On the 30th of September 2021, Luke Mulvey, a 9-year-old boy who lives on a smallholding in Lovemore Park, Eastern Cape, was attacked by a 250kg mother sow that he has looked after as a pet for the last 2-years.

Pictured above: Luke has always had a fondness for animals and dreams of working in animal rescue one day.

Having just flown kites with his dad, Luke stopped by the pig pen to check on their sow and her piglets, , he had done just 2 days before. 

Not expecting the pig to be uneasy about his presence, as she is usually friendly and placid, Luke was caught off guard when the pig charged at him to protect her newborn babies.

Pictured above: Piglet, the mother sow.

Watching in horror, as ‘Piglet’ latched onto Luke’s arm and ‘shook him like a rag doll’, his father, David, grabbed onto the pig’s tail, using all his strength to prevent her from lunging towards Luke again and killing him.

“I am so grateful that I had the strength to hold on. It was a terrifying and traumatic experience for both of us. I thought I was going to see my son killed before my eyes. My world was turned upside down in a flash” says David.

Thankfully, Edward, who works on the farm, heard Luke’s terrified screams and rushed to the pen to lift the terrified boy to safety.

With the crushing of his left arm and the gnashing of his right hand and fingers, Luke was bleeding profusely and in severe pain while being rushed to St. George’s Hospital, where his broken arm was eventually wired and plated together. 

Luke has thus far endured four surgeries, in what will be a long road to recovery, involving physiotherapy, counselling, and possibly skin grafts.

Pictured above: Luke was rushed to St. George’s Hospital after being bitten by a pig on their farm

Crowdfunding on BackaBuddy

With Luke’s medical costs exceeding over R300 000 thus far, as the family is without medical aid, the public has shown tremendous support for the Mulvey family through their crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy.

With generous support from the public, over R38 000 has been raised with kind contributions from 57 donors both locally and internationally, who have been a blessing to the family that has suffered great emotional and financial stress.

Pictured above: Despite his pain, Luke is in good spirits.

“The support from everyone has been so overwhelming. We are blown away and so thankful for how generous people can be for my boy. Family members, teachers, neighbours, friends, and strangers have all stepped up to support Luke and our BackaBuddy campaign. I would be lost without their help.” – says David.

Doctors are doing everything they can to ensure that Luke will one day regain full use of his arm and put this traumatic experience behind him.

Pictured above: Luke with his dad, David.


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