A Decade of Friendship lives on.

The 2007 MBA classmates from the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business, are honouring a decade of friendship in a very special way.10838005_10155024170970080_5926297407596033271_o

On the 30th of April 2017, UCT alumni, Russell Martin sadly passed away, leaving behind his wife IIze, his two young boys, Oliver and Conner and his friends and family with a lot of questions and a tremendous feeling of loss.

Often one feels hopeless and powerless to console a family in times like these, but Russell’s classmates became empowered to continue Russell’s legacy and honour the open, loving and caring spirit he was.

Inspired by Russell’s giving nature and his one of his favourite sayings “Sharing is Caring”,  his classmates have created a campaign on Backabuddy.co.za to set up a tertiary education fund for Russell’s two boys, so they too, one day can follow their dreams and walk the same halls as their dad once did.

The support thus far has been heartfelt and overwhelming, raising over R152 057.50 towards their humble target of R150 000 to be invested with Alan Grey, for when Conner and Oliver are ready to begin their studies.

The Graduate School of Business Alumni asks for your support in remembering their friend, so his laughter can linger on and his boys can one day have the opportunity to further their studies in his absence.

You can contribute to the Russell Martin Education Fund  here

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