A crowdfunding campaign has been launched on BackaBuddy by FundingHub, to help small business owner, Suveer Pakkoo (38), from Howick, Pietermaritzburg,  recover from the devastating looting and unrest that destroyed his company Badges and Signs.

To help Suveer get back to business, he will need to replace 6 machines (estimated at R20 000) and almost R15 000 in raw materials that were stolen during the looting. Some suppliers who are affiliated with the business have kindly lent a few machines to Suveer so they can continue their operations and deliver on the jobs they were busy with prior to the unrest.

Without insurance Suveer has suffered a tremendous loss, but thanks to kind support from his community, he is almost back on his feet.

With generous support from 11 donors, almost R29 000  has been raised towards Suveer’s fundraising target of R45 000 on BackaBuddy.

“I’m 38 years of age & have two kids, so I am not at a stage to quit, I have built my business from the start & am going to see this through. I appreciate that there is still hope out there.” – says Suveer.

Support Suveer’s crowdfunding campaign by donating on BackaBuddy here:


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