BackaBuddy partners with The Two Oceans Marathon for a unique virtual charity event

BackaBuddy partners with Two Oceans Marathon for a unique virtual event to support individuals & non-profits in need of financial support

The Two Oceans Marathon NPC announces the launch of the TOM 2021 Virtual Charity Challenge (VCC), inviting runners from across the world to support a charity or cause that inspires them.

As the much-anticipated event, which ordinarily attracts over 30 000 enthusiastic runners from over 90 countries annually was cancelled for a second consecutive year due to the pandemic, the Two Oceans Marathon is going virtual with a charity focused event to give back to vulnerable communities.

Calling All Champions

Partnering with BackaBuddy, runners will be able to create a fundraising campaign and invite their family, friends and extended networks to support an individual, community organization or non-profit organization that has been affected by the lockdown and could use much needed financial support.

“With the TOM 2021 Virtual Charity Challenge, runners will be invited to bring about meaningful change in their communities, while keeping the spirit of the ‘world’s most beautiful marathon’ alive. As a platform that supports over 3500 charities in raising funds, we are honoured to be an official fundraising partner for the Two Oceans Marathon for this unique event that will be remembered for years to come’ – says Justene Bergins, BackaBuddy Head of Communities

Justene Bergins, BackaBuddy Head of Communities

“We reaffirm our commitment to supporting organisations doing great work across South Africa. The inaugural TOM Virtual Charity Challenge is designed to give runners a great experience while they raise funds for organisations whose charitable work in vulnerable communities have been hard hit by the pandemic. We look forward to continuing this initiative well into the future,” says Debra Barnes, TOM Race Director.

Run anytime, anywhere and stand a chance to win great prizes

The TOM Virtual Charity Challenge gives runners a window period from 30 March to 30 April 2021 to complete their race.

Where to Register

Make sure your charity runners have signed up for the TOM Virtual Charity Challenge here.

Get your runners to launch their crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy to raise funds for your organisation here

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While you train and tighten your laces for the mammoth Two Oceans Marathon, send an email to [email protected] or send us a message on WhatsApp (079 194 9946) to learn more about raising funds through crowdfunding.

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