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BackaBuddy Fees

BackaBuddy is a Non-Profit Organisation

All donations made through BackaBuddy are managed by The BackaBuddy Foundation

(Reg No. 2015/313483/08)

The BackaBuddy Foundation collects a 5% +VAT = 5.75% admin fee and a transaction fee which covers the costs of our 3rd party bank and payment channel fees.

Our 5% admin fee goes towards accomplishing the Backabuddy Foundations’ Mission.

It includes the employ of the finance, support and administration team that brings you the BackaBuddy platform as well as the maintenance and development of the platform itself.

(Donors are given the option to cover the 5% admin fee. More than 50% do so).

African Payment Processing fees: (+VAT)

Electronic Funds Transfer EFTR12
Instant EFT2%
Debit/Credit Card South Africa2.9%

International Payment Processing fees:

International Credit Card (PayPal)5.5%

PayPal is a high cost payment portal but is a trusted international payment channel. The 5.5% is made of two fees,

  1. The PayPal fee directly
  2. The local SA PayPal banking partners fee

Funds are collected from the 1st – 30th of each month and paid out to the respective organisations on the 10th of the following month.