For Charities: How to find & support runners raising funds on your behalf #TOM2021

Non-profit organisations across South Africa are getting ready to take on Africa’s biggest running event, TOM Virtual Charity Challenge hosted by the Two Oceans Marathon from 30 March to 30 April 2021.

Competing virtually for the second year in a row, due to the pandemic, charities are looking to raise much-needed funds and awareness for their cause.

One of the biggest obstacles charities face with events fundraising is finding inspiring individuals to raise funds on their behalf, at BackaBuddy, we call these wonderful people champions!

To make things a little easier for our charities raising funds at the Two Oceans, we would like to offer advice and remind you that crowdfunding is also a marathon and not a sprint.

Where to Register

Make sure your charity runners have signed up for the TOM Virtual Charity Challenge here.

Get your runners to launch their crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy to raise funds for your organisation here

Where can you find runners?

  1. The best place to find runners to raise funds for your organisation is to reach out to past fundraisers who have supported your organisation.
  2. If you have volunteers at your organisation, ask them if they would be interested in putting together a campaign to highlight a need you might have or help to promote your new champions that sign-up.
  3. Reach out to friends, family, colleagues and social groups to see if the keen runners among you would like to raise funds for your organisation.
  4. Create a post on Social Media to see if any of your followers are taking part in the TOM Virtual Charity Challenge. If anyone on your social network is entering the challenge message them privately to see if they will champion your cause! You can also share this post on various groups and forums to reach potential.
  5. Following the official social media hashtags for the TOM Virtual Charity Challenge could also introduce you to potential runners. Simply click on the following hashtags to explore: #TOM2021 #RunForChange #KeepPushing #QubekekaDeUfike 
  6. Send out a call to action to your email list or database to see if any of your donors will be participating in the Two Oceans and would like to raise funds for you.
Zanele Hlatshwayo ran a widely successful campaign for SADAG, completing 18 marathons in a few short months.

Here is a template you could use:

Dear (name)

I hope you are well and staying safe.

We are reaching out to you, as you have been a valued supporter of our organization and the work we do.

This Month, we are putting together a fundraising team of runners for the TOM Virtual Charity Challenge, which will take place from 30 March to 30 April 2021. We are hoping to raise funds at the event to create awareness for our organisation and raise much-needed funds for ______.

If you are passionate about our organisation and the work we do to _________, please consider entering the TOM Virtual Charity Challenge to raise funds on our behalf.

How to enter:

1. Register for the TOM Virtual Charity Challenge here.

2. Then put together your fundraising campaign on BackaBuddy by letting the team know who you are, how much you would like to raise, and why you’re passionate about (charity name).

Launch your campaign here.

If you have any questions please contact Lakiwe your dedicated BackaBuddy support specialist via email: [email protected] or send a WhatsApp to 079 194 9946

How can you support your runners?

You must let your runners know exactly what your organisation does, what you stand for, and the lives you touch through your valuable work.

Show your runners who you are

If you have an organisational video and some emotive and inspiring images that show the valuable work you do, share them with your runners. This will motivate and inspire your runners on their crowdfunding journey and give them beautiful content to share across social media 

Give your runners the latest statistics relating to your organisation and tell them about your success stories, so they can tell their networks about you and encourage donations.

Buks Van Heerden took part in the #TOM2020 Challenge for Rainbows and Smiles

Tell your runners what you need.

Crowdfunding campaigns presented tangibly, always speak better to the public. Give your runners an idea of how funds raised will be used to benefit your organisation. This will help them determine their fundraising target and encourage potential donors to donate funds in those increments.

For example:

“R100 will allow us to purchase 1 pair of shoes that will benefit disadvantaged children living in Edenvale, Johannesburg”

“Raising R10 000 will cover allow us to cover the data costs for 100 students struggling with online learning in their matric year”

“If we raise R100 000 with our crowdfunding campaign, we will be able to refurbish two classrooms”

If your runner has a personal connection with your charity and would like to fundraising for a particular need that resonates with them, this will make an emotive crowdfunding appeal!

Michael Dickerson took on 100 Miles for Daniël the Lion Heart

Highlight your donors and help them spread the word

During your runner’s crowdfunding journey they will also need your encouragement and support to achieve their fundraising goal. 

Create a post on social media to introduce your runner to your social media following, post updates about their campaign, and congratulate them when they reach certain milestones.

Encourage your runners to also share their connection with your organisation on their social media platforms when sharing their crowdfunding campaign link.

An example of a social media post you could create:

Stefani from Cape Town is halfway towards reaching her fundraising target of R100 000 on BackaBuddy! With the support she has received thus far, we can cover the registration cost of 10 learners at UCT! 

You can also share your crowdfunding campaigns on the BackaBuddy Facebook group to engage with a wider audience.

Communicate with your runners

Create a WhatsApp group to keep in touch with your runners, see how their campaigns are doing and where their successes or struggles lie. Host regular Zoom meetings with your runners to motivate them, say thank you, and offer them some encouragement. If you would like a BackaBuddy team member present in your workshops, let us know and we will be happy to share our expertise!

Encourage more donations

  • If your organisation is Section 18A certified, let your runners know to share this information with their potential donors as this is a great incentive to encourage donations in larger amounts. If you are Section 18A certified, let us know and we can add it to your campaign page for all potential donors to see! 
  • Ask the BackaBuddy team to create a Snapscan code for your campaign as an additional payment option.

We hope you found value in our advice, if your organisations have any questions, please reach out to us. The BackaBuddy team is here to help.

We wish your organisation and all your runners at the TOM Virtual Charity Challenge all the best on their journey!

Contact BackaBuddy

While you train and tighten your laces for the mammoth Two Oceans Marathon, send an email to [email protected] or send us a message on WhatsApp (079 194 9946) to learn more about raising funds through crowdfunding. We have a dedicated team that is waiting to meet you!

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