In celebration of the great life and legacy lived by Tata Madiba, every year on International Mandela Day (18th July) South Africans would unite together,  take to the streets and change the lives of those in need.

Fortunately, due to relaxed Covid-19 restrictions, the public’s global call to action has been reignited. Allowing us as individuals to support, help and aid those in need through the click of a button and in the comfort of our own living room.


Here’s a list of crowdfunding campaigns you can support

Support the Motheo children’s center for Mandela Day!

Motheo Children’s Center caters to children with special needs and accommodates orphaned children from previously disadvantaged communities around Ngobi which are located in Limpopo, South Africa. This center is in desperate need of equipment and resources to care for its loving children. This Mandela Day, why not help support this charity by helping the children’s center raise R20 000 for materials to enable them to live a more fulfilling life.

Support the Motheo Children’s Center by donating to their BackaBuddy campaign.




Support parkrun in providing defibrillators for South Africa

Parkrun events are places where everyone, runners, joggers, walkers, and volunteers gather to have fun and experience happiness in the local community. It is for this reason that Ultramarathon athlete, Bruce Fordyce has partnered up with Aero Healthcare for the sole purpose of keeping Parkrun events as safe as possible for anyone who wishes to join. As a Mandela Day initiative, help support this wonderful campaign reach 200 defibrillators standing at a total price of R4 million rand to ensure each parkrun event across South Africa is as safe as possible.

Support Bruce Fordyce on his new challenge to provide Parkrun in SA with defibrillators



Support Baby Novah Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) fund

Novah De Wet from Aggeneys, Northern Cape, was diagnosed with Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 1. This is a rare genetic sickness that destroys important motor neurons that allow for movement and muscle development. A miracle gene therapy drug called Zolgensma from the USA can assist in aiding her condition. Following Mandela day, donate to this critical campaign to help pay for Novah’s once-off treatment of Zolgensam which costs R35 million rand.

Help save Novah De Wet by donating to her BackaBuddy campaign. 


Support the Sakha Family Development Center to empower local women in Kouga

The Sakhe Family Care Development Centre is a non-profit organisation based in Humansdorp, Eastern Cape, that aims to uplift families in the Kouga area through training courses for wives, husbands and children alike. Many South African women in South Africa don’t have the opportunity to study. Their current project currently aims to empower women by teaching them how to use sewing machines and product development in the textile industry. This Mandela Day, help these women gain their independence by giving them a marketable skill that allows them to achieve more. 

Support this cause by donating to their BackaBuddy campaign.




Let’s get Aidan Bates to Baseball 5 World Cup in Mexico 2022

Aidan Bryce Bartes, a full-time 2nd-year student at ETA college in Port Elizabeth been given the opportunity of a lifetime to play at the WBSC Baseball 5 World Cup in Mexico 2022. Aidan has been in remission from cancer since he was diagnosed at the age of 3, however, this has not stopped him from making remarkable achievements ever since. Let’s Help Aidan this Mandela day reach his fundraising goal of R50 000 and enable him to pursue this amazing opportunity.

Support Aidan Bryce Bartes by donating to his BackaBuddy campaign.


Make a difference in someone else’s world by donating, sharing and supporting any one of the above campaigns. To find more campaigns aligned with your passion, you may donate to our wide variety on


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