In the serene town of Ranzadale, Wellington, resides the Klopper family – a trio comprising 48-year-old dad, Bennie, 44-year-old mum, Nicolene, and their remarkable 14-year-old son, Ben. Life in the Klopper household may seem ordinary from the outside, but for this family, each day is a battle against an unrelenting adversary: cystic fibrosis.


Image above: 14-year-old brave soul Ben Klopper


Ben’s journey began with a diagnosis of Meconium ileus, a rare bowel obstruction that demanded immediate surgery following his birth, but the challenges didn’t stop there. Soon after, the family received another grim diagnosis – cystic fibrosis. This incurable genetic disorder relentlessly affects multiple organs, primarily the lungs. Thick mucus clogs Ben’s airways, turning each breath into a Herculean task, akin to inhaling through a straw. Their daily life revolves around nebulizing treatments, digesting hundreds of enzyme pills, and managing a multitude of medications. Hospitalizations, recurring infections, and missed school days have become part and parcel of Ben’s reality. 

“Ben has a lot of ups and downs currently with his health. As parents, it’s not easy for us to go public with Ben’s health condition, but we also can not sit back and do nothing.” says Bennie.


Image above: Ben and his parents Bennie and Nicolene Klopper


This hurdle however, hasn’t stopped Ben from dreaming and believing. Currently enrolled at Huguenot High School, Ben possesses an entrepreneurial spirit that he is certain will pave the way for his future accomplishments. Driven by an unwavering determination, he is adamant about never working for a boss and firmly believes in his potential to achieve success. In addition to his pursuits, Ben has a passion for playing the guitar and enjoys hitting the gym when his schedule allows.

“This year was the year Ben was out of school the most and his health became a challenge but Ben has never let that deter him and get in the way of his vibrant mind which is constantly teeming with new ideas. He holds a strong belief in himself, and openly acknowledges the Lord Jesus as his Saviour. Animals hold a special place in his heart, and his two dogs are his greatest companions.” Bennie states.


Image above: Ben, Nicolene and Bennie with their dog Fritz


For Ben and his family cystic fibrosis is an ongoing battle, but now a ray of optimism has emerged in the form of Trikafta, a revolutionary drug developed by Vertex. Trikafta has the potential to enhance lung function, facilitate weight gain, and boost energy levels for those grappling with cystic fibrosis. Unfortunately, the exorbitant cost of this medication places it far beyond the Klopper family’s reach. Neither medical aid nor Vertex’s efforts to make the drug accessible in South Africa seem promising.

Thankfully, an alternative solution exists – Trixicar, a more affordable version of the drug manufactured by Gador in Argentina. Yet, there is a hurdle. Trixicar remains inaccessible within the borders of South Africa, leaving the Klopper family at a crossroads, helplessly witnessing Ben’s condition deteriorate with each passing day.


Crowdfunding on BackaBuddy

To halt this heart-wrenching decline, the Klopper family urgently needs Trixicar. The price for this lifeline drug can range between R400,000 and R800,000, depending on dosage and exchange rates. It is at this critical juncture that the Kloppers are reaching out to their extended community, with a humble request for compassion.

The Klopper family has launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy with a target of R400 000.00 of which they have managed to raise just over R100 000 with the help of 122 donors. This campaign, launched by the Klopper family, shines as a guiding light of optimism for Ben, offering a channel for their extended network to rally behind this brave young youth.


Image above: Ben at the hospital getting treated


We had to approach the world and ask for help funding Ben’s very expensive medication. I know there are very good people in this world who understand what we as parents go through, especially with Ben being our only child. I therefore from the bottom of my heart want to thank every good-hearted person who has helped us this far. Every anonymous person, who has donated, you know who you are, thank you so much. We are really grateful for every cent donated this far.Bennie expresses.

Your contribution has the power to transform Ben’s life, offering him the possibility of a brighter, healthier future. The Klopper family is profoundly grateful for any support you can offer, as they stand together, fighting for Ben’s chance to beat cystic fibrosis and live a life full of promise and hope. Your kind heartedness serves as a source of hope and resilience for the Klopper family and, above all, for Ben. United, we have the power to create a profound, life-altering difference in their lives.


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