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If you have arrived on this page, you may need help finding your donors before setting up your first crowdfunding campaign.

Where can I find my donors?



1. Reach out to family and friends first.

The first people who donate to your campaign are very important. 

  • The public tends to support campaigns if they can see that a number of people have already teamed up behind the cause. 
  • Just as no one wants to be the first person on the dancefloor, a campaign with donors is more inviting, creates a sense of community, shows the campaign is active and is more likely to reach its target.
  • People who don’t know you personally, also trust campaigns more readily if they can see your loved ones have vouched for your cause, by means of donating or through affectionate comments.
  • Based on our research, if family or friends are the ones who contribute to a  campaign first, we have found that they are likely to raise 220% more funds.



2. Reach out to your wider network

  • Once you have gotten support from loved ones, it’s time to reach out to more people you know.
  • Let your extended family, neighbours, co-workers, social groups, church, school or university friends and local community know about your campaign.
  • With the initial support you would have received, your wider network acts as an amplifier of sorts, spreading your campaign to more people and building on your first donations.


3. Social Media

  • Campaigns with initial support that are shared on social media, tend to raise 5 times more funds.
  • When introducing your campaign on social media, it is best to include a friendly photo, a video talking about your fundraiser, and a short description that lets readers know exactly what your need is and how funds could positively impact you or your beneficiary.



4. Reach out to your local radio station, newspaper or influencers

  • If your campaign has started raising funds, you have shared it on social media, then it is a great idea to reach out to your local media houses, to see if they would like to write about your story or share it on the airways.
  • Think about the media publications you are familiar with, visit the contact us section on their website, and send a message to introduce yourself and your cause.


Do you have any questions?

The BackaBuddy team is here to help guide you throughout your crowdfunding journey.


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