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With the announcement of the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon 2022, many enthusiastic runners have secured their tickets and have chosen their charity to support. 

If you have not yet pledged to support your favorite charity or bought your tickets for the event, have a read through our article below.

Here to guide you in raising funds at the biggest event of the year, the BackaBuddy team has put together our best advice on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign!

How to enter the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon 2022

Before you begin your crowdfunding journey on BackaBuddy, make sure you have entered The Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon 2022 on their website here:

Launch your crowdfunding on BackaBuddy

Once you have registered for The Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon 2022, it’s time to create your crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for your chosen charity. 

Launch your crowdfunding campaign 

Telling your story

A key thread in all successful crowdfunding campaigns is a well-written, emotive, and informative story that connects with potential supporters of your campaign.

For inspiration on how to tell your story,  Meet Zanele.

Zanele Hlatshwayo from Soweto, told a very powerful story and personal story when raising funds for the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) in honour of her late father. 



When writing your campaign story, be sure to answer the following questions:

    • Who are you and where are you from?
    • Which organisation are you fundraising for and what do they do? Do you have a personal connection to the charity you have chosen? 

Your campaign message should highlight the importance of your cause and why others should support it. If the charity you have chosen has success stories or interesting facts to share with you, this will also help you tell your story. Connect with your charity and find out as much information about them as you can.

    • How much would you like to raise and how will these funds be used in a tangible way to benefit your charity and the work they do?

Take a look at these examples on how to write a tangible campaign ‘ask’.

For example, I am taking part in the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon 2022 to…

    • Raise R10 000 to purchase 100 school shoes for children in need at Afrika Tikkun’
    • Raise R100 000 to help Hillwood Primary school in refurbishing 1 classroom.
    • Reach my crowdfunding target of R20 000 to support Dignity Dreams in purchasing sanitary items for young girls so that they don’t miss out on an education.

Focus on the positive impact of donations 

Presenting your campaign in a positive way can make a big difference. Focus on the positive impact the funds raised will have and the impact of your awareness campaign.

According to the 2018 Trends in Global Giving Report, by Non-Profit Tech For Good, 91% of donors are motivated to donate to causes when they feel positive emotions such as hope and empathy and only 9% respond to negative emotions such as fear and sadness.

Create a crowdfunding video

For those who don’t like reading, put together a short campaign video!

Campaigns with video content tend to raise 4 times more funds, and are shared 7 times more on social media, as they are more personal and emotive!

Shoot a video on your phone

For a crowdfunding campaign, you don’t need professional lighting, equipment or editing skills to convey a powerful message.

We recommend shooting a short, personal and informal message on your cellphone that can be posted on social media as well as your crowdfunding campaign.

    • Make sure you are presentable and wearing comfortable clothes (try to avoid clothes with busy designs or a lot of text).  
    • Choose a clear backdrop or tidy background to shoot your video.
    • Try to eliminate as much background noise as possible.
    • Let viewers know where they can make a donation to your campaign and include your crowdfunding campaign link in every post you share.
    • Lastly, just be yourself.

If you are unsure of what to say, follow our story writing guidelines above.

Choose a friendly image of yourself

    • When choosing your crowdfunding image, choose an inviting and friendly image of yourself. If you have a photo of yourself in running gear, this will show your potential donors that you mean business and are already training to make them proud!

Set your target based on your network and available time 

When setting your fundraising target, it’s important to consider:

    • The size of your network
    • Your available time to share your campaign 
    • Your social media following
    • How long you have to share your campaign

A basic guide to Raising 10 000 and below.


A basic guide to Raising R50 000


A basic guide to Raising R100 000 and above.


Getting started – Your First donation

Just like no one likes to be the first person on the dance floor, donors typically support crowdfunding campaigns once it has a few initial donations.

Through data research, we found that campaigns with initial support from family and friends specifically, tend to raise 220% more funds .

How to share your campaign with close family and friends:

When looking for your first donations, we recommend sending a personal, an instant message on Whatsapp, Facebook message, email or SMS to close family and friends, extended family, neighbours, co-workers. 

An example of a message you could send:

“Hi Monique, I hope you are well!

I am taking part in the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon 2022 to raise funds to support FoodForwardSA and the wonderful work they do.

With my crowdfunding campaign launched on BackaBuddy I hope, to raise R10 000 to provide 100 meals to disadvantaged children living in Edenvale, Johannesburg.

If you can, please be so kind as to donate to my campaign and cheer me on during the event.

If you’re unable to contribute, please share my campaign with your friends and loved ones: Here is my campaign link:

Once you have your first donations in, we recommend sharing your campaign to a wider audience on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Depending on your chosen social network, read through our guidelines on how to make the most of social sharing!

Encourage more donations

    • Find out if the organisation you are raising funds for is a Section 18A certified as a tax break is a great incentive to encourage donations in larger amounts.
    • Ask the BackaBuddy team to create a Snapscan code for your campaign as an additional payment option.

Create a crowdfunding campaign

South Africa’s leading crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy has supported more than 10 000+ individuals and charities in setting up fundraising campaigns for medical fees, tuition and various causes in South Africa. The platform has thus far raised over R312 Million.