What exactly is 67give? Using a crowdfunding campaign and your network, raise funds for charities you care about from anywhere in the world, in honour of Mandela Day. As soon as you’ve signed up to be a Champion and your page is live, you can start fundraising.
The goal? Reach the targets for your chosen charity by Mandela Day on 18 July.

What is a Champion? The person who spearheads a 67give campaign for a chosen charity. You’re the type who loves getting others excited about meaningful causes, you have a strong contact base and enjoy networking within your organisation/community.

What is a crowdfunding campaign? The practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

What if several people at my company want to be Champions? Great! First step: sign up as a company and nominate a Group Leader.

1. Charities provide 67give with a fundraising target.
2. Your company selects a charity to fundraise for.
3. A Group Leader is chosen at your company.
4. The Group Leader rallies interested people at your company.
5. Each person registers as a 67give Champion, and is given a portion of the total fundraising target set by your chosen charity.The moment a Champion page is live, one can start fundraising. The 67give team will support Champions in the process. The Group Leader is responsible for keeping their team on track and heading up any team activations on Mandela Day, 18 July.

Okay, then what happens on Mandela Day: 18 July?

Champions commit at least 67 mins on Mandela Day to continue to drive their fundraising efforts and reach their charity’s targets. The 67give team reminds and follows each Champion. On the hour, every hour throughout the day, Champions will ‘go live’, 67give will welcome them to the movement and throughout their hour, track funds raised, social media reach and media exposure.

Champions at an organisation could choose to spend their 67 minutes together in a space; the boardroom, canteen area, a coffee shop- who will raise the most? Whose campaign page will have the biggest reach? Share your journey via social media!

67give team and our media partners will be reporting on individuals, teams of Champions at organisations, charities’ funds and support raised.

How do I sign up for 67give?

All you need is an internet connection! Then you can:

Register as a Company: rally your team and sign up as a company. No need to leave your desk! Each employee takes a portion of your chosen charity’s grand target and creates their own Champion fundraising page

Register as a Champion (each person registers their own Champion page, which gets linked to the Charity’s page)

Register as a Charity (if you already have a profile page on BackaBuddy, no need to register again but please do sign up)



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