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Sharing your crowdfunding campaign on Instagram

According to BusinessTech, over 3.8 million South Africans use Instagram.  With over 1 Billion users globally, Instagram allows you to reach a wide audience of supporters through sharing beautiful photos, engaging videos and trending hashtags. In this guide, we will discuss the power of sharing your crowdfunding campaign on Instagram and share practical tips you […]

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Setting your crowdfunding campaign target

While it’s not impossible to crowdfund large sums of money through crowdfunding, these are often rare occasions that require a lot of time, dedication, a large network of supporters, and the use of social media. In this article, we will guide you through setting your fundraising target and what you should consider when setting your […]

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Coming up with your crowdfunding idea

Crowdfunding campaigns centered around a creative concept tend to capture the attention of potential donors and typically raise more funds. In this article, we will show you how to make use of various fundraising opportunities throughout the year and even how to raise funds to support a cause on your birthday! Coming up with a […]

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How to write your crowdfunding campaign story

A key thread in all successful crowdfunding campaigns is a well-written, emotive, and informative story that connects with its audience.  Before setting up your campaign, take a look at BackaBuddy’s advice for good story writing. Practical considerations  Keep your campaign message short (no longer than 200-500 words)Use Paragraphs and comfortable spacing to separate your ideas.Highlight important information by bolding, underlining, italicizing key phrases or words. Keep your tone friendly and conversational. Don’t forget to do a quick spelling and grammar check. Add additional […]

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Getting Started & Finding your network

If you missed our introduction to crowdfunding and still need to create a campaign, please click through to this guide. In this article, we will discuss the first steps in your crowdfunding campaign after you have signed-up. We will guide you through receiving your first donations, how to find your network and touch on the […]

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