Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project online by receiving many small donations from a number of individuals through the use of social media and the press.

Through emotive storytelling, imagery and video content, campaign creators are able to present their cause to the public to reach their specified fundraising target.

In 2020, BackaBuddy, celebrated R200 Million raised for charitable causes across the country.

Crowdfunding for a person

BackaBuddy has thus far welcomed over 16 600 individual fundraising campaigns for medical expenses, tuition fees, sporting tours, community projects and good deeds.

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Crowdfunding for a charity

Over 3 200 charities are also active users of the platform, raising funds for various needs within their organisation through their own projects, and have collectively invited over 21 400 individuals to pledge their birthdays or participate in events to raise funds on their behalf.

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