Little Zara was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor (ATRT) in April this year when she was just 19 months old. The news of Zara’s diagnosis has been absolutely devastating to the family. Before the diagnosis she was a happy healthy little girl who reached all her normal milestones.

ATRT (atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumour) is a rare, fast-growing, aggressive and re-occurring tumor that is found in fewer than 10 percent of children with brain tumors. It is most often seen in children age 3 or younger, but it can also occur in older children and adults.



In and out of hospital

Zara’s tumour was located near the cerebellum and was removed on 17 April 2021 during a 6-hour surgery. On 29 April 2021, after the craniotomy, Zara underwent her second operation to place a VP shunt in her brain to drain fluid from her brain to her abdomen. This resulted in an infection that needed to be cleared before the chemotherapy could start.

She has undergone radiation and chemotherapy at the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre from May 2021. Even though the tumor was removed if one cancer cell remains another tumor can grow, which is why radiation and chemotherapy are necessary.


Funds needed

In the last month the family’s medical aid has already rejected claims and requiring co-payments to treatment bills. Your donation will help them cover the cost of little Zara’s treatment and give her a chance at life.



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