and sunlight soap on a monthly basis for weekends and also try provide clothing for the children. As an organization we are committed to our program on a long term basis until the children leave school, when they will be replaced by others in distress. At present we feel it best for the children to stay in their communities with a “care giver”. We have found that the nutritional state of the foster families is often very poor so they are glad to accept orphans who have an assured source of food. Our foster parents are often elderly people with no pension or visible means of support, apart from what they can scratch together out of making mats and beadwork (as example). So in actual fact far more than 600 lives are being affected through the provision of food. We have trained staff who are known as point people (these are staff we employ in the outlying areas to look after these children) in the different areas, who have personal contact with each child, and who make sure that they receive their food and check that their health is good. They also counsel them in any area they might have a problem in. These point people fill out weekly report forms and attendance registers which get handed in to the office so that any problems can be seen to.

Children in Distress Network Thumb Image

Children in Distress Network

CINDI's Mission is to foster a spirit of Ubuntu among CINDI Members, encourage collaboration, enhance mastery of Members, co-ordinate research and unlock resource opportunities for the benefit of all Members

Children in the Wilderness Thumb Image

Children in the Wilderness

Children in the Wilderness is a life-skills and environmental educational programme. Through these programmes we teach rural children the importance of conservation and strive to instil a passion for the environment creating custodians of these areas

Children's Disability Centre Thumb Image

Children's Disability Centre

The Childrens Disability Centre provides specialized education interventions to children with Autism and young visually impaired children. The school caters for Autistic learners between 3 and 18 yrs and is the only such school in Johannesburg.



  • To provide shelter, food and protection for (90) ninety children from the age newborn to eighteen years old.
  • To provide a safe and secure environment for children, who have been abused, battered and who are HIV positive. To see to all their needs such as education, medical, counseling, food, clothes and toys. To make sure that each child still has the opportunity to follow , and understand their own culture and to live accordingly.



CHHED is a registered NPO & PBO, whose vision is to fight poverty through education by setting up leaners from poor communities to access tertiary education. We run weekend classes for Mathematics an Physics in Zola Business School in Khayelitsha, and an Eye Care Project in Vuselela Primary in Site C, Khayelitsha.

Chiltern Frankie Cawdry Fund Thumb Image

Chiltern Frankie Cawdry Fund

Frankie is a runner who was struck by a car while scouting for a location for a Comrades table, suffering severe injuries. Frankie is self-employed and will not be able to carry on her business in the immediate future, and needs financial assistance.






Frankie Cawdry is probably known to more people in the Highway road running/walking fraternity than anyone else. She has earned her Comrades green number and she’s been a fixture in the Highway Ladies Time Trial League. A true adventurer and freespirit, she has also completed the Duzi and the Triple Challenge, and she’s climbed Kilimanjaro, and traversed much of the Natal Drakensberg.

But Frankie’s contributions have gone much further than mere participation. She has served on the main committee of Chiltern Athletic Club, and on many subcommittees-remember the old Chiltern Nite Race? Currently she is Convenor of the Highway Ladies Time Trial League, and serves on the Comrades sub-committee for seconding tables.

Ironically, it was while scouting for a location for the Chiltern AC Comrades table last week that Frankie was struck by a car, suffering severe injuries. As a result, Frankie has been in hospital for a week, and will almost certainly be there for another month.

The amount of support she has received form friends, family and the athletic fraternity generally has been tremendous. The number of Comrades runners who enquired after her health at the Chiltern tent was most touching.

The committee of Chiltern Athletic Club has decided that in view of the fact that Frankie is self-employed and will not be able to carry on her business in the immediate future, and possibly even for a few months, it would like to do something concrete to assist her. The club has undertaken to raise funds to help carry Frankie through this difficult period.

We have been set up on BackaBuddy to raise funds fo this end.  Please do help, your donations are appreciated.


Chloe - Kata Champion Thumb Image

Chloe - Kata Champion

Chloe has been chosen to represent South Africa at the Kimura Shukokai International Karate World Championship to be held in Stockholm, Sweden during July 2018.

Chloes Drum Majorettes Thumb Image

Chloes Drum Majorettes

Chloe Amy Prinsloo a team member of Groote Schuur Primary Drum Majorettes (GSPS).ls.  This year the team will be travelling to Oudsthoorn to participate in the Regional Championship SAMCA Majorette National Competition.  We hearby appeal to all family and friends if you able to give a donation to Chloe Amy, be it big or small in contribution to her trip.

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation Thumb Image

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA is the only organisation in South Africa that provides comprehensive countrywide support for children with cancer and other life-threatening blood disorders, and their families. CHOC has a head office in Johannesburg, six regional offices, two branches, and 12 accommodation facilities close to treatment centres. CHOC relies heavily on corporate sponsors, donations from groups or individuals wanting to make a difference in the lives of these little ones.

Their comprehensive support improves the welfare and quality of care of children with cancer and offers families a wide range of psychosocial services and practical support such as counselling, free accommodation, free transport and transport fund to ensure that no child abandons treatment due to the family not affording transport costs, food parcels as they recognise the financial difficulties families often face and parent to parent support groups. CHOC also plays a leading advocacy role and promotes early detection to save lives nationally.

Choonzah Pitch Funding Thumb Image

Choonzah Pitch Funding

 Help Kevin & his team fly to France.  Our team has been invited to pitch for funding after being short listed - we need capital for flights and accommodation during the stay.

Chris Ahrens - Prosthetic Thumb Image

Chris Ahrens - Prosthetic

My left leg was amputated above the knee on 10 January 2016 at Pelenomi Hospital (State). FA Kleinhans found the State prosthesis to be totally dysfunctional; to make prosthesis totally functional is R28 000. The cost of the silicone protector is R12000 and the cost of physio appointments to date has been R19 000.

Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players' Fund Thumb Image

Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players' Fund

The Players'Fund fulfils two core objectives: 1) To assist the unfortunate victims of catastrophic or serious rugby injuries in SA. 2) To develop and implement initiatives that aim to educate, inform and create awareness around rugby injuries. 

Chris van Deventer Study Cause Thumb Image

Chris van Deventer Study Cause

My name is Chris and I am 36 years old. A lot has changed over the years but one internal value has help people. The next phase of my journey is to become a medical doctor. To me this is my inner conviction in action. To help people live holistic and healthy lives.

Chris's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Chris's Medical Cause

My beautiful friend has had a hard year.  She lost her job and consequently medical aid in April just after being diagnosed with a mass growing behind her bladder.  Her pain has increased to a debilitating level, and she now medicates heavily to control it.  She is not in any state to gain full time employment which she desperately needs to support herself and her son.

Christ High Drug Awareness Cause Thumb Image

Christ High Drug Awareness Cause

Christ High Drug Awareness Project would like to help our community take a stand against drug addiction since majority of our youth is trapped in drug abuse. It has become an increasing problem since children as low as 9 years old want to quit school due to addiction.

Christelike - Maatskaplike Raad van Port Elizabeth Thumb Image

Christelike - Maatskaplike Raad van Port Elizabeth

Christian Social services, Port Elizabeth (hereafter referred to as CMR PE), has been providing vital child protection services to families and communities in need, since 1944.

Christelike Lektuurfonds Thumb Image

Christelike Lektuurfonds

Christian Literature Fund (CLF) was founded in 1957 by Dr Abraham Dekker and a group of faithful missionaries to develop and distribute free Christian material amongst the different language and culture groups of South Africa. What started from humble beginnings and a handful of free Christian pamphlets (then known as tracts) CLF has grown, and over the years, many testimonies have proven that peoples' lives have been changed by this.

It has remained CLF's mission to develop and distribute Christian material that is easy to read and addresses life’s most important social issues. Our colourful pamphlets address relevant, topical themes based on scripture and are available free of charge.

Apart from the variety of Christian pamphlets, there is also a wide selection of Christian books with a missionary focus, books to equip churches and others to help people find their faith and grow spiritually.

In 2010 CLF launched the "One million Bibles for one million children-project". This project was born from the dream to teach children about the love of Jesus in their own language. CLF believes it is important to not only teach children the contents of the Bible, but help them to appropriate it to their lives and their interactions with other children. We envisage children that will know how to live their faith practically, in whose lives biblical values will be established and who will be morally equipped as the leaders of tomorrow. Apart from this, children are encouraged to read in their own language and with that establishing a reading culture from a young age. Since inception until 31 December 2018, CLF has blessed 91 549 children with a children's Bible in their own language.

Christelle Maritz Academic Cause Thumb Image

Christelle Maritz Academic Cause

Travel and Sport (an internationally recognised tour operator) has invited Christelle who is a Grade 8 Learner form Hoerskool Hans Moore on this exclusive tour to the USA based on her outstanding academic achievement.

Christelle Miles - hope for a cancer free life Thumb Image

Christelle Miles - hope for a cancer free life

Christelle is the loving mother of two children and the devoted wife of husband Freddie, married for 25 years. In July of 2016 Christelle was diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. It is now almost two years later, Christelle still fights this ugly disease daily but now it's only gotten worse.

Christiaan Completing his Studies Thumb Image

Christiaan Completing his Studies

Imagine feeling excited and ready for your 3rd year of mechanical engineering when you find out your bursary can't help you. Please help this ambitious guy finish his studies and change the future for him and his future family.

Christiaan Medical Fund Thumb Image

Christiaan Medical Fund

Little Christiaan has a serious heart defect (Simple TGA) which means the large vessels that carry blood from the heart to the lungs, and to the body are improperly connected. He remains in critical condition but yet he is a fighter our little Braveheart! Please let us stand together and help them through this difficult time and to limit financial stresses.

Christian Theron Study Cause Thumb Image

Christian Theron Study Cause

My name is Trudie Webster and I would kindly like to reach out to my fellow Namibians for assistance to help my son, Christiaan complete his studies. 

Christianas Liv Mission Trip Thumb Image

Christianas Liv Mission Trip

The LIV model is a long term cluster foster care and my church, Bryanston Bible Church is offering an opportunity in which we can love, educate and pray for these children. It would be my first ever mission trip so I'm excited about the opportunity and experience that lays ahead. I need your financial support to help this happen.

Christians Journey Fund Thumb Image

Christians Journey Fund

Christian has been invited to participate in a genetic study in association with Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard medical school. The genetic testing would pinpoint the potential causes and could change his treatment and seizure management going forward and hopefully improve on his quality of life as he gets older.

Christinas trip to Bali Thumb Image

Christinas trip to Bali

I have been accepted into IVHQ's volunteer program in Bali Ubud.  I will be assisting with beach clean ups, education the local community on conservation and assisting with waste management during my two weeks there. Please help me cover the program fee costs.

Christine Gouws Medical Cause Thumb Image

Christine Gouws Medical Cause

Our plea is for any donation you can help with that will be able to assist our beloved wife, mother, sister, friend and colleague. Christine had a cavernous hemangioma, that led to hemorrhaging of the brain stem in the pons area.

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Christine Nel Fire Relief Cause Thumb Image

Christine Nel Fire Relief Cause

We kindly ask for a small donation to help Christine re-build her live as the fires that raged in Hermanus in the Hemel en Aarde Valley on Friday 11 January, destroyed her home, animals and everything within.

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Christine's Volunteering Fund Thumb Image

Christine's Volunteering Fund

It has always been my passion to work among the local community in South Africa. I am starting on this journey in order to gain hands of experience.

Christmas Bonus for my Colleague Thumb Image

Christmas Bonus for my Colleague

It's been a rough year, and I would love nothing more than to bring some Christmas cheer to a colleague that can do with a little miracle to ease the load.

Christo Olivier Study Cause Thumb Image

Christo Olivier Study Cause

 My name is Christo Olivier. I am currently studying Theology at Helderberg College of Higher Education.  I am currently struggling in my third year to maintain my finances and I am afraid that I might not be able to complete my studies because of this situation. 

Chrysalis Preschool Thumb Image

Chrysalis Preschool

Chrysalis Preschool provides an individualized educational program for special needs toddlers and children aged 3 to 9 years

Chukwuma Seal Rescue Fund Thumb Image

Chukwuma Seal Rescue Fund

I hope to raise funds for my flight, accommodation and feeding costs more so my visa and other logistics for my Seal care program in the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Center Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen, Netherlands.

Chwayita Ndinisa Study Cause Thumb Image

Chwayita Ndinisa Study Cause

 Chwayita is requesting help in paying her 2018 tuition fees at Varsity College so she can continue with her second year Public Relations studies this year.

Cik Lymphoma Awareness Cause Thumb Image

Cik Lymphoma Awareness Cause

I am a Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer patient; I have been undergoing treatment since May 2018.  I would like to create awareness by educating the surrounding communities to take life insurance, health and disability insurance out as I fell victim to no life and disability - why would I need it I'm invincible!

Ciljee Snake Bite Operation Thumb Image

Ciljee Snake Bite Operation

iljee Brits is a 5 year old boy from Piet Retief that was bitten by a puff adder on Wednesday 28th of March. Inspite of anti-venom treatment he needs to have a life-threatening operation to remove dead tissue as a result of the bite.

Cillié for Kleinskool Thumb Image

Cillié for Kleinskool

Cillié is a high school in Port Elizabeth. The topic for the Matric CAT (Computers) research project is about Crowdfunding. As part of researching this topic, the school has decided to raise funds for the Kleinskool Initiative charity organisation.

Cindy Fourie - dad's legs Thumb Image

Cindy Fourie - dad's legs

My dad has had both his legs amputated under the knee.  We managed to get artificial legs from the State hospital, but he is not managing, and we need to get alteration done at a private clinic to get him up…

Cindy-Lyn's Masectomy & Future Treatment Thumb Image

Cindy-Lyn's Masectomy & Future Treatment

Cindy is a very positive driven passionate spiritual person and very proud. Help us give Cindy the means and financial support so she can beat her Cancer and continue living and loving her life so she can get back into nature which she loves!

Cinema App for 54 African countries Thumb Image

Cinema App for 54 African countries

The mobile Application that helps you discover the latest and old movies released in the 54 African countries.
We built CinePlus. We want to build something better named CineAfrica!

Circle of LoveNPO Thumb Image

Circle of LoveNPO

To inspire children and youth in all communities by improving their day to day independence and enhance their lives. To go into the Communities and reach out to Corporate's for the sole purpose of creating social awareness. To encourage Corporate's to positively embrace their social responsibility and partake so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the society in which they operate.

Citizen Mbatha Study Cause Thumb Image

Citizen Mbatha Study Cause

I am a partially sighted actor born with a rare eye condition called nystagmous and I am in a dire need of funds to pay for my outstanding tuition fees at the New York Film Academy where I will be studying Acting for Film.

CJ a PCD Warrior Thumb Image

CJ a PCD Warrior

CJ was born with a genetic desease called Primary Cilliary Dyskenisia (PCD) - he inhereted faulty genes from mom and dad. CJ medical bills are piling up, so the aim it to attempt to raise funds to pay for his existing bills.

CJ Hockey Tour Thumb Image

CJ Hockey Tour

I have been selected for an U13 invitational team to tour Germany and Netherlands representing the best of Durban in September 2018.

CJ's Medical Cause Thumb Image

CJ's Medical Cause

This is CJ. He is a 9 year old boy who has been more in hospital than at home.  He is diagnosed with gastroparesis, intestinal dysmotility and primary immunedeficiency.

CJ's Treatment Thumb Image

CJ's Treatment

As a result of surgery and radiation there was severe damage to the nerves in my shoulder and arm. I need to see a Private Orthopedic Specialist ASAP, or risk losing the use of my arm. With State I will have to wait until end July, at which time the damage may have become permanent.

Claire Bekker - Climbing for Smiles Thumb Image

Claire Bekker - Climbing for Smiles

In December, a group of future health professionals aim to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for the Smile Foundation. In order to complete the climb, I need to raise R50000 to cover the costs. A minimum of R10000 of the funds raised will be donated to the Smile Foundation.

Claire Hodgson's Cancer Cause  Thumb Image

Claire Hodgson's Cancer Cause

Claire, a 36 yr old gorgeous beautiful soul, has Stage 4 malignant melanoma and desperately needs to raise funds for life-saving treatment.

Claire Wilson Medical Cause Thumb Image

Claire Wilson Medical Cause

My dearest friend Claire needs your help! She has been quite ill for a few months now. We need to raise funds for Claire to continue utilizing holistic healing methods and healthy eating, so that she can build strength and continue to fight.

