Can’t leave the office on Mandela Day?

As proud South Africans each one of us feels compelled to do something meaningful on Mandela Day.

Often the problem is that we:

  • Can’t leave the office
  • Have limited time to go out and volunteer at a project
  • Don’t have the resources to easily make a donation to a worthy cause

What we DO all have and don’t really realise the power of, is a social network / social media presence.

And did you know that fundraising campaigns that are shared on social media are 350% more likely to be funded!*

The solution:

The 67give team has rallied and vetted a wide range of great charities. The charities have provided us with fundraising targets, as per their needs as an organisation.

Each charity has a crowdfunding page. All your charity needs is help sharing the campaign, to get people donating!

So what can you do to help?

Sign up as a 67give patron by completing this form: https://bit.ly/2KpVdIk

  1. Choose a charity to support
  2. Encourage others to do the same! Active your social networks now and get more people on board…

The goal? Play a significant part in assisting a charity to reach it’s fundraising targets by Mandela Day – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


What happens on Mandela Day (18 July)? (Don’t worry, we’ll remind you of this!)

67give patrons allocate at least 67 minutes on the day to tell the world about your charity, and why its fundraising targets are important to you. Use whichever creative channels you can think of. You’ll have the crowdfunding link to share, making it easy for anyone to donate directly from anywhere in the world.

You’ll be among other 67give patrons crowdfunding for the same charity via an online platform. We’ll run updates in real time as charities progress towards their fundraising targets throughout the day.


What happens after Mandela Day? We encourage you to consider becoming a committed patron for your chosen charity – whether you donate monetarily, continue promoting a crowdfunding campaign, contribute your time or in kind. We can assist you in this endeavour but it is entirely optional.

BackaBuddy is a founding partner of 67give.



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*Source: crowdfunding platform expert