South Africa’s Good Things Guy, Brent Lindeque, from Johannesburg, has undergone a massive transformation in aid of Cancervive, shearing 40 centimetres of his trademark curly locks for a sleeker, shorter look. 

“Along with the hair donation for Cancervive, and because it’s my birthday month, I want to extend the kindness movement,” says Brent Lindeque.

“I’ve done that by launching a BackaBuddy campaign for this organisation because I’ve personally lost friends and family to this tragic disease, as have so many others.” 

Lindeque lost his aunt to cancer last year. This tragic event planted a seed in him to do some good to help make a difference for people facing the same battles. A little while later, a client asked him if he would ever cut his hair off for charity.

And so the idea was born to cut his hair off – that he had grown for three years – and raise much-needed funds in the process. Cancervive describes itself as dynamic cancer awareness and education project. 

Pictured above: Looking Good, Brent!

According to its website: ‘We are a survivor-driven cancer awareness and education project that communicates to audiences with means beyond words. Through performing arts, music, poetry, dance and storytelling, we can reach people of all backgrounds, regardless of language. 

Because of this, the Cancervive project has been hailed as one of the world’s most dynamic cancer awareness campaigns.

“Raising cancer awareness is a year-round drive, but I think it’s especially prudent to launch this campaign now in January, which is typically a tough month for so many,” says Brent. 

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