Celebrating the anniversary of the remarkable women’s march of 1956, this year, on Women’s day- 9 August 2021, we are spotlighting women inspiring change as we move towards a more equal future.

In our article, we have selected women-focused causes that could use your support by making a different another’s life. 

Here’s a list of crowdfunding campaigns you can support

Charities to support 

This is not a sock. End Period Poverty

In aid of the many young women in South Africa who can not afford menstrual products, the Saage Community is looking to provide Safepads and menstrual health education by partnering with NGOs who will distribute these 2000 girls nationwide. By donating a box of 4 Safepads = R167 you can give a girl a sustainable, hygienic, and safe solution that will last at least 4 years.

Support the Saage Community on its BackaBuddy campaign.


Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children

To aid the women, youth, and children who have experienced domestic and/or sexual violence, the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children has been in the mission of supporting women and children for 22 years. 

Support  the SBC on its BackaBuddy campaign


Help Quote This Woman+ Close the Gender Gap in South Africa

Quote This Woman+ was founded in 2019 by working mom Kathy Magrobi in the lead-up to South Africa’s elections, operating with no staff or funding to curate a list of women+ political analysts and commentators who could diversify the news narratives of the day.

Since their successful campaign last year, Quote This Woman+ has relaunched its campaign after growing to more than 370 women+ experts. Funds raised will help them focus on raising further funding, develop corporate presentations, and do the kilometres of lobbying and legwork to find sustainable funding models.

Support  the Quote This Woman+ on its BackaBuddy campaign


SA Women Fight Back Gender-Based Violence Victim Support

SA Women Fight Back, collaborates with sister organisations to offer gender-based violence survivors counselling and healing courses after they have experienced trauma, among other helpful initiatives.To restore dignity to sexual assault survivors, this women’s month, the organisation hopes to expand their care pack drive, through a crowdfunding campaign launched on BackaBuddy.


Support SA Women Fight Back on its BackaBuddy campaign


Rainbows and Smiles Foundation

Founded by Bonita Sucking, a mother who lost her dear son, Jed Brady Thomas-Suckling, to cancer, Rainbow and Smiles aims to provide emotional, social, and financial support to families and caregivers in need when a child or children of that family have been diagnosed with life-treating diseases. 

Support Rainbow and Smile foundation on its BackaBuddy campaign


Happy Bums Nappy Drive

Princess Alice Adoption Home provides 24-hour residential care for up to 30 babies and toddlers who have been consented to adoption or abandoned. With your support in raising funds, the organisation can purchase quality nappies for these little angels. 

Support the Princess Alice Adoption Home on its BackaBuddy campaign. 


#GamersAgainstGBV 2021

Uniting behind the fight against Gender-based violence, this women’s month, Mettlestate, a gaming tournament organisation, is raising funds for People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA). The organisation was started 40 years ago by 6 women to provide refuge and aid to victims of GBV. 

Support POWA’s mission on its BackaBuddy campaign.


Causes to support 

A little hope for Maizen – project pink

Maizen Snyders (31), a breast cancer warrior, has sadly sustained heart failure due to aggressive chemotherapy and is unable to continue her treatment. With your donations, Maizen can spend time with her young children and husband without worrying about bills piling up.

Support Maizen and her family on her BackaBuddy campaign.


Help Zoey Black get Top Surgery

Zoey Black, a transgender woman living in Cape Town, South Africa, longs for nothing more than to feel more comfortable in her own body. She’s started a BackaBuddy campaign to raise funds for gender-affirming surgery to help make her decision a reality and continue her work on queer education and pride. 

Support Zoey on her BackaBuddy campaign


Sarena’s Film Studies

Empowering young girls to ‘take up space’, Sarena Shabanga from Johannesburg, aspires to become a movie producer with her own film company. Through this dream, Sarena will need to obtain a BA degree in motion picture and then complete her master’s at AFDA. Support Saren’s educational journey by being her first donor on her campaign.

Support Sarena on her BackaBuddy campaign. 


Breast Reduction for Hlengiwe

Hlengiwe Masemola (30) from Pretoria, needs breast reduction surgery and longs for nothing more than to feel comfortable and confident in her own body. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19  pandemic, the government has closed for any reductions and the pain has become unbearable.

Learn more about Hlengiwe and support her cause by donating to her BackaBuddy campaign.


Help Haley beat cancer

Haley Abrahams, a brave woman who has been battling aggressive and now advances Breast cancer since 2018, is now running out of treatment options. Her sister, Keri, has started a BackaBuddy campaign to help cover the enormous medical bill of potentially life-saving treatments that are only available abroad. 

Support Haley on her BackaBuddy campaign

When women support each other incredible things happen. Although South Africa still has a long way ahead in implementing and respecting women’s rights, through uniting together as a nation we will be one step closer to reaching our goal. 

Create a crowdfunding campaign

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