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Claires Campaign for Angela  Thumb Image

Claires Campaign for Angela

Angela has been diagnosed with an incredibly aggressive form of cancer and will have to receive chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Her first session will be on May 16.  Please aid us in helping Angie keep food on the table, a roof over their heads and ensuring a promising educational future for beautiful children, Michael and Kaitlin.

Clara's Heart Feeding Scheme  Thumb Image

Clara's Heart Feeding Scheme

We are a feeding scheme based in Roodepan Kimberley.  I am the founder and Chairperson of Clara's.  I founded the organisation in memory of my late Mom, Clara Sampson. It was her dream to run a feeding scheme based in her hometown of Kimberley. Unfortunately she passed away before it could come to fruition. Currently I am funding the project myself as we have not received the certificate in order to apply for funding. We feed approximately 80 people of which most are children, every Monday and Friday. The soup kitchen is expanding in size in terms of people to feed.  We are appealing for extra funding to upkeep what we are currently doing as we have limited resources. Donors may contact us to see what it is we do twice weekly and we will also update on a regular basis. You may also visit our Facebook page with the same name. 


Nadia Gxasheka 

Founder and Chairperson 

Clara's Heart Feeding Scheme 

Clara-Anne Uys Medical Cause Thumb Image

Clara-Anne Uys Medical Cause

Beautiful Clara-Anne was born on 14th December 2018, with a heart defect and is diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

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Claudia's Oxygen Chamber Cause Thumb Image

Claudia's Oxygen Chamber Cause

Claudia is two years old. She is a little fighter, no matter how she feels or how difficult her therapy was, she is always friendly.  Due to an infection during the pregnancy Claudia’s brain got injured, she was diagnosed with Dyskinetic cerebral palsy. We are raising funds to purchase an oxygen chamber for Claudia.

Clayton's Outstanding Fees Thumb Image

Clayton's Outstanding Fees

I am a twenty year old male who has been doing his first year in a Bachelor of Health Sciences - Emergency Medical Services in Durban University of Technology. I am desperately in need of financial assistance as I owe fees for 2017.

Clean Cooking Revolution Thumb Image

Clean Cooking Revolution

We distribute Clean Cookstoves in order to replace the dangerous paraffin devices that cause township fires, or expensive and unreliable electrical stoves. We want to create a healthy and safe cooking environment for people that need it most.

Clean Slate Thumb Image

Clean Slate

Clean Slate is committed to working with Ex-offenders on a holistic level, to rehabilitate, empower, equip and release transformed men and woman back into society, living crime-free lives and contribute positively to society.

Cleft Friends Thumb Image

Cleft Friends

Cleft Friends helps parents and children affected by cleft lips and palates by providing support as soon as possible after birth through a parent support group network of moms and dads of cleft children who have the necessary training and hands-on experience. These amazing parents have walked the same road and want to share their stories of hope with others. It is the initial contact with another parent that makes all the difference. It sends a message of hope and relief in a traumatic situation. Our vision is to create awareness and educate communities about cleft lips and palates.

Cleo's Repatriation Thumb Image

Cleo's Repatriation

I'm raising funds to go over to Portugal to be reunited with my daughter Cleo and have her repatriated.

Clifford - World Wheelchair Pool Champs Thumb Image

Clifford - World Wheelchair Pool Champs

I am the 2017 South African Wheelchair 8-ball Pool champion, and I am aiming to raise funding to cover expenses for travelling to and representing South Africa in the World Wheelchair 8-ball Pool Championships in Blackpool, England from the 23rd to the 30th June 2018.

Climb Higher Youth Development Centre Thumb Image

Climb Higher Youth Development Centre

Climb Higher Youth Development Centre is registered non profit organisation that help unemployed young people between the ages of 16-34 with various skills in Stelllenbosch and surrounding areas.

Climb4TheMind Thumb Image


I am raising funds for my 2018 Mount Kilimanjaro climb - I'm climbing for mental health and eradicating stigma against people who live with mental illnesses like Bipolar disorder, Depression, Anxiety disorders etc.

Climbing at Youth World Championships Thumb Image

Climbing at Youth World Championships

I have been selected to climb for South Africa. I need to raise funds to cover part of the cost of my trip to the Youth World Championships in Austria.

Clinton September Study Cause Thumb Image

Clinton September Study Cause

I am raising funds to enroll onto Property Mentoring Program. This course will help me with the theoretical and practical aspects of getting started with property

Clive's Construction Health and Safety Studies Cause Thumb Image

Clive's Construction Health and Safety Studies Cause

Having worked in Fire Risk Assessment, Clive has realised that he had a unique talent and passion for Construction Health and Safety. He completed a short online course and was top of his class and realises that he needs formal accreditation. He thoroughly explored the options, and decided the best qualification was offered by Oxbridge Academy and he now needs to raise funds to study.

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Cloetesvillle High School Thumb Image

Cloetesvillle High School

Cloetesvillle High School has launched an initiative aimed at sourcing financial sponsorships from individuals and local organisations in order to support our 2019 Matric learners’ academic fees.

Closing the Book Foundation  Thumb Image

Closing the Book Foundation

We are aimed at helping men and woman that has been abused, raped, body shamed, discriminated against and bullied heal through art. We use photography art as a means to express and heal. Also hoping to start programmes in under privileged communities to raise awareness against bullying.

Cluny Animal Trust Thumb Image

Cluny Animal Trust

The Cluny Animal Trust is an independent veterinary welfare organisation established in February 2011 to serve the needs of animals owned by impoverished residents of the Eastern Free State. 

The trust stems from Dr. Katherine Barker’s sterilisation program established in 2004 and is currently run from her small private veterinary clinic in Fouriesburg.

The Cluny Animal Trust aims:

  • To end the needless suffering of animals by providing veterinary treatment
  • To educate owners in proper animal care, feeding and preventative treatment
  • Run an independent, small animal hospital and a mobile clinic
  • To sterilise animals to prevent unwanted litters

Please visit our website to find out more about us.

Clyde Pinelands Football Club Thumb Image

Clyde Pinelands Football Club

Established in 1898, the oldest club in South Africa, Clyde is dedicated to providing amateur football opportunity and facilities to both senior and junior players, coaches and administrators along with supporting the community with events outside of football.

Co-operative for Research and Education Thumb Image

Co-operative for Research and Education

Our Mission is to strengthen democracy in South Africa by sharing knowledge and information through training, research and evaluation services to Community-Based groups, Non-Profit Organisations, Labour movement movements and Educational institutions

COACH Thumb Image


Coach is an integration of three children’s homes, St George’s, St Nicolas and St Joseph’s Homes. The integration of Coach occurred in the year 2002. However, our Homes have been in existence since the year

Our primary purpose is to fulfill the needs of the children in our care. Many of our young people have suffered a great deal of pain, trauma and trying times. Children come to us angry, abused, neglected and
uncared for.

Our devoted professionals begin the process of identifying the needs and drawing up solutions from the initial stages of admission.

Much effort is put into to this process as it requires many details on many different levels. Issues are dealt with children from the age of 0 up until the age of 18.

Our various component programmes address specific issues ranging from therapeutic care, life skills, education as well as day to day living skills.

With all of our programmes, we are able to develop our children and their skills to cope in society as well as progress academically to work towards a better and brighter future.

Coach Thando's Camera Cause Thumb Image

Coach Thando's Camera Cause

Coach Thando is also a keen photographer, and has over the years saved and invested in camera equipment.  He can be found at all chess events with his camera around his neck, capturing each special moment.  Sadly, his camera has gone missing at this year's SAJCC event and Coach Thando simply does not have the funds to replace it.

Cobus Visser's #KiliOnPurpose Thumb Image

Cobus Visser's #KiliOnPurpose

Never in my wildest dreams did I think, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was a possibility. Help me to raise funds for my climb and for my organization to show the world that, even though you suffer from pain, there are no limitations in life.

Cochlear Upgrade for Shakirah Thumb Image

Cochlear Upgrade for Shakirah

We are hoping to raise funds for the upgrading of Shakirah's speech processors...

CodeMakers NPC Thumb Image

CodeMakers NPC

CodeMakers believes in the power of young people in South Africa and helps them realise their potential by giving them access to tools to learn, create, and become informed. We teach computer coding to learners in low-income communities giving them skills, confidence, and opportunities to create stories, video games, and othe media that they think matter.

Cody Recovery Fund Thumb Image

Cody Recovery Fund

On June 7th, 2017, fires ravaged the Eden District. Under threat, 5 ponies at Essendale farm were escorted to an area presumed safe. The ponies were lost in the mayhem. Cody was found walking home 3 weeks later - severely burned, struggling to see. All funds raised here will help with Cody's veterinary care, as well as compensating the trackers/search.

Coetzer's New Equipment Cause Thumb Image

Coetzer's New Equipment Cause

It is with a sad heart that I write this, but Coetzer Cooke had a robbery at his apartment and lost EVERYTHING. With everything, I mean his WHOLE career. It’s unimaginable for me to think that losing camera’s and lenses and all the equipment used to edit his work - is now lost.

Colbyn Scout group Thumb Image

Colbyn Scout group

Elzaan Bester is an enthusiastic cub scout at the 5th Hillcrest/Colbyn Scout group. As a group they are passionate about the environment.  As such they are very active in a recycling initiative from the Owl Rescue centre in Hartebeestpoort. 
 The cubs would dearly love to have a few owl houses placed within the Colbyn Wetlands but need funds to purchase these.

Cole Johnson Medical Cause Thumb Image

Cole Johnson Medical Cause

Cole Johnson (14) has a number of medical problems and we where wondering if anyone could help with raising money for his medical expenses.  We are on a very good medical aid but where we seem to fall short every month is on his medication bills. The smallest donation would be so greatly appreciated.

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Cole Seherie Soccer Cause Thumb Image

Cole Seherie Soccer Cause

U/18 Annual Internation Youth Tournament will be held in Dallas, USA (sanctioned by FIFA). Cole is one of the youngest players that has been selected to join this team in their tour next year April 2019. 

Cole’s Choir Tour Thumb Image

Cole’s Choir Tour

Cole has recently made the prestigious KZN Midlands Youth Choir and has an opportunity to travel to Wales to sing in an international choir competition. This is quite a feat considering he will never drive a car, see in colour or distinguish details further than an arms length from his face.

Colin's HSBC Sevens Rugby Tour Thumb Image

Colin's HSBC Sevens Rugby Tour

I have been selected to play in the HSBC 7s rugby tournament in Dubai from the 27th of November till 3rd December.

Colins Medical Campaign Thumb Image

Colins Medical Campaign

Colin Williams was admitted to the KZN state hospital on 17 May this year.  An emergency, 2 and a 1/2 hour operation for a septic hernia, was done on 18 May. Colin was kept in ICU for three days. After care costs is also expected to be extremely high.  A plea for your help and intervention in this serious matter, would be kindly appreciated.

Colla Voce Jeugkoor / Youth Choir Thumb Image

Colla Voce Jeugkoor / Youth Choir

Colla Voce Youth Choir is a registered non-profit organisation, which aims to provide a platform for talented youth to further develop their musical skills.  We have choristers from various schools and universities from across Gauteng and the Vaal Triangle, across all social sectors.  We perform and compete nationally and internationally - our biography and resume are available on our website (

Colleen Crowdfunding for Stolen Items Thumb Image

Colleen Crowdfunding for Stolen Items

I allowed a couple to stay with me rent free for 6 months because they had a baby on the way and were both unemployed. I had to ask them to leave after I came back from holiday to find a lot of my things were missing (probably have been sold) and they had vandalized the room they were sleeping in.

Collin's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Collin's Medical Cause

Collin is a happy little six-year old... most of the time. His problem is a lack of bowel control. The specialists need to do more tests to determine the cause.

Collins Studies Thumb Image

Collins Studies

I am a final year Bachelor of Accounting (Accounting Science) student at the University of Johannesburg.  My journey started in 2013, I am supposed to already be doing my articles, and unfortunately things did not go according to plan. In 2017 I got diagnosed with depression and failed yet again. It's now 2018, I passed the 1st semester and I am more than ready to keep fighting for my dream to become a reality.

Color Run for Bizweni Centre Thumb Image

Color Run for Bizweni Centre

The Bizweni Centre for Children with Disabilities in Somerset West believes that every child, irrespective of their disability and circumstances should have access to the right education and care. Bizweni provides a safe, loving environment where a child with a disability has the opportunity to learn and develop to their fullest potential.

COLOR RUN for Domestic Animal Care PE Thumb Image

COLOR RUN for Domestic Animal Care PE

Domestic Animal Care is a registered Non-profit Organisation and was founded by Ellen Dunning in the early '80s. Ellen Dunning was the founder of Domestic Animal Care and has been serving underprivileged animals around Port Elizabeth for the past 35 years.

Colors Academy NPC Thumb Image

Colors Academy NPC

Established in 2008, Colors Academy, is dedicated to uplifting and improving the lives of low-income fruit farm workers and their families, through social development, education and health initiatives. With sustained and individual attention, the Academy provides focussed programmes through each life-stage of a person, aiming to nurture the unique individual to achieve his or her maximum potential. Social intervention on various levels equips people to break the cycles of the far-reaching effects of poverty; delayed physical and psychological development, inadequate education, substance abuse as well as physical and emotional abuse. To this end, Colors Academy offers early childhood development programmes on farms, as well as children’s recreational activities. Counselling programmes and skill-building initiatives are offered to adults, including literacy and numeric skills. In addition, the work of the organisation is underpinned by good governance, transparency and the improvement of services to local communities and sound stewardship of the biodiversity of land used for farming and food security in South Africa.

Comfort Ajibola Study Cause Thumb Image

Comfort Ajibola Study Cause

Since completing my degree in English (BA) at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, I have wanted to further my studies by pursuing my BA Hons in Film Producing&Directing at The South African School of Motion Picture Medium & Live Performance, AFDA in South Africa.

Comfort for Philesia Campaign Thumb Image

Comfort for Philesia Campaign

My mom has stage 4 cancer and has been on chemo for 6 months she now weights 40kgs. With the funds raised here, I want to make my moms life as comfortable as is possible.

Community Chest of the Eastern Cape Thumb Image

Community Chest of the Eastern Cape

The Community Chest of the Eastern Cape is a non-profit organisation that leads supports and participates in community efforts that build capacity and mobilize resources to improve lives and create positive, long term social change in loxcal communities.

Community Chest of the Nelson Mandela Metro Thumb Image

Community Chest of the Nelson Mandela Metro

The Community Chest is a fundraising organisation that effectively distributes resources to support development initiatives in vulnerable communities within the Nelson Mandela Metro.It is one of the oldest charities in SA helping thousands of people.

Community Connections Thumb Image

Community Connections

Community Connections is a community development agency. We support community-led development by strengthening the capacity of community workers and community based organisations to conscientise, organise and agitate for the transformation of society

Community Connections Thumb Image

Community Connections

Community Connections(CC) is a capacity building organisation for grassroots organisations based in Philippi, one of the poorest communties in South Africa. We offer holistic capacity development and support programmes that foster development of CBOs and community workers to initiate, manage, organise and sustain processes in thier communities.

Community Education Programme Thumb Image

Community Education Programme

We are hoping to raise funds for a Community Programme that supports Students at Inner City Schools prepare for their School Leaving Exams.

Community Keepers NPC Thumb Image

Community Keepers NPC

Community Keepers, was founded in 2008 to specifically offer free professional psychological and social services to children, their teachers and parents.

Community Led Animal Welfare Thumb Image

Community Led Animal Welfare

CLAW is a welfare organisation, renowned as the pioneer of community based primary animal healthcare in South Africa.

Community Medical and Fire Response Cause Thumb Image

Community Medical and Fire Response Cause

Community Medical and Fire Response is a voluntary service, Medics and Fire fighters are rendering to the community, free of charge. Our aim is to provide fast and efficient Pre - Hospital Emergency medical care to any person, regardless of conditions and or Circumstances

Community Medics Trust Thumb Image

Community Medics Trust

Community Medics, a volunteer emergency medical response organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa. With a 20 year track record, we are able to provide exactly that quick and decisive response that could mean the difference between life and death for any person in need.

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Community Outreach Forum Thumb Image

Community Outreach Forum

We assist and focus on those vulnerable kids who have no parents or means of support by uplifting them using education and proper feeding. Most of them don't know what is to have a parents love and have had no family stability since birth.

