To ensure the integrity of the BackaBuddy platform and to protect our valued donors, our dedicated team is tasked with vetting all individual crowdfunding campaigns before payouts are processed and before charities’ profiles are activated.

Please know that our processes have been put in place to maintain trust and goodwill, and are not a reflection of you or your cause.

How it works

    • Donations received are paid into the BackaBuddy bank account where it is held until your campaign has been verified and is ready for payout.
    • Once your campaign has received its first donation, a BackaBuddy verification officer will contact you for the relevant documentation to support your cause.
    • Once your campaign has been vetted, we will contact you to request your banking details or the details of the relevant institution, and facilitate the payout.


How do I go about getting my campaign verified?

Once your campaign has received its first couple of donations, our BackaBuddy verification officer will be in touch to request the following, but is not limited to:

1. Proof of identity

    • Identity document
    • Passport
    • License

2.  Contact details of 3 references

    • References should preferably be contactable individuals outside of the immediate family/friends.

3. Supporting documentation

    • Any documentation that could explain the target or legitimize the campaign.  All the documents you submit should be in colour (ideally), readable, and unobstructed.


Examples of Supporting Documents per category




    • Doctor’s report
    • Medical report
    • Medical aid letter
    • Pharmacy account
    • Hospital discharge note
    • Hospital invoice

In Loving Memory

    • Death certificate
    • Funeral home invoice


    • Fire report
    • Police report
    • Invoices to replace damaged goods


    • Fee statement 
    • Registration letter
    • Acceptance letter


    • Invitation to the sports event
    • Letter confirming the intention to attend the event

Women & Girls

    • Invoices for items to be purchased
    • Letter from the organisation if partnering with an organisation 


    • Vet bill
    • Invoice from vet


    • For art convention (IMTA, iPOP etc) – invitation to event
    • For equipment (music instruments/videography equipment) – invoices from the supplier

Food & Hunger

    • Invoices from supplier
    • Receipt for items bought (for a reimbursement) 


    • Permits – depending on what funds will be used for
    • Invoices for equipment


    • If clothes are being bought – invoices for clothes
    • If for school fees – fee statement per child
    • If raising funds for a school – a letter from the school principal 

Community Development

    • If partnering with a charity/organisation – a letter from the organisation to  confirm the intent of the campaign
    • Invoices for food items to be bought (pay directly)


    • Business plans 
    • Business registration docs
    • Budgets


    • A valid NPO certificate 
    • Active social media pages (more than 1-year-old)
    • A clear image of the charity/NPO logo

Please note that references and documentation will not be displayed on your campaign page but will form part of our validation process.

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