2021 has been a particularly difficult year for all South Africans.

We have faced the ongoing pandemic together; many of us haven’t seen our loved ones for a long time. 

Some of us have lost someone close to us or know someone who has. 

Many businesses have struggled and many more people have lost their jobs.

But through lockdowns and isolation, we have also witnessed the resilient South African spirit in all its glory, and have seen our people come together, more than ever before to help those in need.

On BackaBuddy, South Africa’s leading donations-based crowdfunding platform, over R55 million has been raised this year with the generous support of over 62 000 donors, who have supported almost 4000 individuals and beloved non-profit organisations.

Take a look at a few BackaBuddy campaigns launched this year that reminded us what it means to be South African, even in these trying times.


Romario’s birthday pledge 

Eco-warrior Romario Valentine from Umhlanga, Durban celebrated his 10th birthday by raising over R24 000, to plant 350 trees in Kenya and build an aviary for over 3500 birds in Plettenberg Bay. Inspired by his relentless focus on improving our natural environment, Romario was invited to share his opinions on a panel with the United Nations! In the words of Greta Thunberg, ‘You’re never too little to make a difference.’

View Romario’s campaign here


Pictured above: Romario planting trees with Beverly Hills General Manager, John Aritho, and Wayne Burgess from Burgess Landscapes.


Dale came back home!

Almost 500 donors came together to bring Dale Benson, a 39-year-old educator back home from Vietnam, after he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was unable to access the treatment he needed while overseas. 

With over R200 000 raised, Dale arrived at Cape Town international airport and shared a heartfelt moment with his mum, Inge Bosman, who was overjoyed to see him. Our thoughts are with Dale as he continues his treatment.

View Dale’s campaign here.


Pictured above: Dale with his mum, Inge.


Helping Robert start his new career!

Despite the obstacles in his path, Robert Maposa (43) from Pretoria, who was working as a gardener, went on to pass his LLB degree from UNISA with distinction this year. 

To commend Robert for his hard work and determination, almost R90 000 was raised to purchase Robert a car and professional attire to begin his new career.

View Robert’s campaign here.


Pictured above: Robert receiving his degree.


Smashing a world record

Henry Cock (34), a businessman from Sandton, Johannesburg, set out to smash the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive half marathons run in a row, while at the same time uplifting South Africans struggling with mental health issues during the lockdown. 

With his campaign launched on BackaBuddy, Henry has raised over R530 000 to support The South African Depression and Anxiety group. Henry hopes to make history with the end of his challenge on 17 November 2021.

Donate to Henry’s campaign here



A wheelchair for Omphile

With generous support from donors across South Africa, over R90 000 was raised to give Omphile Selepe (12), from Sandton his very own wheelchair. 

Omphile is living with x-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a rare life-threatening genetic brain disease that has inhibited his ability to walk, speak and function indepently. With his specialized chair, Omphile’s quality of life has improved tremendously, while bravely fighting his condition, never giving up his beaming smile.

View Omphile’s campaign here


Pictured above: Omphile with his sister, Ntabiseng Selepe.

Listen as BackaBuddy COO, Catherine Du Plooy speaks to SmileFm , (6/10/2021), about how we’ve seen our people come together, more than ever before to help those in need.

Thank you South Africa for reminding us of all the kindness and love we as a society have to offer.

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