Community Provisions and Social Service Thumb Image

Community Provisions and Social Service

GOOD DAY I hope and trust that all is well. Thank you so very much for taking my call. Please can I ask if you can take a moment and have a look at our proposal. We are running an Emergency Sponsorship Project for the children we care for. We don’t get any form of assistance from the State (Government, that is why we rely on Companies such as yours for assistance to keep our babies and children in a loved and cared for environment. We find ourselves in dire straits and on a survival level having to depend on your generosity. We care for approximately 102 babies and children, aged between new born - 17 years that are from abused & abandoned, terminally ill, and impoverished and previously disadvantaged background.



We assist the less fortunate communities with sanitary  and cleaning products, when food donations are received we distribute it amongst the needy communities. 

We also assist with Children's Court cases information when parents feel that children have been unethically removed. 

We also do motivational speaking and councilling to victims of abuse,  domestic violence, human trafficking and drug addiction. 

Community Reachout Forum Thumb Image

Community Reachout Forum

Community Reach Out Forum founded in 2007 is a Section 21 Non Profit Organization. Our work is to provide to the less fortunate in our communities with their basic essential needs by feeding and try our utmost best to clothe those who are unable to do so. Our main concern is the children, youth and the aged in frail care. Many children would attend school without anything to eat for the day. With the high unemployment, drug, and crime rate in our community, we need to develop the skills of our people to empower those underprivileged and unemployed with practical skills to starts their own business and to become financially independent. Participants will be motivated to face challenges in life. We at Community Reach out Forum commit ourselves to make a change in the lives of our children and especially our Youth that are confronted with challenges in drug abuse, whilst many families are affected by this on a daily basis. we assist the cerebral palsied,children in convalescent homes, and the frail care.

Community Skills Development Project Thumb Image

Community Skills Development Project

I already have a little training centre setup for our Helderberg communities. We already have most of the equipment, but are going to have problems covering the initial utility bills, office supplies and rental.

Community Witness Newspaper Thumb Image

Community Witness Newspaper

Community Witness is a free community newspaper that is established for community development and to increase the readership level in Duduza township and the surrounding areas ( Tsakane and Kwa-thema).

Compass Thumb Image



We are running an Emergency Winter donation Project for the children we care for. We don’t get any form of assistance from the State (Government), that is why we rely on South africans such as you for assistance to keep our babies and children in a loved and cared for environment.  We find ourselves in dire straits and on a survival level having to depend on your generosity.

Complete Veterinary Medicine Abroad Thumb Image

Complete Veterinary Medicine Abroad

Veterinary medicine has been my passion and my life's dream and due to personal circumstances it was put on hold. I am raising funds to make my dream a reality!

Computer Fundraiser for my Brother Thumb Image

Computer Fundraiser for my Brother

My brother is a civil engineering student in Pretoria. One of the requirements is to have a laptop of computer to do his work/drawings/projects. Let us help him to make life a bit easier.

Comrades for Co-Active Thumb Image

Comrades for Co-Active

A weird collection of Comrades hopefuls are trying to raise funds for Co-Active, a small NPO which is trying to uplift the lives of the underprivileged youth of the Western Cape.

Comrades for Izzy Thumb Image

Comrades for Izzy

Isabella Beck (Izzy) is the most amazing 8 year old little girl that was born with Cerebral Palsy. She approaches every day with so much joy and has a smile that melts your heart. We have hopes and dreams to be able to raise money for Izzy to get an "eye tracker" device which will allow her to use her eyes to access her communication system.

Connect Network NPC  Thumb Image

Connect Network NPC

Founded in 2004 Connect Network is a network of around 100 non profits in Capetown who have committed to work together to create a safety net for children who are at risk. 

Conner's Karate Cause Thumb Image

Conner's Karate Cause

This young sportsman, Conner Thiart from Goshukan Karate, has been selected as a representative of Africa Goju Ryu Karate Federation to participate in the 5th World Goju Ryu Karate Championships in Malaysia September 2019. This would be his first International Competition.

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Connor Allers Medical Cause Thumb Image

Connor Allers Medical Cause

Our son, Connor Allers was born via emergency C-section on the 20th of August 2018, 6 weeks prematurely, after mommy was diagnosed with preeclampsia.

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Connor Fransman Football Cause Thumb Image

Connor Fransman Football Cause

I have been selected to play in the Iber Cup in Portugal in June/July 2019 and need help to raise funds to get me there,soccer is my passion and my dream to play abroad.So if you can donate anything towards my Tour it would be appreciated.


Conservation Lake Tanganyika Thumb Image

Conservation Lake Tanganyika

A group of concerned people helping to raise funds for Conservation Tanganyika

Constance's Brick House Cause Thumb Image

Constance's Brick House Cause

Constance is the housekeeper of a few apartments that I manage in Cape Town. She lives in an informal settlement called Khayelitsha in a "shack".  Her dream is to own a brick house with water and electricity, closer to town so that she can save on transport costs and be able to do additional jobs which she misses out on due to traveling constraints. 

Conwonnitè Choir Thumb Image

Conwonnitè Choir

The 2018 World Choir Games (it is the Olympics for Choirs) will be hosted in South Africa this July for the first time ever...and we have been pre-qualified!!

CORA (Caring for Orphans in Rural Areas) Thumb Image

CORA (Caring for Orphans in Rural Areas)

CORA develops pre-school enrichement centres from grassroots levels in disadvantaged rural areas, including basic numeracy and literacy, sanitation and security, teacher training and feeding schemes.

Coram Deo Thumb Image

Coram Deo

Coram Deo Ministry was established as a non-profit organisation registered in 2005. Encouraged by the passion to help others a children's home called Coram Deo Place of Care was born in 2008.

Corbyn's Sports Cause Thumb Image

Corbyn's Sports Cause

Let’s help Corbyn fulfill his dreams. Let’s get him to London to compete in the OCR World Champs this October 2018. 

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Campaign Thumb Image

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Campaign

Villiers Nel was born on 9 March 2007 in Stellenbosch South Africa.  He was diagnosed as having a defective gene in April 2008. Receiving a diagnosis of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome can be overwhelming.  His expenses are R8000 per month, his medical bills are R300 000 per year and we need help to cover this please.

Cornelius De Jager - team photographer campaign Thumb Image

Cornelius De Jager - team photographer campaign

I have been chosen as team photographer for the 2018 EBA (Ethekwini Bodyboarding Association) team. The team will be competing at SA's in CPT in October.

Cornellskop Campaign Thumb Image

Cornellskop Campaign

Cornellskop has been home to to Luke Cornell, since 2007. The 140ha farm in Bot River is a tranquil location which Luke has carefully developed over the years in order to create the best possible environment for all the animals in his care. We are raising funds to assist Luke with the upkeep of his beautiful farm.

Corrie's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Corrie's Medical Cause

Corrie went on an outreach to Malawi on his motorcycle to go help and support a community that he is actively involved with.   On his way back at Lusaka, Zambia, he was involved in a serious accident and needed to be airlifted and flown back to South Africa.  His medical aid unfortunately did not cover the medical expenses incurred in Zambia nor the aeromedical cost and we need help to raise funds to cover these costs.

Country Duty NPO Thumb Image

Country Duty NPO

Khayelitsha is an informal township in Cape Town, which is home to 391749 people and is one of  South Africa's largest townships. On top of being victims of South Africa's rampant economic inequality they've recently suffered a shack fire which left more than 200 shacks destroyed, one person killed and  4000 displaced.

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Courage Chiringa Study Cause Thumb Image

Courage Chiringa Study Cause

Please help me further my education at UCT. This will not only make my dream come true, but will serve as an inspiration to my family and community that everything is possible and not give up on their dreams.

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Courageous Cole Campaign Thumb Image

Courageous Cole Campaign

Cole was born with Club feet, a cleft palate and a hole in his heart. After weighing only 2.2kgs at birth he is now weighing 6kgs at almost 7 months. Sweden does a full genome test which will be able to pick up if there is anything wrong with any of Coles chromosomes. We would love to do this testing so that we can give Cole the best treatment.

Courteney's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Courteney's Medical Cause

For me, losing weight is not as simple as some think it to be. When I was 17 I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This means that no matter what I try- my hormones just refuse to play game. 
The gastric bypass has been shown to be one of the most successful ways to lose weight and keep it off for individuals suffering from PCOS.

Courtney's 3rd Year Fund Thumb Image

Courtney's 3rd Year Fund

I am hoping fund my daughter (Courtney Waters) BSc (Molecule Bio & Tech) studies at Stellenbosch University - third year and Hon 2018 & 2019.

Courtney's campaign for Dom's Fight Thumb Image

Courtney's campaign for Dom's Fight

Dominique Manuel, a 43 year old mother to two teenagers who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma on the after going to the doctor with sever stomach pains. We kindly ask for donations to help clear Dominique's medical cost.

Courtney's Eye Operation Cause Thumb Image

Courtney's Eye Operation Cause

I was diagnosed with Keratoconus and will need to undergo a cross linking procedure every second year. This would be my third time going for the procedure which costs R6500.  Please help me cover the costs.

Courtneys water polo campaign Thumb Image

Courtneys water polo campaign

I have recently been selected to represent the South African u/18 girls team which will be participating in the 4th FINA Women's Youth World Championships which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia from the 27th of August to the 2nd of September 2018.  Please help me fund my journey to this tournament so I can achieve my goal of representing my country.

Craig Freese Football Cause Thumb Image

Craig Freese Football Cause

My name is Craig Freese, Chairman of Coltz Football Club. I am passionate about Youth and Soccer Development in disadvantaged communities and the greater Pietermaritzburg area. Coltz FC's vision and main objective is to build, nurture and develop young aspiring soccer players into thriving and productive young adults that give back to their own families and in their own way.

Craig Tour to Abuja Thumb Image

Craig Tour to Abuja

In September of this year, the Association of Military Christian Fellowships (AMCF) will host its Pan-African Conference (PAC) in Abuja, Nigeria. The theme of the conference is "Ambassadors for Christ", based on 2 Cor 5:17-21. Craig intends to give a presentation that combines his academic knowledge on civil-military relations with an exploratory theology on the work and responsibility of the Christian soldier.

Craigs Hyperbaric treatments Thumb Image

Craigs Hyperbaric treatments

After being diagnosed with oral cancer,  I had radiotherapy after surgery.  Now as a direct result of radiotherapy, I have been diagnosed with osteoradionecrosis. This occurs when the jawbone is exposed and begins to starve from lack of blood. My jaw recently broke as a result of the weakening of the bone. I need an operation where they take bone from my shin and transplant. But this can only be done once I have had the full course of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments. These treatments will  increase the amount of oxygen around my jaw, which will increase blood circulation, and enable me to have the operation I need.

Craven Week for Xander Thumb Image

Craven Week for Xander

Xander has made the Boland U/13 A-team, which will be competing in the Rugby Craven Week in Kimberly from 1-6 July 2018. Craven week is a very prestigeous achievement in the rugby fraternity and it is every young rugby playing boys dream to play in the tournament!

Creating Change Thumb Image

Creating Change

Creating Change is a Public Benefit Organisation dedicated to addressing food security and food sovereignty challenges in under-served areas. We do this through facilitation of practical and educational workshops addressing nutrition, agriculture and cooking.

Creating Opportunity for Leah Thumb Image

Creating Opportunity for Leah

I am hoping to raise funds to enable my daughter, Leah, to swim at SA junior Nationals in Durban.

Cresset House Thumb Image

Cresset House

Cresset House is a work and residential facility for 60 adults - from ages 18 to 72 - with intellectual disabilities. It has been in existence since 1961. The Residents (or villagers as they are called) live as extended families in 6 large houses with the support of House Leaders and Co-workers, on 28 acres of land in Glen Austin, (on Olifantsfontein Road), Midrand, Gauteng. Many of the individuals currently residing at Cresset House have intellectual disabilities such as Autism and Downs Syndrome and have been staying at the Village for as long as 30 years. They are kept busy in various workshops with activities such as bakery, vegetable gardening, card making, sewing and woodwork. Everyone is encouraged to learn new skills or find new directions, no matter their age or ability.

Crèche and Daycare Toy Drive Cause Thumb Image

Crèche and Daycare Toy Drive Cause

I’m raising money that will go towards a toy drive for young children in Crèches and Day Cares around Rhodes University in Grahamstown. This toy drive is just to try and raise money for the underprivileged children as something to them for their December holidays.

Crime Stop -Enough is Enough! Thumb Image

Crime Stop -Enough is Enough!

We need a solution to the crime in our society! We propose a real-time system. One that would alert you the moment something isn't well at your residence, one that would notify police and security agencies via live camera feed. Please support our fundraiser initiative and share alike.

Critter Rescue SA  Thumb Image

Critter Rescue SA

We are a small rescue organization that rescue, rehabilitates and rehomes bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and lizzards.

 We currently have just over 70 animals in our care and another 32 coming in next week.


Crowdfunding for Angela Thumb Image

Crowdfunding for Angela

Angela suffered a severe back injury (Bilateral Sacroiliac Dislocation) because of a car accident in 2010. We are hoping to raise the funds for Angela before the end of July as she would like to be out of hospital and mobile by the time her birthday comes around at the beginning of August.

Crowdfunding for Capricorn Kids Thumb Image

Crowdfunding for Capricorn Kids

I am trying to raise funds to buy a djembe drum (or more than one if possible) for some impoverished kids from Capricorn (Vrygrond) township in Cape Town.

Crowdfunding for Linde Thumb Image

Crowdfunding for Linde

Linde has just been told she will need an emergency hysterectomy and her family are appealing to anyone who is in a position to help Linde slay the dragon...

Crown of Glory Mission Thumb Image

Crown of Glory Mission

Crown of Glory Mission is a Home Community Based Care in Vosloorus. We do Home Visits and Door to Door Campaigns to the elderly, frail and chronic, orphans and vulnerable children, hiv/aids infected and affected. We do care, counselling and psychosocial support to all our communities. We distribute clothes, school uniforms and food parcels to the indigent and destitute including child headed homes. We screen for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and give referrals accordingly. We hold Health talks and do responsible condom ditribution. We move from site to site, ward to ward doing Hiv Testing Services (HTS) and linking clients to healthcare facilities. We pitch gazebos on site and do mass mobilization for TB Screening, Sexually Transmitted Illnesses Screening (STI's) and Hiv testing Sevices. We run Treatment Adherence Clubs whereby we disseminate health information to all present.  We trace defaulters and link them to healthcare facilities.



To support this cause please click on the project below and the yellow donate button

CRUZ Foundation Trust Thumb Image

CRUZ Foundation Trust

I have a dream to create symbiotic Christian communities for orphaned children and the elderly in South Africa. The CRUZ Foundation has been set up as a Public Benefit Organisation for this purpose.

CSC North Thumb Image

CSC North

The CSC North is a NPO, 1936,consisting of a network of social workers. Our vision is to give HOPE to people in despair. We SAVE and PROTECT children.

Cultural Tour to China Thumb Image

Cultural Tour to China

This is Mvuyelwa Tyibilika. He goes to Kingswood College. They have a cultural tour coming in August 2018, going to China. This is once in a lifetime opportunity because it doesn't come everyday.

Cupcakes of Hope Thumb Image

Cupcakes of Hope

Our aim is to raise awareness and funds for families affected by cancer and in need of medical assistance. We do this through our love of baking cupcakes and our passion for the welfare of children suffereing from cancer.

To set up your own fundraising page for Cupcakes For Hope click here

Cuppa for CANSA Thumb Image

Cuppa for CANSA

Cuppa for Cancer is a national fundraising initiative made up of local events that raise funds for for those affected by cancer. The aim is to raise so that it will be used specifically to enable care and support programmes at local CANSA Care Centres. Please donate! Every bit helps!

Curing Curt of Cancer Campaign Thumb Image

Curing Curt of Cancer Campaign

My daughter is 10, and her dad, Curt was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in October 2017 (Glioblastoma Tumor). We are now purchasing the best possible cancer treatment...

Curro Nelspruit - Moving Mountains 2018 Thumb Image

Curro Nelspruit - Moving Mountains 2018

Curro Nelspruit staff, parents and friends have taken on the challenge to cycle the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge to raise funds and awareness for Moving Mountains - In support of cancer patients.



Jana King and 5 Curves members have lost their homes in the devastating Knysna Fires, our aim is to raise funds for them so that they can rebuild their homes. 

