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BackaBuddy is a South African crowdfunding platform that is designed to help you create online campaigns to raise funds for causes you are passionate about.

What sort of campaigns can be created on BackaBuddy?

You can create campaigns for anything that has a positive impact on individuals, communities, and the environment.

These campaigns can raise funds for registered non-profit organisations or for individuals who need donations for a variety of reasons, including medical procedures, sporting opportunities, or for studies. You can even create campaigns in loving memory of a special person to raise funds for his or her favourite cause.

We love campaigns that make use of our ‘champion’ model – raising funds on behalf of a charity or an individual in need. While you are welcome to fundraise for yourself, campaigns that help others, friends or strangers, are powerful reminders of all the good there is in the world.

Take a look at our news & views page for some crowdfunding inspiration.

How does it work?

You can quickly and easily create a fundraiser on the BackaBuddy site, then share your campaign link with your friends, family, and colleagues – your crowd - to invite monetary donations. Creating a campaign is free and there are no charges if you don’t raise funds.

There are no time limits imposed on campaigns and no penalties if you don’t reach your target. You can also carry on receiving donations after you’ve met your target.

Simply put, your campaign can continue for as long as you like. You do not have to reach your target or a certain amount to received your donations. BackaBuddy makes payment on a monthly basis – funds raised from the 1st to the 30th of the month are paid out on the 10th of the following month. We retain a 7% + VAT administrative fee of all funds raised via the platform. Read more about our fees here.

Charity Registrations:

If you are a charity, crowdfunding is a transparent and effective a way to fundraise for specific needs within your organisation. First you simply register by completing this form. We’ll create your charity profile page, and then you (and your supporters) can create as many fundraising campaigns as you’d like!

What makes BackaBuddy different from other crowdfunding platforms?

BackaBuddy takes integrity really seriously, which is why we like to ‘vet’ individual campaigns before any payouts can be processed and charity registrations before their profile is activated on the site. This way, our site users and donors can be assured that we take steps to protect them to the best of our ability.

BackaBuddy will be in touch to verify your campaign after your first donation has been received. You can read more here about what this involves. Once you have met the criteria in place and we consider your fundraiser to be authentic, we will request banking details to arrange payment. We even extend the offer to have funds raised for individual causes transferred directly to the relevant organisation, medical professional, or educational institution. This is a wonderful way to build trust with your donors.

This extra effort, our ‘vetting’ sets us apart from other crowdfunding platforms.

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