Rainbows & Smiles – Crowdfunding at The Comrades.

The Comrades marathon this year is an “UP RUN” starting at the City Hall in Durban and finishing at The Scottsville Racecourse in Pietermaritzburg on the 4th of June 2017. The 86,73 km race is an historic event embedded in our heritage and was built on the foundation of friendship and camaraderie.

This year 17 supporters of the Rainbows and Smiles Foundation are participating in the Comrades and have set up personal champion pages on Backabuddy to dedicate the run to children with cancer. With humble fundraising targets, these amazing runners from all walks of life, have already raised a combined R 54 834.30 towards their fundraising target of R60 000. Passionate about their cause, these runners aren’t giving up! Rainbows and Smiles is an organisation focused on providing emotional, social and financial support for children living with life threatening diseases and families affected by dread disease.

Meet the Champions on Backabuddyronny1.jpg

  • Ronny-Ann Ager, has dedicated her run to her late daughter Nicci, as a mother who knows first-hand what it feels like to lose a child, in memory of her daughter Ronny has found solace in filling her life with adventure, she inspires others to view life as a privilege, as nothing is certain and life is often too short and unpredictable.

We both know the heartache of losing a child, but as a result also appreciate that life is to be lived to the fullest… Just the ability to dream of doing adventurous things is such a privilege…. A privilege denied to too many little and young people.”

Ronny-Ann Ager

Support Ronny-Ann at this years Comrades here

  • Neville Grunow hopes his run this year will inspire those battling Neville1.jpgterminal illness to remain optimistic.

When running the Comrades Marathon, the little people on the side of the road are full of energy and offer up the high fives and beautiful smiles of encouragement. These are the fortunate who are not battling terminal illness and I want recognize those less fortunate and humbly request a contribution to help them keep smiling even under difficult circumstances.” – Neville Grunow

Support Champion: Neville at this years Comrades here 

  • The Venter family have come together as a family unit to show their support for young ones battling.Venter_Family1.jpg

When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not to join their chaos.” – The Venter Family

Support the Venter Family at this years Comrades here

  • Ryan Simonato is dedicating his race to his niece, Caysie; who sadly passed away in 2011 from Acute Myloid Leukemia. He hopes his pledge for charity will keep her memory alive and create awareness for children with cancer on the day of the Comrades!

Support Ryan at this years Comrades here 

  • Moseme Moticow is participating in the Comrades this year on behalf of her husband’s friend and the strength and bravery Moseme_Moticoe1.jpghe showed during his treatment. With her race, she wants to do her part to raise awareness for children suffering with this disease. Having never been diagnosed with the disease herself, she sympathizes with the unimaginable struggles these brave warriors fight everyday. She hopes her small contribution to Rainbows & Smiles will in someway impact the children who need it most.

Support Moseme at this years Comrades here 

  • Helen Taylor believes she has found her purpose, which is to be a pillar of strength and a symbol of love and kindness for children fighting cancer. She hopes her message of hope resonates with all those affected by cancer and that her message of hope will radiate during the comrades marathon this year!

Support Champion: Helen at this years Comrades here


We love getting a team together and reaching a wider community of supporters.  Crowdfunding has given us an opportunity to get everyone together; let our supporters be creative and spread the word.  Creating awareness for children with cancer is our core mission and Backabuddy has made this possible.” – Bonni Suckling, on Crowdfunding with Backabuddy

The Comrades marathon is the ultimate test of endurance, runners require a positive attitude, a warrior mindset and the love and support of their family and friends to conquer the upslopes and obstacles along the way, much like the children of Rainbows And Smiles undergoing Cancer Treatment. Support these amazing champions at the Ultimate Human Race on the 4th of June 2017!

Article by: Zane Groenewald – Backabuddy Marketing Officer – 082 602 0735

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