Cutting the Roots Thumb Image

Cutting the Roots

Cutting The Roots means - Move on to something better. It's an initiative South African adventurer Gerrit Brits began to make the world a better place. On this remarkable 3600km journey, while living the simplest life known to man, he realized - if people start respecting nature and start living the dream, humanity will find peace.

Cyber Security Awareness Foundation Thumb Image

Cyber Security Awareness Foundation

The Cyber Security Awareness Foundation (CSAF) is a registered non-profit organization focused on educating society and children on how to be safe online.

Cycle Power  Thumb Image

Cycle Power

Cycle Power is an organisation focused on creating a sustainable cycling infrastructure for future talents to build careers on. The aim is to take care of the young talent in South Africa and help them through the ranks from an U/16 level through to compete as an elite in the Olympic Games.

Cycle Safe (SADD) KZN Thumb Image

Cycle Safe (SADD) KZN

Cycle Safe was started to create awareness and to educate the public. Cyclists are very vulnerable on our roads and too many die unnecessarily every year.

Cyclist in need Thumb Image

Cyclist in need

We are raising funds for Dustin's immediate expenses eg. Medicine, doctors fees, physio etc... and the support of his family in this trying time.

Cynthia's Studies Cause Thumb Image

Cynthia's Studies Cause

Cynthia is a 3rd year nursing student at NMMU and do not have money to continue and finish her degree. She`s at the verge of dropping out because she missed the due date of registration which was in July, and the university is expecting their money as soon as possible. She needs to pay R38000 which is an outstanding balance, then R 16000 is the balance for this year (total R52000)

D.A.R.T. Thumb Image


Daisy Animal Rescue Trust: Committed to voluntary care, love and protection of all homeless, abused and abandoned animals.

DA Thumb Image


The DA is the most diverse and dynamic party in South Africa. We are the only party to have grown in every election since 1994. But, more importantly, we are the only party with a credible, proven plan to create real jobs. Where we govern, we have delivered the country’s best performance scores in education, health, service delivery and clean governance.



My Dad is 73 years old and has no Pension or Medical aid. He has Cataracts in both eyes and is going blind from them. The waiting list to have the eye surgery through Groote Schuur is many years and I’m afraid that he will be completely blind before he ever gets his chance.

Dagny's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Dagny's Medical Cause

Dagny has been hospitalized in Trichardt Mediclinic with congestive heart failure.  They recently changed medical aid and are still within the 3 month waiting period. Her treatment up until now is R27 000.00 which we were able to gather and pay. We ask for assistance so that these tests can be done.

Daily Bread Charitable Trust Thumb Image

Daily Bread Charitable Trust

Daily Bread Children's Home is a registered Charitable Trust whose objectives are to provide residential therapeutic environment that meets children's holistic needs. It strives for 'a better living for every child'. The home provides the following services to children who are 6-18 years. The services provided are residential care, education provision and promotion through career school, life skills development, families' reunification, psycho - social support, and promotion of spiritual - sports, arts and positive recreational development. Daily Bread is supported by Provincial Department of Social Development and by different stakeholders. In order to transform the lives of the 69 orphans and other vulnerable children currently at Daily Bread, there are different practical skills development programmes offered in the form of carpentry, pottery, sewing and cookery. Our efforts can be best achieved through the support of you people. Our main concern and hope at Daily Bread is to equip the children to be active citizens, productive and responsible people.

Dallas's Netball Cause Thumb Image

Dallas's Netball Cause

An opportunity that not only will be a dream come true -Orlando,Florida- but will be a momentous step  to make my dream a reality .  KTK UNIVERSAL NETBALL TOUR in October this year ! Has selected me to play in their tour and I couldn’t be more excited and thankfull. 

Damion Hendricks New Car Cause Thumb Image

Damion Hendricks New Car Cause

I never got the chance to save for a car and now that I got the opportunity to work at a amazing company doing my dream job I really need reliable transport.

Dan van Vuuren Medical Cause Thumb Image

Dan van Vuuren Medical Cause

Dan lost his leg due to negligence from medical staff at a Government hospital. Please help him get his life back

Dana Cup 2018 Thumb Image

Dana Cup 2018

We are hoping to raise funds for an opportunity for our boys to travel to Denmark for the 2018 Dana Cup, where they will compete with their peers across the globe.

Dance Domination Marilize Griffiths Thumb Image

Dance Domination Marilize Griffiths

Twenty-six (26) dancers from Dance Domination Marilize Griffiths in Bloemfontein has qualified to take part in the Disco World Championships in Chomutov, Czech Republic in June this year. 

DanceWeb Studios Travel Cause Thumb Image

DanceWeb Studios Travel Cause

Our team has been chosen to represent South Africa in the DanceStar  World Championships in Croatia in May 2019.
There are a few dancers that cannot afford to go and they are super talented and would like the opportunity to showcase their talent on a prestigous world class stage;) 

Dancing to their dreams Thumb Image

Dancing to their dreams

We hope to raise enough funds to help 8 of our dancers to get to Croatia to compete in an international dance competition.

Dandelion Prayers Thumb Image

Dandelion Prayers

This fund will concentrate on raising monies to assisit the Corbett family in covering the therapy costs for 23-year-old Damian Corbett, who has suffered a severe brain injury.

Dane Venter's Travel Cause Thumb Image

Dane Venter's Travel Cause

Dane is a 9 year old girl that was selected as part of the SA team to participate in the 18th PAMA GLOBAL Maths and Mental Arithmetic Championships in Malaysia on the 30th December 2018.  

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Dane's Study Cause Thumb Image

Dane's Study Cause

My son Dane Lawrence has recently been accepted for a wonderful opportunity, to study at the Shandong Normal University in China. I am asking for donations for him for the following: Transportation to OR Tambo Airport, a cell phone he desperately needs one, bag for his books toiletries and clothes.

Danés Performing Arts Campaign Thumb Image

Danés Performing Arts Campaign

Dané was chosen as one of the very talented participants to accompany the South African Team to California from 2 - 18 July 2018 but the cost is astronomical.  Her father is a single dad and therefore we would like to ask you to open your hearts to make this dream come true!  

Dani's Dreams Thumb Image

Dani's Dreams

Danette started doing Tug of War at the age of 13. At first we thought it would just be a phase and she would soon quit as it looked like a tough sport for a girl to compete in. But now after 5 long years of dedication, hard work and Tournaments she has finally reached her Dream: To participate on International Level representing her Country.

Danie Coetzee Medical Cause Thumb Image

Danie Coetzee Medical Cause

At the age of 10, Danie was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellites type I. The last 3 years saw many dramatic changes in his health (despite an active, healthy lifestyle), including the amputation of 4 toes, heart valve failure and Celiac disease.  

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Daniel & Emile Stem Cell Therapy Thumb Image

Daniel & Emile Stem Cell Therapy

We are trying to help a family in our school that have 2 Autistic son’s. This family managed to raise, through various means, enough money to take their boys to India for stem cell treatment. The family now need to do the second round of treatment at a cost of +/- 9000USD plus flights by no later than June 2018. 

Daniel and Friends Fund Thumb Image

Daniel and Friends Fund

Daniel and Friends is a Cape-based NPO that supports children with special needs.



 Our mission is to keep and enhance the quality of life for our family of citizens through services, stewardship of resources, and shared responsibility, to work with our community to reduce hunger and increase food security.

We have formed this organization out of concern to assist the needy and disadvantage people, the less privileged.

Daniel Labuschagne's Smile Cause Thumb Image

Daniel Labuschagne's Smile Cause

Daniel Labuschagne was born with a Cleft Lip and Palate. He needs funding for surgeries. 

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Daniel Levy - Dancing Dream Thumb Image

Daniel Levy - Dancing Dream

My name is Daniel Levy, I am a 17 year old dancer from Johannesburg South Africa. I had the opportunity to audition for the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School and I am delighted that I have been accepted into their 4 year pre-professional trainee program.

Daniel Reaches for the Stars Thumb Image

Daniel Reaches for the Stars

We are the proud parents of this awesome young boy, Daniël Klopper, that has been chosen to represent SANSSU National Shooting team after tuff competition held on 30 March - 1 April. 

Daniel to Study Engineering Thumb Image

Daniel to Study Engineering

I would like to raise funds so that my son Daniel can study Mechatronic engineering at Stellenbosch University. Daniel has maintained a grade average of above 80% from grade 8 to grade 12.

Daniel's Cycling Cause Thumb Image

Daniel's Cycling Cause

My name is Daniel van der Walt. I am a 17 year old cyclist living in Cape Town, South Africa and it has definitely been a dream of mine to go to participate in the MTB world champs.

Daniel's Dream Thumb Image

Daniel's Dream

Daniel Nelson is a 3 year old boy from Secunda, Mpumalanga, and was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in August 2016. It is a merciless disease that attacks the nervous system cells. He is an avid fisherman, and would love to see the big fish and marine life at U-Shaka! Let's make his dream come true!

Daniel's IFSC Youth World Champs Thumb Image

Daniel's IFSC Youth World Champs

I am a Grade 12 student at the Pretoria Boys High School and I qualified to represent South Africa in the 2017 IFSC Youth World sport climbing championship to be held in Austria in September 2017.

Daniel's New Drone Cause Thumb Image

Daniel's New Drone Cause

For those of you who don't know, my DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone was stolen from me at the end of last year during the process of selling it in order to fund my Australia trip. I'd love to get another drone on my hands to tell more stories and show you all a different perspective of our beautiful country we get to call home. Any donations are welcome.

Daniel's Road to Japan Thumb Image

Daniel's Road to Japan

My son has been selected to go to Japan is September to grade for his black belt. He is 11 and has been doing karate for 7 years. I would appreciate any support in raising the funds to enable him this opportunity!

Daniella's CMV Treatment Thumb Image

Daniella's CMV Treatment

My daughter, Daniella Snyman, has recently relapsed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She has had two stem cell transplants. She has however developed a Cytomeglovirus infection. The next step forward is to put her on a medication that is not standard protocol in South Africa.

Danielle Douman Travel Cause Thumb Image

Danielle Douman Travel Cause

We all know how badly Danielle wants to spend Christmas with her family and friends in Cape Town, so let's back our buddy and GET HER HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

Danielle's Football Cause Thumb Image

Danielle's Football Cause

Please help me send my daughter Danielle on the PMB High Schools Football Association Invitational Football Tour to Europe.  Danielle has represented KwaZulu Natal for the last three years and now has been given this amazing opportunity to attend training clinics in Europe and to play in the Open Easter Tournament in the Netherlands. 

Danile Tshazibane Campaign Thumb Image

Danile Tshazibane Campaign

Danile Tshazibane is a 22 year old South African, who grew up in the Northern Cape. He passed his matric with a bachelor's degree and saw the opportunity to study further, but walking for 17km for 2 hours to University and back home, was his worst nightmare. 

Danique's Drum Majorettes Cause Thumb Image

Danique's Drum Majorettes Cause

Danique is a team member of Groote Schuur Primary Drum Majorettes (GSPS).  She's been part of the team for 4 years running and is so proud to be affiliated to this amazing group of girls.  This year she obtained her WP colours and will be going to Polokwane for her Samca colours.  

Danita  Henning Chicken House Cause Thumb Image

Danita Henning Chicken House Cause

We had a very bad storm last evening (Thursday 17 January ) here in Pretoria East and it blew my chicken rearing house about 50 - 60 m away and dropped it on it's side. It is 15m long and has extensive damage.  

Danni's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Danni's Medical Cause

On the 21st of May, Danni fell and sustained a serious injury, where she shattered her tibia and broke her fibula (medically known as a Tibial Plateau Fracture). She was operated on and fitted with a plate and pins. Danni isn't on medical aid and the journey ahead is still long and future surgeries / complications, still unknown - the immediate costs are building up. 

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Dans Star Deline Krog Thumb Image

Dans Star Deline Krog

I have qualified for the DanceStar World Dance Masters 2018 in Croatia. This is really an amazing opportunity and will be a life changing event which could greatly influence my dancing career in the future.

Danyul's Fund Thumb Image

Danyul's Fund

We would like to raise funds for a DNA analysis and MRI scan for our son Danyul du Toit who was born with Pierre Robin Sequence.

Daphnes Back Operation Thumb Image

Daphnes Back Operation

6 years ago Daphne fell off a flight of stairs. At the time she did not have medical aid and did not have x-rays taken. Now her spine is crumbling. She is living in constant pain and no pain medication is helping. Unfortunately she needs a specialized operation that Government Hospitals can't offer. Please help Daphne to reach her goal to be pain free once more

Dare to Care Ermelo Thumb Image

Dare to Care Ermelo

Non profit organization based in the Gert Sibande District of Mpumalanga, South Africa. We focus in providing care and support of orphans and vulnerable children.

Dare to Imagine Thumb Image

Dare to Imagine

I want to create opportunities for young boys to experience life outside their daily existence of crime, violence, gangsterism, drugs and poverty.



On the 26 March 2012 a few friends went to the Haven shelter and cooked for the Napier Street and Woodstock branches for over 200 people. Everyone who joined really enjoyed giving back. Once again we cooked for the shelter and as interest grew it was decided to work on a regular basis and we went bigger each time.

DARG Thumb Image


DARG is a pro-life organisation that supports the rescue, care, rehabilitation and rehoming of neglected, abandoned and abused domestic animals.

Darryls soccer tour Thumb Image

Darryls soccer tour

Liverpool Football Club and Challenger Sports has chosen me to go for trials at the Liverpool International Academy. It would be a great help to raise the money to help me with an experience of a life time.

Darus Saulieghien Quraan Center Thumb Image

Darus Saulieghien Quraan Center

Darus Saulieghien Quraan Academy’s (DSQA) primary mission is to instill in our students a love for learning Qur’an and Sunnah. Darus Saulieghien Quraan Academy has developed a unique program, tailored to Qur’an Hifth (Quran Memorization) and Proficient Reading as well as the academic needs of students. We focus 70% on Islamic Sciences which includes Quraan, Sunnah and Practical Fiqh (Islamic Knowledge) as well as the Nasheed (Islamic Song) component. Students learn the core academics on their level.

Presently, we are a Madrassah focusing on Quran & Sunnah (Prophet Traditions) with additional academic subjects with an option for learners to an alternate independent international matric equivalent certification pathway.

We are working on a few initiatives from curriculum development, land acquisition and contextually educational works.


Dassenberg Horse Rescue Center Thumb Image

Dassenberg Horse Rescue Center

The Dassenberg Horse Rescue Centre (DHRC) is a prolife non-profit animal rescue centre that provides and takes in severely traumatized, neglected, abused and injured horses and dogs. The centre was started in the year 2000 by a woman named Mayanna Muter who was spurred into action by the plight of Atlantis horses. Founder member Mayanna has in the years of the centre's existence, rescued and rehabilitated countless horses that, without her efforts, would have been condemned to brutal and pointless deaths. They also have kennels where they take in abused, neglected, unwanted and stray dogs. As if this wasn't enough, they have had to battle the indifference of local authorities and welfare organizations, and have sought to educate the local community on the basic points of grooming, feeding and horse care. Much of this was achieved with scant resources and without any financial contributions. The Centre is currently caring and rehabilitating about 100 animals of which horses and dogs rank about 65 of them and the rest ranges from ducks, chickens, geese and cats, with much of the financial burden being shouldered by the volunteers and mostly by Mayanna herself.

Daves Medical Campaign Thumb Image

Daves Medical Campaign

My dad just had a heart attack on the back of a stroke. He is 71 and does not have medical aid. Muelmed hospital wants R300 000 upfront to treat him. If we can gather half that, I am sure they will be willing to do the nevessary operations. Please help.

David Fletcher Medical Cause Thumb Image

David Fletcher Medical Cause

I developed a lesion on my my head. I left it too long. When checked, the diagnosis was not good.  I had to have a procedure.  The insurance had exclusions not covered after 65. It was 4 months after my 65th.  I need help to cover medical expenses.

David's Hospital Bills Thumb Image

David's Hospital Bills

I am trying to recover from a badly shattered Femur close to the Knee. Any donation towards my Hospital bills will be greatly appreciated.

Dayne Swims Balearic Island Challenge Thumb Image

Dayne Swims Balearic Island Challenge

Hi Family, as you all know I'm swimming around the Balearic Island (106km)in September and there are a few extra accessories I did not account for in my budget.

De Klerk participating in the Euro Junior Cycling Tour Assen Thumb Image

De Klerk participating in the Euro Junior Cycling Tour Assen

De Klerk Jacobs has secured an entry for the week-long European Junior Tour in Assen, Netherlands from the 30th of July until the 4th of August 2018 and is going with KZN Cycling.

