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Finding forever, ‘semi-wild’ homes to protect lions from exploitation and the Bone Trade

Committed to ethical conservation, The Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation in Johannesburg works to support several Ethical Sanctuaries and Rehabilitation Centers across Southern Africa to ensure that Wildlife, including threatened or protected Species, get the help they need. Having been approached by Governing Authorities, the organization has embarked on a new project to protect more than 20 […]

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‘Ginger with a GoPRO’, crowdfunds over R600 000 to feed hungry communities during lockdown.

Since the beginning of lockdown, Chad Nathan (27), a photographer, videographer and social media influencer from Sea Point, Cape Town, has been documenting the effect the coronavirus pandemic has had on the less fortunate in the Western Cape, Gauteng and Mpumalanga. In working closely with non-profit organisations in Cape Town, namely Cans With Purpose, Ladles of Love, Breadline Africa, […]

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