Education is often viewed as the key to endless opportunities and the realization of dreams. However, financial obstacles often make this path seem impossible for many students.

As a crowdfunding platform, we at BackaBuddy connect individuals with causes they care about, and have enabled countless people worldwide to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Last year, many inspiring students turned to our platform to raise funds for their education, highlighting that with community support and that dreams can indeed come true.


Here are some amazing campaigns that raised funds for education in 2023:


Lucky’s journey is one of unwavering determination and parental love. Seeking to secure a future for his son Immanuel, who dreams of attending fashion-design school, Lucky faced homelessness and financial hardship. Despite these challenges, he showcased Immanuel’s designs at a traffic light, hoping to raise funds. Through the kindness of strangers, R68,000 was donated towards Immanuel’s schooling and accommodation, highlighting the transformative power of collective support.

Read his campaign here:

Marielle Hobson, a dedicated 3rd-year industrial engineering student, faced various challenges, including financial burdens due to family circumstances. Despite these obstacles, Marielle remained committed to her studies, working part-time to support herself. She successfully raised over R61,000 from 17 generous donors to cover her tuition fees, helping her continue her studies.

Read her campaign here:

Hanri Steyl’s family experienced financial setbacks, making it challenging to cover her son Christopher’s tuition fees. Despite their hardships, Christopher’s determination to pursue his IT studies remained steadfast. With R37,000 raised, the Steyl family’s story emphasizes the importance of coming together to ensure deserving students have access to educational opportunities.

Read his campaign here:


Alwyn passionately spreads the gospel in South Africa and beyond, traveling extensively to churches and schools. Seeking support for a trip to the United States for a conference and ministry training, Alwyn raised an incredible R58,000 through BackaBuddy. 

Read his campaign here:

Ongeziwe, a Director in Assurance at SNG Grant Thornton, took on the ultimate challenge of the Comrades Marathon to raise funds for disadvantaged students aspiring to become CAs(SA). With over R50,000 raised, Ongeziwe’s commitment to breaking barriers in higher education underscores the transformative potential of education in uplifting communities.

Read his campaign here:

These stories are a testimony to the true impact of community support and its vital role in dismantling barriers to education. 

If you face similar challenges or wish to support students on their educational journeys, join our community on BackaBuddy. 

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