De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust Thumb Image

De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust

The De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust has as its mission securing the future of endangered predators, particularly the cheetah in their natural habitats. To do this extensive work on population density is done as well as rescue and release back into the wild

Dead Animals Walking Thumb Image

Dead Animals Walking

Dead Animals Walking, is a Non Profit Organization giving ALL, badly abused and neglected animals, on the verge of death, a DAW(door) to a new life!!

Dean Nkosi Study Cause Thumb Image

Dean Nkosi Study Cause

Please help Dean, he is very intelligent young boy facing expelling from school due to unpaid fees. 

Dean Walker Redfrog Cause Thumb Image

Dean Walker Redfrog Cause

RedFrogs is a party-safe organisation that helps serve the youth, in looking after people at RAGE.

Dean's Sports Cause Thumb Image

Dean's Sports Cause

I have been selected at the PCA SA bodybuilding competition to represent South Africa in the UK Birmingham PCA world championship competition to compete.

Deanin Marais - Rugby 7s Campaign Thumb Image

Deanin Marais - Rugby 7s Campaign

Deanin Marius was chosen to play for the Rams 7's team that will be representing South Africa in Mauritius, which is amongst 12 international teams competing in this event taking place from 2 - 9 October.

Debbie Els Travel Cause Thumb Image

Debbie Els Travel Cause

I have been invited to co-host at the red-carpet premier in New York on the 1st February 2019. I'm also taking my movie script with me for I’m meeting well known producers there. This is my chance to show the world what is happening here in SA. I need your help now to get me there to do what I need to do to help my Country.

Debbie's Journey Thumb Image

Debbie's Journey

We are hoping to raise funds to help alleviate the financial burden and help cover the cost of Debbie's daily treatment.

Debbie's The Live Your Life Summit Cause Thumb Image

Debbie's The Live Your Life Summit Cause

Debbie Adlard was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2006. MS is a chronic autoimmune disease that attacks the central nervous system.  The goal is to raise R35 000.00 to help Debbie get to The Live Your Life Summit 2018.

Deben Animal Rescue 215-430 NPO Thumb Image

Deben Animal Rescue 215-430 NPO

All donations go towards feed and medicine, and the rehabilitation of animals in need.

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Debi's Dad Thumb Image

Debi's Dad

Today my wife and father-in-law face the battle of cancer whilst his medical aid has canceled his subscription due to a 'loop hole'. They have lost everything and face the uncertainty of having no treatment for his cancer. This appeal is to raise funds to help them.

Deborah & Maureen to Belarus Thumb Image

Deborah & Maureen to Belarus

Deborah, at her first SA champs managed to make Team SA for powerlifting and has been invited to represent South Africa in Belarus for the Powerlifting world championships in June.

Deborah's New Home Cause Thumb Image

Deborah's New Home Cause

Deborah is employed by the site cleaning service where I work. Deborah takes care of 5 children. Deborah's home in Mosselbay was burnt down recently. This is a call for help to not only rebuild her home but to provide Deborah and the kids with clothes, necessities and temporary relief while awaiting the home to be rebuilt. 

Declan representing SA in Italy Thumb Image

Declan representing SA in Italy

This year the Kickboxing 2018 WAKO Junior World Championships will be held in Italy! We are doing what we can to raise the funds that Declan MacGregor needs to go.

Declan Venter Rugby Cause Thumb Image

Declan Venter Rugby Cause

Declan Venter has been chosen represent the u/10 Laerskool Van Riebeeck Park rugby team on tour from 15 – 17 March 2019 at Jubaweni.  Every child needs to raise funds for their cost of the rugby tour.

Declan Wright Soccer Cause Thumb Image

Declan Wright Soccer Cause

Declan has been selected for the Rand Central Local Football Association. This team will be participating in the Iber Cup 2019 Portugal in June/July 2019 and Declan has been selected for the team that will be participating but needs donations to get him there.

Dedicated Dandrè Thumb Image

Dedicated Dandrè

Dandrè is part of a swimming team that is going to take part in two galas and a training camp in Italy in June 2018. He has been given a great opportunity, would love to take part in Italy and would greatly appreciate any donation.

Dee - Wilberforce Academy Campaign Thumb Image

Dee - Wilberforce Academy Campaign

I have been accepted to attend this year's Wilberforce Academy taking place in Oxford, from 3-8 September 2018. I need help to raise the funds to cover the visa and travel costs to and from Oxford in the UK.

Dee Dental Work Thumb Image

Dee Dental Work

A friend of mine/ours, Dee Brimelow (Diane) has gone through so much over the last few years and we would like to help her out with some major dental work that needs to be done soon, as she is in pain and discomfort.

Dee's Community Project Thumb Image

Dee's Community Project

Provide feeding schemes and food products, stationery and gift packs for underprivileged children, the aged, frail, poor and disabled community members 5. Provide transportation for children, aged, frail, disabled and disadvantaged community members to and from functions arranged by our project and other projects. (b) The organisation’s secondary objectives are to: 1.Assist with poverty alleviation wherever we are needed within our community and other project holders/NPOs 2.We aim to open a soup kitchen/ feeding scheme for the destitute and old age homes 3.Introduce youth recreation programmes for schools and the communities’ youth and young uneducated, unemployed parents, together with local schools. We have over 250 adults from the community and 4 old age homes. Amoung the 250 people there are over 205 children who desperately need assistance.

Delano's Arnold Classic Africa 2018 Thumb Image

Delano's Arnold Classic Africa 2018

Please help me cover my expenses to be able to go and compete at the Arnold Classic Africa 2018.

Delft Bin Cleaning Solutions Thumb Image

Delft Bin Cleaning Solutions

We as the young people in Delft have done intensive research regarding hygiene within the refuse removal system and we have seen that the people will benefit a lot and unemployed youth are going to benefit. We want to offer a bin cleaning services once a week for a fee of R50 a month. 

Delphine Shadrack's Asia World Model Cause Thumb Image

Delphine Shadrack's Asia World Model Cause

I am Delphine Shadrack 22 years old and currently studying Bcom Accounting at the University of the Western Cape.
I recently got accepted to attend the Asia World Model United Nations being held in Bangkok, 

Denford Zawu Chess Cause Thumb Image

Denford Zawu Chess Cause

Denford D Zawu a chess player, coach and chess Arbiter had always had a dream to impact on other people's lives for the better.

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Denis Hurley Centre Trust Thumb Image

Denis Hurley Centre Trust

The Denis Hurley Centre in central Durban is a living legacy to the late Archbishop of Durban.  Our focus is on Care, Education and Community, enabling people of different faiths to work together.

- Care: we serve over 1,000 meals pw to homeless people offering showers and clean clothes; we run a free clinic for 2,000 people pm especially those affected by HIV & TB; we provide practical help to refugees from across Africa. 

- Education: we host English and Zulu lessons; through the clinic we give formal and informal health education; we offer training in sewing skills, computer classes and other job skills for homeless people; we provide performing arts classes. 

- Community: we are at the core of a vibrant group of people living happily side by side.  We have hosted an Ethiopian wedding, a Muslim bridal shower, meetings by union groups, political parties and football supporters, interfaith talks, film screenings, NGO conferences and forums between homeless people and the police.

Denise Grobler Campaign Thumb Image

Denise Grobler Campaign

This is a fundraiser for my mom, Denise, who has been diagnosed with cancer about 3 months ago.

Deon Mulder Fund Thumb Image

Deon Mulder Fund

Deon Mulder is a 49 year old mentally handicapped adult. He is a permanent resident at the Aurora Special Care Centre in Port Elizabeth. I, as Deon's father, has always provided for Deon's needs, but being 71 years old and unemployed, I now find it very difficult to do so.

Deon Pienaar Operation Fund Thumb Image

Deon Pienaar Operation Fund

Deon had noticed a growth and went to the doctor to have seen to. The (benign) lump got bigger over time and the doctor said a operation is required. Deon has been retrenched as if the end of June as so there is no way he would afford an operation now.

Deon's New House Cause Thumb Image

Deon's New House Cause

I was busy building my home, everything was going great till everything went sideways, now I have no money left. I need the money to complete my dreamhouse, and move to it. If I dont get enough money, not only will I love my house Im building, but also my family, my wife and my daughter, because I will not be able to look after them. 

Deon's Web Developer Course Thumb Image

Deon's Web Developer Course

I'm unemployed, from Mitchells Plain, currently enrolled at Hyperion to complete a Full stack web developer micro degree.

Deré to Represent SA Thumb Image

Deré to Represent SA

Deré has been selected and given a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent South Africa as an official member of the SASMA (South African Sports Martial Arts Team). The tournament is from 29 June - 11 July in (Disney World) Orlando, Florida, USA.

Deron Domingos Football Cause Thumb Image

Deron Domingos Football Cause

Deron Domingos is one of the players selected for the 2019 USA Tour and has proven he has what it takes to compete at the next level. We are currently looking to raise funds for him to participate in the this tour.

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Derrick Jacobs Invention Cause Thumb Image

Derrick Jacobs Invention Cause

I have invented and designed a specialised padlock for the logistics industry, i.e. road, sea, air and rail freight.  I am currently in negotiations with an overseas company that will help me with their 9 step system to get this product on the manufactured and on the shelves in shops.

Design26 Foundation NPC Thumb Image

Design26 Foundation NPC

The Design26 Foundation provides  free sewing skills training to teenage mothers and disadvantage girls between the age of 15 and 21 from Mitchells Plain and surrounding areas.  Design26 Foundation has committed to reduce poverty through providing a job, free sewing skills training on industrial sewing machines, develop and motivate the girl's mind-set through counselling; in the short word "empowering poor and vulnerable teenage girls through social business effort."  To erradicate any barrierers that might prevent her from coming to training we provide a free transport and childing minding service.  She will be able to generate an income by starting her own clothing manufacturing business or be skilled on industrial sewing machines enough so to work in any clothing manufacturing environment and avoid the risk of being exposed to drugs and alcohol abuse which leads to child abuse or a second unplanned pregnancy and be dependent on government social grants.

To set up your own fundraising page for The Design26 Foundation click here

Desire-Junior Protea Darts Player Thumb Image

Desire-Junior Protea Darts Player

Desire is 16 years old and one of 4 Junior Proteas selected to play at the World Cup Darts Tournament in Japan during October. She still needs some funds to be able to attend the tournament.

Desiree Coetzer Medical Cause Thumb Image

Desiree Coetzer Medical Cause

Desiree has been in the hospital for 4 weeks now. The doctors are still unsure about the cause of her illness and constant tests are being done. Your donations will help the family a great deal to cover some of the medical costs relating to the tests and her illness.

DeskBags NPC Thumb Image

DeskBags NPC

There over 3 million children who do not have school desks and are forced to use the ground as a writing surface. DeskBags is an innovative solution to this South Africa challenge.

Desmonds campaign for Sharon Thumb Image

Desmonds campaign for Sharon

My daughter was widowed in 2010. Being married in COP she was burdened with a large amount of unknown debt left by her late husband. Please can you help Sharon clear her debts and keep her home.

Desray Cancer Cause Thumb Image

Desray Cancer Cause

A wonderful mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and we are looking for assistance in her care during this time. The family has managed to find great care for her during the week but this comes at a cost that is too great for her family to endure alone. 

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Desre Bates Travel Cause Thumb Image

Desre Bates Travel Cause

As many of you know, I have spent the last 2 years dedicating my life to serve the poor of West-Africa while working with Mercy Ships. Now, I need your help once again. I would like to better equip myself to be able to respond to major disasters and help support the needs of refugees across the globe. 

Develop South Africa Thumb Image

Develop South Africa

We are committed to assist young entrepreneurs with skills such as business plan construction, brainstorming, branding (designing of logo,business cards and posters). We do this to prepare these youngsters to build businesses that are investable. This will help the youthful entrepreneurs to build businesses that are sustainable thereby reducing poverty that effects young South Africans.

Development Education Leadership Thumb Image

Development Education Leadership

Delta was started in 1990 in the East and West Africa with a strong program developed in Kenya and was introduced and started in South Africa in 1992 by Anne Hope author of the Training for Transformation community developmet books. It was started as a Catholic welfare and Developmenmt (CWD) in cooperation with the South African Development Education Program (SADEP). It became indepepndent from CWD in 1995 with its own management structure. This structure functions with a director for internal management and accountability. The DELTA training is based on the Paulo Freire paticipatory methodology using principle of action/reflection. In 1998 delta started in the Eastern Cape through an interest of local women working with abused women. In 2007 DELTA closed in Cape town and relocated to Libode due to financial crisis.

Development Through Sport Thumb Image

Development Through Sport

Development Through Sport aims to assist as many children and young adults to find their passion using sport as a medium to do this. We hope our teachings will build these young adults into the future stars we believe them to be!

Dewald Nagel Bike accident Cause Thumb Image

Dewald Nagel Bike accident Cause

We urgently need your help with Dewald’s accident costs on the 18th of January when they called her and gave her bad news that Dewald her son was in a Motorcycle accident.

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Dewan's Treatment in India Thumb Image

Dewan's Treatment in India

My lovely son, Dewan is a special needs child and is autistic. There is a treatment available called stem cell therapy in India and there is only positive feedback around this therapy.

Dezi's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Dezi's Medical Cause

Royal Medical & Surgical Supplies are selling Ripple bed mattresses to prevent bed sores.  Dezi is 11 years old and has two hips surgeries she had her hips removed in February 2018, and due to operation she can no longer lie on her sides as her legs are 100% open and don’t close at all.  We are hoping to raise enough funds to buy her this special mattress for her hospital bed.

Diabetes South Africa Thumb Image

Diabetes South Africa

As a non-profit organisation, Diabetes SA depends entirely on membership fees, donations and fund-raising activities to finance its work. Every person with diabetes needs to be educated about healthy eating, exercise, monitoring blood glucose levels and medication, as well as how to manage the daily challenges of living with diabetes.

At Diabetes SA, we encourage and assist our members while they learn as much as possible about diabetes, thus enabling them to take care of themselves for the rest of their lives. All people with diabetes as well as their caregivers are urged to join Diabetes SA

Diabetes South Africa - Durban Thumb Image

Diabetes South Africa - Durban

Diabetes SA Durban educates non-diabetics on how to live a healthy lifestyle so they do not become diabetic.

Diamond Athletics Club Thumb Image

Diamond Athletics Club

Diamond Athletics Club is a community club based in Germiston. It is the brainchild of Maria and John Diamond. We have an undeniable passion for athletics as we are the parents of a 3-time National Hurdle Champion. We started coaching in 2010 as we saw the need for coaches in the community.

Dian Slegtenhorst Rugby Cause Thumb Image

Dian Slegtenhorst Rugby Cause

Dian has been selected to represent the u/10 Laerskool Van Riebeeck Park rugby team on tour from 15 - 17 March 2019 at Jubaweni.

Didi's Dream Thumb Image

Didi's Dream

I am a single mom and student who found my passion in fitness and started competing as a bikini athlete in 2017. I created this page in an effort to raise funds to help defer the cost associated with this competitions.

Die Wapadrand Boeredansgroep Thumb Image

Die Wapadrand Boeredansgroep

The Wapadrand Boereansgroep (Folk dancing group) was founded by Danette Smith in 2004. We received an invitation to take part in the "Volkskuntsweek" in Sint Niklaas, Belgium hosted every second year.

Diego Jacobs Soccer Cause Thumb Image

Diego Jacobs Soccer Cause

Diego Jacobs has been selected for the Isimemo saseKapa soccer squad which will tour Italy in June 2019 and needs help to get there!

Diesel's Vet Bills Thumb Image

Diesel's Vet Bills

Diesel is a rescue and comes from extremely bad circumstances of neglect, malnutrition, bullied, underweight, very bad ear infection, other ear half torn off and was diagnosed with OCD and needs an urgent operation to his right shoulder. We just do not have the finances to pay for the operation at the moment and hoping that people will open their hearts to help this beautiful boy see there is more to life than what he has been through. 

Differently Abled Cricket Club Thumb Image

Differently Abled Cricket Club

We are an open cricket club for the differently abled; deaf, blind, intellectually impaired and physically impaired. 

We have two main objectives

To enable all the differently abled cricket players to participate in a structured manner the game of cricket.

To enable all the differently abled cricket players to be skilled to be employable (this will be done with education partners).


