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Sharing your crowdfunding campaign on Instagram

According to BusinessTech, over 3.8 million South Africans use Instagram.  With over 1 Billion users globally, Instagram allows you to reach a wide audience of supporters through sharing beautiful photos, engaging videos and trending hashtags. In this guide, we will discuss the power of sharing your crowdfunding campaign on Instagram and share practical tips you […]

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Setting your crowdfunding campaign target

While it’s not impossible to crowdfund large sums of money through crowdfunding, these are often rare occasions that require a lot of time, dedication, a large network of supporters, and the use of social media. In this article, we will guide you through setting your fundraising target and what you should consider when setting your […]

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How to create a crowdfunding campaign video

For a crowdfunding campaign to succeed in the digital age, campaign creators need to connect with their audience through positive storytelling and visual content.  In this guide, we will be discussing how video content can empower your campaign and allow you to raise more funds and awareness for your cause. If you missed our guide on campaign story writing, […]

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