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BackaBuddy Fees

BackaBuddy is a Non-Profit Organisation

All donations made through BackaBuddy are managed by The BackaBuddy Foundation

(Reg No. 2015/313483/08)

The BackaBuddy Foundation collects a 7% +VAT = 8.05% and a transaction fee which covers the costs of our 3rd party bank and payment channel fees.

65% of donors cover the administration fee. How? BackaBuddy gives donors the option to cover this fee.

Your support helps us continue to offer our much-needed platform and services to people in true need and organisations such as yourselves.

NB to note: All registered non-profit organisations that registered on Backabuddy from March 2022 - December 2022 will only be paying a 5% administration fee.

African Payment Processing fees: as of the 22nd March 2022

Electronic Funds Transfer EFTR12
Instant EFT3.5%
Debit/Credit Card South Africa3.9%

International Payment Processing fees:

International Credit Card (PayPal)5.5%

PayPal is a high cost payment portal but is a trusted international payment channel. The 5.5% is made of two fees,

  1. The PayPal fee directly
  2. The local SA PayPal banking partners fee

Funds are collected from the 1st – 30th of each month and paid out to the respective organisations on the 10th of the following month.