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BackaBuddy Fees


Our Fees/Administrative Costs

All donations made through BackaBuddy are managed by The BackaBuddy Foundation (Reg No. 2015/313483/08)

It is free to setup a campaign. Fee’s are only charged on funds raised.

Fee Structure:

1. Our Platform fee. + 2. Payment Processing fee (3rd Party)

    1. Platform Fee: BackaBuddy
      • Registered Charities / Non Profit Organisations
        • 0% platform fee.  Donors can choose to leave a tip for our services.
      • Individual Fundraisers
        • 7% (+VAT). Donors are given the option to cover this fee. NB. 75% of donors cover this fee 
    2. Payment Processing Fee: 3rd Party

      • African Payment Processing fees: as of the 22nd March 2022

        • Electronic Funds Transfer EFT
        • Instant EFT  
        • Debit/Credit Card South Africa
        • SnapScan 

      • International Payment Processing fees:
        • International Credit Card (PayPal) 
        $0.3 + 5.5%
        • PayPal   
        $0.3 + 5.5%
        PayPal is a high-cost payment portal but is a trusted international payment channel. The 5.5% is made of two fees,The PayPal fee directly and the local SA PayPal banking partner's fee

Normal Funds Payout: Monthly on 10th of the month.

Donations received from the 1st – 30th of each month are paid out to the respective organisations on the 10th of the following month. In order to safeguard all our campaign creators against possible fraud and unexpected donation reversals, donations are temporarily reserved in our BackaBuddy non-profit bank account for a period of 7 days until they have cleared. 

Urgent Funds Payout:

On request.: If you are in urgent need of receiving your funds before our normal monthly payout. Contact our verification and payout team at [email protected] and we will expedite it for you.

Thank you for considering BackaBuddy as your fundraising platform. We’re here for you.