Crystal Meintjies from Johannesburg is a single mom on a mission to get hearing aids for her 11-year-old twin boys, Caleb and Cole, who were born deaf.

After a difficult pregnancy and contracting measles, Crystal gave birth to her charming boys at only 26 weeks. Born premature, the boys weighed only 1.9kgs and 1.6kgs respectively.

Photo above: Crystal, Caleb and Cole with their family.

The twins’ hearing problems weren’t noticed right a way, says Crystal.

“We only discovered Caleb was deaf at 1 year old and Cole at the age of 3, as we always thought he was imitating his twin brother, until our speech therapist said I should take him back to my ENT specialist, we then got referrals to audiologists who assisted” says their mother, Crystal. 

Together always, thick as thieves

Today, Caleb and Cole have grown into charming, happy and healthy boys with a special bond.

Photo Above: Caleb and Cole

Uniquely different, Caleb can be described as a quiet child, who seem reserved at times but once you get to know him, you’d love him. Whereas Cole is a character of note. He loves to tease, joke and play around. Very loving boy and enjoys attention.

“The Brothers truly are each other’s best friends. I look at these two, and as much as they fight, when nobody is looking, they’re as thick as thieves. This is the kind of love I admire. I pray they never lose sight of it” says their mother, Crystal. 

Photo above: Caleb and Cole in school uniform.

A plea for assistance

Caleb and Cole both attend St Vincent School of the Deaf and have been thriving while wearing hearing aids that have improved their lives significantly.

Unfortunately, only one twin is currently using a hearing aid between the two of them, as the one pair is broken and needs to be serviced.

Reaching out for community support to give her son’s the gift of sound and improve their lives, Crystal Meintjies, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy.

Since the launch of the campaign, over R8500 has been raised towards the fundraising target of R50 000 with contributions from 15 generous donors.

Photo above: Caleb and Cole

“Your assistance will be greatly appreciated and would be a dream come true. Please help me to help my son’s dreams and hope of having new hearing aids come true and that they can be serviced and maintained when necessary” pleads their mother, Crystal. 

Any additional funds raised will support Caleb in getting a cochlear implant, as he has been nominated as a possible candidate for the costly procedure.


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