Masks for Medics

Doctors involved the masks for medics campaign on BackaBuddy.

Dr Anthony Smith

Our responsibility to our patients extends into their own homes. GPs like myself have an opportunity to really make a difference and I look forward to playing my part during these unprecedented times.

Dr Sonia Hough

The COVID19 crisis will leave many families broken and separated from their loved ones. As a family doctor, I am passionate about doing my best to bridge this gap.

Dr Lauren Lee 

As a community GP, I strongly value my relationships with & connection to my patients. I pray this will hold us all through these unchartered waters. 

Dr Julie Etellin

My primary role as a family practitioner has always been one of service to the community. Becoming part of a team within a hospital environment in these life altering times, is an extension of our role as GPs in the community. 

Dr Natalia Novikova

It is my great honour to be part of the Masks for Medics team. I have been providing gynaecology services within and outside the area of my practice for over five years which gives me an opportunity to get to know many women, their daughters, mothers, grandmothers, partners and develop very special connections. If and when the pandemic grows locally, home based care (looking after patients who do not require hospital admissions, but need medical observations) will be of paramount significance and will make a huge difference to our patients wellbeing, as we have learnt from other countries experience. I am glad to be part of this important project, provide my assistance, share my expertise and work together with my amazing colleagues to serve our community. 

Dr Sarahan Brophy

I am Sarahan Brophy, and I am a family GP.  In the time of this humanitarian crisis, this is my calling. It is what I have trained for.  If not me, then who? And anyway, we all look better in a mask!

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