Digby's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Digby's Medical Cause

For the past 4 years Digby has suffered severe health problems.  In the last 9 months his health has declined steadily. He recently lost the toes on both of his feet and on 29 August 2018 his right leg was amputated below the knee. As friends we have initiated this appeal in the hope of raising enough money to alleviate the stress of their financial demands.  

Diggers Rugby Club Cats Cause Thumb Image

Diggers Rugby Club Cats Cause

Diggers Rugby Club caretaker - Jake - has appealed to all users of the Rugby Club Field to please help him to feed the (currently) 7 stray cats. He has been caring for them with his own food scraps. No one has really helped him out at all, so I am passionate about changing this.

Digital Fabricz Thumb Image

Digital Fabricz

I would like to raise funds for 3 young men. One of them is my son. They have a few ideas on how to start a company to design street wear for their peers. At the moment the have machines to work with but they are in need of materials to start sewing clothes. 

Dignity Dreams Thumb Image

Dignity Dreams

Dignity Dreams is an NPO that works tirelessly to make sure that a girl does not miss a single day of school because of their period by providing girls with a Dignity Dreams pack containing 6 pads that they can use for 3 years.  They also educate girls about menstrual health, instilling a love for their bodies.  We want to help realise that vision.  We want to raise R15 000 for them - this will allow 100 girls to recieve a Dignity Dreams pack, keeping 100 girls in school.

Dignity Dreams Thumb Image

Dignity Dreams

Dignity Dreams are reusable sanitary towels for girls and women living in poverty. It is safe and affordable, as well as environmentally friendly. Dignity Dreams packs are made by previously unskilled women.

Dimpho's Dream Thumb Image

Dimpho's Dream

I recently got accepted to a teaching program in Thailand. I need your help to keep my dreams alive.

Dina's Fire Relief Cause Thumb Image

Dina's Fire Relief Cause

Dina Jacobs is the widow of Steven Jacobs - the Masiphumelele Rugby Club player who died tragically on the rugby field in August 2017.  Dina has lost everything in the recent fire in Masi– all their clothes, beds, furniture, household contents, etc. 

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Dineo Foundation NPO Thumb Image

Dineo Foundation NPO

Dineo Foundation is a Non-Profit organization providing empowerment sessions for the community commencing from Primary School up until matriculants and any individual who comes from a disadvantaged environment.

Dino's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Dino's Medical Cause

My husband and father of my 9 year old daughter needs a bone marrow transplant for a life threatening condition call MDS. We need money to keep paying our medical aid and all the additional payments and medications not covered by medical aid.

Dirisanang Mmoho Foundation Thumb Image

Dirisanang Mmoho Foundation

Our NPO is Dirisanang Mmoho Foundation which means "Work together" and we work hand-in-hand with the Department of Social Development. The NPO is run by 5 youthful members who were all born in 1994.

Dirk's Provincial Baseball Opportunity Thumb Image

Dirk's Provincial Baseball Opportunity

I've got the great opportunity to play provincial baseball for KZN this coming October.

Distance For Difference Thumb Image

Distance For Difference

“Children in need is our passion in deed”. We make a difference through sport.

Diteboho Phamotse Study Cause Thumb Image

Diteboho Phamotse Study Cause

We all have dreams and hopes and yet mine would be to become a qualified psychologist to help many other individuals who suffer on a daily basis with their internal emotions. 

Divans Rugby tour  Thumb Image

Divans Rugby tour

Divan du Toit has been chosen for a 0/16 Junior Prestige Rugby tour to France in September 2018 for 10 days. Please help him get there.

Diverticulum Survivor Selected to Compete in UK Thumb Image

Diverticulum Survivor Selected to Compete in UK

Stephan competed in a fitness show, Garden Route Classics, and was selected to represent his country in the UK in October. Please help this survivor to go and tell his story all over the world by selecting the campaign below.

Divine Christ Ministries SA Thumb Image

Divine Christ Ministries SA

This is our personal invitation to you to join hands with us to support our vision to advance the Kingdom of God and to partake in this blessed inheritance from the Lord. Your prayers and finacial support through one-time and/or monthly recurring donations will assist us in fulfilling the work of God.

Dlala Nje Foundation Thumb Image

Dlala Nje Foundation

Dlala Nje aims to challenge perceptions and to create opportunities. At our Dlala Nje Community Centre we offer a safe, diverse and engaging environment. We want to provide a place where kids can experience new things and awaken their passions. A place where talent is nurtured and confidence is built. We run inner-city immersions and experiences in some of our city’s most misunderstood areas. These immersions and walks have allowed Dlala Nje to build and run a community center aimed at providing a safe learning environment for children and youth.

Dlala Nje foundation Thumb Image

Dlala Nje foundation

Founded in October 2012, Dlala Nje aims to challenge perceptions and create opportunities in some of Johannesburg’s toughest neigbourhoods. We run inner city tours and immersions through Hillbrow, Berea and Yeoville, opening the world’s eyes to the beauty found in this misunderstood areas. All funds raised from these experiences are used to providing a safe learning environment for the area’s children and youth at our headquarters at the iconic Ponte City building.

Do The Right Thing Thumb Image

Do The Right Thing

I will be running 100km every day for 15 days straight. Can it be done? With your support it can! All money raised will go towards buying school shoes, wheelchairs & sanitary items for girls. We will be working with the Bula Mahlo And Ubuhle Bezwe homes.

DOCKDA Rural Development Agency Thumb Image

DOCKDA Rural Development Agency

DOCKDA - Development of Community Knowledge and Direct Access. DOCKDA is a community philanthropy organisation linking community organisations and schools in the Kuruman area to resources. 


Doctors for Life Project Care (NPC) Thumb Image

Doctors for Life Project Care (NPC)

Project Care is an initiative started in 2001 by Doctors for Life (NPC). The project cares for black underprivileged children in very rural areas of KZN and a few other places like Pietermaritzburg and Johannesburg.

Dog Food Distribution App Thumb Image

Dog Food Distribution App

My husband and I have started a dog food distribution business; sales have be increasing weekly which is amazing, but we feel that with a mobile app things would really take off.

Dogs Deserve Better Rehabilitation Centre Thumb Image

Dogs Deserve Better Rehabilitation Centre

Dogs Deserve Better Rehabilitation Centre is run by Natasha Theunissen. She strives to protect and rehabilitate dogs that are abused and neglected by the informal communities of the Western Cape.

Dogtown SA Thumb Image

Dogtown SA

BarkingMad / DogtownSA is a Pro-life Animal Rescue Centre.

There are 2 parts to what we do: is our Website that is a Central Point for other shelters and people looking to adopt domestic animals or looking to rehome. Also for Lost & Found Animals. DogtownSA is our Shelter where we Rescue, Rehabilitate & Rehome Dogs- we are based in Midrand.

Doing It for Deon Thumb Image

Doing It for Deon

Deon and his family have had one of the toughest 3 years. in 2016 Deon was diagnosed with Leukemia. After a tough battle he was cleared. Recently, Deon was involved in a Paragliding accident that has left him severely injured. We want to assist by helping the family with much needed funds for the ongoing expenses they are facing!

Dolly's House Cause Thumb Image

Dolly's House Cause

On the 27 June, Mbabane was hit by a storm. It started with high winds, followed by thunder and hail and torrential rain.  Blissfully unaware of the turmoil Dolly and her family was going through during the storm.  The only standing room that they can use the windows was shattered, they covered it with some roof sheeting to protect them from the elements.

DolphinCare-Africa Thumb Image


DolphinCareAfrica is born out of our collective need to protect marine mammals in Mozambique through conservation, action, research and education. 

Domestic Animal Care PE Thumb Image

Domestic Animal Care PE

Domestic Animal Care is a registered Non-profit Organisation and was founded by Ellen Dunning in the early '80s.

Dominic's Studies Thumb Image

Dominic's Studies

In November 2016, following my submission of an audition DVD, I received an offer and scholarship to study a Master of Music (MMus) degree at the Royal Northern College of Music, one of the world's leading music conservatoires. Although the value of the scholarship I have been offered is high and incredibly generous of the RNCM, I am in serious need of additional financial assistance towards the move between two continents, accommodation, and basic lifestyle costs. 

Dominican Convent School Thumb Image

Dominican Convent School

Founded in 1908, the Dominican Convent School has a long-standing tradition of excellence in Catholic education.

Dominican has 680 boys and girls enrolled from Grade R – 12. This small student body allows educators at Dominican to provide students with a high level in individual attention, ensuring excellent academic results. Dominican learners have achieved a 100% Matric pass rate since the high school opened.

Dominican does not just focus on developing young minds. The school’s unique afternoon programme, from 14:30 – 15:50 allows students to develop their creative and physical talents in a variety of extra-mural and sport activities. Dominican also strives to develop strong moral values and self-discipline within its learners, emphasizing their role as future leaders within South African society.

With space for 150 learners in its hostel facility Dominican truly becomes a home away from home. Weekly boarders live at school from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon, while Term boarders remain on campus until major school holidays.

Dominique Phillips Assistance Cause Thumb Image

Dominique Phillips Assistance Cause

I was working as a contractor whereby my contract expired. I'm searching for work but up until now im still unemployed and I need help with paying bills.

Dominique Rey Fence Cause Thumb Image

Dominique Rey Fence Cause

My aim is to re-fence the field and make this area safe for my ponies and horses. With the cost of living so many of these animals are abandoned and left to fend for themselves, they are the most magnificent animals and if I can give them a home and a happy life, I will do whatever it takes.

Dominique Van Wyk Study Cause Thumb Image

Dominique Van Wyk Study Cause

My name is Dominique van Wyk and I am a second year student at Prestige Academy, Cape Town, studying BCom Business Management. I ended my first year on a high note with two distinctions in Accounting and Statistics, I am really passionate about my studies and extremely positive about my future. 

Donald Sutherland-kata Thumb Image

Donald Sutherland-kata

I have been selected to represent South Africa at the 39th All Africa Senior Judo Championships from 10 - 16 April in Tunisia. Should I be able to participate I will be the oldest competitor to ever receive national colours in Group 6 (Seniors).

Donalds Martial Arts Campaign Thumb Image

Donalds Martial Arts Campaign

I have been chosen to represent South Africa at the Asian open and Worlds this year.  I would like to raise money to make my dream come true.  Any donation will help – thank you.

Donasies Knysna Brand - Chanelle Thumb Image

Donasies Knysna Brand - Chanelle

My daughter, Chanelle's, house burnt down to the ground in yesterday’s fire in Knysna.

Donate-a-Loo  Thumb Image


Helene Bramwell (the Mask) launched Donate-a-Loo Schools project, raising funds to put dry, waterless sanitation systems at local schools in need.

Donors 4 Dylan Thumb Image

Donors 4 Dylan

Dylan (7), has many challenges, currently his ability to eat by mouth being one of the biggest. We are urgently calling in fundraising to pay for an operation to correct his feeding tube on the 5th October, which is not being covered by their medical aid.

Donovan Harris Medical Cause Thumb Image

Donovan Harris Medical Cause

Donovan Harris is a 18 year old who was in a Motorcycle accident on 16 November 2018. He was put in a medical induced coma to prevent serious brain injuries. He is still in ICU and will need a lot of recovery time to heal from his injuries.

Door of Hope Thumb Image

Door of Hope

40 to 50 babies are abandoned on the streets of Joburg every month. The Door of Hope is a safe haven for these children. They have built "a hole in the wall" where mothers can leave their babies, as opposed to leaving them on the streets to perish.

Doryce's Dream Challenge Adventure Thumb Image

Doryce's Dream Challenge Adventure

I am going on a “dreamchallenge” adventure – fulfilling one of my dreams to visit wild Gorillas – and the challenge part is to raise funds for a charity/cause. While there are so many worthwhile causes I have chosen these two (that are in my heart) for now.

Doug's Fiance Thumb Image

Doug's Fiance

I cannot think of any better way to live out my life than with her by my side. Please help me bring my fiance home.

Dough for Jo Thumb Image

Dough for Jo

I am trying to raise funds for my Honours in Psychology. I started my studies a little later in life than some, but that just gave me the time to figure out exactly what my purpose in life is. I believe that helping people is what I am here to do.

Dove House Cause Thumb Image

Dove House Cause

A home that has turned into a shelter for 3 families. This home is trying to survive on 2 old age pensions. They have taken a family off the street with 3 children in their home as well as another family in the outbuildings and given them a shelter. 

Down Syndrome Inclusive Education Foundation Thumb Image

Down Syndrome Inclusive Education Foundation

DSIEF was founded by a group of 10 families of children with Down syndrome in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.  We network with schools, educational institutions and Down syndrome associations both locally and internationally. 

Down Syndrome South Africa Thumb Image

Down Syndrome South Africa

Down Syndrome South Africa (DSSA) was formed in 1986 as the national umbrella body and parent advocacy organisation group for the Constitutional Rights of persons with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities.

DRC School Project & Community Thumb Image

DRC School Project & Community

The DRC School Project & Community Centre provides an educational centre for the community. The centre opened its doors in July 2004. It has quickly grown and new programmes are constantly being developed to suit the community’s needs. This includes a supplementary educational programme five days a week for 30 children. Health programmes are also be provided at the centre, including an HIV/AIDS education and awareness programme. In conjunction with volunteers, the centre runs a girls club, an after-school homework Programme and an adult literacy programme. The centre also serves the community as a gathering place where community needs can be addressed.

Dream Star Foundation Thumb Image

Dream Star Foundation

At Dream Star Foundation we host and partake in sporting and fundraising events, raising awareness throughout the community and raising funds which enable us to assist families with 'special needs' children. Those whose children are in specialised schools that are struggling with the everyday financial strains and are wanting the best education for their 'special needs' child.

Dream the Impossible Dream Organisation Thumb Image

Dream the Impossible Dream Organisation

The mission of DIDO is to help ordinary people realize extraordinary dreams by providing support (physical, emotional, financial and practical), sponsorship and publicity from philanthropists and corporates to help make a dream a reality.

Dress for Success Cape Town Thumb Image

Dress for Success Cape Town

Our vision is a world where women do not live in poverty. We strive for a world where all women are financially independent, are treated with dignity and respect and are directly impacting their lives and those of their families. We aspire to a world that fully harnesses the power of women and recognizes their role in economic sustainability.



I'm hoping to raise funds to enable Dominas and myself to gain the necessary training and compete at selected shows around South Africa this year.

Drian's Cochlear Thumb Image

Drian's Cochlear

Drian Van Deventer's Cochlear implant.  

Without it he would not be able to reach his full potential as he desperately needs an implant in his right ear. He was born prematurely at 29 weeks on 29 April 2012. In order to make a contribution towards Drian's Cochlear implant please click on the project below and donate.

Drive More Safely  Thumb Image

Drive More Safely

Drive More Safely NPO was founded by Alida Jones in a bid to educate and empower road users through campaigns, courses, training session. We are an active organization with a passion to reduce the carnage on our roads.



By the grace of GOD and the generosity of humanity, Burre Burger and his team are currently giving back hope to farmers and starving animals by delivering fodder bought with the generous donations.

DROP Thumb Image


DROP's - Dementia Reach Out Program's - Vision and Mission is to:
  • Make significant and meaningful change to the well-being of people living with dementia and alzheimers through awareness education workshops, coaching and training, advisory support services, various projects and initiatives.
  • Always work to destigmatise the conversation around dementia and alzheimers.
  • Develope awareness across cultures and communities through education.
  • Stimulating community and businesses to support initiatives and causes to improve the lives of people living with dementia.

There is so much education and work needed that can only be achieved through generous support from the public and business communities.  

Please Gift Generously.



We assist women who have drug or alcohol addiction who do not have the funds to go into rehab.

Drummie Nationals in Durban Thumb Image

Drummie Nationals in Durban

Chelsea-Ann Van Coller, my eldest daughter does Drum Majorettes. Her team Sir John Adamson based in Alberton, Jhb has been chosen to partake in the National competition in Durban from the 10-16 July 2017.

du Piesanie Baby Cause Thumb Image

du Piesanie Baby Cause

We are a family of 4 , and have a baby on the way. I would like to give my wife the best medical care with the birth of our first child together.

Duan's Tour to the US Thumb Image

Duan's Tour to the US

Duan has the tremendous opportunity to take part in the Oryx 7's tour in the USA.

