On 1 September 2021, in the early hours of the morning, Shadrack Kuchale (38) From Cosmo City, Johannesburg, was on his way to work, when he was attacked and held at gunpoint. 

The situation soon escalated when the assailants shot the father of two in the neck, stole his cellphone, and dragged him to the nearby ATM, withdrawing R5000 from his bank account.

With complete disregard for Shadrack’s life and well-being, he was left for dead in the street. Fighting for his life and in severe pain,  Shadrack waited 12 hours for a bed at the local government hospital before eventually being admitted.


Forever changed

After being assessed by a neurosurgeon, and having a CT scan, Shadrack’s worst fears were soon realized: The bullet from the attack entered the highest part of his spine, shattering his spinal cord, and then traveled to his lung and punctured it.

Sadly, Shadrack is now completely paralysed from the shoulders down and will remain a quadriplegic for the rest of his life, as no amount of physiotherapy can restore his spinal fluid or movement in his body. 

Pictured above: Shadrack and his wife, Eunice, and their two children.

To help Shadrack cover his ongoing medical costs and living expenses after this life-altering attack, non-profit organisation, The Angel Network, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy to lend a helping hand.

Funds raised will be administered by the organisation, and be used to give Shadrack quality of life while he and his family come to terms with the tragedy they have experienced. Over and above monthly costs – like rent, food and school fees – the funds will cover alterations needed to support his life, as well as trauma counselling for the family, nursing care, physio and medication. 

Pictured above: Coming home from the hospital: Shadrack and his wife, Eunice.

“We need your help to give Shadrack and his family a chance to recover from this traumatic and life-altering attack. These criminals don’t even know or care what has happened to him, but we know our Angel Network community does and can make a difference to help them adjust to their new lives.” – says Glynne Wolman of The Angel Network. 

With generous support from the public, over R235 000 has been raised – in just 5 days – towards the fundraising target of R500 000, with kind contributions flowing in from all around South Africa and countries around the world, too. 

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All donors are eligible for a Section 18A tax certificate issued by The Angel Network.


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