After discovering hungry children in his community three years ago, Joshua Roos (12) who lives with his grandmother, Manda, in Gordon’s Bay, Western Cape, was inspired to start his own soup kitchen to feed the vulnerable and support various charitable institutions.

As Joshua and his grandmother get by on her disability pension, together they launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy, to better serve their community by providing food parcels to young children and the elderly during lockdown.

Since the project’s launch in June 2020, donors both locally and abroad have contributed over R24 000 towards his fundraising target of R50 000 to expand the soup kitchen and feed hungry tummies. Donate here.



Like most businesses, Joshua’s soup kitchen was tremendously impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic with it being difficult to gather donations to continue helping the less fortunate.

To keep his dreaming alive, Joshua has had to think of other alternatives by starting his own Jalapeno Product Range by smoking various types of meats, and with the profits gained from this venture, he donates it to various causes that’s close to his heart.

Since Covid19 started it has been a real struggle to gather donations to continue to help the less fortunate which has been his dream (A dream which has no end) as everyone has gone through their own difficulties, that’s when Joshua started his own Jalapeno Product Range together with Smoking various meats and with the profits gained from this venture he donates it to various causes that’s close to his heart he wishes he is able to have at least once a month a day where he is able to give a hot meal to the less fortunate people around the community. Whilst all this has been going on granny’s health has also been deteriorating but still try to help where she can to enable his dreams but sometimes she is not able to. He has a project up his sleeve for the 16th of December for about 60 kids and everything is coming out of pocket as funds are very low at this point.

As funds have been slowly coming in, donations towards his cause and dream are still welcomed on his BackaBuddy page here.


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