Ducky's Drone Campaign Thumb Image

Ducky's Drone Campaign

Ducky (Dale Staples) was up on the exquisite mountain ranges of Cape Town, doing his best to capture the beauty of the city in order to add and collect footage - his drone went missing. Being his only source of income lately, the loss of this equipment was probably the worst thing that could happen during a busy Summer Season.

Duncan  Mavunda Study Cause Thumb Image

Duncan Mavunda Study Cause

I have been accepted at the university of Johannesburg to study my degree in Nursing. I have exceptional results for my MATRIC. I'm in need of a registration fee.

Duran Koevort - UK Rugby Tour Thumb Image

Duran Koevort - UK Rugby Tour

Duran Koevort is a phenomenonal rugby player. Among countless other honours that he has already received, he was selected to play for the SA u/16  Barbarians Team for their invitational tour to the UK at the end of the year.

Durban Child & Youth Care Centre Thumb Image

Durban Child & Youth Care Centre

Our Mission : We exist to promote a sense of physical and emotional well-being, through a safe and therapeutic environment, for children who are at risk because of neglect, abuse and orphan-hood.

Durban Children's Homes Thumb Image

Durban Children's Homes

The Durban Children’s Homes is a non-profit organization, which was founded in 1905. The core business of the organization is to provide needy children, young people and their families with a range of services, which recognizes their existing strengths and provides opportunities for them to meet their developmental needs. Our main business is providing residential care to troubled and needy children and young people. Of our 3 new programmes, 2 are residential with a specialist focus, whilst the third is a community-based project.

Durban University of Technology  Thumb Image

Durban University of Technology

The ICON Project Anticipates to drive Public Innovation by harnessing relationship between Durban University of Technology and Schools (with specific focus on grades 10-12). To leverage this opportunity the project addresses higher education by improving the quality of education through added tuition in the gateway subjects of English, science and mathematics by University students and experienced retired teachers which contribute to better success rates not only in grade 12 but also in first year university study.


Dylan Benningfield Rugby Cause Thumb Image

Dylan Benningfield Rugby Cause

Dylan has been selected to represent SA in the APCAN Invitational u/18 Rugby Team that will tour to Ireland from 7-16 December 2018.

Dylan Elliott Study Cause Thumb Image

Dylan Elliott Study Cause

I am passionate about Drones and their future in South Africa if applied correctly, it is now a goal to get qualified and pursue my dream.  Please help me to legally qualify myself and operate commercially.

Dylan Jacobs studies Thumb Image

Dylan Jacobs studies

Dylon is a determined 20-year old man who has not given up despite all the obstacles knocking him down. He has been accepted to study at Boston college and complete an NQF L4 in Public Sector Accounting, this will also be the equivalent of a matric. However, he needs our help financially.

Dylan Taute Medical Cause Thumb Image

Dylan Taute Medical Cause

Dylan, an 8 year old boy, has been amazing and brave so far, with 24+ surgeries, 4 sets of chemo and an abdominal feeding tube. The constantly being ill and fighting for all his needs has left this family broke, broken and fighting to survive. I know they have huge amounts of debt (loans that was taken out to cover bills) and they owe lots of money on blood tests and doctors.

Dylan to Represent SA Thumb Image

Dylan to Represent SA

Help Dylan Get to Dubai to Represent South Africa!

Dylan to University Karate World Champs Thumb Image

Dylan to University Karate World Champs

I have been selected for the South African University team to participate in the World University Karate Championship in Kobe, Japan (July 2018).

Dylan's Medical School Cause Thumb Image

Dylan's Medical School Cause

My name is Dylan Barnes and I am studying Medicine, MBChb, at the University of the Free State. Currently I am confronted with financial problems. My parents are paying for my studies but cannot afford it much longer.  

Dylan's Waterpolo Cause Thumb Image

Dylan's Waterpolo Cause

Dylan is a 14 year old sport enthusiast.  Dyland was recently chosen for the Easterns Waterpolo team who will compete in the Inter Provincial Tournament in East London in December. Please help Dylan to go on tour

Dylan-Cade Mattroos Gothia 2019 Cause Thumb Image

Dylan-Cade Mattroos Gothia 2019 Cause

Dylan-Cade lives, eats, sleeps, breathes and DREAMS football. Please help us raise money for him to join the Tramways Football Club U-16 team at the Gothia Cup in Sweden from 14-20 July 2019. Please support by donating generously.

Each One Feed One Organization Thumb Image

Each One Feed One Organization

The aim of the initiative is to make life more comfortable and motivating for UWC students who cannot afford a decent meal and also reduce if not eliminate the tendency of a stduent dropping out of school due to hnger. The mission is to efficiently raise financial or material support accross the UWC community and beyond to support students on campus.

Ear Over Beer Thumb Image

Ear Over Beer

Kholwani is 33 years old. Last year, he and his wife were in a horrific car accident, leaving his wife unable to work due to her injuries. Kholwani has been left without an ear.

Earthchild Project  Thumb Image

Earthchild Project

The Earthchild Project is a Non-Profit Organisation focusing on the holistic development of children, teachers, schools and communities. Our aim is to create meaningful and sustainable change by providing practical skills in how to live a more balanced and fulfilling life with a focus on self-awareness, health and wellness, and the environment. The Earthchild Project team are young, dynamic and positive. They live what they teach and think and work out the box. They are extremely passionate and committed to creating a new generation of healthy, confident, conscious and responsible earthchildren.

East Cape Coastal Water Rescue Thumb Image

East Cape Coastal Water Rescue

Coastal Water Rescue is an independent, registered Non-profit Organisation consisting of volunteers who form part of the coastal emergency team in and around the Bay.

East London Animal Welfare Thumb Image

East London Animal Welfare

Run by a group of animal loving volunteers that strive to raise funds to provide help to animals in our area, both domestic and wild

Eastern Province Indian Cultural Centre Thumb Image

Eastern Province Indian Cultural Centre

Rejuvenating Indian Culture; mother tongue education in Thamizh (Tamil), Thelungu (Telugu), Hindustani (Hindi). Performing arts; Regular Baratha Naatiyam classes and devotional singing classes (Tamil translit:) Achievement: Regular showcasing.

Eat Consciously NGO Start-Up Thumb Image

Eat Consciously NGO Start-Up

My friend is starting up an NGO in terms of nutrition and animal welfare.  I would like to raise funds for her website to be created professionally for her (R9000) and for any other odds and ends she needs for her start up process (R1000)


Please click on the page below to donate for this cause

Eben's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Eben's Medical Cause

Help Eben Dreyer and his family to raise funds to cover medical bills.

Ebenezer Odei Study Cause Thumb Image

Ebenezer Odei Study Cause

Ebenezer Odei, has a dream of being an accountant, with 5 distinctions from his matric and acceptance into University of Cape Town this seems attainable.

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Ebert Ludik Medical Cause Thumb Image

Ebert Ludik Medical Cause

Ebert Ludik is vibrant 3-year-old boy with a full life ahead of him. The only thing standing in his way is Ewing Sarcoma, a musculoskeletal cancer that attacks his skeleton. 

Ebukhosini Forty Three Forty Thumb Image

Ebukhosini Forty Three Forty

Ebukhosini Forty Three Forty is a Christocentric Non-Profit Organisation based in Verulam, a small town on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. Our aim is to provide the children, youth, and families of Verulam & surrounding areas with opportunities to empower themselves through character and skills development.

EC's World Choir Games trip 2018! Thumb Image

EC's World Choir Games trip 2018!

The South Cape Children's Choir is going to the very prestigious and competitive World Choir Games in Pretoria in July. This is the Olympic Games of singing, and EC has been selected to go!

ECHO - NOVA Thumb Image


ECHO - NOVA (The Emergency Counselling and Mental Health Organisation - New Beginnings) is a Non-Profit Organisation established in response to the need for awareness as well as effective, accessable and appropriate mental health care for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) professonals.

Eckhardt Kühn Knee Operation Cause Thumb Image

Eckhardt Kühn Knee Operation Cause

My husband, Eckhardt Kühn, recently injured his knee and tore the ligaments. He had to have surgery done to fix the damaged ligaments. We do have medical aid (on a hospital plan), but we have still had many extra payments that are not covered by medical aid. 

ECMBA t/a IFM Thumb Image


IFM is the only Muslim Community Radio Station in the Eastern Cape. We are a registered NPO (037-599-NPO). We have been operating for 15 months during the month of Ramadan for a period of about 15 years. We are now required to sustain and maintain the broadcasting and this comes at a cost.

Eco-Access Thumb Image


Eco-Access uses the natural environment as a medium to empower both disabled and non-disabled people.

Rob Filmer, blind environmentalist , realised how few opportunities disabled people have to experience the splendour of the great African bush or to get involved in environmental issues. He also discovered that the fears non-disabled and disabled people have about each other, leads to a lack of interaction that result in a wholly disadvantaged society.

In 1994, Rob and his wife Julie launched Eco-Access. From that day on, it became their passion to ensure that people with disabilites and non-disabled people would interact with each other and experience nature and be able to participate in environmental education programmes.

It is the organisation's sincere drive and focus to bring these facets together through the established "Twinning" project and other projects for Africans to enjoy Africa and the rich diversity of Africa's people, regardless of our history. Also, due to South Africa's history of marginalizing children with disabilities, children who are blind, partially sighted, deaf, hard of hearing, mobility impaired and / or intellectually challenged, many such children have a poor esteem. All Eco-Access programmes focus on building the self esteem of the children with whom we work, with the ultimate aim of a fully inclusive society.

These interactions set in motion a process of social learning that serves to catalyze individual and communal capacity building. This heightened sense of personal and group empowerment enhances the participants sense of self worth, as well as the sustainability of their future endeavours. It also helps create a greater awareness and appreciation of our natural heritage that helps ensure the sustainability of our environment.

Eddie Can Beat Cancer Thumb Image

Eddie Can Beat Cancer

My Friend Eddie Lee from Klerksdorp, SA is fighting Stage 4 Cancer and need additional funds to complete his first set of chemotherapy, to pay his additional medical co-payments and additional monthly medical expenses.

Eddie's Hong Kong Campaign Thumb Image

Eddie's Hong Kong Campaign

I am hoping to raise funds for Eddie Lallo a BJJ and MMA coach residing in Grassy Park to go to Hong Kong to grade and finally receive his black belt.


Eden Kids Foundation Trust Thumb Image

Eden Kids Foundation Trust

Eden Kid's exists to give disadvantaged children hope and a positive influence.

Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative Thumb Image

Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative

THE DREAM: The Eden to Addo vision is based on the practical potential within the landscape connecting the Western and Eastern Cape of South Africa. But this vision is guided by a deeper question and dream: What if we could re-establish ancient elephant migration paths across the Cape, what then? What other wildlife will benefit and how would that restore the ecological balance of the region?

Edenvale Private Nursery School Cause Thumb Image

Edenvale Private Nursery School Cause

In the stressful world in which we live, our aim is to create a stress-free environment where your child feels safe and welcome, where learning takes place in a fun way with emphasis on celebration and based on natural childhood philosophies.  Fascinated with the joy of learning, our children are well-prepared to excel in any educational setting.

EDGE of AFRICA Thumb Image


As many of you may have heard, Knysna in South Africa – the hometown of EDGE of AFRICA  was badly affected by an uncontrollable bush fire brought on by severe winds on the 7th June 2017.

Edja's rugby tour to France Thumb Image

Edja's rugby tour to France

Ever since I was young, I would watch the Springboks play on TV. I just knew that this was the sport I wanted to play and build my future on. I have now been selected for the Tony Stoops team that will be touring France in September this year. I have a chance to make my dreams come true.

Edmund Rice Camps Thumb Image

Edmund Rice Camps

Edmund Rice Camps (ERC) Western Cape is an outreach program of the Christian Brothers Association that responds to the needs of young people by running recreational and life skills camps for 7 - 16 year old that offer experiences of mutual friendship, fun and sharing; positive role models in the volunteer leaders and opportunities to build self esteem and confidence and to relate to and socialize better with others.

Edson Kumwamba Trail Dawg Cause Thumb Image

Edson Kumwamba Trail Dawg Cause

Muizenberg Trail Dawgs have decided to set up a fund raiser page and kickstart donations which will assist Edson in running and competing in races.  We hope to encourage other runners and clubs to contribute to this worthwhile cause.

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Educate 2 Children at Little Wise Owl Thumb Image

Educate 2 Children at Little Wise Owl

Last year I decided that I would like to provide an opportunity to educate an underprivileged child for free for one year and it has been an invaluable and extremely rewarding experience to watch the growth in confidence and progress. I would love to offer the same experience for two more children next year (2018).

Educate the Future Thumb Image

Educate the Future

My fiancee and I are looking at opening/procuring a creche. It is her dream and I am trying to make it happen.

EDUCATE US Thumb Image


EDUCATE US is an initiative to make life easier for children entering their first school year at Cosmo City Junior Primary, Cosmo City West Primary & Nooitgedagte Primary in Cosmo City, Johannesburg. 1000 children - 1000 school packs filled with much needed stationery.

YOUR R100 can help us send a child to school in 2011! 

Success achieved through EDUCATE US will create opportunity for future projects of its kind and with your support will become a standard running project in our rural communities.  Help to give our children hope for a brighter tomorrow by joining us in this worthy cause. 

"Community is where humility & glory touch".

Educating Gabriella Thumb Image

Educating Gabriella

Gabriella is 22 year-old young lady who finished Dux at her school in 2014 with six distinctions. I as her father have not had any income in four years and cannot support Gabriella in her studies, which is a BCom Business Science degree at UCT.

Education Hope for Judy Thumb Image

Education Hope for Judy

I was the best student in my class and I am struggling to pay my student loan.

Educational donations Thumb Image

Educational donations

Craighall College is an independent school, registered as an NPO (097-493-NPO).

We do not only offer schooling for gr 0-12 students, but we are also actively involved in youth programmes that are intended to reach out to kids and teenagers on a moral and ethical standard.

To be able to make this kind of difference we need sponsors for all necessary aspects that could help the program.

We would gladly like to advertise your services on our Facebook page, Craighall College.

Thank you for all your help to make a difference in young people’s lives.

Educational Swimming Program Thumb Image

Educational Swimming Program

Vision and Mission Learn To Swim Swimming Program, we believe in creating an environment which fosters happiness and learning through creativity, care, innovation and helping others reach their personal goals. Our vision is to transcend our love for swimming by inspiring people in our community to Learn to Swim and decrease the number of drownings.

Educo Africa Thumb Image

Educo Africa

Educo Africa is a youth development organisation. The first phase of the programme uses wilderness experiential learning as a profound platform for young people to experience their inherent potential. The second phase is a youth movement supporting young people in living their potential, with a specific focus on social and environmental wellbeing.

Edunova Thumb Image


Edunova works with under resourced and poor public schools in Soutth Africa to bring about educational change. This work is done by supporting educators to become computer literate, improve their use of technology in the classroom and by supporting learners to achieve improved learning outcomes.

EduRewards Thumb Image


Edu Rewards is a program that rewards school attending children between the ages of 7 - 18 years with incentives to maintain their education.

EDUTAL  Thumb Image


EDUTAL is an Educational Technology (Edtech) startup that enables value – creation & trusted marketplace connections for all participants within South Africa’s Education Community.

EDUTAL has harnessed the power of multi-sided digital platforms to match people to Educational Service Providers, Education talent with recruiters, skills with demand, Service providers with marketplaces, and consumers with suppliers.



The Word of Faith Evangelical Church is planted here at Lubumbashi in the Republic Democratic of Congo,Africa! We currently have over 100 orphaned, disabled and vulnerable children in our care, due to the volatile political and economic climate in our country. As a Church we have decided to save lives, to enable the children under our care (irrespective of race or religion) to be protected, cared for and educated.  We also provide care and support for many young women who are trying to make a living and support their families.


Eileens new bakkie Thumb Image

Eileens new bakkie

My partner and I are self employed we make a living selling chickens and rabbits.   We have a very old 1985 Mercedes that we use to buy 150 kg of food for animals at a time but we struggling with the car and really need a bakkie to help us grow. We desperately need help.

Eksal Thumb Image


Eksal's aim is to inspire and guide the youth to make healthy and positive decisions and be contributing members of society. We work in conjunction with SAPS and other organisations in low resource communities on the Cape Flats.

Ekukhanyeni Samaritan Organisation Thumb Image

Ekukhanyeni Samaritan Organisation

We are a Not-for-Profit Organization registered and operating in Kempton Park and the sorroundings.

We intend to:

To care for the children the vulnarable and orphans.

To teach them life-skills.

To care for the elderly and their orphan children.

To care and support widows and the widowers in need to enable them to make their own decision.

To engage them in support group.

To educate,feed and better their lives.

To provide community services.

El Shaddai Christian Academy Thumb Image

El Shaddai Christian Academy

El Shaddai Christian Academy in the heart of the Sunshine Coast of South Africa, is a small christian school catering for learners from all walks of life. Our teachers are dedicated and committed to bringing the best individual attention to each learner.

El-Shammah Home for Abandoned babies  Thumb Image

El-Shammah Home for Abandoned babies

El-Shammah Home For Abandoned Babies is a place of safety for abandoned, abused, orphaned and neglected babies. The home was set up in 2009 and is currently run by Allistair and Merencia Scholtz and it accommodates up to 18 babies at a time ranging form from 0 to 18months.

Elaine - Web Development Course Thumb Image

Elaine - Web Development Course

I have come across this 10 Week Web Development Course which UCT offers. The cost is R13 900. This would be a fantastic starting point in my career. Unfortunately, the sad fact of the matter is that I am lacking these funds.

Elaine Basson Surgery Thumb Image

Elaine Basson Surgery

Matthew's mother, Elaine, needs surgery to have her gallbladder removed. She doesn't have medical insurance and the state hospitals are terrible.

Elangeni NPO Thumb Image

Elangeni NPO

Elangeni Npo is a youth development project with the aim of working firstly with youths from Langa Township that are affected by gangsterism, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, crime and other social ills that affect young perople in South Africa.

Electronic Wheelchair Thumb Image

Electronic Wheelchair

I'm trying to raise the full amount of R13000 for an electric wheelchair for my mom... she has diabetics and both her legs were amputated and she struggles to move around.

Elgin Senior Majorettes Thumb Image

Elgin Senior Majorettes

Elgin Senior Majorettes is a registered Non-Profit Organisation for young women (Secondary / High School learners – Grabouw/Elgin Area) established in October 2016.

Our Mission is to promote youth development and social change through our sport.

We strongly believe that through participation in sport, the youth, can learn values and skills that will serve them well as they prepare for the rest of their lives. Which in return will also have a positive impact on the lives of Elgin/Grabouw area youth, their families, and the community as a whole.


Eli the Cat Needs Surgery Thumb Image

Eli the Cat Needs Surgery

Eli is my 3 year old tabby cat/feline soulmate! Unfortunately he needs to undergo quite an expensive operation to prevent him from getting cancer.

Eli's Communication Cause Thumb Image

Eli's Communication Cause

This year October there will be a "Spelling to communicate" workshop with Elizabeth Vosseller from USA. Earlier this year we attended a presentation and we could see its amazing results. Non-speaking children spelling, they were finally heard. Eli is a good candidate for this workshop and we would be grateful if he could attend. Unfortunately, the costs of bringing out an international host is high and we cannot afford the R10000 registration fees.

Elijah - Medical Fund Thumb Image

Elijah - Medical Fund

We are raising funds to help with Eli's medical costs, past and future.

Elizes campaign for Jeandres school fees Thumb Image

Elizes campaign for Jeandres school fees

My name is Jeandre.  I am 13 years old and a recovering addict.  I have been sober for a few months and am doing well.  Please help me fight this addicition and keep me in school.  Sadly my mother cannot afford the fees.

Elle Largier Dancing Cause Thumb Image

Elle Largier Dancing Cause

Elle Largier (13), a Grade 7 learner from Kirstenhof Primary School, recently qualified to represent South Africa at the Dance Star World Finals in Croatia in May 2019.

Ellen's Car Cause Thumb Image

Ellen's Car Cause

My friend is in desperate need of transport, as she is a single mother and has a 9 year old boy. She is currently unemployed and a vehicle will empower her to find work and get her boy to school and back, as well as sporting activities

Elohim Animal Safe Haven Thumb Image

Elohim Animal Safe Haven

We are a very small but defined safe haven, focussing on rehabilitation.

We have a rehabilitation program that is developed around each unique case which is admitted, so that the dog or cat receives the most out of their rehabilitation. We also focus on feral/wild cats, to get them use to human enough so that they will not be seen as a danger or problem.

Elrico Book Launch Thumb Image

Elrico Book Launch

I hope, with the support and help, to raise funds to launch my book.

Elsabe Medical Treatment Thumb Image

Elsabe Medical Treatment

I need funds to continue with medical treatment for Breast Cancer, so far treatment shows to be very successful.

Elsen Academy Thumb Image

Elsen Academy

Elsen Academy is an Independant School registered with the Education department and as a non-profit organisation catering for the needs of children in Port Elizabeth with learning barriers such as dyslexia, ADHD etc. as well as emotional/social barriers that make attending a larger school a challenge.

Elton Umpiring in New Zealand Thumb Image

Elton Umpiring in New Zealand

I have been selected to umpire at the Junior Indoor World Series in New Zealand this year from the 29th of September till the 6th of October 2018 in Christchurch New Zealand.

Elton's Sports Cause Thumb Image

Elton's Sports Cause

Hi there my name is Elton Daniels and I am an Indoor Cricket World Cup Umpire.The whole sport is an self funded sport where individuals need to fund their own way to tournaments like these.

EMCE Development Fund Thumb Image

EMCE Development Fund

EMCE Development Fund emerged from a group of NGOs who were not performing to their full potential due to a lack of capacity and resources. These NGOs were being run by one or two passionate individuals in the organisation but it was not sustainable, simply because they were so immersed in the day to day challenges of their projects. There was not enough time to source new opportunities.

EMCE was formed when the group of passionate women met at a conference and spoke about their passions and their daily challenges. The group of women, which now includes one male, through a series of consultations embarked on a new venture and created a new identity to ensure that it was a new beginning for all those involved. The women have a wealth of experience having worked in the development sector for many years and needed new leadership, opportunity and skills to take their passions and vision forward.

EMCE stands for “Every Man Can Eat” – with the understanding that if the resources are well managed there would be more than enough to share with others. The logo is that of the flying geese supporting each other every step of the way. Also the notion that each person is unique and brings their own set of strengths. We ascribe to the situational leadership model where diversity is key and each person will lead when their set of strengths is required with the other ‘geese’ supporting and cheering on.

Emil Swanepoel Study Cause Thumb Image

Emil Swanepoel Study Cause

My name is Emil and I love computer development, from web applications to Android apps, cloud computing to IOT connected devices, I love it all. I have gained a lot of knowledge in some of these areas, but need the training and hardware to expand beyond just knowing. My project is to gain certifications. 

Emilie Owen - The Art of Clowning Thumb Image

Emilie Owen - The Art of Clowning

I am hoping that you will be able to assist me to attend a Medical Clowning World Conference in Vienna, Austria, in April 2018, at an all-inclusive cost of R37 409,00.

Emily Ava's Future Thumb Image

Emily Ava's Future

Emily is one of a twin, born at just 28 weeks, weighing only 1.2kgs at birth. She is now 20 months old and we need to use this time while she is young to try "re-wire her brain" to teach her how to walk and use her legs. Without intensive physiotherapy, botox treatments, and leg braces (AFO's) she will not be able to walk.

Emma Daniels - New York Film Academy Thumb Image

Emma Daniels - New York Film Academy

Emma Daniels has been accepted to study Acting for Film at the New York Film Academy. What makes this a phenomenal achievement is that Emma is blind and that she will be the first blind student at the Academy.

Emma Kippen Brace Cause Thumb Image

Emma Kippen Brace Cause

We are appealing for assistance with a brace that Emma needs due to the Severe scoliosis / curvature in her spine. This usually costs +_ R 50 000.00 which her medical aid does not cover.

Emmanuel Educare Pre-School Thumb Image

Emmanuel Educare Pre-School

We are a community-based pre-school for children aged four to six years old in the Westlake Village community.

Emo-Active Thumb Image


I want to raise funds to market my campaign. I would like to reach out to all teenagers and others who suffer with obesity like I did growing up.

Empilweni Thumb Image


Empilweni has designed a number of tools and approaches that are used to ensure a participatory model of intervention. Each child is viewed within their familial, cultural and community context. The project is specialised in dealing with psychosocial problems and issues of mental health such as depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder with a target group; children aged 4 to 18, although we deal extensively with young adults as well. Ongoing staff mentoring is provided by peers, internal supervisor and by an external supervisor, who is a Clinical Psychologist.

Empowering Paulina Tsolo Thumb Image

Empowering Paulina Tsolo

We're hoping to raise funds to empower Paulina Tsolo, a young woman living with Disability, so that she becomes a powerful voice against prejudice and neglect of people living with Disability.

EmpowerZA Thumb Image


EmpowerZA envisions a prosperous South Africa that exhibits best traditions of equality and justice, a society where there is opportunity for all without regard to race, class or gender.

Emthonjeni - Fountain of Life HIV/Aids Project Thumb Image

Emthonjeni - Fountain of Life HIV/Aids Project

Emthonjeni is located in Orange Farm. Emthonjeni focuses on HIV/AIDS and poverty alleviation through our 3 main projects: 1. Micro-Enterprise Garden 2. Community Health 3. OVC: Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

Enable the Disabled Thumb Image

Enable the Disabled

Our friend and fellow Vatikaki Adventure Club member Cobus Coetzee has recently had a fall and due to his Muscular Sensory Neuropathy disability he is now temporary wheel chair bound. Help us help him with his medical bills so that he can keep his beloved Prado 4X4!

Enactus South Africa NPC  Thumb Image

Enactus South Africa NPC

Enactus is an international non-profit organisation bringing together student, academic & business leaders committed to using entrepreneurial action to improve lives.

Encounter Youth Botswana Mission Thumb Image

Encounter Youth Botswana Mission

This mission is a Ten Days Mission officially recognised by the Every Nation Rosebank Church.

Endangered Wildlife Trust Thumb Image

Endangered Wildlife Trust

The Endangered Wildlife Trust focuses only on conserving threatened species and ecosystems in Southern Africa.

Endorsing Elie Fund Thumb Image

Endorsing Elie Fund

Elie represents a student who has done everything within his power to build a future for himself, while also doing so much for his school and community. Elie was accepted to study Bcom Accounting at Varsity College. He has managed to secure half of the finance to cover the fees.

Energy Healers Association NPC BPO Thumb Image

Energy Healers Association NPC BPO

We are a non-profit organisation who has been chosen by the premier organisations of all energy healing modalities to be responsible for their accreditation, assessments, and quality of service & soon throughout Africa and elsewhere.

enke: Make Your Mark Thumb Image

enke: Make Your Mark

enke: Make Your Mark (enke) is a leadership development organization that generates and incubates youth-led social impact. Our name “enke”  is derived from SeTswana word for “ink” and the SeSotho word for “take it”. This reflects our philosophy and work in empowering young leaders to be come the authors of their future by leading change in their communities (make their mark), and to have the ability to identify and take every opportunity that presents itself for them.


Ennerdale Rugby Football Club NPO Thumb Image

Ennerdale Rugby Football Club NPO

Ennerdale Rugby Football Club need assistance in participating and ensuring our kids enjoy opportunities that would otherwise not have been available to them.

Enviro Wildfire Services Thumb Image

Enviro Wildfire Services

"To facilitate Integrated Wildfire Management programmes and projects for the benefit of the environment and humanity"

Environ-Wise Development Institute Thumb Image

Environ-Wise Development Institute

Environ-Wise Development Institute is an organisation that considers social development, health and safety, human rights and capacity building as key elements which enables communities to understand environmental conservation. 

Envisionit Thumb Image


Envisionit would like to screen the movie, Black Panther, to Grade 5 & 6 students from previously disadvantaged schools across South Africa.

Ependy Angels Thumb Image

Ependy Angels

Ependy Angels is a South African based non-profit company that goes above and beyond to help promote and raise awareness about rare childhood cancers.

Epic Erick’s Swimming Tour Thumb Image

Epic Erick’s Swimming Tour

Erick has been chosen to form part of a high performance swimming team that will be travelling to Treviso, Italy in June this year to participate in a gala and to attend a training camp in Pezaro.

Epic Solutions Thumb Image

Epic Solutions

Our Mission is to see lives and communities transformed by empowering people to become economically sustainable. Our management Board oversees our activities and we are two full-time staff with business, training and cross-cultural experience. Our Vision is to provide entrepreneurial skills training; assist start-up of small scale businesses, establish communities of entrepreneurs and leverage business knowledge of our rich network of business experts. These experts mentor and give input into operational, financial, planning and strategic challenges. Most of the people who come for our training have some type of skills. We show, teach and mentor them through our program to be proud business owners.

Epidural Stimulation Now Thumb Image

Epidural Stimulation Now

After years of searching for a technology that can provide me with some treatment that will really help me to improve my life and maybe even walk again, I have found a great solution!

Epilepsy South Africa Thumb Image

Epilepsy South Africa

We are dedicated to working with people with epilepsy, as well as their families and aim to enable them to lead meaningful and enriching lives. We focus on creating opportunities for people with epilepsy and related disabilies.

Epilepsy South Africa Thumb Image

Epilepsy South Africa

Epilepsy South Africa is the only national organisation meeting the needs of persons with epilepsy and those affected by the condition. Our work is based in human rights and focus on advocacy, lobbying, self-representation and social justice.

Epilepsy South Africa - Free State & North West Branch Thumb Image

Epilepsy South Africa - Free State & North West Branch

Epilepsy SA - Free State & North West is a disability focused, developmental organisation providing residential and community support to persons with various disabilities.

Apart from this, we also have other programmes:

  • An extensive primary health care programme focusing especially on HIV/AIDS and TB.
  • Being the largest Welfare organisation in the area we also provide support and mentoring to emerging Non Profit Organisations
  • Training of interns in Social Work, Nursing and Marketing
  • Sustainable economic development for Persons with Disabilities
  • Assistive Device Bank in Vryburg, NW

Being situated in rural areas ensures our services reach those most in need!

Epworth Children Homes Thumb Image

Epworth Children Homes

Epworth is a 100 year old childrens home that caters for the residential needs of children between the ages of 3 and 18 years, that are found to be in need of care by the childrens court and offers an effective therapy and assessment centre that provides a full spectrum of psychological services for allresidence, local schools and other community members who cannot afford these services privately. We also undertake training and specialised programs for children, parents and teachers for example learning support, parenting skills, anti bullying programs and so forth.

Epworth Children's Home  Thumb Image

Epworth Children's Home

Epworth Children's Home is a residential facility situated in Germiston that accommodates 90 children in 6 individual houses. We provide a safe and secure environment for children deemed in need of care by the Children's Court. The children are mostly orphaned, abandoned, neglected, abused and/or affected by HIV/AIDS.  

Equilibrium Thumb Image


Equilibrium is a registered Non-Profit Organisation, dedicated and determined to address social, crime and moral issues that restrain growth within the Western Cape Province. The input and involvement of key role players and the endorsement of the Department of Social Development, Department Cultural Affairs & Sport, and City of Cape Town Metro.

Equip2Educate Thumb Image


An initiative started by myself with it's main aim to provide underpriveledged kids with school attire and tools (stationery, bags, books etc). 

Eric to the World Schools Debating Champs Thumb Image

Eric to the World Schools Debating Champs

Eric Kazadi, a member of Team South Africa, has finally been granted an emergency visa to attend the World Schools' Debating Championships (WSDC) 2017 in Bali, Indonesia. 

Eric's University Campaign Thumb Image

Eric's University Campaign

Eric is a hard working ,consciousness young man who is studying Meteorology. He is in his final year and has a bursary for tuition. However he can't register at the moment due to previous debt.

Ericas Campaign for Angel Thumb Image

Ericas Campaign for Angel

Please help me cover the costs of my eldest dog's operation.

Ericas Studies Thumb Image

Ericas Studies

Please help me raise funds in order to pay for my BA Hon in Corporate Communication degree, to buy textbooks, pay for accommodation and food.

Erika's Medical Cause Thumb Image

Erika's Medical Cause

My husband and I have been Married for 10 years. 10 Years of unexplained infertility. He stood by me ,thought all the test, month of medicated cycles and several failed IUI's.  Our next option is IVF.

Erika's Project Rhino Cause Thumb Image

Erika's Project Rhino Cause

On the 8th December, I will be tackling the Ubhejane short horn of 250km non stop riding to raise funds for the rhino's. All riders are self funded and ALL money raised will go towards project Rhino. 

Ernest's Medical Cause Thumb Image